War Stories: Starrcade '83 - Vince McMahon Tries To Destroy The NWA

War Stories Episode 9: To kick off the Starrcade timeline in 1983, Jim Crockett Promotions intended to have the NWA World Heavyweight champion Harley Race drop the "Ten Pounds of Gold" to a younger star in the form of Ric Flair - a torch passing from the established old guard to the ace of the next generation.
Champion and challenger were each masters of their craft, and the months of build to the title fight had been impeccable. The only thing that could ruin this historic encounter would be if somebody with more than a little sway (a certain Vince McMahon) managed to steer the champion away from doing the honours.
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  1. Johnny Gavin

    Johnny Gavin44 minutes ago

    I'm surprised Harley ended up working for him later on........Harley lost a lot of dough when McMahon started booking cards on the same nights as Harley was promoting his cards.......

  2. Ciaran Treacy

    Ciaran Treacy2 hours ago

    Quick question, why isn’t Jim Crockett in the HOF? Vince has put every other territory promoter into the HOF but not Jim? Any reason why?

  3. joegausch

    joegausch10 hours ago

    40 years later I still don't understand what Kiniski was trying to accomplish with the way he reffed that match. It's like he was trying to get heat on himself for some kind of angle with Race. He was way over the top and I am surprised this was allowed...

  4. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz14 hours ago

    Rowdy Roddy Piper's last appearance in the National Wrestling Alliance before leaving for the World Wrestling Federation in January 1984.

  5. WTKieran!?

    WTKieran!?Day ago

    This was great

  6. BlazeMasterGaming

    BlazeMasterGamingDay ago

    That's disgusting from Meltzer, using the dead to spread lies

  7. Geoff Collins

    Geoff CollinsDay ago

    This is turning out to be a fantastic series!!

  8. Edwin Lindley

    Edwin Lindley2 days ago

    Vince McMahon wanted Harley Race to skip Starcade, bring the NWA belt to the WWF, and be rewarded with a big paycheck. That sounds exactly what Verne Gagne offered the Iron Sheik in his match with Hulk Hogan. Don't drop the WWF belt to Hogan, break Hogan's leg, and come to the AWA for a large cash reward. But just like Harley Race. The Iron Sheik didn't screw over the "boy's in the locker room."

  9. Eric Kennedy

    Eric KennedyDay ago

    Shawn Micheals had no problem doing it

  10. A.c. Harsh

    A.c. Harsh2 days ago

    McMahon is just evil to the core. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul.

  11. A.c. Harsh

    A.c. Harsh2 days ago

    The nwa by far had the better talent and better storylines by FAR. But Vince wanted it all, now look at wrestling it's a complete joke.

  12. starwars518

    starwars5182 days ago

    Maybe Crockett goes and gets Hogan? But I liked the way it worked out even I wish JCP was still around but the memories will always be there

  13. starwars518

    starwars5182 days ago

    We need more Harley Races in the world

  14. WrestlingWithMemories

    WrestlingWithMemories2 days ago

    Quality 👌

  15. Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts2 days ago

    All man and a yard wide All you need to know about Harley Race

  16. Charles Lowe

    Charles Lowe2 days ago

    Vince is a complete dirtbag.

  17. L. CT

    L. CT2 days ago

    These series is what separates you guys from all the Work Rate Nerds in the UK. These series are outstanding.

  18. Howie Kappowie

    Howie Kappowie2 days ago

    You guys really like talking about the same subjects again and again.

  19. darius snyder

    darius snyder3 days ago


  20. theSANDMAN366

    theSANDMAN3663 days ago

    Does Dave Meltzer just go around contradicting every wrestling statement he's ever heard ?

  21. not sure

    not sure3 days ago


  22. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Vince jumped Race in a bathroom?! If Vince did that in a dream he best have woken up and apologized.

  23. ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt

    ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt15 hours ago

    Sounds like urban legend

  24. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Vince has always been good about getting wrestlers to break promises to other promoters. But don't even think about screwing Vince over.

  25. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Vince being Vince since 1983.

  26. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Trivia: Piper designed that dog colar and had it made. Also, the reason that he came to the wwf at first just to manage Bob Orton, Orndorff and David Schultz is because that injury to his ear was not kayfabe.

  27. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    That wearing a mask but we totally know who it is has been used so many times.

  28. St Br

    St Br7 hours ago

    My favorite was dusty and magnum as the longriders

  29. Kirby Brant

    Kirby Brant3 days ago

    I’ve never heard the story of Vince jumping Harley.

  30. Chris Nyhof

    Chris Nyhof3 days ago

    This series is pure class.

  31. Kevin Fernández

    Kevin Fernández3 days ago

    I’m loving this series and how detailed it is, great job cultaholic

  32. kristian barrow

    kristian barrow3 days ago

    Great videos.. but the choice of background music in some of them kills it for me.

  33. Courier Falcon

    Courier Falcon3 days ago

    It is a common narrative to anyone who had the chance to get close to Vince McMahon: he likes to challenge people and when that person stands his ground, he will earn Vince's respect. I believe it was Chris Jericho himself who said that Vince likes it when he goes straight to him about any objections or ideas he has. Even the Shield and of couse the Kliq knows that they have to stand their ground. Maybe this is what he is referring to by the brass ring he wants everyone to reach: don't be content with just taking whatever is given to you and challenge him head on. I am not privy to the inner workings of the WWE, of course. But the evidence has been trickling out that it could be accurate.

  34. DoctorLazers

    DoctorLazers3 days ago

    Wait... Y'all telling me Flair actually landed a top rope dive?

  35. DoctorLazers

    DoctorLazers3 days ago

    The old days, when a steel cage was the most brutal, be all end all, of wrestling stipulations.

  36. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton3 days ago

    Hang on, ric flair actually hit a move from the top rope?? AND WON WITH IT??

  37. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton3 days ago

    @Viola Greene hmmm well it wasnt exactly Ricky the dragon steamboat ish, it looks more brock Lesnar shooting star press ish

  38. Viola Greene

    Viola Greene3 days ago

    Why do you think he kept trying later on?

  39. Dum LIT

    Dum LIT3 days ago

    That was basically a make or break crowning for Flair. I'm pretty damn sure that Flair would have been a big deal either way, he was just so god damned talented. But Race back in those days, he was THEE man. Not one of the guys, he was the big dog. And putting Flair over basically legitimized him in a way that he wouldn't have been at that point. It was like brock putting over drew at mania in today's standards. Not the same thing as back then, it was WAAAAY bigger. But it's the same principle

  40. LuckyDT

    LuckyDT3 days ago

    Harley Race was a sexy, sexy man. The OG Sexy Boy if you will.

  41. Matthew Cochran

    Matthew Cochran3 days ago

    .....Ha it sounded like you said "Race had recently passed his 40th birthday. I think you meant 60th." Good Lord wrestlers from the 80s looked at least 25 years older than they actually were.

  42. ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt

    ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt15 hours ago

    I'm older now than he was then and he looks like he could be my dad

  43. Eric Kennedy

    Eric KennedyDay ago

    Cigs , beer , whiskey and burgers every night . Would age you greatly.

  44. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    Dave Meltzer is such a cancer to wrestling. You can hate Vince as the day is long but jesus Meltzer is such a parasite. Im so glad i had no clue what a wrestling observer was as a kid and could just enjoy it for what it was. Ugh he just sucks all the interest out of it fir me.

  45. S Crawdaddy

    S Crawdaddy3 days ago

    I had the honor to meet The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant here in Virginia. I'll be attending his wrestling school soon.

  46. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    Jim Crockett said in a recent interview that Harley would never be able to live the reputation down but had McMahon offered Flair the money and opportunity...no questions asked,he would’ve taken it! Speaks to both of their characters very strongly tbh

  47. Jamal Johnson

    Jamal Johnson3 days ago

    I love this videos so much I was so sick and tired of the hearing the same god damn stories of wrestling in the exact same form from all the wrestling channels on USlikes

  48. Kage Tsukino

    Kage Tsukino3 days ago

    That... that's it. That's why Vince Mcmahon is obsessed with the quick pay off. Why he doesn't like long term booking. Flair went after Harley Race for over FIVE MONTHS, and that gave Vince the chance to try and ruin it. Perhaps he's afraid subconsciously that someone will do that to him too. Damn it Vince!

  49. marcus813

    marcus8134 days ago

    I had no idea that Hulk Hogan could've ended up in Greensboro, N.C., USA that night.

  50. 308328928

    3083289284 days ago

    The NWA should have franchised it's name in every territory they could but they did not have the vision that Vince had

  51. 308328928

    3083289284 days ago

    34 was considered too young?

  52. MrGhostVI

    MrGhostVI4 days ago

    Meltzer is such a piece of shit when it comes to talking about wrestler interactions with Vince.

  53. the Fig game hunt

    the Fig game hunt4 days ago

    Best narrator since Morgan Freeman

  54. Andrew

    Andrew4 days ago

    Honestly, the most shocking part of this story to me is that Ric Flair won the NWA world title with an aerial move...

  55. ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt

    ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt15 hours ago

    @Courier Falcon And it was better that way because it was unexpected!

  56. Ryan Ricci

    Ryan Ricci3 days ago

    Exactly! Usually when Flair is perched up there he takes the top rope bump hahaha

  57. Courier Falcon

    Courier Falcon3 days ago

    One of his World Title reigns was ended via a backslide courtesy of Kerry von Erich 😅 I think that is the only time a backslide ended a World Title bout

  58. Mark Murphy

    Mark Murphy4 days ago

    This is so contrary to the picture the WWE painted for the first episode Monday Night Wars. The WWF tried to knee cap WCW so many times before WCW's rise to power it's sad and maddening.

  59. Mark Murphy

    Mark Murphy3 days ago

    @Coachg You make some fair points. I do think early on that Vince at least saw them as possible real competition as he would run shows on the same day and other dirty little tricks. I think through the 90's WCW did rise up to the WWF's level, though. Especially during the Monday Night War era. WCW had the better product in many ways. I was a WCW guy at that point and probably still retain that, so it may just be opinion but hey... it's my right. :p I do think objectively in 1996-1998 ish the WCW really did do some really creative things that evolved the wrestling business. The WWF in the mid-90's was cartoon garbage with few exceptions. ECW and WCW really did shake the wrestling world up. Sadly, WCW fell due to their own hubris.

  60. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    I mean WCW never really had a “rise to power” tho tbh. They beat WWF in the tv ratings for 83 weeks and thats really it. If i’ve learned nothing from watching & learning of the transition from Crockett to Turner is that nobody ever had a vision like Vince. He was able to to do these little moves because they had no clout or leg to stand on to begin with. Even Jim Crockette Jr on his interview with Conrad Thompson admitted he was always the small fish because promoting wrestling was something he naturally went into because of his dad but no real passion for it. Ted Turner wanted wrestling but he was NEVER hands on as Vince. Then from Herd to Watts to Ole to Bischoff to Russo...they all were just basically Shoot General Managers,other than Bischoff & the NWO...WCW was never even in the same lane with WWF. McMahon was able to beat them at checkers and its really because they didnt their own Vince.

  61. Gary Robinson

    Gary Robinson4 days ago

    Vince Mac, Flair and Randy Ortan(Moxley, personal appion) killed today's wrestling. Hope for new ECW/Attitude era. Just finished watching HBO millions , last episode is just watch tv.

  62. JR Brennan

    JR Brennan4 days ago

    lose the sad music



    Harley Race, THE LAST WRESTLER!

  64. Rook

    Rook4 days ago

    This series is absolutely awesome. I rarely watch wrestling anymore, but I watch these as soon as I see them. Great job, Cultaholic. You guys found your niche.

  65. PlatinumRoseLady

    PlatinumRoseLady4 days ago

    You do have to wonder what would've happened if Mr. Race had agreed with Vince's offer. If one is a proponent of the "alternate universes" theory, maybe it did. Either way, very well done piece!

  66. QuietM4n

    QuietM4n4 days ago

    I refuse to believe that Vince wouldn’t love a story where he had the nuts to attack Race in a bathroom

  67. Ray Venkman

    Ray VenkmanDay ago

    If this was a storyline in the Attitude Era, they’d be calling it the Bathroom Brawl.

  68. Ev C

    Ev C4 days ago

    This is one of my favorite series you guys do. Kudos Sam.

  69. Decky

    Decky4 days ago

    Never stop making these.

  70. Travis Miller

    Travis Miller4 days ago

    Money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s “Love of money is root of all evil”

  71. mastertimb

    mastertimb4 days ago

    Fantastic job on this documentary!

  72. Ðêrêk

    Ðêrêk4 days ago

    Fantastic story! Cultaholic has been knocking it out of the park with these!! Well done, well done! Such respect for Harley Race!

  73. Baloo The pibble

    Baloo The pibble4 days ago

    ATTENTION YT WRESTLING CHANNELS: I’m sick of seeing that photo of Vince and the guy in the Steelers jersey!

  74. T. E.

    T. E.4 days ago

    Well if Dave Meltzer says Vince was suicidal and attacked Harley Race, it MUST be true! 🙄

  75. Gabe Mendoza

    Gabe Mendoza4 days ago

    I lost all respect for the WWE when they convinced the government they were an essential business, cutting out smaller businesses who could have used the money.

  76. bull705

    bull7053 days ago

    That money was earmarked by a pac run by Linda Mcmahon for FL governor Desantis. It wasn't going anywhere else.

  77. fallenchopper

    fallenchopper4 days ago

    so well done. good job all!

  78. eddie joewalt

    eddie joewalt4 days ago

    how about a episode on how Clash of the Champions was created!

  79. eddie joewalt

    eddie joewalt4 days ago

    i want you do episodes on the billionaire ted skits SEAN WALTMAN return to wwf after he got fired by wcw Chris Jericho and Paul wight leaving

  80. Wayne Sasuta

    Wayne Sasuta4 days ago

    Back when I was a youngin I only knew of WWF...the first wrestling I ever watched was WM3...I didn’t even know of the NWA or WCW until 1992 or so, but I latched onto WCW rather quickly once I discovered it...

  81. KenOD

    KenOD4 days ago

    Love these War Stories. Keep up the great work.

  82. jerran sperarman

    jerran sperarman4 days ago

    good video

  83. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm4 days ago

    The story at end end about Vince paying for his flight when he needed to be transferred home before he died really caught me off guard. We hear so often (and many times rightfully so) about the bad he does, it was nice to finish this off on some good.

  84. jtp2007

    jtp20072 days ago

    @Coachg I bet there are a lot more stories like that too. The reason we know so many more stories about Vince being an egotistical jerk is because that is what gets views. Stories of him going above and beyond for people are a dime a dozen too, but they do not get clicks.

  85. KiteDrache

    KiteDrache3 days ago

    if there is one think that vince held in high reguard then its loyalty and race was loyal for who ever empleyed him

  86. Courier Falcon

    Courier Falcon3 days ago

    Well he does a lot of things for his employees, but he doesn't really like taking credit for any of it. There are lots of stories of him bailing out people when they needed it the most. In a lot of those, he specifically insisted that nobody else has to know about his help. Hey, he had the courtesy to put Paul Heyman on his payroll because he has been getting a lot of his talents from ECW. He also allowed ECW to continue airing on TNN even after they came on board. I think the fact that he has been successful in practically everything he does in the end (in wrestling, at least) or that he has to make tough decisions that many people does not agree with at all times make him an easy target for everyone. But deep inside, he is really a complex man who cares and, sadly a lot of these stories will only come out once he is gone.

  87. westnile21

    westnile213 days ago

    @Coachg - He’s been called “the greatest worker of all time”

  88. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    Yeah Vince is such a fascinating guy. I think Jim Cornette described him best on Dark side of the Ring “A demon and a genius!” ...for all the ppl that shit on him,there’s a family who says he paid for everything or giving Ric Flair 800,000 to pay tax debts or taking severe bumps himself to properly demonstrate talent on how to. A lot of ppl say you can walk in his office seething with anger,wanting to kill him and you’ll leave with a brand new contract and program,thats just how good he is communicating.

  89. cld

    cld4 days ago

    Unbelievable that Flair was already 34 by this point.

  90. david gronseth

    david gronsethDay ago

    Flair turns 72 on February 25.

  91. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    Right. When he said he was 40 something by the 92 Rumble i was like daaamn

  92. TheOriginalStix

    TheOriginalStix4 days ago

    Love a good War Story!

  93. 21Arfon21

    21Arfon214 days ago

    I'm surprised the jaws music didn't play every time Vince appears in the video

  94. Mr Ingram

    Mr Ingram4 days ago

    Damn you Vincent

  95. Glenn Rugar

    Glenn Rugar4 days ago

    This is so great. Im just getting in to the 80's stuff, after 20 years of completely ignoring it, thanks to jim cornette. Then the champs of wrestletubing start war stories. Thanks guy!

  96. funandyvideos

    funandyvideos4 days ago

    If you're doing these with roman numeral title cards, excited to see what DX story is next in episode 10.

  97. 22StevensTyl

    22StevensTyl4 days ago

    This War stories series is absolutely brilliant! I love all Cultaholic content but the editing and motion graphics with this series has been phenomenal! I can definitely see and feel the joy and effort put into creating this series, so I just wanted to say thank you Sam and the rest of the team for creating this amazing series! Can't wait to see what's next!

  98. Dylan Pennington

    Dylan Pennington4 days ago

    Love these WAR STORIES videos! Hope there will be more to come!

  99. Sokar

    Sokar4 days ago

    Love War Stories!

  100. Howard Horner

    Howard Horner4 days ago

    This series is great, Sam absolutely nails the Voiceover every time.

  101. James Nettum

    James Nettum4 days ago

    This series is quickly becoming one of the highlights of Wrestling USlikes, and I'm here for it.

  102. Pottsie_ Era

    Pottsie_ Era4 days ago

    I'm sorry to say if Vince McMahon never bought out most of the territories wrestling would have died in the 80's or the 90's in my opinion

  103. Coachg

    Coachg3 days ago

    Right. Even Jim Crockett himself said he had no clue what to do really in terms of innovation because he was trying to follow McMahon. Had Wrestling not gone mainstream it would have died. Now what you think of Vince’s brand of wrestling is subjective but there’s no denying that as much as he killed it...he saved it as well.

  104. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson4 days ago

    This series should be submitted for awards. Utterly fantastic.

  105. Bryan Merrill II

    Bryan Merrill II4 days ago

    This is one of my favorite series on USlikes. Well done once again, guys

  106. Kahler Hahn

    Kahler Hahn4 days ago

    Huh... story 1 says Vince reacted calm and like a gentleman when race refused. The other says he reacted like a lunatic and besides being no pro trying to attack race. One of these stories sounds like vice... pick and choose

  107. Martin Mcwilliams

    Martin Mcwilliams4 days ago

    I love this series

  108. Ciaran Treacy

    Ciaran Treacy4 days ago

    I don't know about you guys but this Vince guy doesn't seem like a very nice person ey? Kinda seems obsessed with hurting any competition from what I've seen throughout this series!

  109. Julian Warren

    Julian Warren4 days ago

    Ahem. My apologies again Gents I am late but as always........WAR STORIES!!!

  110. pric1019

    pric10194 days ago

    I think we all can agree, if you have to find a replacement for Hulk Hogan, Mark Youngblood would be the first choice.

  111. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    I remember that Hogan had a weight lifting injury. He was replaced on the local house show by Randy Savage. This was between WM 3 and 4. I think that Savage having to replace Hogan made them realize how over he was. I believe that's why he was next in line to get a decent run with the belt.

  112. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun4 days ago

    After everything Vince McMahon did to destroy wrestling territories in the 1980s, is one of the main reasons why AEW should never dream or even wish to do any type of cross promotion with WWE like has been entertained in interviews. WWE's only dream is to continue to destroy any precieved competition that comes along. AEW would no doubt be another wrestling promotion casualty in WWE's way.

  113. Frost 757

    Frost 7574 days ago

    Vince McMahon was basically the Thano/Shang Tsung of the 80s. Snapping other territories out of existence & assimilating the souls of their promotions & talents

  114. Igor Ivanov

    Igor Ivanov2 days ago

    @Ass Clown I'm not sure who thanos is? But Shao Kahn merged (assimilated/usurped) other realms (territories) into his own outworld realm (territory) so to ultimately become the one and only dominator of the universe. Isn't that exactly reminiscent of what Vince McMahon did with the wrestling universe? He's also the one that taught Shang Tsung the soul absorption technique.

  115. Ass Clown

    Ass Clown2 days ago

    I think more like thanos

  116. Igor Ivanov

    Igor Ivanov2 days ago

    More like Shao Kahn

  117. dr. snakes

    dr. snakes4 days ago

    Harley Race passed on two years ago, and I'm STILL terrified he'll kick my ass if I were to speak ill of him.

  118. ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt

    ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt15 hours ago

    I can't believe Race was only 40 at this time, 40 sure looks different today

  119. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Andre only feared three other wrestlers: Race, Bad News Brown, Haku (of course).

  120. P. D. L

    P. D. L3 days ago

    Zombie Harley Race = Scary!

  121. Kas58223

    Kas582234 days ago

    Harley Race was some bad ass I hate to be on his bad side

  122. Siddhanth Roy Barman

    Siddhanth Roy Barman4 days ago

    You should be

  123. jonmel

    jonmel4 days ago

    When will the philly Indy wars be released?

  124. dr. snakes

    dr. snakes4 days ago

    "With that, Race offered a $25,000 bounty to anyone who could eliminate Flair. Putting the pesky challenger out of wrestling permanently." Harley Race: "KABUKI!!!"

  125. Machizmo RipRight

    Machizmo RipRight4 days ago

    I hope this a weekly thing. This dude is a good narrator by the way.

  126. Andrew Park

    Andrew Park4 days ago

    I never miss one of these, love learning about the business beyond the shows and this is the best series I've watched, keep it up sam 👏

  127. james richards

    james richards4 days ago

    ric covered in blood 3/4 photos XD

  128. David Marsh

    David Marsh2 days ago

    I sincerely almost wonder if that man had Hemophilia. He could bleed with the best of them. Lol

  129. Mark Abraham

    Mark Abraham4 days ago

    This comment isn't just about this video, but describes every Flair photo in existence

  130. Infected_Chris

    Infected_Chris4 days ago

    I really enjoy these War Stories. Well-written and presented.

  131. cld

    cld4 days ago

    They wouldn't look out of place on TV.

  132. DriFtLewis

    DriFtLewis4 days ago

    How many more episodes do we have left of this? This can never end

  133. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm4 days ago

    There was 6 in the first season, and this is episode number 3 of season 2. I assume at least 3 more.

  134. Owen Dom Jarrett

    Owen Dom Jarrett4 days ago

    Harley is the definition of Loyal to the end. Rest in Peace, you absolute legend

  135. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.4 days ago

    Jesus, Mr. Driver, it would've been a different future for the NWA momentum at that time and professional wrestling as a whole with the way an owner/promoter tried to "buy" the best well-known wrestler to screw the competition.