Top Raw Stars Removed From Elimination Chamber 2021 | WWE Tighten Talent Social Media Restrictions

Two top Raw Stars are off the card for this Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV. WWE have tightened the restrictions for talent on social media. Plus another celebrity has begun training for a WWE debut.
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  1. Wuthell Wethbrook

    Wuthell Wethbrook7 days ago

    The only times Bow Wow is even brought up at this point is when people talk about Tokyo Drift, Like Mike, or when he got destroyed by Kobe in basketball

  2. kd Davis

    kd Davis8 days ago

    Congrats to Ric Flair .stay tuned. Next is the whose baby is it's?

  3. Arthur J. Downey Jr.

    Arthur J. Downey Jr.8 days ago

    Bow Wow was never relevant ANYWHERE!

  4. Stu Graves

    Stu Graves8 days ago

    “Trapped in the shadow realm” 😂😂

  5. Charlie Arnold

    Charlie Arnold8 days ago

    I recon Mustafa Ali is gonna do an Edge and attack Kofi before entering the chamber and place himself in the chamber

  6. KenOD

    KenOD8 days ago

    What a terrible policy by WWE. Sami Zayne has done so much to help people and help save lives via his work promoting his charities and they want to stop stuff like that? It's disgusting.

  7. logan kerr

    logan kerr9 days ago

    i've met the New Day numerous times as a stable(and before the group too). nice guys they are

  8. logan kerr

    logan kerr9 days ago

    even when they were "Heel". they didn't sign, but they at least acknowledged the fans being their instead of ignoring and walking in the building. got to talk to Woods a few times bout the UUDD channel, etc.

  9. logan kerr

    logan kerr9 days ago

    congrats to Lacey on baby #2! thank god its not Flairs lol

  10. Kieran Lavy

    Kieran Lavy9 days ago

    Fastlane is the first ppv on Peacock, Miz cash in sets up a title programme for the show.

  11. Bryan1986D

    Bryan1986D9 days ago

    Nobody thinks about bow wow in the US til he post some dumb shit on Twitter.

  12. Ayush Nyachhyon

    Ayush Nyachhyon9 days ago

    I didnt understand why Miz didnt cash it in the gauntlet match..

  13. pannari15

    pannari159 days ago

    Is there going to be wtf moments today

  14. talonthehand

    talonthehand9 days ago

    How can Tokyo Drift be anyone’s least favorite Fast and Furious movie? Did you just skip 2Fast2BadAtNamingSequels?

  15. SMb

    SMb9 days ago

    Rap & wrestling Connection, bad bunny with Damian priest, cardi B with Bianca belair, migos with the street profits and bow wow with who the fuck ever could be used to bring more eyes to the product and put wrestlers over with a wider audience

  16. Rob Powell

    Rob Powell9 days ago

    Migos would obviously be with Ric Flair....

  17. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  18. Lucy Burnett

    Lucy Burnett9 days ago

    Kofi gets jumped before getting in the chamber, not by Edge but by Ali, thus full circling the whole lost WM moment he blames Kofi for.

  19. DarkSun

    DarkSun9 days ago

    How is the "Miz got the briefcase back" so confusing for you 2? Was it stupid? Definitely. However it remains a fact that JoMo cashed in the contract, but he is not the holder of said contract --> cash-in invalid. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, and for people who constantly preach that WWE shouldn't act like we need a reminder of everything every time you often forget/ignore things that were said in graded/wtf moments/etc. all the time.

  20. Brandonie

    Brandonie9 days ago

    "So Drew can look stronger going into Wrestlemania" Bruh. How much stronger does he need to look? He's already pushing 85 Hogan territory

  21. TheNath87

    TheNath879 days ago

    Miz vs John Morrison for Wrestlemania.

  22. smilywhat

    smilywhat9 days ago

    Miz will cash out at money in the bank event. Someone will win money in the bank cash in. B champion and out comes Miz. To cash in and win. Historical. Nothing like this has ever happened.

  23. gtag

    gtag9 days ago

    i just assumed that retribution would attack Kofi and Ali would take his spot in the chamber, as it would come full circle to when Kofi took his spot 2 years ago

  24. PatrickTCAPIreland

    PatrickTCAPIreland9 days ago

    Space Mountain...Oldest ride....longest line baby! WOOO

  25. Son Of Man

    Son Of Man9 days ago

    Mark my words: Retribution will attack Kofi before the chamber match causing Mustafa Ali to take his spot, shades of Kofi-mania replacing Ali that one year.

  26. Ashley Langston

    Ashley Langston9 days ago

    Bow Wow was just on Masked Singer here in the US.

  27. Chris

    Chris9 days ago

    11:20 No, no he's not. Lol

  28. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart9 days ago

    Critical botch DnD sessions has single handedly made me love Leva, Peter, and Brandon Cutler so much more. It goes to show they're right we get more invested

  29. Grand Master Mario

    Grand Master Mario9 days ago

    Great so it's going to be much longer before we see lacey get her moment in the wwe

  30. Cheyenne Hayden

    Cheyenne Hayden9 days ago

    It's absolute bullshit that WWE still classifies the employees as "Independent contractors"

  31. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed9 days ago

    3:05 You could say it’s a little BABY bump in the road

  32. SemiObsessive

    SemiObsessive9 days ago

    They're totally going to have Ali attack Kingston to get into there because storyline and stuff

  33. RockMusicFan92

    RockMusicFan929 days ago

    Kofi is being removed by Mustafa. Orton is being cost by the fiend It's genuine logic guys.

  34. Jeff Carbone

    Jeff Carbone9 days ago

    "I assume in America [Bow Wow] is still a massive name." You would assume wrong, Jack. I haven't heard Bow Wow's name in actual years.

  35. THERHINO8624

    THERHINO86249 days ago

    Tokyo drift was great, shut up jack!

  36. josephthemighty

    josephthemighty9 days ago

    Screw WWE. They're treating the wrestlers like shit. They should go on strike.

  37. Arland Jenkins

    Arland Jenkins9 days ago

    Why do you guys do these black cutouts for video thumbnails? Just say the names and show the pictures.

  38. Bubba Holmberg

    Bubba Holmberg9 days ago

    Friday they have an Emergency #1 Contender Cross Brand Battle Royal to find a new opponent, Rhea Rippley wins it, wins the title and she vs Charlotte at Mania, or a triple threat with Asuka.

  39. mlrodriguez 211

    mlrodriguez 2119 days ago


  40. MrFree2BeMe1

    MrFree2BeMe19 days ago

    Charlotte wins the title from Askua, Rhea Ripley challenges Charlotte to a rematch at mania and Wins the Champioship, Easy booking that won't happen!

  41. OneBigBugga

    OneBigBugga9 days ago

    WWE talent need to stand up to Vince. Without the Talent there is no WWE.

  42. OneBigBugga

    OneBigBugga9 days ago

    @Darklocks Jaw Ji No it isn't, no they don't. This is more of what they did on Twitch when they forced WWE superstars to turn over what they were making off their own hard work. Don't give me that bull WWE needs to take control and KayFabe, KayFabe has been dead longer then Twitter has been alive. Vince fucking killed that noise himself before anyone else. This is one thing plane and simple. This is Vince wanting control. Vince is a Massive control freak, this is a guy who dislikes people who sneeze in front of him because he hates that a sneeze isn't controlled. Even taker would leave the room if he had to sneeze. This is a man who sleeps 2 hours a day because he needs to control how much he sleeps as he sees sleep as a wasted. This is a man who has TOTALLY rewritten entire shows in a couple of hours because he didn't like what it was and is damned near solely the reason WWE is such a poor show now compared to what it was. Meanwhile places like AEW, TNA flourish and NJPW is gaining more and more ground in America.

  43. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji9 days ago

    The thing is that the social media account is an extension of their onscreen persona. And WWE deserve creative control over that. Most of the wrestlers are terrible at keeping kayfabe alive on their social media accounts. Something which companies 20 years ago would fire a wrestler for. If the twitter account is under the wrestlers non-WWE name, then by all means they should be allowed to say what they want.

  44. Justin

    Justin9 days ago

    It's kind of interested that this happened right after Dolph posted about his brother debuting on aew dark

  45. xyseal

    xyseal9 days ago

    Mustafa Ali gonna attack Kofi before the match maybe? Kinda makes sense right?

  46. Ryan Gorman

    Ryan Gorman9 days ago

    Andrew is such a wholesomely sweet human. Love that guy

  47. Carl Guy

    Carl Guy9 days ago

    Really bow wow is gonna start training to be a pro wrestler

  48. Some next level gaming

    Some next level gaming9 days ago

    Congrats to her and thank God this crappy storylines is over

  49. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan9 days ago

    Is the wwe trying to kill KanaChanTV Asuka’s Yt channel? With these social media restrictions?

  50. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray9 days ago

    My mate met kofi Kingston at comic con

  51. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle9 days ago

    Lacey is pregnant in real life So Charlotte has no mania plans now F*ck

  52. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray9 days ago


  53. Boycott Activision

    Boycott Activision9 days ago

    So Xavier can't mention "Up Up, Down Down" anymore?

  54. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest9 days ago

    Good wrestlers shouldn’t be using social media. Not only for kayfabe but also for the crazy nerds physco fans out there trying to stalk wrestlers

  55. AngelRasmus3

    AngelRasmus39 days ago

    Bow Wow, a cultural phenomenon? News to me

  56. souledge37

    souledge379 days ago

    Who tf cares about bow wow? He hasnt been relevant in 2 decades.

  57. Theo Dious

    Theo Dious9 days ago

    So... surprise Becky return at EC?

  58. iiTzDelta

    iiTzDelta9 days ago

    As a man from the US, I completely forgot about Bow Wow, who is definitely no longer Lil’

  59. Manny Jhutty

    Manny Jhutty9 days ago

    It's annoying when someone says "they're not down with the kids" when literally anything related to black culture comes into conversation. You could talk to someone about a Nas album that released in 1994 and they'd say that they wouldn't know as they aren't "Down with the kids".

  60. Manny Jhutty

    Manny Jhutty9 days ago

    @coleymissions Lol yeah igy, Jack seems to know a decent amount of the british urban culture though!

  61. coleymissions

    coleymissions9 days ago

    I see what you mean but honestly, these guys truly are closed off😂😂😂. they really don't know about "the culture". they'd have no idea who Da Baby is.

  62. Trey Griggs

    Trey Griggs9 days ago

    Wwe creative meeting: Okay so hear me out let’s swerve them all and reveal that Lacey isn’t pregnant but Ric Flair is

  63. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji9 days ago

    Ronda Rousey gets a lot of heat, but her choice to take a 'impregnation vacation' deserves more respect Becky and Lacey got suddenly pregnant in the middle of story lines and caused the rest of the division to bend over backwards to accommodate it Huge respect to Ronda for giving several months notice and doing all she can to work with the company

  64. James Duggan

    James Duggan9 days ago

    The whole staff should go on strike. The on screen staff for their right to actually be treated as independent contractors and the backstage staff for a pay rise etc. The board can't run the company by themselves and they've been taking the piss out of the staff for months now. Easier said than done at the best of times but now?. Which, if I'm being cynical, is why WWE is doing this now; because they know staff are more vulnerable than ever.

  65. Karl Doyle

    Karl Doyle9 days ago

    Wait..... Bow Wow?!?! ..... Lil Bow Wow from like 2001?!?! Why??! I'm not even shocked that they didn't know who he was. I just feel like wrestling fans ain't too keen on hip hop, especially when it was like 20 dam years ago! Bloody Bow Wow!

  66. Turtle_Dustin

    Turtle_Dustin9 days ago

    Hopefully Ali finds a way to take Kofi's spot

  67. Lewis Charlwood

    Lewis Charlwood9 days ago

    WWE will be better off when the likes of Vince and Bruce Prichard are gone

  68. getpumped87

    getpumped879 days ago

    10:15 That's Kurtis Blow, not Bow Wow

  69. Rich Born

    Rich Born9 days ago

    With the way WWE keeps doubling down on owning the Superstars and controlling their social media, it's a surprise that they still somehow signed another 24 talents. Who wants to keep coming to a company that won't push them on TV and tells them what they can say?

  70. Allen Lester

    Allen Lester9 days ago

    He’s not a massive name in the U.S he’s a massive joke!

  71. Twitchy The Gr8

    Twitchy The Gr89 days ago

    I don’t understand how people can sign a wwe contact at this point, selling yourself to the devil

  72. NoobHunterD

    NoobHunterD9 days ago

    Cant wait for Bow Wow v Big Dog

  73. John Brashear

    John Brashear9 days ago

    WWE's employment practices probably should be investigated since this is obviously not right, but it's probably cheaper for them to pay for an investigation to go away (maybe they already have) then to do right by their employees. Gotta keep the shareholders happy after all since businesses just exist to make money and have no other function in a healthy society whatsoever. :)

  74. Ross P

    Ross P9 days ago

    When did Liam Boyce join what culture?

  75. mattrutland

    mattrutland9 days ago

    So someone really lovely like NikKi Cross who tirelessly retweets great UK charity stuff, mental health stuff etc will get fired for continuing to do so? Fuck off Vince.

  76. Cold Falco

    Cold Falco9 days ago

    At least Lacey is truly prego so we won't have to go through a "Ric Flair is the Woo Father" cringe of a story... WWE doubling down on the "No social media for superstars" thing. Yeah...

  77. Dynamic Jae Thought

    Dynamic Jae Thought9 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha "the Woooo father"? Is that like Ric Flair as The God Father(the movie not the wrestler) lol.

  78. MutedMayday

    MutedMayday9 days ago

    Hopefully Lacey doesn't get punished for being pregnant

  79. K Zed

    K Zed9 days ago

    No one cares about bow wow in the US

  80. SevenFingerDiscount

    SevenFingerDiscount9 days ago

    Brilliant move by Lacey. Getting out of this storyline with as permanent a solution as possible. In all seriousness, congratulations to her. She must be thrilled.

  81. Rayven Skye

    Rayven Skye9 days ago

    I really hope people stop watching wwe unless it's for a job.

  82. D54N2020

    D54N20209 days ago

    Raw sucks but smackdown’s watchable

  83. Chandler Kane

    Chandler Kane9 days ago

    Most people already have

  84. bebesulfan

    bebesulfan9 days ago

    Bow Wow couldn't be any less relevant in the US these days. His rap career was pretty much just his teens and early twenties and he wasn't that good. His dad was amazing though.

  85. Nova2512

    Nova25129 days ago

    *Yea I’m American and I completely forgot bow wow was a thing*

  86. David Luna

    David Luna9 days ago

    They all need to walk out or threaten to not appear on live tv, if wwe won’t classify them as employees or continue to restrict their personal lives. Their business practices are trash

  87. Allyssa Golden

    Allyssa Golden9 days ago

    Yes. It will only get worse. Them not taking a stand with Twitch, while understandable, was the wrong move, because now WWE will restrict them even further. The Twitch thing was a test by WWE, to see how far they could push the limits of their power unchecked. Because the Twitch controversy stayed p much within the community and go no mainstream media attention, WWE knows they can do this shit effectively in the shadows. A shame.

  88. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie Edwards9 days ago

    With Bow Wow, Bad Bunny and Cardi B WWE is slowly turning into Def Jam Vendetta

  89. sergiomorfo

    sergiomorfo9 days ago

    DmX vs Luda would be excellent.

  90. Madd Rayven

    Madd Rayven9 days ago

    Snoop vs Redman at Wrestlemania! Lmao

  91. M Foxhill

    M Foxhill9 days ago

    Did anyone else see the promo for the Chamber that showed Kofi as a participant before he even had his match with the Miz??

  92. Prodigy

    Prodigy9 days ago

    He’s not a massive name here in America, Jack. Hasn’t been for several, several years now.

  93. Prodigy

    Prodigy9 days ago

    @Luke Warm Most people haven’t outside twitter. Lol.

  94. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm9 days ago

    @Prodigy that makes sense, I haven't heard anything from him in about 20 years

  95. Prodigy

    Prodigy9 days ago

    @Luke Warm Yes, he is. He dropped “lil” from his name at some point. Don’t remember when, probably when he reached around 18 or so.

  96. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest9 days ago

    @Prodigy well yea he’s exaggerating but he’s still very well known lol

  97. Prodigy

    Prodigy9 days ago

    @Bob Burnquest People remember the name Bow Wow. But to answer Jack, he’s not still considered a “massive” name here. Just a known name most people remember from 10 years ago.

  98. tenshikarajigoku

    tenshikarajigoku9 days ago

    I can see miz cashing in and winning the title and then having a triple threat with drew mcintyre and edge at wrestlemania

  99. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc199 days ago

    Idk guys I haven’t heard Bow Wow’s name used in years

  100. T

    T9 days ago

    So Lacy has taken a ride on space mountain... in storyline...

  101. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc199 days ago

    The charity thing upsets me. It’s really sad that wrestlers can’t support charity’s on their own social media’s.

  102. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair9 days ago

    That's clearly coz of dolph promoting aew show for brother

  103. Adam

    Adam9 days ago

    If miz wins the title before or at mania imma just going to skip raw for the rest of the year

  104. tenshikarajigoku

    tenshikarajigoku9 days ago

    Why? The Miz is a brilliant heel and has proven to be a great heel champion and he could have a really good fued with Edge

  105. Byron

    Byron9 days ago

    I honestly believe that after Edge's promo on The Miz a few weeks ago that Edge is winning a title at Mania and Miz is going to cash in to 'ruin' his moment.

  106. Rich Born

    Rich Born9 days ago

    That'd kill the Miz forever. That'd be serious go away heat. Maybe Miz from like late 2016, but his character has been so ineffectual and lame the past two years nobody would buy it

  107. Cats over brats

    Cats over brats9 days ago

    How about Asuka putting out an open challenge and Rhea answering it?

  108. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan9 days ago

    The Aew marks would say she copied Shida who had an open challenge a few months back which Thunder Rosa answered.

  109. Abel Walter

    Abel Walter9 days ago

    That’d be amazing



    Bow wow is far from relevant. He is like a joke over here. Which is sad to think.

  111. Eli Smith

    Eli Smith9 days ago

    No bow wow is awful

  112. Cirrus5005

    Cirrus50059 days ago

    "They're so behind the times that Bow Wow hasn't entered their consciousness yet." - I'm dying ... because we know it's true haha.

  113. Matthew Morris

    Matthew Morris9 days ago


  114. HonkedOffJohn

    HonkedOffJohn9 days ago

    Ah yes Bow Wow. Most famous for tweeting that he was taking a private plane and bragging about it before getting on economy style plane and getting exposed as a fraud. Hilarious story.

  115. Julian Warren

    Julian Warren9 days ago

    Goodie Mornin' Gents! Once again another lovely morning news with 2 cool dudes! I missed last night's Raw but ty for the updates

  116. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko9 days ago

    Okay, hear me out... This is going to sound insane, but I've just woken up: Kofi heel turn. Not just a heel turn, but he joins Retribution because he wants his WWE championship back. And with The New Day not being what it was to help him get to the top this time, he turns on Xavier which leads to him and E at Wrestlemania.

  117. Iron Right

    Iron Right9 days ago

    They can’t do charity’s?

  118. Art Clone

    Art Clone9 days ago

    What’s andrews accent? I understand him most of the time but then he’ll have a run on sentence that’s completely indecipherable to me.

  119. Thomas Bevan

    Thomas Bevan9 days ago

    I'd say its a Yorkshire accent

  120. Flex Rumblecrunch

    Flex Rumblecrunch9 days ago

    It's not a very nice thing to judge people by how they look (so apologies in advance) but when I read she got pregnant, I thought it was probably some jacked army dude or something. Then I saw a pic of her actual husband on reddit... Idk how that dude did it, but that guy should be an inspiration for every ugly person in the world who think they can't date someone who's waaaaaaaaaaaay out of their league.

  121. THEDestendGem

    THEDestendGem9 days ago

    I hope In Kayfabe, Lacy gives birth to a Foot. If Ric is the daddy of course.

  122. Jānis Dāvids Siliņš

    Jānis Dāvids Siliņš9 days ago

    Wait, can't name third party charities? What does this mean for Sami's Syria charity?

  123. gh0stiepi3

    gh0stiepi39 days ago

    First thing that came to my mind.. Crazy stuff.

  124. tmwfte81

    tmwfte819 days ago

    It will be good to see another "Flair" running around wrestling in 18 years. Though, you've got to wonder how boinking Ric is supposed to enhance Lacey Evans' downhome good girl "Christian" image.

  125. brad carver

    brad carver9 days ago

    Even Christians love riding Space Mountain