Update On Kyle O’Reilly’s Alleged Seizure On NXT | Brand New WWE Show Revealed

We have an update on Kyle O’Reilly’s alleged seizure followed last night's episode of NXT. A brand new WWE show has been revealed, and a WWE Hall Of Famer is set to make an in-ring return.
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  1. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones14 hours ago

    The editor has had an absolute nightmare here

  2. MrFFHN

    MrFFHN6 days ago

    Jack's new haircut really suits him

  3. jack manutd

    jack manutd6 days ago

    Andrade could do a day of death type gimmick

  4. Dale Creasey

    Dale Creasey6 days ago

    Glad Riley is okay he's such a good seller

  5. dave schmit

    dave schmit6 days ago

    sympathetic baby face....bad

  6. lucas williams

    lucas williams6 days ago

    Was a work

  7. Vincent N. Sandro

    Vincent N. Sandro6 days ago

    Dude is Andrew wearing a Game Grumps shirt??? Is he a Lovely???? That would be amazing

  8. Владимир Харизанов

    Владимир Харизанов6 days ago

    I think that there won't be such a match. Kenny will walk out and says: Did you really thought I was gonna give you that kind of match? I'm the greatest wrestler, not a crash dummy like you.

  9. Patrick S

    Patrick S7 days ago


  10. fluffhead

    fluffhead7 days ago

    Man... y'all are so "smart" LMAO

  11. Pie Mon

    Pie Mon7 days ago

    ROH wrestlers are use to working stiff.

  12. Patrick aka Canrugger

    Patrick aka Canrugger7 days ago

    Big Money Hangman

  13. David Garcia

    David Garcia7 days ago


  14. La Monte Young Leahy

    La Monte Young Leahy7 days ago

    Omg Andrew and Adam - please please please keep this duo together doing the news

  15. Bill Corey

    Bill Corey7 days ago

    6:55 On the contrary, I think this is *giving* a spot to a younger talent as it allows Jurassic Express to wrestle as a trio, something they don't get to do very often.

  16. Jack Barnes

    Jack Barnes7 days ago

    7:30 should of said 'Her Hole-iness"

  17. Chris

    Chris7 days ago

    I miss Bo Dallas. WWE should give the guy a chance. It's crazy how creative can "have nothing for him" but any fan can come up with a storyline in 10 seconds.

  18. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno7 days ago

    Who the hell is typing

  19. So Lame

    So Lame7 days ago

    It was a real seizure and now he’s dead. Have some humanity.

  20. Jarrod Wiard

    Jarrod Wiard7 days ago

    What's that clicking noise

  21. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19897 days ago

    8:40 Is that Adam tappin away on the keyboard??

  22. Lindsey White

    Lindsey White7 days ago

    Can we please have more Andrew and Adam together? What a double act you are! I was laughing my socks off! Stay safe lads xx

  23. wanderesq

    wanderesq7 days ago

    Josiah as the host of an NXT show?! I'm gonna love it.


    DARTH JAYDER7 days ago

    And also if NXT wins the tag titles then you can have Dakota and Raquel could be on Raw and Smackdown

  25. Ryan Witalison

    Ryan Witalison7 days ago

    Bo is the new JTG

  26. Going Mach 5 Podcast

    Going Mach 5 Podcast7 days ago

    Jack looks so different.

  27. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed7 days ago

    0:07 WAIT. That’s not Jack!

  28. The Thairish Sun

    The Thairish Sun7 days ago

    Pachitti and bald Pachitti

  29. Spanner1982

    Spanner19827 days ago

    Andrew needs to recap every show from now on. YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE

  30. Barry Harmon

    Barry Harmon7 days ago

    I really like the combination of big shoulders/small head and small shoulders/big head.

  31. J Hughes

    J Hughes7 days ago

    So... Bobby fish don't exist anymore?

  32. Real Josh

    Real Josh7 days ago

    He’s injured

  33. Chris VS.

    Chris VS.7 days ago

    I would wanna see Bo Dallas tagging with Cameron Grimes ngl

  34. Akuza Star

    Akuza Star7 days ago

    Can't wait for Kyle o'reilly to go to main roster and get renamed o'reilly and be given an Irish gimmick.

  35. Lindsey White

    Lindsey White7 days ago

    Could you please retract this from the universe? If it's written down somewhere there's every chance they'll actually do it!!!

  36. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle7 days ago

    NXT: gives us two tag title matches Aew: gives us Shaq and Tony in matches AEW will still win in ratings

  37. CHAD

    CHAD7 days ago

    Triple h liked satin’s tweet... 🤷‍♂️

  38. #BringBackTheSonics

    #BringBackTheSonics7 days ago

    Shia Jaxzler

  39. Aidan ODonnell

    Aidan ODonnell7 days ago

    the last televised Bo Dallas match was as part of the Tag Team Gauntlet match in Saudi Arabia

  40. Lee Martin

    Lee Martin7 days ago

    Wtf is that typing sound in the background and why

  41. Awesome Coyote

    Awesome Coyote7 days ago

    The problem with Mia Yim/Reckoning having fake seizures is that a possible real seizure can now be met with skepticism.

  42. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan7 days ago

    COVID Vazzination ?

  43. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan7 days ago


  44. Eastside Reviews

    Eastside Reviews7 days ago

    Are people seriously angry that they got worked by a wrestling injury?

  45. Wil Gibson

    Wil Gibson7 days ago

    tyoing... typing... typing...

  46. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun7 days ago

    I hope Tully Blanchard is simply being used as a placeholder in the 6 man tag on that is being planned for March 3rd and they actually use that night for the return of Shawn Spears. I always felt like Spears should've been with FTR as a faction, but never properly came to fruition.

  47. Hunter Bachman

    Hunter Bachman7 days ago

    The pronunciation of “coup de grace” was like nails on a chalkboard

  48. Adam Pyre

    Adam Pyre7 days ago

    Would you guys consider removing the word "seizure" from your title, just so not as to continue to perpetuate the false rumor, even accidentally?

  49. Sean Wallace

    Sean Wallace7 days ago

    Jack does a killer Andrew impression

  50. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke7 days ago

    I was hoping the match a revolution PPV was going to be Blood and Gut match, involving the good brothers and Maybe the Buck's v against Moxley, Archer, Pac, Fenix and Pentagon jr. I am getting sick and tired of watch so many Hardcore style matches in wrestling, I know Moxley can have amazing matches without them being no DQ I have seen it during his G1 run, and Omega is Omega why are they doing a death Match for I hated the hardcore death matches done in FMW they were awful, it is just grime.

  51. DangerOne

    DangerOne7 days ago

    We should get a "baby groot" scenario with Bray when he slowly grows up into the Fiend, so for like 3 weeks he's Bo Dallas, then he's Bray again. It's he dumbest thing ever, but seriously what else are they doing?

  52. faeriegraver

    faeriegraver6 days ago

    Lmao I like that

  53. Charlie Kaufman

    Charlie Kaufman7 days ago

    In 2k20, I hate universe but I use free play mode as my own universe, I put the next title on Bray, during the match in which Bray won, he attacked IRS who was in the crowd (remember this is all in my head), I made my own irs, which set up a match between the two, Bray won and after he beat bo, bo went away and returned as the hologram, like a ghost character, then at hell in a cell, Bray beat both of them in the cell. Then Bo feuded w/ irs.

  54. Paid Hits

    Paid Hits7 days ago

    NXT: Evolve = New Developmental


    BUTCHER PETE7 days ago

    Rules Boss will contact you about this gimmick infringement... hello?

  56. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji7 days ago

    Anyone thinks AEW needs a pure division? Similar to the ROH Pure Tournament. Although a lot of fans like hardcore wrestling, another huge amount of fans hate it and just want serious wrestling.

  57. Timmy Edwards

    Timmy Edwards7 days ago

    Wrestlemania opener. Adam Cole v Bobby Fish v Roderick Strong v Kyle O’Reily. Book it Vince.

  58. Charlie Kaufman

    Charlie Kaufman7 days ago

    Rock paper scissors to decide who does the intro, that's funny because that's how the 2020 election was decided

  59. NicoStillApex TM

    NicoStillApex TM7 days ago

    Andrew is great

  60. Mohawk Bandito

    Mohawk Bandito7 days ago

    Next Firefly Fun House segment, have Bo drop off some mail, dressed as Postman Pat.

  61. NoGuffGames

    NoGuffGames7 days ago

    I'm sorry, but if you're gonna be doing wrestling news segments, you should really learn how to say "coup de gras" and not "Coop Da Grace"

  62. Mike_R2D2

    Mike_R2D27 days ago

    Adam must have been typing LEADER LEADER LEADER 😂

  63. ComXDude

    ComXDude7 days ago

    Dammit O'Reilly, stop being so good at selling! You're scaring us!

  64. Trixx

    Trixx7 days ago

    Well, could be that Kyle is actually hurting, but he also tends to sell very well, and "twitching" is something he does a great ammount of times, so might be just that, nontheless it was a sick looking spot.

  65. Ember McLain87

    Ember McLain877 days ago

    pretty sure i heard 3 other guys in that ladder match as well unless my ears heard wrong, but calling sky to win, and write cody off tv. i just hope and pray they dont do the barb wire match in a bad gimmick way.. i mean does anyone remember the electric cage match from tna years back.. man that was bad.

  66. Justin Bakon

    Justin Bakon7 days ago

    The fucking keyboard lads..annoying as fuck

  67. Zachery Goldstein

    Zachery Goldstein7 days ago

    They book Nia Jax in every show but aleister black got drafted to Smackdown and he didn’t even get an appearance for the”land of opportunity”

  68. Noah Axinn

    Noah Axinn7 days ago

    Solution: DVR!!!

  69. Elementalforce 42

    Elementalforce 427 days ago


  70. tray brogdon

    tray brogdon7 days ago

    The legend either Goldberg or Carlito

  71. tray brogdon

    tray brogdon7 days ago

    Is this real or fake

  72. that guy

    that guy7 days ago

    hope coles lip doesnt get split open again vs oreilly

  73. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith7 days ago

    Saw lots of comments saying “best wishes to Kyle O’Reilly, and his family, and hopefully he doesn’t suffer like long term damage” then like two replies later it says “it was a work” I wasn’t positive til I heard from you guys thanks for the good news

  74. Patsox1

    Patsox17 days ago

    Bo Dallas for brother Abigail

  75. Daniel Donaghey

    Daniel Donaghey7 days ago

    I don't like nia. But if they wanna make her likeable. Put her with roman. And have roman give her a speech and have them play the angle of she's been injuring others on purpose because she's sick of the disrespect. And then have her betray shayna for the bloodline and demolish shayna and have her be the woman of the table.

  76. thunder b4stard

    thunder b4stard7 days ago

    I take Tully blanchard at 70 over nia Jax any day

  77. Mean Durphy

    Mean Durphy7 days ago

    If you said anyone other than Nia I'd day that's harsh but I'm inclined to agree, Tully would be a lot safer

  78. Bullions OnTwitch

    Bullions OnTwitch7 days ago


  79. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown7 days ago

    The brain Busters as AEW tag team champion???? How does that make AEW more reputable????

  80. Luke Henderson

    Luke Henderson7 days ago


  81. Jon Strine

    Jon Strine7 days ago

    Bo Dallas should be Bray's "sidekick". Have Bo insert a little more menace to the Firefly Funhouse when Bray is more "normal", yet quiver in fear of The Fiend.

  82. pig cat

    pig cat7 days ago

    I wish Andrew was a WWE commentator

  83. kieron beattie

    kieron beattie7 days ago

    Jesus more garbage wrestling by aew the same garbage that pretty much ruined wrestling for OVW and a another moxley garbage match

  84. Tyler Bohannon

    Tyler Bohannon7 days ago

    Who is typing?

  85. Andrew Sanderson

    Andrew Sanderson7 days ago

    What is that god awful clicking in the background? Sounds like a mouse clicking or summit. Also love you guys

  86. GeneralCF

    GeneralCF7 days ago

    Whoever is clicking and typing needs to stop or get a silent keyboard!!

  87. Andrew Harrington

    Andrew Harrington7 days ago

    There have been times during Lorcan & Burch's reign where I've forgotten who the tag champs were because they've done sweet f**k all with them.

  88. FredFBurger

    FredFBurger7 days ago

    Who is furiously typing?

  89. Tommy V

    Tommy V7 days ago

    Who gets the UE theme song in the divorce? It's my favorite theme right now......

  90. LightHawk

    LightHawk7 days ago

    I would think adam. I mean he was the leader, and everyone else either had a theme that was good, or can go back to one that was good.

  91. Nachtghul

    Nachtghul7 days ago

    Who’s typing? 😂

  92. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko7 days ago

    At about 8:00, someone starts typing up a storm

  93. Dan

    Dan7 days ago

    Andrew trying to pop Adam is always a highlight in these news videos.

  94. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc197 days ago

    Sammy will screw Jericho and MJF and it will set up a future pay per view match with Sammy and Jericho with Sammy going over.

  95. Jake Koehler

    Jake Koehler7 days ago

    That is probably why Dory Jr. was in attendance at AEW last night. Great deal.

  96. William Hild

    William Hild7 days ago

    I hope Tully says, "You know what? I'm 67 years old, I have nothing to lose. Screw it...I'm going to shoot on Marko Stunt and put him on the shelf for a LOOOOOONG time!"

  97. HonkedOffJohn

    HonkedOffJohn7 days ago

    The Kyle thing reminds me of Asuka choking out Mickie James and Mickie selling it so hard the ref stopped the match and she was like WTF.

  98. Nathan Garrett

    Nathan Garrett7 days ago

    See this is the problem with wrestling now. Years ago that would have happened and you'd have to wait to turn in to see what really happened, now you find out the next day and not even from wwe. Its a huge reason people don't watch live anymore.

  99. Nathan Garrett

    Nathan Garrett7 days ago

    @Mean Durphy is it? If you're invested in wrestling you're probably subbed to wrestling channels. I do see what you mean you can avoid it but to avoid it I feel you'd lose alot of content. By the way im not having a go at anyone reporting on this more a problem with the age we live in.

  100. Mean Durphy

    Mean Durphy7 days ago

    I see your point but this kind of coverage is optional, its easily avoided if you want it to be

  101. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.7 days ago

    Both NXT and AEW's conclusions ended pretty good. On one side, Cole destroyed Bálor, O'Reilly and UE. On the other side, Omega made a dangerous revelation of the rematch between Moxley and him at Revolution.

  102. John Coster

    John Coster7 days ago

    Someone going ham on the mouse

  103. Heather the Librarian

    Heather the Librarian7 days ago

    I love Andrew. "He picks ALL OF KYLE UP"

  104. yamilyamilyamil

    yamilyamilyamil7 days ago

    I hope Tully wrestling is a swerve to bring back Sean Spears or some new member to their team

  105. Lazy Paladin

    Lazy Paladin7 days ago

    Andrew explaining the NXT main event makes me want him as a commentator: Hes up te top rope, going for te Cope te Grace!

  106. Jedi Davis

    Jedi Davis7 days ago

    i missed adam

  107. James Dee

    James Dee7 days ago

    “Oh cool a 20 minute news video!” Adam: OVER TO YOU ANDREW Andrew: THANKS ADAM

  108. Juan Cena

    Juan Cena7 days ago

    I’d be alright in bo’s position. Paid to watch smackdown backstage at catering.

  109. Do Not Pass GO!

    Do Not Pass GO!4 days ago

    It's a great gig as long as you save up.

  110. matt ventura

    matt ventura7 days ago

    Yeah sad truth is he's getting paid more than most people on the indies and that's just the truth.