Multiple WWE Stars Are “F**ked” | Top Raw Star Injured

We have a shocking update on multiple WWE stars who have been off TV for quite some time. A top Raw star was injured on Monday night. Plus we have new details on plans for WWE Hall Of Fame 2021.
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  1. Philip Thompson

    Philip Thompson6 days ago

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Bray has a gentleman’s agreement that they pay him $250k less (or whatever) and keep Bo employed as they like having him around.

  2. HankDill

    HankDill7 days ago

    I was listening to this with my baby nephew and the baby monitor we have is supposed to recognize and alert you when the baby cries..... so, why was it going off whenever Jack would talk??? lol, it legit did lol

  3. Squishy Cat

    Squishy Cat7 days ago

    Bring back Bo opposite of fiend with a diff gimmick work in the brother story line eff it

  4. Shafer Hilke

    Shafer Hilke7 days ago

    Honestly Bo truly NEEDS something to do, they could send him back to nxt and do the boleive thing or have him reunite with miz and reform the miztourage

  5. TheM00ndawg

    TheM00ndawg7 days ago

    how do they not have anything for someone as talented and handsome as Andrade? The man is a fucking dream boat, how do they keep dropping the ball.

  6. Stephen Reis

    Stephen Reis7 days ago

    Aleister and Andrade are literally 2 of the most talented dudes in the whole company and they aren’t using them. Fucking comical how dumb they are.

  7. Tim Durgan

    Tim Durgan8 days ago

    My logic for them holding on to Bo Dallas. If Bo leaves and heads to AEW, he might then realise how much better it is in terms of workplace (healthcare, schedule, creative freedom) and then convince Bray to join him there (particularly seeing how WWE took the Fiend creative and fucked it). Bray leaving is a huge concern for Vince so he keeps Bo locked in a contract to avoid this eventuality.

  8. Braden Bugay

    Braden Bugay8 days ago

    I would (kayfabe) storm Stamford to revitalize Black. A goddamn travesty.

  9. Burn The Trolls

    Burn The Trolls8 days ago

    Wow 3 former NXT world champions not being used on the main roster what a surprise

  10. Johnny Blanks

    Johnny Blanks8 days ago

    Would love to see Bo Dallas back in the ring he is seriously underrated

  11. Angel Canez

    Angel Canez8 days ago

    WWE sound like the kind of kid that would buy GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2, Witcher 3, cyberpunk all at the same time. Like they're all great you can't possibly play them all at once

  12. Angel Canez

    Angel Canez8 days ago

    La sombra is going to crash AEW. LIA Los ingobernables de America. 😆🤣😆

  13. Drew Jones

    Drew Jones8 days ago

    How is Bo Dallas not even in the 24/7 Title picture.

  14. Twcz _

    Twcz _8 days ago

    didn’t even know bo was still employed

  15. Muoyrico9

    Muoyrico98 days ago

    MVP don't have to wrestle. He can be what he has been as long as they have Benjamin Cedric and Bobby doing all the wrestling.

  16. Aaron Royal

    Aaron Royal8 days ago

    Pretty sure Bo is still around because someone let him in

  17. 7112 Productions

    7112 Productions8 days ago

    Been a good 12 months since last seeing bo Dallas hopefully they csn link him in with bray it would be awesome

  18. Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin8 days ago

    WWE hoards and misuses their talent sadly.

  19. L. CT

    L. CT8 days ago

    Y’all still listening to your God Meltzer. His word is Gospel to you Nerds.

  20. frighty

    frighty8 days ago

    I don't know why people continue to take Meltzer as gospel.

  21. Funkafied

    Funkafied8 days ago

    Birmingham, AL is where Dr. James Andrews is. He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon and works on many high-profile athletes.

  22. Ryan Wayth

    Ryan Wayth8 days ago

    Here's a theory Andrade could be being kept off tv until his English gets better and as for Black it could have something to do with his tattoos and him not being aloud to go to Saudi because off them. I remember hearing something about both these a while back.

  23. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi8 days ago

    Fortunately MVP’s in a spot where an injury shouldn’t keep him off TV for long. They can have him just do the manager/mouthpiece thing while Lashley, Benjamin and Alexander handle all the wrestling.

  24. dangerfeild4Life

    dangerfeild4Life8 days ago

    The Bo-lieve run was fantastic. How could you waste such a heat magnet?

  25. Alyce Devon

    Alyce Devon8 days ago

    Personally I really dont mind the Hall of Fame being in the ThunderDome if it is It's a lot safer for the older generation who attend these events Not totally safe still I know but better than having them mix with hundreds or thousands of others

  26. JägerLange

    JägerLange8 days ago

    When I think of Birmingham, AL I think of the Civil Rights movement - but yeah, that too I guess.

  27. Erik Arnesen

    Erik Arnesen8 days ago

    Bo, Andrade, and Aleister are all NXT champions and they are just wilting away because "creative doesn't have anything for them" it's embarrassing and unfortunate

  28. Ashley Allen

    Ashley Allen8 days ago

    Prime example of Meltzer literally chatting out of his arse, as usual. WWE talent temporarily underused/off screen = fucked. AEW talent underused/off screen = booked to perfection, nothing to worry about, some long term story telling bullshit

  29. spiv

    spiv8 days ago

    god, its like being an NXT champion is a death sentence if youre not Rollins

  30. 18 934

    18 9348 days ago

    Black left because his wife left

  31. Level1Celt

    Level1Celt8 days ago

    While I understand that you can't give EVERYONE something to do in a pro wrestling company, it must suck to have to show up to work and wait around catering until the day's over instead of just going about your day.

  32. Aaron Ruiz

    Aaron Ruiz8 days ago

    super beast is a bay area fellow!!! great talent!!

  33. Heather Wright

    Heather Wright8 days ago

    Uh, Tom dear, Toys R Us doesn't exist anymore, at least in the U.S... Sad really...

  34. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    I know. It was said for fun effect. Should be more literal, I guess! 😂

  35. MrCreepyKitty

    MrCreepyKitty8 days ago

    they could literally find ANYTHING for bo dallas to do. no one gives a fuck about his character, but he's a good worker who has given everything he's ever done effort, even if it was shite. he's essentially a reliable blank slate and they're wasting him.

  36. Someone Else

    Someone Else8 days ago

    Aleister should be the leader of a satanic faction including the likes of Damien Priest, maybe positioned to be the next US/IC champion. Andrade should be the mega rich stylish latin lover of Charlotte Flair who may or may not be using her family connections to push his own career whilst also being a power couple. Bo Dallas should either be The Fiend's new henchman as he'd fit right in with the funhouse, or he should go back to NXT and lean in to his real life conspiracy theory interest and become a paranoid weirdo claiming WWE is run by lizardmen or some shit, could be fun.

  37. Taylan Ertan

    Taylan Ertan8 days ago

    And WWE constantly sign new people to ruin. When will the wrestlers learn not to go to WWE until Vince is gone?

  38. Stuart Rogers

    Stuart Rogers8 days ago

    Call up from NXT = Kiss of death to some people's WWE career, cos Vince and his "creative" DON'T KNOW HOW TO BOOK THEM!!! Vince needs to retire a.s.a.p.

  39. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed8 days ago

    When it comes to Aleister Black, words escape me. I’ll never understand that. Dude was ELECTRIC in NXT. He got one of the biggest pops of the night at a Smackdown show - AND HE WAS ON THE DARK MATCH. I don’t get it. I remember watching his first Takeover match with a friend (non-wrestling fantastic). She couldn’t look away the entire time. The only way to fail on Black is on purpose.

  40. Chicagobasterd

    Chicagobasterd8 days ago

    It's great to see Princess Ruto in the water temple from Ocarina of Time in Tom's background. Nice 😁

  41. Combo Broker

    Combo Broker8 days ago

    And good luck to all those who recently signed...

  42. sage Slim

    sage Slim8 days ago

    I can see bo Dallas going to impact wrestling better than doing nothing

  43. Caleb Mathis

    Caleb Mathis8 days ago

    Birmingham is where famous sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews works

  44. SonicHeroXD

    SonicHeroXD8 days ago

    Keep in mind that the reason Buddy Murphy was off TV was because Seth had to leave after Survivor Series. Which gave the impression that they were gonna drag the feud with Rollins and Murphy for a lot longer. Well...Seth is back...and Murphy is nowhere to be found. Basically the whole storyline with him being a part of the Mysterio family and dating Aaliyah has been completely dropped. Aaliyah is not on TV anymore either. And Seth has seemingly moved on to a feud with Cesaro and possibly Daniel Bryan now. So yeah they abandoned everything just like that and now Murphy is right back where he was over a year ago before he joined Seth. Doing fucking nothing.

  45. RumRunneerFilms

    RumRunneerFilms8 days ago

    I would trade Andrade for both Rey Mysterio and Dominik.

  46. Jake Driver

    Jake Driver8 days ago

    I really feel for Black. He could genuinely be one of the top stars the company has.

  47. j.c man

    j.c man8 days ago

    I like how VInce was high on Andrade, saw him as the next Eddie, makes him learn English just to sour on him... that's f*cked up.

  48. ShadyXRL

    ShadyXRL8 days ago

    Nah its just vince

  49. Conor McCarthy

    Conor McCarthy8 days ago

    Aleister is one of my favourites. I'm so fucking sick of Vince McMahon ruining everyone I like and tune in for.

  50. ShadyXRL

    ShadyXRL8 days ago

    Aleister Black is God. Change my mind

  51. Clockwork

    Clockwork8 days ago

    I feel like Aleister and Andrade are being punished for being associated with Zelina.

  52. Derpy Man

    Derpy Man7 days ago

    Not sure about Andrade but with Aleister that is 100% true

  53. Captain Flipper

    Captain Flipper8 days ago

    When it's Vince we're talking about, the man that hates sneezing and what not... I can imagine it could be a thing.

  54. Mr AtoZ

    Mr AtoZ8 days ago

    All three would be great elsewhere

  55. ShadyXRL

    ShadyXRL8 days ago

    All 3 are potential world champions in another promotion especially Aleister Black

  56. Koss

    Koss8 days ago

    You’ve gotta admit at this point that Vince is a huge part of the problem. Aleister and Shayna, two former NXT champions, two amazing wrestlers, wasted, because Vince “Sees nothing in them.”

  57. brandan ayers

    brandan ayers8 days ago

    Tom!!! Be careful! That princess behind you is crazy!

  58. Yami Marik

    Yami Marik8 days ago

    WWE is a sinking ship that has a toxic environment thats not worth the money or benefits and isnt worth setting foot in anymore. those who left when they had the chance and found a better job really got lucky.

  59. Jason Capp

    Jason Capp8 days ago

    All three former NXT champions... all three doing nothing on the main roster. Yeah. That checks out.

  60. john wilson

    john wilson8 days ago

    Aliester black needs to leave wwe I would love to see him in njpw r aew!!

  61. Andy Joslyn

    Andy Joslyn8 days ago

    You guys have forgotten! Kal Jack who is wrestling at Bloodsport is a Going In Raw cohost. He’s the star of the show for me.

  62. C Jay Paz

    C Jay Paz8 days ago

    Oh yeah I'm sure the fact one is married to Zelina Vega and the other is affiliated with her has nothing to do with it

  63. faeriegraver

    faeriegraver8 days ago

    Loving the toy box/Toys R Us analogy

  64. Brimbram

    Brimbram8 days ago

    Send em down to nxt

  65. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law8 days ago

    CM Punk was right.

  66. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun8 days ago

    It's very criminal of WWE that Bo Dallas was never put into the Wyatt Family back when that faction was really hot. Bo being revealed as Bray's brother would've been so perfect!!

  67. Baigen Munster

    Baigen Munster8 days ago

    Why not have Bo come back with Alexa and have him run the firefly funhouse and have his own fiend persona and have the fiend come back and just have them as tag champs

  68. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez8 days ago

    Is Ross okay hope no emotional health geting to him that much agin? 🙏 Hope he taking a few extra days vacation.

  69. GreenMantaray

    GreenMantaray8 days ago

    Bo as Cult Leader Bray's second in command always made a lot of sense to me. Guy always gave off superficially-nice-sometimes-funny-but-don't-look-in-his-basement vibes. Let him go and learn from Abyss!

  70. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones8 days ago

    If it was up to me i'd drop Aleister Black back to NXT and have him feud with Karrion Kross which would eventually turn into a partnership/tag title run after the feud was over.

  71. John Bowers

    John Bowers8 days ago

    Bo was a great NXT champ

  72. David Garcia

    David Garcia8 days ago

    Thanks 👍

  73. Justin DeSousa

    Justin DeSousa8 days ago

    Please stop repeating yourselfs on camera, love you guys to death

  74. Elementalforce 42

    Elementalforce 428 days ago

    No joke I was hoping the promos before ember moons return was going to be bo dallas

  75. Lubomir Raykov

    Lubomir Raykov8 days ago

    Every other day Meltzer says Vince is high or low on someone. He is just throwing things at the wall at this point until something sticks. And he has been very anti-Vince for a long time... Remember the "scary" Rumble finish? He is not a reporter at this point, he is just a prediction guy.

  76. MrCreepyKitty

    MrCreepyKitty8 days ago

    that's a fair assessment, but also keep in mind how erratic vince's booking is these days as far as finalizing show scripts and things. it is very possible that the scoop dave received regarding the rumble finish WAS accurate when he received it.

  77. 예 Hänkäskee sulkeasilmäsi አይኖችዎን ይዝጉ ይልዎታል

    예 Hänkäskee sulkeasilmäsi አይኖችዎን ይዝጉ ይልዎታል8 days ago

    Aleister is probably being kept off because of the fact that his wife got fired for trying to unionize the roster. Let him go and don't waste that talent.

  78. Ross P

    Ross P8 days ago

    Where is mojo?

  79. Donovan Duncan

    Donovan Duncan8 days ago

    i live in birmingham alabama bro

  80. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray8 days ago


  81. Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker8 days ago


  82. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray8 days ago


  83. evrbody

    evrbody8 days ago

    Bo Dallas screaming and cackling at ringside is scarier than anything Bray Wyatt has ever done.

  84. iBallz

    iBallz8 days ago

    Meltzer is an oaf... don't believe him one bit

  85. SevenFingerDiscount

    SevenFingerDiscount8 days ago

    How could anyone look at Andrade and Black, and see nothing in them?

  86. Aiden Hadlington

    Aiden Hadlington8 days ago

    Sad thing is all 3 of them are former nxt champions

  87. Chazza

    Chazza8 days ago

    In my opinion, Bo Dallas was legitimately one of the best NXT champions. However he was champ in the early days of NXT so a lot of people forget how good his reign was.

  88. Nikolas Gregoriou

    Nikolas Gregoriou8 days ago

    Jesus they can do a multiple fiend angle with Bo!!! How difficult is it to put a fiend mask on him and have a great bray vs fiend match?!?!

  89. RecklessSmurf

    RecklessSmurf8 days ago

    Andrade is the literal whole package!! I feel like WWE was just trying to make him another generic “Latino” star. It just comes off corny (I’m Hispanic so relax with racist comments) let him be himself just like he was in NXT

  90. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton8 days ago

    3 former nxt champs sigh

  91. Blak3 Nikos

    Blak3 Nikos8 days ago

    First of all I feel sorry for them second this is getting even more annoying and depressing to hear. This is one of the reasons why I have so much doubt and lack of faith in the company.

  92. Wet William

    Wet William8 days ago

    Bo Dallas is the worst of the 3 you spoke of

  93. Nick Antony

    Nick Antony8 days ago

    All this talent being wasted off-TV, and WWE just hired 24 new wrestlers. The company just loves throwing money down the toilet, don't they? Unless another mass purging is on the horizon, post WM37.

  94. Scoot Bonds

    Scoot Bonds8 days ago

    Here's an idea, instead of firing talented wrestlers, they should fire the creative team who are obviously not living up to their job description.

  95. Scoot Bonds

    Scoot Bonds8 days ago

    @MrCreepyKitty I agree 👍✌️

  96. MrCreepyKitty

    MrCreepyKitty8 days ago

    the buck stops with vince, and his creative juices ran dry long ago. point blank, a creative team is only as good as its organization and the people it is reporting to. hot take, but getting non-wrestling writers in is something wrestling desperately needs. the only reason people hate on this idea in concept is because they like to think of how badly it's failed in modern times due to vince's erratic creative decisions throwing shit into complete disarray. meanwhile, no one will ever argue that chris kreski's writing after he took over for russo was some of the best in the company's history due to him actually knowing how to write and not treating character development, continuity, and nuance like they were foreign concepts. he was literally mocked for storyboarding his angles, which is fucking insane to me. wrestling NEEDS depth. the big bullet points obviously still need to be there so everyone in the audience gets what's happening no matter how or where they're viewing the show, but filling in the space between those big bullet points is imperative for the continued quality of the show. the fact that we can't even be sure if something that happens on raw will ever be acknowledged again is a massive hint as to why no one watches it anymore. why would you even want to if the story you've spent the whole episode getting invested in might be thrown on its head or literally just dropped and never mentioned again? the desperation in wwe's creative is palpable, and there is literally no reason why it has to happen that way. i truly do not understand why vince feels the need to constantly be flying by the seat of his pants. they could be having their cake and eating it too as far as turning record profits AND having a show people don't detest.

  97. Jay Reed

    Jay Reed8 days ago

    its crazy how WWE right now reminds me of WCW back in the early 90's for all the wrong reasons

  98. Christopher Marriott

    Christopher Marriott8 days ago

    WWE is WCW 2000 in its dying days. Creatively and overall garbage. Forget making profits. None of that even benefits the product whatsoever.

  99. Dean Timson

    Dean Timson8 days ago

    Yes! Tom and Jack!

  100. parmjit kaur

    parmjit kaur8 days ago

    From the thumbnail I thought it was gallus

  101. Matt Noble

    Matt Noble8 days ago

    bro, bo has been fucked for years.

  102. your moms boyfriend

    your moms boyfriend8 days ago

    Every WWE superstar is fuckd , as long as money hungry vince and his horrible yes man Bruce prichard are in charge of creative

  103. BluSpykz

    BluSpykz8 days ago

    Absolutely crazy. They are losing time on their in ring career. And I'm sure they have many years ahead, but sitting on their arses, watching WWE sign (was it 20?) people whilst knowing creative have more wrestlers than braincells must be hard. Andrade wont leave. Bo and Black need to. Yang needs to stop Vince's tyranny.

  104. sergiomorfo

    sergiomorfo8 days ago

    Wasnt the company planning a 'dramatic return' for Black? It must be one of those frantic change of plans by Vince.

  105. Jonathan O'Donnell

    Jonathan O'Donnell8 days ago

    bo comes back as the fiend when alexa tries to bring back the fiend maybe

  106. Straw

    Straw8 days ago

    lmao, theres 619 likes on the video. bookaki bookaki 69

  107. Haven Johnson

    Haven Johnson8 days ago

    Wasn't that guy on what culture

  108. Raymond Smith

    Raymond Smith8 days ago

    Bo's last televised match was September 24th 2019

  109. Joshua Manley

    Joshua Manley8 days ago

    It's so tiring repeatedly hearing of WWE hoarding talent like some dragon sleeping on a mountain of gold. Makes me feel bad for the wrestlers involved.

  110. Glacier Ange1

    Glacier Ange18 days ago

    Bo is still there because of Bray, Black is off getting punished because of Vega, (See CM Punk & AJ Lee also Rusev/Lana) & Andrade is there because Charlotte. Simple really.