WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day: GRADED | Adam Cole Turns On Kyle O'Reilly & Finn Balor, & More!

Join Tom Campbell for our WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day review as he grades every match and segment from last night's WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day PPV on the 14th of February 2021.
WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Results/Highlights:
Raquel González & Dakota Kai def. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon (Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)
Johnny Gargano def. Kushida to retain the NXT North American Championship
MSK def. Grizzled Young Veterans (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)
Io Shirai def. Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
Finn Bálor def. Pete Dunne to retain the NXT Championship
Adam Cole sends shockwaves through NXT Universe by blasting Finn Bálor, betraying Kyle O'Reilly
#WWE #NXT #NXTTakeOver
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  1. Jie Huang

    Jie Huang4 days ago

    I can't imagine the what the atmosphere would be like if this PPV event was happening in an arena with ten thousand live fans wathcing.

  2. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode8 days ago

    Great ppv but imo the triple threat was the weakest match.

  3. Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly9 days ago

    thought gargano v kushida was easily better than the men's tag match tbh. in fact, thought it was match of the night.

  4. Gerson Cruz

    Gerson Cruz9 days ago

    NXT is better than AEW and any other WWE show combined. NXT never disappoints and always provides the best wrestling and storylines in the world.

  5. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  6. AwesomeToes

    AwesomeToes9 days ago

    Balor/Dunne is easily my MOTY so far; such a treat to watch on a really solid show all round

  7. Nate Hladki

    Nate Hladki9 days ago

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really don't like Raquel Gonzalez being the stereotypical "monster/beast" character. That whole character is just so overdone at this point, and like every wrestler that they book like that just doesn't have any further character. All Raquel's gimmick is, is "I'm big and strong." It's boring. And she's not even that much bigger than the other NXT women, hell she's the same size as Rhea. She's a shoot 6', which is what like 3-4" taller than most of the others? It just doesn't work well, it's a boring gimmick, and she honestly deserves a better character.

  8. Seosamh Rooney

    Seosamh Rooney9 days ago

    Absolutely amazing card. Very possibly PPV of the year, will have to see. Felt like the only thing missing was Kushida taking the title but Gargano holding onto the belt for another little while and a future rematch between the two seems on the cards. I feel like Grizzled Young Veterans should've won but the former Rascalz only arrived in NXT so they need the win more. Hopefully they win the titles and hold them for some time. This match really put the classic in Dusty Classic. The triple threat match was outstanding. Can't tell if it or Balor and Dunne was MOTN, but I think Io shows why she deserves to be NXT women's champion as per usual. And honestly, a fantastic opener, with plenty of storyline implications. This felt like what the Tag Titles across all of WWE should feel like. Kai was excellent. Moon was brilliant. Blackheart was amazing and Gonzalez just shined. And that final scene of the night. UE finally splitting up and I imagine that we may well be getting a triple threat for the #1 contendership between Cole, O'Reilly and Strong. With strong being the sort of can we not sort this out. A+ show the whole way through, absolutely amazing.

  9. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith9 days ago

    What you guys think of Rock taking a page out of the Big Bang Theory, and starting a tv series about his life as a youngster.... (Young Rock, coming after Young Sheldon, I do not believe was a coincidence.) That doesn’t matter though, who thinks it will be a successful show? Pretty sure Dwayne plays Rocky Johnson again, like he did in “That 70’s Show’s” wrestling episode. Sorry, if the Brits here don’t understand some of the American sitcom references, but just wanna know if anyone else has watched the commercial, and has a comment about it.

  10. Bobsyagod

    Bobsyagod9 days ago

    I think we need to redefine what a kickoutfest is when the match centers around submissions. With all that was done to his arm and how long he was in armbars/hoverboard lock, it was getting a bit ridiculous that Johnny never tapped. Nearly every other time Kushida properly locks it in it's a quick tap, but just like kicking out of multiple finishers, not tapping out to multiple long submission finishers gets a bit unbelievable. Which is the only downside because otherwise it was an amazing match

  11. kamala kannan

    kamala kannan9 days ago

    Gargano vs Kushida was my fav

  12. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji10 days ago

    Eli Drake should have gone straight to the main roster There is no point putting an established and experienced guy into developmental.

  13. Imrose 1

    Imrose 110 days ago

    For a moment felt like double turn between the matchup in women tag match

  14. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels10 days ago

    Cameron Grimes is taking nxt to the moon!

  15. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins10 days ago

    Pete Dunne vs Balor & the women's triple threat stole the show. MSK vs GYV was amazing as well. In fact, every match was great. It was an overall fantastic show.

  16. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins10 days ago

    The Undisputed Era has been together for years. This was bound to happen eventually. On the brighter side, Adam Cole is finally a heel again.

  17. Imrose 1

    Imrose 110 days ago

    Yeah he looks better as heel...wasnt looking much convincing as face

  18. leter ops

    leter ops10 days ago

    Two things, 1. I fucking love MSK,i love how to put away GYV wes lee hit the blockbuster from the top rope,like he needed that bit more of power. 2.Kushida vs gargano was great,and i love how strong kushida looked

  19. Dark Hawk

    Dark Hawk10 days ago

    As I was watching Kushida and Gargano going at it, was I the only one who could absolutely hear "Proper techers!" in Tom's voice in the back of my head? Then again for Finn vs. Dunne. Such a good night of wrestling, and that storytelling at the end... Chef's kisses all around

  20. Carter Baumgartner

    Carter Baumgartner10 days ago

    I know it's overlooked because of the ending of the show, but I absolutely loved Balor vs Dunne. Great mat wrestling for the majority of it, awesome gritty fight feel to it!

  21. davesaves1

    davesaves110 days ago

    Wade Barrett mentioned on the NXT prior that Adam Cole was such an exceptional leader for supporting Kyle O'Reilly as he went for the title, that other leaders would get jealous. It was so innocuous a comment but it stuck in my head. In hindsight it was either a bit of luck or a genius set up for the way the show went off air.

  22. Michael Glütton

    Michael Glütton10 days ago

    I think NXT takeover: vengeance day deserves a 9.1/10 it would have been 10 out of 10 if kushida won the NXT North American championship

  23. Lucas Ash

    Lucas Ash10 days ago

    That main event was amazing. Favourite match of the year so far

  24. Cameron Briglin

    Cameron Briglin10 days ago


  25. TheAndosman

    TheAndosman10 days ago

    Something really special about MSK vs GYV. The pace, the story, the spots, felt like something out of NXT 2016.

  26. Bob lester

    Bob lester10 days ago

    MSK vs Imperium. Cameron Grimes. The Million Dollar Man 2.0

  27. DarthTach

    DarthTach10 days ago

    Too bad nobody cares. NXT is dying a slow death unless changes are made. But EGO and SPITE will keep it on Wednesday night until USA network kills it.

  28. v b

    v b9 days ago

    Well both NXT and AEW will die, they are not shows meant to pull in high number of viewers. Frankly I am glad that NXT goes against AEW so they would let each other to even lower numbers.

  29. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago

    I’m glad you took time to click on a video you don’t care about, all about a show you don’t care about, and left a comment to tell me you don’t care about it. ☺️

  30. Safa Rehan

    Safa Rehan10 days ago

    Ok...whatever you say. Why don't you go and watch 61 year old sting cut the exact same promo on Dynamite every week

  31. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Leonardo Rodriguez10 days ago

    We need to talk about that Marty Mccfly cosplay made by Kushida

  32. Yankee Ram

    Yankee Ram10 days ago

    Msk v Gyv was a fantastic tag team match. That's tag team wrestling at its finest.

  33. john asshat

    john asshat10 days ago

    Dakotai Kai and Raquel Gonzalez, both jump on top of Dakota Kai to get the pinfall.”...What?!

  34. john asshat

    john asshat10 days ago

    @Tom Campbell just teasing Tom. Thanks for the reply! We’re all human.

  35. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago

    Ohhh that’s a mystery alright. If only we could somehow decipher what I meant by that slip of the tongue. I guess we’ll never know, John! 😂

  36. john asshat

    john asshat10 days ago

    I like Shotzi but she’s gotta be more careful. She’s like Darby where they are borderline reckless with certain spots.

  37. The Tricean

    The Tricean10 days ago

    Dunne and Balor was the best thing on that show.

  38. A Bit of Everything

    A Bit of Everything10 days ago

    There were parts of the opening tag-match where the heel/face dynamic was definitely reversed, which made it an odd watch. Another bit that made me cringe was when the ref stopped counting on Raquel when Dakota was in the ring, but then counted the pin on Shotzi despite BOTH opponents pinning her. Match was good though. Other points -: ◙ GYV not winning pissed me off. ◙ Am I the only one now getting tired of the Gargano Formula? ◙ Wanted Mercedes to win the title. I do think Io is amazing, but want her to move on from the title picture. ◙ Excellent main-event. ◙ Cole's turn was interesting because it didn't seem like a full-blown heel turn. Came across more as frustration at Balor slowly taking Kyle away from UE business, then further frustration with Kyle (like brothers falling out), so I'm excited to see where it goes from here. Roderick Strong was excellent here with his reaction and we're left wondering where Bobby Fish's loyalty will lie when he returns. Ace stuff all round. ◙ I love the elevated ramp entrance and hope they keep it going forward. It gives so many more options for the wrestlers to work into their matches. Great recap from Tom in the video.

  39. kilala plush

    kilala plush10 days ago

    Good nxt show

  40. Ashley Allen

    Ashley Allen10 days ago

    Ever since AEW's creation there's been this impression that NXT has been putting out an inferior product, not just in comparison to other promotions but also suggesting the products slowing down since say the 2015-2018 run. Personally I think the product is one of the strongest it's been in years, especially TV wise, and people's focus on the ratings are criminally undermining the great work the NXT superstars have been putting in, especially considering the pandemic era of wrestling we're going through.

  41. Robin0928

    Robin09283 days ago

    @Ricky Bobby Roode Hey, from a fellow NXT fan, Like what ya like, don't be a dick.

  42. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode8 days ago

    Mundane is watching a 70 year old Sting try to wrestle. AEW is so bad I can’t even watch it during NXT commercial breaks.

  43. Robin0928

    Robin09289 days ago

    The worst part of NXT at the moment is that we don't have the Full Sail crowd. The Thunderdome works so well for Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs, but the CwC concept, while cool as hell, just cannot replace a hot Full Sail or Takeover crowd. Just the perfect blend of smarks and general wrestling fans who have come together with the sole purpose of celebrating how fucking rad the show they are watching is and how fucking great the performers in the ring are. If this had happened at a normal TakeOver Crowd (or just with a Full Sail crowd), this would be in contention for best TakeOver in history. Man I just miss NXT having a crowd.

  44. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji10 days ago

    NXT lacks the low points that AEW has (less choreographed matches, no terrible gimmicks, no bad comedy segments), but it feels more mundane than AEW most weeks I think. And I think it is held back by the knowledge that any wrestler might get called up at anytime. But I think NXT should not be compared with other companies as it is simply a developmental brand, even at its peak OVW was not broadcast nationwide like NXT is.

  45. Adam Dunnells

    Adam Dunnells10 days ago

    Someone needs to photoshop the Marvel Civil War poster with the UE boys and surrounding players.

  46. Jamieb1994

    Jamieb199410 days ago

    Just realized this before, but last night was Gargano's 2nd title retained but it was the first time Gargano retained the championship in a singles match without any sheninagions from the Way so Dexter Lumis, thanks for taking care of that mate.

  47. Chris Howell

    Chris Howell10 days ago

    Pete Dunne is 27 years old. He is the future of professional wrestling. And. I. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

  48. Explicaciones y diversiones

    Explicaciones y diversiones10 days ago

    When Dunne finally did the finger snap, it made me scream. What an amazing fight they had, already a contender for the best match of the year.

  49. Blackgold1155

    Blackgold115510 days ago

    I think Gargano vs. Kushida was match of the night for me. So glad to see Johnny Takeover get him over. Also I think Cole will battle Balor for UE control before getting called up and Balor becomes their new leader in a reverse of the Bullet Club story.

  50. Chris Howell

    Chris Howell10 days ago

    The Cameron Grimes video was awesome and deserves an A.

  51. coleymissions

    coleymissions10 days ago

    Wes Lee's senton was siiiiick.

  52. coleymissions

    coleymissions10 days ago

    @murkbury I'm only getting acquainted with them now so everything blows my mind.

  53. murkbury

    murkbury10 days ago

    every match i see that man do something inhuman in the air

  54. Chris Howell

    Chris Howell10 days ago

    I want this UE feud to end at the end of the year in a Fatal Four Way match between them all for the NXT Championship, inside War Games!

  55. Mary Al-Kethairi

    Mary Al-Kethairi10 days ago

    Strong was so confused he just stood there but I loved his reaction. I really thought that O"Reilly would turn on Undisputed Era from way before when he started doing matches alone with Finn Balor. Never thought it would be Adam Cole.

  56. Dan Lewis

    Dan Lewis10 days ago

    Just finished watching it and have to say I enjoyed it all. Didn't watch all of the mens tag match so can't comment on that but overall a very good show. Really liked finn selling the fingers by not fully pointing after the match but then he was fine doing it right at the end which took away from it slightly

  57. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle10 days ago

    I’m calling it early This is my ppv of the year so far Balor vs Dunne is my match of the year so far The Cole betrayal is definitely shocking/heartbreaking moment of the year But it’ll change, and all of those will go to AEW by the time the year is over, that’s kinda how it goes 👍🏻

  58. Drunkennewt

    Drunkennewt10 days ago

    The opening rhyme has already earned my like.

  59. Cundy Wundy

    Cundy Wundy10 days ago

    after the triangle choke was a piece of mastery, everyone in the ring is acting as if something unplanned had happened. Finn looks like he was legitimately choked out by mistake, it looks like the match is about to be called off a doctor's coming down even pete dunne looks professionally concerned... but then pete shrugs, snarls like he does and launches in with a kick and it's absolutely awesome. They played it so well. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire match. Those touches that are so overlooked.

  60. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis10 days ago

    if your profile pic a cundy wundy?

  61. nii nii nii nii

    nii nii nii nii10 days ago

    You know it's a A+ pay per view when Tom talks through the matches that poetically

  62. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis10 days ago

    fascinating username

  63. Cundy Wundy

    Cundy Wundy10 days ago

    I'm kinda sad that the Amazing match at the end is being so overlooked, it had genuine magic moments, some very unique bits, the worked weak leg during the attempted back flip evasion followed by the drop kick to the knee... I don't even know what to say, everyone's talking about this promo bit when they should be talking about the brilliance of the match that came before it.

  64. Sage_ Justice138

    Sage_ Justice13810 days ago

    Only match that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the result was the Women’s Dusty Classic. The psychology of a Kai/Gonzalez vs Baszler/Jax doesn’t work for me as much as Moon/Blackheart. Maybe they get the belts off Jax/Baszler, but not sure who that is right now because Lana/Naomi don’t do it for me either as a team.

  65. André Magalhães

    André Magalhães10 days ago

    I really wanted to see Kushida win the NXT North American Title :/

  66. Billy Magada

    Billy Magada10 days ago

    Pie eating contest: A- this was a struggle between to great that went back and forth and wouldn't stop. You could feel how much they both wanted it. It was so high energy and yet subtle...fighting back and forth, close calls all the way through... I love tom but I swear I heard this over and over this entire video...

  67. Pixie D. Dix

    Pixie D. Dix10 days ago

    Kudos to Strong for his acting at the end.

  68. mjstory1976

    mjstory197610 days ago

    A+ Takeover as usual

  69. lostpunkrock

    lostpunkrock10 days ago

    The first match was my fav match of the show. They went all out to impress Dakota put in the performance of her life and took some gnarly bumps. The tower of doom cross body to the floor outside. I cringed soooo hard for that one and Tom didnt even mention it. Got a real babyface vibe from Dakota this match. She was full of that babyface fire and grit. Raquel just played clean up. Toni storm wins for the new fingerpoke of doom.

  70. jtp2007

    jtp20079 days ago

    Dakota was great in Wargames too. She got destroyed for 45 minutes, but kept getting up.

  71. Andrew Harrington

    Andrew Harrington10 days ago

    Actually we do find out if it was Dexter Loomis because, if you watch the shot closely... YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE LOOMIS!

  72. casper

    casper10 days ago

    Is Bobby injured again?

  73. Matt

    Matt10 days ago

    He got hurt during War Games

  74. Joey L

    Joey L10 days ago

    Wasn’t necessarily a fan of them before but I completely fell in love with MSK! Freakin phenomenal match!!

  75. Paul Hibbard

    Paul Hibbard10 days ago

    Should been called the Dusty Finals PPV, no title changes, boring.

  76. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle10 days ago

    If this ppv was boring overall for you, ok But if you thought it was boring while watching these matches, you don’t understand wrestling No offense, that wasn’t to be rude

  77. pig cat

    pig cat10 days ago

    Never let Io out of your sight, she will jump on you from somewhere. Also whenever you say "techers" I hear Tekken.

  78. Aidan ODonnell

    Aidan ODonnell10 days ago

    The announce table refused to bump

  79. Ethan k

    Ethan k9 days ago

    I will not be the table *Metallica riff*

  80. Matt

    Matt10 days ago

    Table took getting cleaned off like the bloody finger poke of doom

  81. Malcolm Hoppe

    Malcolm Hoppe10 days ago

    i dont want the era to split maybe bálor will become the new leader of it and adam cole is going to the main roster after this last feud

  82. Jason Woot

    Jason Woot10 days ago

    Could just be O’Reilly that’s gone and still have a 3 man UE. Cole vs O’Reilly could have another great match.

  83. Richard Luck

    Richard Luck10 days ago

    Looking very nicely showered, Tom.

  84. Umindu Nirmana

    Umindu Nirmana10 days ago

    Vengeance day is better than royal rumble 2021

  85. Noah Grey

    Noah Grey10 days ago

    Why isn't AEW doing this shit, that's what we wanted from them

  86. Sarmad Habib Khan

    Sarmad Habib Khan10 days ago

    Johnny: *Kicks out multiple times* Fans: Lol! Johnny Kickout Omega: *Kicks out multiple times* Fans: GREATEST WRESTLER EVER

  87. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode8 days ago

    Omega is an average wrestler that had a great feud and Gargano is the best. More 5 star matches in the last 5 years than the main roster combined.

  88. President Garrison

    President Garrison9 days ago

    @DangerOne I love anime and I don't like Omega, I think he only appeals to British and American weebs/smarks

  89. v b

    v b9 days ago

    @Roman Whitworth knocks it out of the park with what? His character work sucks so I don't want to get into his matches plus him having competitive matches with heavyweights really annoys me as it looks too unrealistic.

  90. v b

    v b9 days ago

    @Bird Gang Oh I am sorry to see that the truth hurts you so much. I don't see matches as standalone things and in every match they do some bullcrap. Let's talk about Omega, why does he have to get all his moves in? Why does he make stupid faces? He makes it seem like he just wants cheers for his athleticism instead of actually moving a storyline forward or making a match feel like people having actual feud.

  91. v b

    v b9 days ago

    @john asshat Again, what do I care about matches when I don't care about his character. He could literally put on a stellar match but it would only be a bathroom break.

  92. wlrwilly

    wlrwilly10 days ago

    Has to me one of my favorite TakeOvers🔥

  93. Stra4315 stra4315

    Stra4315 stra431510 days ago

    Best takeover of the pandemic era. I wouldn't say it's one of the best takeovers ever but it was pretty good. I guess Adam Cole is going to the main roster after wrestlemania. There's nothing left for him to do in NXT. He's done everything. It's time for him to go to raw and feud with AJ

  94. Stra4315 stra4315

    Stra4315 stra431510 days ago

    @Noah Turtle I totally agree. AEW and NXT have suffered the most in the pandemic era because the crowds made those two shows feel special and different

  95. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle10 days ago

    Absolutely Others have been good but This is the first takeover to really feel like a takeover with our a crowd 31 was close, but this takes it NXT has a style of wrestling designed for a crowd, and without one, it makes it hard to do, but this did it beautifully

  96. Michael Suezo

    Michael Suezo10 days ago

    Don't wanna bring up AEW but this ppv just shows the gap in quality between the 2 shows. Indy amatures on TV vs. Professionally trained wrestlers from the indies on TV.

  97. Patrick Stone

    Patrick Stone10 days ago

    Fucking fantastic show this. I thought we had 4 amazing matches and a bloody fun one. My MOTN was probably the men's dusty cup final but honestly it could've been one of 3. I adored the UE turn (as sad as it is). They've been setting up Kyle to go solo and shine properly for months now, they've been building the ructions in UE very subtly for months, they've been teasing the idea of Cole turning on Kyle for months, having Kyle feel like the new leader of UE for a little bit now makes perfect sense now that we've seen Cole turn, Roddy being conflicted, agreeing with Kyle but wanting to back his friend who made him a big player in NXT. I also love the possibility that this could lead to Kyle taking over UE and Balor joining to replace Cole (who will be going up to main roster after Kyle beats him on takeover). Show of the year so far for me. Women's dusty cup: A NA Championship match: A+ Men's Dusty Cup match: A+ NXT Women's championship triple threat match: B+ NXT Championship match: A+ The classic NXT bait and switch ending: A++ Overall (if it wasn't obvious): A+

  98. dornomac

    dornomac10 days ago

    13:31 heh, somethin always happens in my pants when i see toni storm;]

  99. Titan Gamez

    Titan Gamez10 days ago

    Just Give us Toni Storm vs Io we know they can kill 1 on 1

  100. dapfury

    dapfury10 days ago

    Agreed. I don't think Mercedes Martinez needs to be pushed yet. IMO

  101. Leona Neal

    Leona Neal10 days ago

    I dont not like this show

  102. Danielle Cooper

    Danielle Cooper10 days ago

    he'll always be eli drake to me.

  103. Anthony Bell

    Anthony Bell10 days ago

    Eli Drake will NOT be in NXT for long. Give him a title reign, have him give it up because I don't think there's anyone that should beat him, and then put him on smackdown and push him to the moon. That dude is possibly the best talker of TODAY'S wrestling and deserves every title

  104. Phillip Casey

    Phillip Casey10 days ago

    Who thought this card was weak? Several dream matches lol.

  105. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode8 days ago

    I thought it looked like a really weak card with the exception of the main event. I’m glad to say I was wrong and it was a great show overall.

  106. GreenMantaray

    GreenMantaray9 days ago

    @Michael Glütton TNA used to get better ratings than both back in the day. It means nothing. If you want to watch a bloated Y2J ruin his legacy, or Matt Hardy nearly kill himself for no reason, that's your prerogative. Personally, I find it a bit depressing...

  107. Michael Glütton

    Michael Glütton10 days ago

    @DiscoChin "sweaty aew fans" yeah okay. you're just jealous that aew is more popular and has better ratings than NXT. stay mad. 🤡

  108. Z-0 Productions

    Z-0 Productions10 days ago

    I thought it was week until I watched it, completely changed my opinion.

  109. DiscoChin

    DiscoChin10 days ago

    Sweaty AEW fans. If its not AEW everything is weak

  110. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.10 days ago

    Tom starting an NXT TakeOver show with a rhyme? Hilarious and fun to hear. Good intro. Seems 2 of my predictions did not go accordingly, but I had enjoyed the results either way.

  111. Paddy Mack

    Paddy Mack10 days ago

    So overall... Decent ppv?

  112. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle10 days ago

    Fantastic ppv

  113. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago


  114. Daniel Ives

    Daniel Ives10 days ago

    Whilst I like MSK winning...I would've liked GYV to win it again

  115. lhicks352

    lhicks35210 days ago

    I agree with everything Tom said except the kashida thing The dude's been in the NXT for 2 years now I didn't even know he been in the next 2 years I thought he only been there a year even after 2 years and he's never won a major match He's done all these pay-per-view matches and he's like oh for f****** eight or some s*** like that dude I'm not taking Dude as a credible threat and I'm a damn dumb hard wrestling fan so I can imagine somebody that's a casual look at this going to be like well he's never won

  116. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer10 days ago

    Women’s Tag Match: B. A few sloppy moments here and there and the ref completely ignoring the assisted pin at the end made no sense. But it was a ton of fun, Shotzi and Dakota took some amazing bumps. Raquel looked like a beast. And I DESPERATELY hope they win the tag belts as well. Gargano vs. KUSHIDA: A-. Great match, but the wrong guy won. This was the time to crown a new top star. Also IDK how they do cowardly heel Johnny after this. The guy was basically Superman in this match. Men’s Tag match: A+. Just freaking awesome and MSK getting the rocked strapped to them. Women’s Title Match: B-. It was shorter than I was expecting and the finish was again wonky due to some questionable refereeing. But still a lot of fun and that finish leaves open a possible Io vs. Toni one on one match later perhaps. Main Event: A+. Freaking fantastic match. It reminded me of those Angle vs. Benoit classics. NXT Finn is on fire and Dunne is future champ material for sure. Only iffy part was the ref basically screwing Dunne out of winning at one point, but that’s neither wrestler’s fault. Ending Segment: A+. This needed to happen. Cole really is HBK Jr and KOR looks like an even bigger babyface now. Overall rating for the show: A-.

  117. King Kaito

    King Kaito10 days ago

    5 solid matches. That is what wins the day baby!

  118. Z PERFECT

    Z PERFECT10 days ago

    So undisputed era done for 😭

  119. Wrestling Insomniacs

    Wrestling Insomniacs10 days ago

    Tom how did you miss Dexter Lumis walking up behind Austin Theory? Lol

  120. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago

    @HonkedOffJohn I have a few more on my @TontoOnto account but for some reason when i comment on here with that account nobody sees it! :P

  121. HonkedOffJohn

    HonkedOffJohn10 days ago

    @Tom Campbell are you really Tom? I feel like Tom would have more than 6 subscribers 🤔

  122. v b

    v b10 days ago

    @Tom Campbell why would anyone say that? Sounds kinda brutal.

  123. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago

    Let’s just say it’s because I’m shit at my job! I’ll get that in before someone else does! 🙌❤️

  124. Anomalous C

    Anomalous C10 days ago

    4:10 you can clearly see its Dexter Lumis when he pulls Austin Theory away idk why you say "presumably"

  125. talatos

    talatos10 days ago

    i just rewatched it because jack said the same thing in "what happened at" at and i doubted myself for a second but you see him clearly xD

  126. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher10 days ago

    I personally would have given the NA title match an A+, the men’s dusty classic an A, and the triple threat a B or a B-. Other than that, I agree.

  127. john asshat

    john asshat10 days ago

    Fully agree. Thought the NA title match was 5 stars. Triple threat was the worst match on the card and it was decent.

  128. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark10 days ago

    I’d give the Gargano Kushida match an A+, I’d give to women’s triple threat match a B+, and I’d give everything else an A to be honest.

  129. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard10 days ago

    The ending where Adam Cole turned. A++++

  130. Christopher Alonzo

    Christopher Alonzo10 days ago

    That Balor-Dunne match made me shout and frantic during the whole last 5 minutes while watching at home. Haven't done that since the Attitude & Ruthless Aggression eras. And the Cole betrayal was Attitude era vibes!!!

  131. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Christopher Alonzo yeah

  132. Christopher Alonzo

    Christopher Alonzo10 days ago

    @Luna Lovegood-Malfoy Yeeeeaahhh, and we thought we were gonna have a Bullet Club NXT then boom, superkick ala HBK!!!

  133. Christopher Alonzo

    Christopher Alonzo10 days ago

    @Matt Hahaha, I feel you dude, so many false finishes in that match, it was craaaazyyy

  134. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Matt i hate that Adam betrayed ue

  135. Matt

    Matt10 days ago

    Me too, I was yelling so much my roommate thought I was having a fit

  136. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    This would have been my favourite Takeover of all time if there had been a crowd.

  137. Nick C

    Nick C10 days ago

    I've said that after every Takeover since the beginning of the empty venue era pretty much

  138. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard10 days ago

    Takeover New York would still be my favorite.

  139. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    - Kai and Gonzalez were the right choice for the winners of women's Dusty Cup, hoping they become the WWE women's tag champs later. - Gargano Vs KUSHIDA was freaking phenomenal. MOTY candidate for me. I hope KUSHIDA gets a rematch and wins the title then. Gargano CAN'T be booked as a chicken heel now given now that he won this brilliant match CLEAN. - MSK Vs GYV was absolutely great. Very good match. But it's sad that GYV lost 2 finals in a row in the Dusty Cup. - Io Vs Storm Vs Martinez was average for me. It was totally affected because of the table breaking on its own. It would have been great if that spot hadn't happened. But Shirai winning was the right choice. - Dunne Vs Bálor was brilliant as well. Dunne just decimating Bálor's fingers was awesome. Finn targeting Pete's knee was awesome and Dunne's selling at his injury was so good. - The post match angle..... was Undisputed. Sorry, but these puns are gonna be there for some time. I didn't expect Adam kicking O' Reilly and strong just standing there not knowing what to do was very good. His reaction was priceless. But seriously, FUCK YOU ADAM COLE, I was just going to order a UE shirt in a few days. But yeah, that was a brilliant cliff hanger. NXT played us with the last logo once again. Really looking forward to Wednesday. This storyline is about to bring the attention of all the people who were ' bored ' with NXT.

  140. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago


  141. Spellbinding Circle Productions

    Spellbinding Circle Productions10 days ago

    Calling it now, Eli Drake back in Impact in 12 months. Overall a really fun show with good to great wrestling.

  142. Y2J Guy

    Y2J Guy10 days ago

    If anything i see him signing with AEW

  143. Noah Grey

    Noah Grey10 days ago

    Why would you think some the Impact talents would want too return, some aren't wanted too due money issues

  144. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard10 days ago

    That isn’t a bad prediction.

  145. Y2J Guy

    Y2J Guy10 days ago

    Well WWE talent contracts tend to be 3-5 years, obviously wwe can release him if they want but wwe are notorious for dragging their feet when it comes to that stuff

  146. Glenn B

    Glenn B10 days ago

    Loved it, so happy NXT has moved past the gargano finisher fests in their main events. Every single match was different. Loving Finn as champ, he is oddly refreshing to watch considering he is returned

  147. Adam

    Adam10 days ago

    ELI DRAKE!!!!!

  148. Harith Zack

    Harith Zack10 days ago

    Adam Cole has betrayed the UE!!! What happens now?

  149. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Patrick Stone i don't want ue to split

  150. Patrick Stone

    Patrick Stone10 days ago

    Kyle vs Cole for control of UE or do it as a pure blood feud. Kyle wins either way and Cole goes to main

  151. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @TheRandom ? I love ue

  152. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Tania La Fleur I want u to stay together

  153. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago

    I honestly think that finn balor is gonna join the UE but NOPE

  154. Kayhem Maus RAG Homebase

    Kayhem Maus RAG Homebase10 days ago

    Dakota Kai jumps on Dakota Kai, eh?

  155. Kayhem Maus RAG Homebase

    Kayhem Maus RAG Homebase10 days ago

    @Tom Campbell I always knew she was a magician.

  156. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago


  157. Michael Ferry

    Michael Ferry10 days ago

    Adam cole probably turned because might give him a call up to the main roster after wrestlemania.

  158. v b

    v b10 days ago

    @Michael Ferry I think the other guy asked that but thanks for the info

  159. Michael Ferry

    Michael Ferry10 days ago

    @v b fish has been on injured since wat games

  160. ShortyRock801

    ShortyRock80110 days ago

    Where was fish?? Hurt again??

  161. v b

    v b10 days ago

    I hope Vince tells him to hit the gym.

  162. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago

    Oh god.Ive got a bad feeling for this

  163. Dr. Maddness

    Dr. Maddness10 days ago

    I thought vengeance day was amazing

  164. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago

    It was

  165. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis10 days ago

    This ppv was amazing. Only thing is I wish a title would’ve changed hands. Maybe kushida winning n.a

  166. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson9 days ago

    I wanted Kushida to win but the commentators kept hyping up his win so I knew it wasn’t going to happen

  167. Balakeh

    Balakeh10 days ago

    Agreeed, Johnny doesn't need to NA title, Kushida would've have definitely benefitted from a win

  168. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Justin Davis just be quiet plz

  169. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis10 days ago

    @Luna Lovegood-Malfoy that’s blasphemous

  170. Luna Lovegood-Malfoy

    Luna Lovegood-Malfoy10 days ago

    @Luke Glennon and I'm not a fan of the Undertaker

  171. Musa ki Vines

    Musa ki Vines10 days ago

    An early contender for payperview of the year!

  172. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis10 days ago

    Every nxt takeover is lol

  173. Z-0 Productions

    Z-0 Productions10 days ago

    It was a suprise for me on how good it was

  174. wlrwilly

    wlrwilly10 days ago

    Yo indeed

  175. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard10 days ago


  176. Michael Ferry

    Michael Ferry10 days ago

    Ye definitely

  177. The True Life of TrueKingAj

    The True Life of TrueKingAj10 days ago

    1st & it was good in my opinion

  178. Musa ki Vines

    Musa ki Vines10 days ago

    FiRsT xD

  179. Musa ki Vines

    Musa ki Vines10 days ago

    @ShadyXRL LMAO

  180. ShadyXRL

    ShadyXRL10 days ago

    🥖 You win a bread slap