AEW Dynamite WTF Moments (17 Feb) | Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch?! Cage Powerbombs Sting!

Join Ross as he runs down all of the WTF Moments from last night's AEW: Dynamite!
AEW Dynamite Results/Highlights:
Hangman Adam Page and Matt Hardy def. TH2
Riho def. Serena Deeb (AEW Women’s Title Elimination Tournament)
Orange Cassidy def. Luther
The Young Bucks def. Santana and Ortiz to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships
FTR def. Matt and Mike Sydal
Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix and Lance Archer def. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade; Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch is set for AEW Revolution 2021
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  1. Steamed Hams

    Steamed Hams3 days ago

    Ridiculous segment with sting , made him look shit , took that bump for nothing! What’s the payoff ? Wtf

  2. Rico Smith

    Rico Smith4 days ago

    Probably going to be LED lights flashing on and off around the barbed wire anything better than what CZW did lmao it needs to be done right FMW style

  3. Tom Hen

    Tom Hen4 days ago

    Clarence and Ross are the cutest couple on USlikes

  4. Lambok Dkhar

    Lambok Dkhar5 days ago

    Comment here if you think aew is better

  5. Robert Fuentes

    Robert Fuentes6 days ago

    Shaq training for a wrestling by grabbing rebounds WTF

  6. Joey L

    Joey L6 days ago

    So does it make sense that I don’t care for AEW yet I LOVE Ross’ WTF videos? 🤔🤣 Maggle, maggle, maggle 😂😂

  7. J Coster

    J Coster6 days ago

    Are we really not gunna talk about how it appears that the back left top turnbuckle seems to hate both of the Sydal brothers?

  8. Mr. Speyside

    Mr. Speyside6 days ago

    Can we vote to have Marko be removed from the program?

  9. gulnawaz khan

    gulnawaz khan6 days ago

    wwe goldberg vs undertaker rematch wrestlemania 37

  10. gulnawaz khan

    gulnawaz khan6 days ago

    wwe goldberg vs undertaker rematch wrestlemania 37

  11. David Burton

    David Burton7 days ago

    Clarence looks simply marvelous, and Ross aint looking bad either


    OGRE_ENTERPRISES7 days ago

    I like Maki Itoh just as much as the next "Bloke" but Ryo Mizunami is a straight up badass. If Itoh had to lose to someone I'm glad it was Ryo

  13. Furry Donkey

    Furry Donkey7 days ago

    Hope O'Reilly is okay ......😶..all hail Clarence .....😶

  14. logan kerr

    logan kerr7 days ago

    didn't know that Kenny Omega is WWE champ

  15. Pie Mon

    Pie Mon7 days ago

    AEW is doing an FMW type of match. They should have Mick Foley as the special referee.

  16. dizzy1369

    dizzy13697 days ago

    Clarence rocks, much better than the belt

  17. Wolvie_Zandalari

    Wolvie_Zandalari7 days ago

    Ross needs to be suspended as a warning for being utter trash. He wont learn bcze no consequences for his flubs

  18. kilala plush

    kilala plush7 days ago


  19. Grayman Media

    Grayman Media7 days ago

    Nick Bockwinkle was 52 years old when he retired.

  20. Grayman Media

    Grayman Media7 days ago

    No, ai heard JR call Kenny the WWF Champion, too.

  21. Danny Fournier

    Danny Fournier7 days ago

    Does Excalibur watch the WTF moments? Did you hear him comment on Omega and crew watching the monitor backstage from a weird angle?

  22. Danny Fournier

    Danny Fournier7 days ago

    No comment on the fact Kenny Omega just left the AEW Championship Belt on a chair in that classroom and left?

  23. Gundam Fury

    Gundam Fury7 days ago

    How can we forget that Maki Itoh is also the Deity of [S]ugar, [H]oney, [I]ce and [T]ea Take that Cornette

  24. Jarred Ford

    Jarred Ford7 days ago

    Oh it’s great to see WTF again!!

  25. Real Deal Stewart

    Real Deal Stewart7 days ago

    6:51 Is that Waylon Mercy on the right

  26. TUFprofan

    TUFprofan7 days ago

    Glad to have WTF moments back. Every time I watch a professional wrestling show I think either "That's a WTF moment" or "Maffew is gonna love this" when something unusual occurs.

  27. D Bone

    D Bone7 days ago

    That botch by Ross was the closest Kenny will ever get to being WWE champion. Besides, of course, when he is alone with his replica belt...

  28. xyseal

    xyseal7 days ago

    It's funny how it's the heel announcing the exploding barbed wire deathmatch. It's also funny cuz of how completely and utterly random it is. I don't know, the whole thing is just funny...



    Ha yeah Grate work

  30. The Dream

    The Dream7 days ago

    Yes yes yes

  31. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez7 days ago

    Hopefully AEW will give us Maki Itoh/ Thunder Rosa rematch this world needs.

  32. coleymissions

    coleymissions7 days ago


  33. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown7 days ago

    All JR did was mss spoke. We all do it every day, and in most cases we don't even realize we did it!!! GET OVER IT!!!!

  34. Randy G

    Randy G7 days ago

    Calm down bro, everybody knows he misspoke, and nobody's blaming him, it was just hilarious, besides JR was a good sport about it so relax... no need to take it seriously 😒😂😂

  35. Mayor of Painsville DAN

    Mayor of Painsville DAN7 days ago

    I like Clarence

  36. Drunkle Ben

    Drunkle Ben7 days ago

    IM WITH YOU ROSS! Maki Itoh is the best!

  37. Winney

    Winney7 days ago

    Wheres the cultaholic belt. Andrew said last week that Owen has brought it in

  38. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    Ross! Ross!! Ross!!!!! Ross!!!!!!!

  39. Steve D.

    Steve D.7 days ago

    I wish people wouldn't bring wwe into something , when aew does goofy stuff. But, oh yeah; Cultaholic is sponsored and paid by aew.

  40. dannybob42

    dannybob427 days ago

    so you're worked up about Itoh not winning? Doesn't that make you want to support her more, AEW know what they're doing and Mizunami vs Kong is still an impressive hoss match, likewise I am betting on Yuka vs Baker for the final where those tensions can be renewed. In addition, Itoh can push her superstar persona in a further long-term story now she's not restricted by the tourney, if crowds come back (hopefully not as PG as she was in the tournament) it'd be even bigger for her and if she can bring in her buddy Chris Brookes as well AEW might be able to push the mixed tag program Tony and TNT have been reluctant about for a while

  41. Cold Falco

    Cold Falco7 days ago

    Also, all the winners of the Japanese bracket had previously fought in AEW which explains why Sakura, Kong, Sakazaki & Mizunami won their bout, while The Newest Goddess of the IWC lost.

  42. PBH

    PBH7 days ago

    Maki Itoh's gimmick is she always loses, that's why she went out in the first round

  43. 4 L

    4 L5 days ago

    Her gimmick is being a jobber just say she’s a jobber 😂

  44. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born7 days ago

    JR just needs to do them backstage interviews that he is so great at

  45. GameXboy1

    GameXboy17 days ago

    happy to see Ross back but i noticed something. why is it everytime (in recent times) when he takes some time off, Shane Mcmahon returns to tv? hmmm lol

  46. D Bone

    D Bone7 days ago

    Shane McWho? Oh. You must mean Col. McSweatyBullocks. I'm assuming because someone in WWE watches and knows when his sweaty forehead will be safe from Ross.

  47. quickstrr

    quickstrr7 days ago

    You know, I've never seen the two of them in the same room

  48. viajaycay

    viajaycay7 days ago

    I believe it's the Maki Respect Army that Ross was trying to say

  49. Emanuel

    Emanuel7 days ago

    4:16 - Ross going for the Orton love it you love it you love it you love it you love it you love it you love it you love it you love it you love it .......

  50. Dennis Trusty

    Dennis Trusty7 days ago

    I'm going to take a guess and say Jack Evans had a concussion last night, was dazed and disoriented after taking a jump off the top turn buckle into a power bomb where he hit his neck hard. Kept shaking his head around and rubbing his eyes and missing like 3 moves in a row. I at least dont want to make those botches seem as bad as what might have been.

  51. Yousuf Seedat

    Yousuf Seedat7 days ago

    Jim Ross is fantastic I'm surprised it took him this long to say wwe or maybe he forgot that he works for aew now 🤔

  52. AM Real

    AM Real7 days ago

    Lol could you imagine if Goldberg was announced as the WWF champion on nitro? Still a big fan of JR

  53. AngeloTHEEstoner

    AngeloTHEEstoner7 days ago

    ROSS is BACK 😩😩

  54. Carbon Lilies

    Carbon Lilies7 days ago

    I don't want to start any rumours but I think I saw Clarence with his hands all over Gimmick Infringement Kane. Cheeky Clarence.

  55. Anthony Corkery

    Anthony Corkery7 days ago

    Welcome back Ross you handsome divil

  56. Josh Wright

    Josh Wright7 days ago

    Welcome back

  57. Josh Robb

    Josh Robb7 days ago

    I know for a fact that the cultaholic belt is in the office. Owen dropped it off last week, Jack said on the podcast last week

  58. Josh Robb

    Josh Robb7 days ago

    @Ross Tweddell if that's what the people want. Then give them what they want!

  59. Ross Tweddell

    Ross Tweddell7 days ago

    @Josh Robb update: people on Twitter said I should have Clarence wear the belt and as we all know, you've got to give the people what they want

  60. Josh Robb

    Josh Robb7 days ago

    @Ross Tweddell Clarence forever ♥

  61. Ross Tweddell

    Ross Tweddell7 days ago

    Nobody told me and I haven't seen last week's podcast... I prefer Clarence anyways. Clarence will be staying as long as I'm Cultaholic Heavyweight Champion!

  62. Slagomancer

    Slagomancer7 days ago

    Maki Itoh's situation makes sense character-wise, but I'd be a little upset if she doesn't get a chance to actually redeem herself on AEW.

  63. TheKyoput

    TheKyoput7 days ago

    Welcome back, Ross. Hope you're doing well

  64. Jaime D.

    Jaime D.7 days ago

    Ross Tweddell is such a funny person. AEW is working wonderfully for each match that'll take place on AEW: Revolution. Alex Marvez needs to have a tracker to keep an eye on that AEW stalker. 😂

  65. John Anon

    John Anon7 days ago

    Jack evans the botch machine

  66. Mr. Speyside

    Mr. Speyside6 days ago

    He botches on purpose. He does one botch per match. It’s actually done on purpose.

  67. Redmond Survivor

    Redmond Survivor7 days ago

    Maki Itoh's whole character is based on her not winning. She comes close but she always loses, but then comes back stronger. Her character wouldn't work if she won. As Excalibur said on commentary, for Maki Itoh, "life is pain."

  68. D Bone

    D Bone7 days ago

    I mean... She can't *always* lose, but then come back stronger. Eventually something would have to give. She would either have to win, or she would stop getting stronger. Because if she kept getting stronger... Eventually, she would win.

  69. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez7 days ago

    Ross happy to see you back 👏 I was getting worried since we didn't see you comeback on Minday

  70. Mr British

    Mr British7 days ago

    Was there not an aew wtf last week? I've not found it anywhere

  71. DangerOne

    DangerOne7 days ago

    Any D&D fan knows that Marko's race is really "Halfling"

  72. DangerOne

    DangerOne5 days ago

    @Damian Johnson lol thats Luchasaurus

  73. Damian Johnson

    Damian Johnson7 days ago

    A draconblood barbarian cloistered scholar (just cause Int bonus, I know he is dino, don't@ me), a human monk hermit, and a lightfoot halfling rogue urchin

  74. Larry

    Larry7 days ago

    Nah he's a wee Goblin

  75. Ruthanne Whitney

    Ruthanne Whitney7 days ago


  76. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart7 days ago

    I fell in love with maki itoh on monday just like ross. Long live the god of piss and love

  77. Terran Warrior

    Terran Warrior7 days ago

    The 4 women that won on the Japanese side of the AEW Women's Eliminator tournament, are all women who have worked for AEW in the past.

  78. some guy

    some guy7 days ago

    But none of them are named Maki Itoh

  79. jerran sperarman

    jerran sperarman7 days ago

    good video

  80. PhantomFTW

    PhantomFTW7 days ago

    This AEW Dynamite 🧨 was INCREDIBLE Loving Hangman finding friends in The Dark Order, Deeb vs Riho was an absolute showcase, Didn't think we'd ever see Sting take a bump like that again. Only jim cornette could hate this Dynamite.

  81. Chris Terry

    Chris Terry4 days ago

    @Craig Smith Watch out man...The smarks are gonna be @ you like crazy lol

  82. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith5 days ago

    Well me and my buddy hated this dynamite too, just like cornette. It sucks cuz we want aew to be great and it could be.. But it's just rubbish

  83. Chris Terry

    Chris Terry6 days ago

    @Lotei Nope not at all. His opinion is just like you. Irrelevant.

  84. Lotei

    Lotei6 days ago

    @Chris Terry Did he hurt your little feeling?

  85. Chris Terry

    Chris Terry7 days ago

    Okey dokey, smark.

  86. kieron beattie

    kieron beattie7 days ago

    Exploding barbwire deathmatch can AEW get any more outlaw there is a reason wrestling is battling for scraps when it comes to the ratings

  87. reno2200

    reno22007 days ago

    It depends what they're going for, I guess Sometimes, it seems to be intentionally ridiculous and 'for the marks' but other times, it's just tone-deaf bollocks (like the Smackdown Fatal Fourway Karaoke Contest)

  88. wstine79

    wstine797 days ago

    I'm happy Ross is back. It's a shame he has missed all the "MY HOLE" moments and the surprisingly good RAW last monday.

  89. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels7 days ago

    I forgot Ross is named Ross, and thought you were referencing JR.

  90. wstine79

    wstine797 days ago

    @Ti 0502 oh yeah. I think Shane plans his bid returns when Ross is on break.

  91. Ti 0502

    Ti 05027 days ago

    Agreed and don't forget the return of Shane McMahon

  92. wstine79

    wstine797 days ago

    With the possibility of WWE and AEW working together, let's hope we have a full BULLET CLUB reunion.

  93. Hamm Bone

    Hamm Bone7 days ago

    I think it's your accent that gives you a cringe pass

  94. Dashie41

    Dashie417 days ago

    Kenny Omega WWE Champion Drew McIntyre AEW World Champion

  95. DeMaryae Williams

    DeMaryae Williams7 days ago

    Aye I’m in this bitch 😂

  96. Nick Coleman

    Nick Coleman7 days ago

    Ki** ROSS IS BACK!!!

  97. Dahlia Zaylin Sage

    Dahlia Zaylin Sage7 days ago

    Much love thanks and safety to this lovely cult!!

  98. The Big man

    The Big man7 days ago

    Good to have you back Ross!

  99. Marv Pott

    Marv Pott7 days ago

    Wow, I never was so early. 36 sec. after it went up.

  100. Funny Bone

    Funny Bone7 days ago

    Jim Cornette is about to have a fucking stroke

  101. kujo62

    kujo627 days ago

    Kenny Omega is the worst WWE champ ever

  102. robert c

    robert c7 days ago

    @kujo62 think you could make a case for any of the 3 of them being the best/worst lol, im gonna let kenny get some title defences in before I judge tho. his promo last night was incredible and the collector/international bullet club angle has me super excited

  103. kujo62

    kujo627 days ago

    @robert c some people could make the case for that too.

  104. robert c

    robert c7 days ago

    i jim ross'd this and read it as AEW champion and got worked up for a second lol

  105. Smail Liams

    Smail Liams7 days ago

    @kujo62 That's what I get for commenting before watching the video. Hey, at least you didn't r/wooosh me for my retardation. So thanks for that, I guess lol

  106. kujo62

    kujo627 days ago

    @Smail Liams Thank you, that's the joke.