WWE SmackDown WTF Moments (19 Feb) | Tamina Wins! Otis Turns Heel! Elimination Chamber 2021 Go-Home

Join Ross as he runs down all of the WTF Moments from last night's WWE SmackDown!
WWE SmackDown Results/Highlights:
Edge came face-to-face with Roman Reigns
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Apollo Crews
Seth Rollins pledged to destroy anyone who stands in the way of his vision
Natalya & Tamina def. The Riott Squad
Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks & Reginald def. Bayley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio def. Otis & Chad Gable by disqualification
Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, & Cesaro def. Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, & King Corbin
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  1. Eddy Frix

    Eddy Frix2 days ago

    🤣 isnt Tucker heel too 🤣 I guess Gables about to be destroyed by Heavy Machinery 🤣 it'll be nice to see them reunite

  2. D double J Entertainment

    D double J Entertainment2 days ago

    King Ross 🤴 😂😂 miss watching you good super kick it's John o'clock lolol

  3. Chris Breezy

    Chris Breezy2 days ago

    14 WTF Moments for this episode of SmackDown.

  4. John Hill

    John Hill4 days ago

    Whoo Whoo!

  5. Danno Hayward

    Danno Hayward4 days ago

    WWE book tamina to win every week I need more super hype Ross In my life like could you imagine his reaction to her winning a title 😂

  6. Anurag Kataria

    Anurag Kataria4 days ago

    Shwan Michaels Poor Clearance Jenety 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You got me with the John Cena Thing

  7. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie Edwards4 days ago

    Gonna through this out there: Banks + Bel Air = The Fresh Princesses

  8. Chris Lock

    Chris Lock4 days ago

    Ross, don’t ever change! You’re a National Treasure!

  9. MarshallMouse

    MarshallMouse4 days ago

    Clarence 😍❤😍🐙🐙🐙

  10. Devil of Wrestling

    Devil of Wrestling4 days ago

    SUPERKICK by Ross

  11. Dominic Robbins

    Dominic Robbins4 days ago

    Good god, poor Drew

  12. Mike Geoffroy

    Mike Geoffroy4 days ago

    that's exactly how all of us reacted when tamina pinned ruby lmao

  13. Carbon Lilies

    Carbon Lilies4 days ago

    It's HBR (Heartbreak Ross) with the sweet tentacle music. That is why he's the champ.

  14. Matt Hollands

    Matt Hollands4 days ago

    Omg this was like an extra funny episode of WTF! Ross was REALLY on the ball here

  15. Drum Monkey

    Drum Monkey4 days ago

    "Shawn Michaels!" 🤣 Thanks for the laugh Ross!

  16. William Siders

    William Siders5 days ago

    Why did they have to break up Heavy Machinery for this.

  17. RedCycloneInc.

    RedCycloneInc.5 days ago

    I really did think of Ross when Tamina won, whoo whoo

  18. VorpalBender

    VorpalBender5 days ago

    That double swing at the end of the video was the best. I’m rooting for you to retain that championship, Ross.

  19. Ryan01224

    Ryan012245 days ago

    R truths conspiracy was the original where gimmick infringement kane

  20. Matt

    Matt5 days ago

    Vacation has done you well Ross. Had me rolling as usual. 🤣

  21. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson5 days ago

    Next week Clarence Vs Nia Jax then we can safely say Clarence has had his chips! Or rather that's what he'll be fit to be served with!

  22. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson5 days ago

    Ross just because your hero's Otis there's no need to emulate him!

  23. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson5 days ago

    Oi Ross - out of order sir! What did poor Clarence do to you to deserve the heel turn? Not an Octopus fan then! Are you a Prawn Cocktail man? What will it be next week Harry The Haddock, Colin The Cod All the Seafood in the North East will be sweating for the next week.

  24. BIG GUY!

    BIG GUY!5 days ago


  25. Totally Not Skeletor

    Totally Not Skeletor5 days ago

    sooo Ross is our resident "Heartbreak Lad"?

  26. Will Simbala

    Will Simbala5 days ago

    Ross doing more to get the superkick over than the bucks ever did.

  27. Carl

    Carl5 days ago

    what about the cesaro botch? he failed to swing corbin fell on the floor and after teh break he was swinging him like wtf was that lel

  28. Danno Hayward

    Danno Hayward4 days ago

    Ross has aways said he trys to avoid putting botches in wtf the one on AEWTF was a outlier because of how far away he landed

  29. thaglacierboy

    thaglacierboy5 days ago

    Bro Clarence didn't deserve that at all!! GET WELL SOON C-SMOOTH

  30. Dark Hawk

    Dark Hawk5 days ago

    So between this and today's News... Superkicking Clarence has to become a running gag from now on, whether Ross retains his championship, or the tradition of superkicking Clarence passes to the new champion along with the lovely strap.

  31. logan kerr

    logan kerr5 days ago

    biggest WTF moment I learned this week, Liv Morgan&Bo Dallas are dating

  32. logan kerr

    logan kerr5 days ago

    also, Shania Twain's canadian

  33. Stean P P Collection and Reviews

    Stean P P Collection and Reviews5 days ago

    The super kick this morning on the news was HBK level and the one now was more like Zigglers.

  34. logan kerr

    logan kerr5 days ago

    Tamina wins &Otis turns HEEL? never thought i would say those things

  35. Jose Palomares

    Jose Palomares5 days ago


  36. Millwall77

    Millwall775 days ago

    Is it just me or did Tamina get her previous ring gear after she gained a few pounds? And now she seem to have lost a few and has new gear.... Maybe its just me...

  37. J-ROC

    J-ROC5 days ago

    Credit to Clarence for selling that super kick! A fine sidekick for the champ.

  38. Mr. Mario

    Mr. Mario5 days ago

    Lost my dad on Tuesday morning so it's been a rough week to say the least. I just want to thank you Ross, for making me smile and lifting my spirits right now. Love these videos and love ya Ross

  39. Catarina

    Catarina5 days ago

    im so sorry for your loss.

  40. ChaoticRaze

    ChaoticRaze5 days ago

    Even if Ross loses the belt tomorrow, we'll all still have the satisfaction that Tamina got the pin for the win on a show of SmackDown

  41. Wobbly Pants

    Wobbly Pants5 days ago

    Justice for Clarence

  42. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19895 days ago

    Much love to Ross. This far into the WTF series, you don't need to do the extra bits of funny to keep the viewership going. For me personally I will keep watching no matter what. But running through the office in celebration of Tamina getting a win was fantastic. Funny funny dude, is Mr. Ross Tweed.

  43. Charles Moreau

    Charles Moreau5 days ago

    Tamina's new look is also very good! WOO WOOOOOOOOO! TAMINA TRAIN!

  44. D Bone

    D Bone5 days ago

    8:05 Grab 2 of every animal and run for the border!

  45. A Bit of Everything

    A Bit of Everything5 days ago

    Ross is a national treasure and should be treated as such.

  46. TheRemedy87

    TheRemedy875 days ago

    Taminamania ❤️

  47. kilala plush

    kilala plush5 days ago

    Smack Down was ok

  48. Timeerased Games

    Timeerased Games5 days ago

    Shawn Michaels !!

  49. Devon Montgomery

    Devon Montgomery5 days ago

    "SHAWN MICHAELS!!!" love you, Ross!

  50. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez5 days ago

    Whoa youve modernized the title sweet

  51. Chaz Pagotti

    Chaz Pagotti5 days ago

    Thanks for paying tribute to the greatest sports team, the Detroit red wings with your people octopus

  52. Sean Hanlon

    Sean Hanlon5 days ago

    That Tamina win reaction....... Bravo Ross 👏👏👏👏

  53. Fitri Faris

    Fitri Faris5 days ago

    The Tamina Train is immortal

  54. Mark Morris

    Mark Morris5 days ago

    Clarence, the Cultaholic Commemorative Calamari

  55. Karthik Natarajan

    Karthik Natarajan5 days ago

    Poor Clarence, twice in one day! TWICE!!

  56. Syaf R

    Syaf R5 days ago

    Can't wait for the 2021 wtf moments highlights with all the Tamina train compilations. 🤣

  57. Eric Stark

    Eric Stark5 days ago

    @Ross is one of the best!!!

  58. Alan Verly

    Alan Verly5 days ago

    Clarence sold that superkick like death.

  59. Grim Himself

    Grim Himself5 days ago

    I'm going to Shawn Michaels into every room now

  60. traupman84

    traupman845 days ago

    i want someone to yell shawn michaels whenever they do a super kick in a match now

  61. John T. Campbell

    John T. Campbell5 days ago

    It could become the "KOBE!!" of kicking. You know, when someone tries to throw something into a trash can they yell "KOBE!!'? ... Anyway...

  62. Ring Banter

    Ring Banter5 days ago

    The Finish to Smackdown was the Best thing I've seen all Year and it's only February.

  63. RhynoEst92

    RhynoEst925 days ago

    Be dope if Becky joined the whole “cult” thing

  64. Judge Mental

    Judge Mental5 days ago

    Conspiracy theorists are twats.

  65. Nameless Entity

    Nameless Entity5 days ago

    Ross, that haircut.... who the Hell do you think you are? Morrissey?! Shave that frigging head, you look ridiculous, as does Morrissey.

  66. Nameless Entity

    Nameless Entity5 days ago

    @Ross Tweddell King Ross, just razzing you a little.... become vexed only if you begin to start crooning stuff like "Big Mouth Strikes Again" around the office, though I do not doubt you could do a great rendition. Okay big Hoss Ross, keep on keepin' on, and stay gold!

  67. Ross Tweddell

    Ross Tweddell5 days ago

    I'm hoping the barbers will be reopening in the not too distant future so would rather stick it out than bring those dastardly clippers out!

  68. LunaMoriarty

    LunaMoriarty5 days ago

    Ross never ceases to make me laugh. My love for you is enormous

  69. Jim Y

    Jim Y5 days ago

    Ross, you had to to back 11 years on Apollo Crews to dig something up. picture someone you've never met wagging their right index finger while shaking their head. "tsk, tsk, tsk."

  70. Ross Tweddell

    Ross Tweddell5 days ago

    Big E did it for me!

  71. Kyle Kruedelbach

    Kyle Kruedelbach5 days ago

    Tamina train!!

  72. nii nii nii nii

    nii nii nii nii5 days ago

    0:00 Testiclays 😂😂😂. You just got back back mate

  73. B. Henderson

    B. Henderson5 days ago

    I can’t believe Tamina still has a job. Awful.

  74. Marcus Melancon

    Marcus Melancon4 days ago

    How is that awful the company has mistreated her all this time and eventually all these stars will be in the same position she has been in when newer girls come up and take over so I hope you feel the same about them when the time comes

  75. George Holloman

    George Holloman5 days ago

    These videos always make my day

  76. wstine79

    wstine795 days ago

    Natalya is on board the Tamina Train. WHOO WHOO!

  77. Brian Catton

    Brian Catton4 days ago

    She better watch her back; she may end up like Nancy 🙄

  78. Eduardo Reynoso

    Eduardo Reynoso5 days ago

    So I haven't watched wtf moments in so long. What I missed thr most, all the JOHN O' CLOCK!!!!! moments

  79. Eduardo Reynoso

    Eduardo Reynoso5 days ago

    @Alicia Smith will do!!!! I will have to catch up on their videos. Thank you!!!

  80. Alicia Smith

    Alicia Smith5 days ago

    Watch the PPV WTF MOMENTS Eduardo Reynoso! You can get all your JOHN O'CLOCK MOMENTS! Like from Royal rumble 2021 etc.

  81. Just Aviwe

    Just Aviwe5 days ago

    Bianca and Banks are getting a title opportunity before Tamina. I think Tamina should dump Nattie and team with Reginald.

  82. Hiroshima Fried

    Hiroshima Fried5 days ago

    2021 is the year of Trainmina / Tamania, get in there!!

  83. jerran sperarman

    jerran sperarman5 days ago

    good video

  84. Ali Kayyal

    Ali Kayyal5 days ago

    the Tamina train is going to runover everyone and win the tag titles

  85. Brian Catton

    Brian Catton4 days ago

    As long as she’s not like her dad who murdered Nancy

  86. Marcus Melancon

    Marcus Melancon4 days ago

    @PeteTemplar101 Not really Natalya made more sense they come from wrestling families ,until Nia came along we’re known as the powerhouses of the women’s division, have been in the company longer than anyone other woman there , and how both been criminally mistreated by the company and underused perfect team banning together taking what’s there’s

  87. TEN SO10

    TEN SO104 days ago

    @Secret Ceremonies Well 💀

  88. swampertbanka1

    swampertbanka14 days ago

    @Secret Ceremonies damn man, did not expect that thanks for the laugh.

  89. Matt Hollands

    Matt Hollands4 days ago

    @Secret Ceremonies Call me a monster, I don't care...I laughed 🤣

  90. Morgan Grempler

    Morgan Grempler5 days ago

    If you saw that shitty Netflix movie the main event technically you already saw Otis as a heel.

  91. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez5 days ago

    Tamina 🚂

  92. Real Deal Stewart

    Real Deal Stewart5 days ago

    The Tamina Train is rolling on the tracks baby!!!

  93. Brian Catton

    Brian Catton4 days ago

    As long as she’s not like her dad who murdered Nancy

  94. Disdle Home

    Disdle Home5 days ago