WWE NXT: GRADED (17 Feb) | Adam Cole Viciously Attacks Kyle O'Reilly, TakeOver Vengeance Day Fallout

Join Tom Campbell for our WWE NXT review as he grades every match and segment from last night's WWE NXT on the 17th of February 2021.
WWE NXT Results/Highlights:
Kyle O'Reilly demanded answers from Adam Cole to no avail
Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon def. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell
Leon Ruff def. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott
Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter def. Aliyah & Jessi Kamea w/Robert Stone
WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler confronted Raquel González & Dakota Kai
Kushida def. Tyler Rust via Malcolm Bivens' forfeit
Zoey Stark def. Valentina Feroz
Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch def. Finn Bálor, Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
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  1. Martin Pineda

    Martin Pineda4 days ago

    I believe that they should maybe do a ladder match all for the North American championship. Bronson reed, Dexter lumis, Kushida, swerve Scott, Johnny gargano, and maybe Cameron Grimes can pay his way into the match. Maybe you could even bring in velveteen dream if you really wanted to but think this could be a good idea for a great match around Wrestlemania weekend.

  2. David Garcia

    David Garcia6 days ago


  3. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta6 days ago

    Can I just say? I hope the Dexter Lumis wearing X's skin bit sticks around. I legitimately laughed at the end during the outro, as well as earlier.

  4. Joey L

    Joey L6 days ago

    I genuinely feel as if I’ve missed out by not watching MSK/the Rascalz all these years :(...... the are phenomenal!! Also love Cameron Grimes being back lol 😆

  5. Saltine (Under The Mat Radio)

    Saltine (Under The Mat Radio)7 days ago

    People got bent out of shape of this and Adam Cole landed soft on those steps. He never hurt Kyle at all. Adam Cole protected him.

  6. Vince Alessandro

    Vince Alessandro7 days ago

    Confirmed Dexter Lumis is Mephisto

  7. Jod1001

    Jod10017 days ago

    Let Cole and O'Relly destory eachother for the next 6 months but *if* they are going up to the main roster I hope they put the UE back together, I think only Cole will survive that hellhole, as a faction they stand a chance

  8. Donald Deng

    Donald Deng7 days ago

    1:23 Finn said if Finn wants Adam? Lol

  9. Nick Jennings

    Nick Jennings7 days ago

    I specifically remember the nxt roster ranked video and how Tom wanted to put boa in the best category 🤣🤣

  10. coleymissions

    coleymissions7 days ago

    loving the main event scene at NXT right now. they might be coming good for the first time since coming to TV. Full Sail is missed.

  11. James Webb

    James Webb7 days ago

    HHH did say in a phone conference that 2021 they were gonna step it up

  12. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson7 days ago

    Now I want Dexter Loomis to have masks/wigs of various NXT talents a la Dwight from the Office.

  13. Phyrexian Juggernaut

    Phyrexian Juggernaut7 days ago

    I love Tom Campbell. *OR IS IT DEXTER LUMIS IN TOM"S SKIN!!!???*

  14. A Bit of Everything

    A Bit of Everything7 days ago

    The double-team neckbreaker/splash that K&K used to win their match is MCMG's "Skull & Bones" finisher. I like it.

  15. Emanuel

    Emanuel7 days ago

    Vamos Tom!!!!!!!

  16. Ron Hathorne

    Ron Hathorne7 days ago

    Who really gives a fuck, shows “counter-book” each other all the time. As long as we get quality programming, why get upset?

  17. Ron Hathorne

    Ron Hathorne5 days ago

    @Tom Campbell thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I realize my comment sounded harsher than I intended (I blame 3 days snowed in with no power or heat 😂) for that I apologize. I enjoy your critiques, keep up the good work

  18. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell7 days ago

    Not complaining. Just a fun comment, Ron. Very much agree with you!

  19. dilbert719

    dilbert7197 days ago

    B+ for "that hole bit"? Really, Tom?

  20. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell7 days ago

    B+ for the whole segment. Not just “that hole bit” dilbert. :)

  21. Video Beagle

    Video Beagle7 days ago

    Is there anyone better than Tom in wrestling youtube?

  22. Shirod Henry

    Shirod Henry7 days ago

    About time Adam cole baby

  23. Patrick Stone

    Patrick Stone7 days ago

    This NXT was fucking amazing. Everything with UE was just perfect. I love MSK, I just really love them. I just loved this episode

  24. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell7 days ago

    Totally agree, was a great episode!

  25. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin7 days ago

    Kacey and Kacey? It's Kacey and Kayden

  26. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell7 days ago

    @franklingoodwin I said KC and KC, Franklin. Thanks for the feedback!

  27. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin7 days ago

    @Video BeagleThanks, but he didn't say it like that. He said it as Kacey

  28. Video Beagle

    Video Beagle7 days ago

    K.C. & K.C.

  29. Dr JayMotion

    Dr JayMotion7 days ago

    I saw those marks on ya hand mate 😏😥

  30. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh7 days ago

    main event was a fucking A

  31. david monsterstein

    david monsterstein7 days ago

    Fatal four way coming at next takeover for the NXT title I’m calling it and i think Dunn will win it Finn V. O’Riley V. Cole V. Dunn

  32. Lukas Gerstner

    Lukas Gerstner7 days ago

    A Mathilda reference on NXT?! Wow...

  33. Charlie Taylor

    Charlie Taylor7 days ago

    I’m calling it now, Kyle vs Adam at the next takeover, loser leaves NXT. Kyle wins and the UE disbands.

  34. Amused Batman

    Amused Batman7 days ago

    Still watching the video but in reference to the Austin Theory storyline, Dexter Lumis took the man to Lake Laogai. In a video posted on Twitter he was talking about taking a vacation and he's super happy about it.

  35. Karthik Natarajan

    Karthik Natarajan7 days ago

    So can we assume that Tom is next after Kacey?

  36. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz7 days ago

    Eli Drake, LA Knight

  37. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko7 days ago

    MSK and Beth Phoenix were the highlight of that segment.

  38. Zack Ramsey

    Zack Ramsey7 days ago

    Chugs is going crazy

  39. 1 Stoshy

    1 Stoshy7 days ago

    I love Cameron Grimes

  40. BC theFilmCritic

    BC theFilmCritic7 days ago

    Placebo reference! Love it!

  41. D'Metrus Reece

    D'Metrus Reece7 days ago

    Sir, wearing someone else's skin? This isn't Impact Wrestling.

  42. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin7 days ago

    20:06 was that a Placebo reference Mr. Campbell?

  43. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin7 days ago

    Of course it was...person with the same surname as me

  44. James Hutchins

    James Hutchins7 days ago

    I’m now convinced that nxt graded is presented by dexter lumis in toms skin

  45. Eric McKoy

    Eric McKoy7 days ago

    DEXTER LUMIS CLONED AUSTIN THEORY he ripped out a piece of his hair a couple weeks ago then kidnapped him @ nxt takeover vengeance day

  46. sergiodbd

    sergiodbd7 days ago

    Is it bad that I never really cared for Cameron Grimes until he got rich..? 🤔😂😂

  47. sergiodbd

    sergiodbd7 days ago

    @franklingoodwin 😂🤣

  48. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin7 days ago

    I'm not saying you a golddigger...

  49. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.7 days ago

    Is official. The UE is so done, thanks to Adam Cole. Guess the feud between O'Reilly and Cole is taking place in NXT too since their past fights in PWG, ROH and NJPW.

  50. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.2 days ago

    @luke hunt Maybe. Is a good direction amongst other angles they could go. Let's just wait and see.

  51. luke hunt

    luke hunt2 days ago

    I can honestly believe this will be the new Ciampa/Gargano feud, with a 4-way feud between Strong/Fish/O’Reilly/Cole

  52. Ceres

    Ceres7 days ago

    If its even half as good as their matches outside of WWE, it'll be an absolute belter

  53. Luis Salcedo

    Luis Salcedo7 days ago

    This definetly was dexter in a tom jumpsuit no questions about it

  54. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi7 days ago

    NXT need to make that "To The Moon" rap song available on Spotify and other platforms as soon as possible.

  55. luke hunt

    luke hunt2 days ago

    And they need to make that his new theme lol

  56. Lucas Egerer

    Lucas Egerer7 days ago

    It might be , Look up Jasiah Williams or Wrestleflow

  57. Blakiecakes

    Blakiecakes7 days ago

    I really love Cultaholic but I am sooo tired of having NXT spoiled by the thumbnail.

  58. mjstory1976

    mjstory19767 days ago

    A+ show as usual

  59. Scott Young

    Scott Young7 days ago

    Mr Vince Can we get Cole vs Finn vs O'Reily for the NXT title at Mania pls???? Thanks, WWE fans

  60. Jack Hamilton

    Jack Hamilton7 days ago


  61. Youssef Hamade

    Youssef Hamade7 days ago

    NXT is fucking amazing.

  62. Christopher Mikrowelle

    Christopher Mikrowelle7 days ago

    I always arrive late at the office, but also I make up for it by leaving early.

  63. Albert Caparroso

    Albert Caparroso7 days ago


  64. Cod-gameplays

    Cod-gameplays7 days ago

    Not smack down

  65. Diego Ruiz

    Diego Ruiz7 days ago