WWE Sign TWO DOZEN New Wrestlers | Reason NXT Women's Title Match Went Short

WWE are reportedly on a "signing spree" after signing two dozen new wrestlers. We reveal the reason why the NXT Women's Title Match at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day went short. Plus we have an update on the reported heat between Sammy Guevara and AEW.
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  1. Scott Coombe

    Scott Coombe3 days ago

    22 stars to fill up rosters on RAW SMACKDOWN NXT NXT evolve NXT uk NXT India 205 live

  2. Scott Coombe

    Scott Coombe3 days ago

    Do u guys have any news on nxt evolve I no it’s a 1 hr show and it will have new titles Have u got anything else ?

  3. Daniel Morrow

    Daniel Morrow5 days ago

    WWE: We can't afford to keep all of these people on during the pandemic. Also WWE: We can't afford to give promotions or bonuses or raises. Also Also WWE: Makes record profits and signs a mountain of new talent

  4. Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen7 days ago

    @cultaholic Sammy Refused to join Decay? Thats good. Heat off.

  5. Jie Huang

    Jie Huang7 days ago

    Only stars get pay the big buck that's the rule in entertainment! Thats why stuntman don't get paid nearly as much as actors.

  6. Keiran Lucas

    Keiran Lucas8 days ago

    These wrestlers aren't forced to sign with wwe

  7. Shey Shah

    Shey Shah9 days ago

    The product is atrocious. The fans who still support are even more so.

  8. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  9. El Neco

    El Neco9 days ago

    Honestly the thing with Sammy and AEW/Impact was for the better, if what's being said is correct. Since they said "he was replaced by Black Taroose" (holy shit that's not even close to pronouncing "Taurus" in Spanish, should've stuck to the English pronunciation instead), they're implying he was going to help and/or be involved with Decay. He doesn't fit at all in that angle, much less the stable. He'd be much better in an X-Division storyline, but it already has two cocky heels in it (Austin and Bey).

  10. Jason Huish

    Jason Huish9 days ago

    Why not a developmental promotion for the Florida Loop wrestlers and the recruits from the Perfromance center Before they go to the Yellow Brand the Developmental brand could be on the network

  11. MagicEye

    MagicEye9 days ago

    " We're going to need a bigger catering table."

  12. VorpalBender

    VorpalBender9 days ago

    I love Andrew. He’s a national treasure.

  13. DaveyionXProductions

    DaveyionXProductions9 days ago

    No brainer if taya signs with wwe john morrison is there

  14. adu1991

    adu19917 days ago

    Yup. Taya Valkyrie is currently signed to WWE.

  15. Matthew del Rosario

    Matthew del Rosario9 days ago

    For a supposedly "3rd brand" and not "developmental", NXT talents are way underpaid compared to their big brothers in RAW and SD.

  16. Carl

    Carl9 days ago

    C U Next Tuesday

  17. Reese Boyko

    Reese Boyko9 days ago

    waiting for sammy to join WWE

  18. Kenas Lalson

    Kenas Lalson9 days ago

    Any chance that the pay cut/ no bonus or whatever that was WWE recently did linked to the signing spree

  19. Brendan O'Keeffe

    Brendan O'Keeffe9 days ago

    Hire Bury Future Endeavors Repeat

  20. Corb Jones

    Corb Jones9 days ago

    Didnt they fire a bunch of people months ago? I'd be pissed. I'd be pissed if I were still in the company not being used.

  21. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair9 days ago

    Wwe lack talent on main roster very badly, this has led to top talents in low card mainly in raw

  22. Lexie C

    Lexie C9 days ago

    Blake Christian actually use to wrestle at an Indy place in Booneville Mississippi called Extreme Pro Wrestling or EPW. I’ve personally never seen him wrestle there because I only starting going a few years ago, but I have friends who have seen him and say he is awesome.

  23. Bent Rackle

    Bent Rackle9 days ago

    Not a shock WWE is hoarding talent again. Although if you want to see stuff on Blake Christian he just did some awesome stuff in Impact.

  24. FlyBoyEnterprises

    FlyBoyEnterprises9 days ago

    The insanity of WWE keeps getting more insane. WHY hire more talent when you released a good chunk last year & just froze pay? If I was ONE who was released in April last year, I would be PISSED. Call back them before hiring new talent.

  25. Ruthanne Whitney

    Ruthanne Whitney9 days ago

    Everything following 4:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Adam Danielson

    Adam Danielson10 days ago

    so if they used Black Taurus instead of Sammy, does that mean Sammy was meant to be in The Decay?

  27. Super Vegito

    Super Vegito8 days ago

    That's weird af, Sammy doesn't fit in there lmao

  28. Peter Öhlhorn Jr

    Peter Öhlhorn Jr10 days ago

    Member 2020s mass firing...?

  29. elijah7774

    elijah777410 days ago

    Please tell me that I’m not the only one annoyed every time the bald one acts silly🙄

  30. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins10 days ago

    WWE signs far too many talents, and most of those talents either get lost in the shuffle or simply fired within months of being in the company. They have such a huge roster, and the bigger it gets, the more talents we get in the forgotten section.

  31. 308328928

    3083289287 days ago

    Team wrestling looks good right about now with a roster

  32. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair9 days ago

    If they are that great they catch some ones eyes and get to nxt or as enhancement talent to main roster, or to 205 live, they sign for performance center also, It may not work for few but tons of them get a chance to go big and also money for the time, it's step up for wrestlers anyways

  33. Callum Walker

    Callum Walker10 days ago

    WWE signing dozens of wrestlers let the smackdown and raw elimination chambers look basically how they could have done a decade ago

  34. Tyler Cottrell

    Tyler Cottrell10 days ago

    Wwe: releases talent bc of budget cuts Also wwe: sign 20 new stars in a few days

  35. Chapo

    Chapo10 days ago

    hire 24 wrestlers today just to release 50 of them tomorrow

  36. Amused Batman

    Amused Batman10 days ago

    How dare WWE...sign wrestlers to mutually agreed upon contracts and pay them money? Evil bastards...?

  37. Beep

    Beep10 days ago

    WWE will just waist all the new talent they bring in just like they did with Black, Ricochet , Tucker, Humberto,

  38. Adam Krasneski

    Adam Krasneski9 days ago

    Oh man. Black hurts the most. I almost ALMOST fet ricochet with his directionless character, but black???? Thats juat dumb. In all fairness tho, I haven't watched wwe since 2019

  39. John Clark

    John Clark10 days ago

    You guys have still not woken up and realized that NXT has nothing to do with WWE RAW & Smackdowm. Why do you think every person that goes to the main shows always get buried. Personally NXT is 1000 times better than anything WWE is putting out. As for AEW they are just wasting time and money with a crap fest show that ain't worth shit. I had to force myself to watch Impacts PPV this weekend.

  40. John Clark

    John Clark7 days ago

    @adu1991 not if you ask Vince. Vince hates NXT

  41. adu1991

    adu19917 days ago

    NXT is part of the WWE, genius.

  42. Jayden Reid

    Jayden Reid10 days ago

    Great, so now 20+ good wrestlers will do nothing for the next few months, get paid a lot, then leave and go back to the indies

  43. Amit Sunil

    Amit Sunil10 days ago

    Are they just signing the entire EVOLVE roster

  44. GranTyrant

    GranTyrant10 days ago

    They signed one of the Bravado Bros? That takes me back to ROH 2006-9

  45. thelinedrive

    thelinedrive10 days ago

    Not surprised WWE is going on a signing spree. They’ve been in need of a new influx of talent for a while and with AEW and New Japan signing up a lot of the top North American talent in this pandemic the talent pool was starting to get rather dry.

  46. devin lockyer

    devin lockyer10 days ago

    Yeah can't ruin that relationship with Impact, how would Omega gets his buddies The Mediocre Brothers on dynamite otherwise

  47. Richie Goodacre

    Richie Goodacre10 days ago

    Blake Christian wrestled for Impact as recently as Saturday. I was saying to my friend, Impact should hurry up and sign him, WWE and AEW do watch other products to scout, and I was right. Very talented dude.

  48. Breoreos1

    Breoreos110 days ago

    I love how WWE can't win. They fire people and everyone is outraged because they are firing people while making tons of money. They hire people and everyone is upset that the talent won't be seen on tv. They can't win.

  49. Jacob Navarro

    Jacob Navarro10 days ago

    Is the AEW/Impact partnership REALLY convincing anyone who didn't give a shit about Impact before start watching now? Has not worked for me...

  50. ant LiveYaBish

    ant LiveYaBish8 days ago

    @Jacob Navarro I mean that's you!!!it's a lot of others the total opposite

  51. El Neco

    El Neco9 days ago

    @Jacob Navarro It did make me appreciate the talent that's currently there in Impact, actually. Ended up liking Moose, Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, and Ace Austin quite a lot, as well as the Knockouts division. As for the relationship in itself, think this from another perspective: Impact/TNA has had a bad reputation for ages, and many have heard of the worst it had to offer (Black Reign, secret Russo, Claire Lynch, etc.) and wouldn't give it the fair shake, now what's essentially the second or third biggest promotion in the US is collaborating with them, and they even got NJPW to send talent to them again (after Okada Kato, even). If anything it raises a big spotlight on them, and if people see that they're in good terms with other promotions after all these years they'll be inclined to check it out to see what they're doing right.

  52. Jacob Navarro

    Jacob Navarro9 days ago

    I get that. For me, I never really cared about Impact. And having a few AEW guys show up over there just isn't enough for me to want to start a new show. If I did, it would only be to watch the AEW snippets.

  53. El Neco

    El Neco9 days ago

    It actually did work for me, that and MCMG returning.

  54. Jacob Navarro

    Jacob Navarro9 days ago

    Yeah for sure... but it can't be a huge increase.

  55. Rebekah Stevens

    Rebekah Stevens10 days ago

    Harlem Bravado is a cracking signing. He's been World champion in the UK!

  56. lol Cow

    lol Cow10 days ago

    Daddy when is mommy coming back home?

  57. Feels Bad

    Feels Bad10 days ago

    omg FATHER SON episode!!!!

  58. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro10 days ago

    So.. wwe freezes all of the office staffs pay bonuses and raises.. then goes on a hiring binge for wrestlers? ... is that what happened? Just making sure that im not going mad.

  59. Jeremy Harmon

    Jeremy Harmon10 days ago

    And all 24 have just wasted their careers and lifes. Like Tom Brady said "you think I play this shit for the pro bowl" these cats are just playing for money and wwe accolades but nothing of substance.

  60. 82gamerprincess

    82gamerprincess10 days ago

    “Replaced by Black Taurus” .... Wait was Sammy suppose to join Decay? That would have been bad creative. 😬 Love Decay, but that would have been a terrible fit.

  61. Adam Krasneski

    Adam Krasneski9 days ago

    Agreed. Ans black taurus looked awesome in the hilight I watched of that.

  62. Rich Born

    Rich Born10 days ago

    I understand to most up and coming wrestlers that WWE is like THE place to go based on childhood aspirations. But with the way the company conducts itself and the steady decline of ratings I wonder if some current indy talent are choosing other promotions or just waiting out Vince to die or something like that

  63. CJ Grinchy

    CJ Grinchy10 days ago

    I don't give a damn about the Demon I haven't missed it

  64. Adam Krasneski

    Adam Krasneski9 days ago

    If I atill watched wwe I would miss the pre raw demon. Nxt demon is where it was at.

  65. LtheOriginal

    LtheOriginal10 days ago

    Great, that'll be two dozen people who a company recklessly signs, and will be lost in limbo for about a year or two and then be let go.

  66. Aaron McKenzie

    Aaron McKenzie10 days ago

    I'm buzzing that the demon could come back class persona

  67. Stella Quickclickss

    Stella Quickclickss10 days ago

    With these new signings, Titus o'Neil is going to be fighting for scraps at the catering table.

  68. Mike Buthge

    Mike Buthge9 days ago

    I'm betting that with Titus' public image and charity work, he's still well taken care of in the back

  69. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi10 days ago

    What a heartwarming father-son reunion.

  70. frighty

    frighty10 days ago

    Would it kill you guys to put in timestamps? I really don't care about half the shit in your news uploads.

  71. Glenn Dallas

    Glenn Dallas10 days ago

    Blake Christian? Man, I hope the money is good, because they're gonna fucking ruin one of my favorite guys.

  72. logan kerr

    logan kerr10 days ago

    imagine if Sammy went to NXT and brought back Swagger

  73. Deirdre Quinn

    Deirdre Quinn10 days ago

    Is Andrew's mum Jet?

  74. Marc Allan Leslie

    Marc Allan Leslie10 days ago

    So, Adam is Jack’s son, and Andrew is Adam’s son. That means Jack is a Granddad at the age of 10!

  75. Bubba Fontleroy

    Bubba Fontleroy10 days ago

    I’d love to know what goofy idea impact and Tony cooked up for Sammy, to say that he didn’t want to do it, and I don’t imagine he’d say that unless it was something veeeeery, goofy

  76. farmerguch

    farmerguch9 days ago

    @Adam Krasneski that’s just my assumption but wow did it look totally rad! Visually speaking the team gelled on screen so well. I am very intrigued and will be tuning in after my dose of AEW dark!

  77. Adam Krasneski

    Adam Krasneski9 days ago

    @farmerguch I was thinking the samw thing. Btw how cool did blaxk taurus look w decay? He fit in well in that angle. Kinda makes me wanna check out impact. Would have to comb theu ao much I don't care aboit tho.

  78. farmerguch

    farmerguch10 days ago

    If the spot was replaced by Black Taurus it was supposed to be a tag team with Crazy Steve and Rosemary aka Decay. I’m guessing it just wasn’t a fit which checks out honestly.

  79. ant LiveYaBish

    ant LiveYaBish10 days ago

    I'm thinking storyline in play!

  80. Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin10 days ago

    Signing 24 guys is exactly what WWE did NOT need. How about keeping those from the mass firing of talent that would have not cost them any money. I feel so horrible for these wrestlers... WWE literally goes "Daddy can I have new toys? I'm bored of these." Please bring back the Dsmon King! I wouldn't blame Sammy G if he came in to work anyway. NXT stars absolutely deserve a raise especially compared to the main roster bullshit!

  81. Tyler Woodward

    Tyler Woodward10 days ago

    Clearly releasing Steve Cutler was financially taxing for them

  82. Kungfu Kitten

    Kungfu Kitten10 days ago

    Wait if Sammys thing was picked up by black Taurus then does that mean that was Sammy supposed to be in decay

  83. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    I assume they just changed it to a Decay feud rather than him joining Decay

  84. Judge Mental

    Judge Mental10 days ago

    At least the girls were able to get their shit in. Thank heavens.

  85. 6 Wheelz

    6 Wheelz10 days ago

    Yay! More talent to waste!!

  86. Bill Ponderosa

    Bill Ponderosa10 days ago


  87. The Heldert

    The Heldert10 days ago

    finn should bring back the demon after a loss to karrion kross for exemple he loses the title to kross loses his rematch goes away and when he comes back also brings with him the demon thats what booked in my head

  88. EitherNow OrNever

    EitherNow OrNever10 days ago

    WWE literally can be on all week with the performance center. They can even make their own dedicated espn type channel for all the events

  89. Mr. Mario

    Mr. Mario10 days ago

    VKM: "We barely know how to book the talent we have WHAT CAN WE DO BRUCE?" BP: "Its clearly the talents fault. What we need is more "superstars" to fix that problem."

  90. Ryder FTW

    Ryder FTW10 days ago

    Need time stamps 🙂

  91. Larry

    Larry10 days ago

    Seriously fuck WWE

  92. Samuel Mackey

    Samuel Mackey10 days ago

    The hoarders strike again

  93. vids2002

    vids200210 days ago

    WWE can never win in everyone's eyes. Like if they sign people, bad. They release people, bad. They push some people, bad. They don't push the entire roster at once, bad. Like damn, what do they have to do to make you all happy?

  94. Black Boy Lost

    Black Boy Lost10 days ago

    So WWE has a bunch of talent that's just rotting and doing nada, can't give workers raises or bonuses and they are firing left and right but they signed dozens of new guys?

  95. CelestialSoulSilver

    CelestialSoulSilver10 days ago

    We don't need the Demon. When he comes back I'd prefer it to be a once in a blue moon kinda thing.

  96. wstine79

    wstine7910 days ago

    WWE has hired 2 dozen new wrestlers. Looks like we're gonna need a bigger catering table.

  97. AnarchyRipper

    AnarchyRipper10 days ago

    Vick Joseph's massive willy broke the table standing up.

  98. Jtv08

    Jtv0810 days ago

    Nice, two dozen more wreslters wwe will have doing nothing for years

  99. Rachel Redhead

    Rachel Redhead10 days ago

    Wrestlemania is the only time to unleash the Demon, imho

  100. بدر عماد

    بدر عماد10 days ago

    This is Triple H signing not WWE. Dude doesn't want competition to his NXT

  101. Nazareth

    Nazareth10 days ago

    I have no sympathy for anyone who signs or resigns with WWE, the same ones scolding the company for emptying half their talent tank in the middle of the pandemic do not care, if they did they wouldn't sign with WWE. If these new people complain in the future about WWE(cause they will, like always) I will just laugh at how they think that they were special enough to get different treatment.

  102. Stevonicus

    Stevonicus10 days ago

    Harlem Bravado had an NWA World Championship match against Nick Aldis, so I guess he's got potential.

  103. Dies Unus

    Dies Unus10 days ago

    See you next Tuesday? You know what that means

  104. Yshsvs Fygcftygx

    Yshsvs Fygcftygx10 days ago

    I honestly don't want Finn to bring back The Demon at least not for a while longer I am really really liking The Prince character and I don't think he needs it, although a match with Kross does make sense for it

  105. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair9 days ago

    Kross vs current balor as dethronimg match with demon coming for rematch to main roster wud be cool

  106. Blak3 Nikos

    Blak3 Nikos10 days ago

    Yay more people that’s going to be used well in NXT and then possibly screwed by Vince when they go to the main event roster. Cause GOD knows he’s brain doesn’t work very well. Also is this reason why the paychecks were frozen? Doesn’t make any sense considering they should already know what type of payment they should give to newcomers.

  107. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher10 days ago

    But no raises or bonuses

  108. Curtis Whitehead

    Curtis Whitehead10 days ago

    WWE knows how to make those grumpy backstage worried. They just bring in 24 new talent

  109. The Black Nostalgia Nerd

    The Black Nostalgia Nerd10 days ago

    2 dozen wwe Is trying to Beat WCW is the worlds largest roster and in wrestling that never been used

  110. Zoe Jeremy

    Zoe Jeremy10 days ago

    Jesus. WWE gonna need 10 more performance centers at this rate.

  111. jacob hyatt

    jacob hyatt10 days ago

    Cant wait to see 22 of them wasted in 6 months...

  112. Jacen Grey

    Jacen Grey10 days ago

    WWE: "We signed a whole bunch of new talent!" Also WWE: "Ratings through the floor!! Get the legends back now!"

  113. Seamus McFlurry

    Seamus McFlurry10 days ago

    ​@K Ram If they didn't sign everyone, use half of them, then forget about anyone who goes to the main roster, then I might not be gutted for anyone who signs.

  114. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry10 days ago

    @K Ram I mean WWE is rubbish. So yeah

  115. K Ram

    K Ram10 days ago

    So... You complain either way?

  116. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller10 days ago

    Not for nothing, but I cant think of a lot I WOULDN'T do for $80k/year

  117. Spree

    Spree10 days ago

    I find it very hard to believe that these talents coming in hot off the indies or from other promotions like Karrion Cross, LA Knight etc etc are accepting contracts for 50k a year... maybe thats the standard rate for a football player/random athlete who just passed the conditioning test and has never wrestled in their live but I refuse to believe anyone with a name for themselves outside wwe would accept that kind of deal

  118. Joey Bianchi

    Joey Bianchi10 days ago

    I think Taya will just be happy to be with her husband even if they waste her and don't use her properly...and if she gets tons of money.

  119. Vesperitis

    Vesperitis10 days ago

    Sammy Guevara on Impact was just the weirdest thing. Does he even have any connections with Impact the way Kenny Omega or Matt Hardy did?

  120. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    He took part in the Super X Cup that Desmond Xavier won

  121. The Genius

    The Genius10 days ago


  122. Parisienne Moonlight

    Parisienne Moonlight10 days ago

    Taya is going to NXT

  123. Tr0waAyanami

    Tr0waAyanami10 days ago

    In the words of Jim Sterling: "(WWE) is designed to suck a talent in, strip them of their identity, their career prospects and their youth, turn them into cash cows and then eject them while they have no lasting benefit of the brand they built because the brand is controlled by WWE."

  124. Randy G

    Randy G10 days ago

    Whoa that's a damn good quote and in this instance, makes complete sense

  125. Glacier Ange1

    Glacier Ange110 days ago

    Give it 3-6 months, half of them will be fired.

  126. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller10 days ago

    I'd LOVE to see Christianson in 205 Live . . . Yeah, that's right . . . I like 205 live, so what?

  127. Dominic Webb

    Dominic Webb10 days ago

    I think we pretend too much that these wrestlers aren't individuals making their own choices. Who are any of us to frame their decision as a negative and act as if they didn't choose to do so themselves. And just imagine how those wrestlers feel when a parade of smarks all come down on them with this negativity, just because they didn't sign with who the smarks want. When the wrestlers may (god forbid) actually be happy about signing and taking a big step in their career. Also while I understand that WWE are an evil corporation, and petty as can be, but to think its a reactionary move to the NJPW/Impact thing solely or mostly is ridiculous. Too write up, negotiate, and sign 24 different people with 24 different contracts in a couple weeks is not realistic. These things have been in the works for at least a little while, saying its a reaction to AEW is a wrestling bubble response. No hate at all just my opinion I feel like fans get way to caught up in this "tribal war mentality."

  128. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller10 days ago

    Blake Christian is very talented. Hes done a lot of good work with NJPW Pro and Chamoionship Wrestling. It's going to be sad to watch WWE fuck that up.

  129. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller10 days ago

    @WhiskeyBrewer I wasnt watching then. I really like impact! Now tho.

  130. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    @Kyle Miller Blake Christian was just in Impact. He was part of No Surrender

  131. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller10 days ago

    @WhiskeyBrewer I dint remember him in impact! Was that before 2019? I know him from other places. He was working REALLY well with Jordan Clearwater and the Regal twins. I was looking forward to seeing him grow with them.

  132. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    Shame he didn't stay in the X Division. He was a good fit