WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions

Ross Tweddell, Tom Campbell, Adam Pacitti, Sam Driver, Jack The Jobber, Owen Mawson and Andrew Hodkinson make their predictions for this year's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV.
WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Matches/Match Card:
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (Elimination Chamber Match)
Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Jey Uso vs. Sami Zayn vs. King Corbin (Elimination Chamber Match to earn a Universal Title Match on the same night)
United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Keith Lee vs. Riddle (Triple Threat Match)
Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Lacey Evans
Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. SmackDown Elimination Chamber Winner
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  1. babylon715

    babylon7153 days ago

    Pablo is my champion!!

  2. Andrew Harrington

    Andrew Harrington3 days ago

    PABLO WON!!!!!!

  3. NRL Melbourne Storm Fan

    NRL Melbourne Storm Fan3 days ago

    Winner and NEW!!!!!!!!!! Cultaholic Heavyweight Champion..... Pablo The Cat!!!

  4. Kevin Kossow

    Kevin Kossow3 days ago


  5. Tammie Franklin

    Tammie Franklin3 days ago

    drew mcintyre the miz cash in on drew mcintyre riddle asuka daniel bryan roman reigns edge choose roman reigns shayna baszler and nia jax

  6. Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network

    Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network4 days ago

    Lumis 4:55 8:29 13:47 17:09 20:34

  7. Mike Spark

    Mike Spark4 days ago

    I pick Sami to win the chamber and lose to Roman. Then he can continue saying there is a conspiracy against him that his only world title shot was after a chamber. He can have a squash filler title program while the main story goes on with Edge and Roman to mania

  8. KarloB1990

    KarloB19904 days ago

    5:47 Don't you... FORGET ABOTU KEITH !!!

  9. stephen youngson

    stephen youngson4 days ago

    Whos the guy with jack?

  10. Cartyr DeYager

    Cartyr DeYager4 days ago

    Who are some of these blokes

  11. Zach Oehm

    Zach Oehm4 days ago


  12. Sam Whiting

    Sam Whiting4 days ago

    No tom?

  13. D Bone

    D Bone4 days ago

    I don't have Twitter. Can someone tell me if Pablo's Twitter is a real thing?

  14. Dervon Rodriguez

    Dervon Rodriguez4 days ago

    What's that song Adam P is using????

  15. D Bone

    D Bone4 days ago

    Ross: "How are you, Clarence?" Clarence: "Yes." I've had conversations with people like that. I think it's nice that Cultaholic is being diverse in their hirings.

  16. Mahesh Mashalkar

    Mahesh Mashalkar4 days ago

    What is the BGM of Adam Paccitti??

  17. Tom Blowers

    Tom Blowers4 days ago

    Styles to become WWE Champion Jey Uso to win the chamber Reigns to beat Jey Uso Asuka to beat whoever she faces if its not lacey evans Jax and Baszler to beat Banks and Belair after Banks turns heel Keith Lee wins the United States Title after pinning riddle keeping Lashley strong

  18. Mike_D

    Mike_D4 days ago

    Did anyone else think that Pacitti’s Roman Reigns looked like animated Jafar from Aladdin?

  19. MrSpinaldan

    MrSpinaldan4 days ago

    This video is gold. :)

  20. James Moore

    James Moore4 days ago

    Randy might win so at Mania it could be Randy vs Fiend for the title meaning that Bray gets his revenge finally I guess idk. Thoughts?

  21. Andrew Park

    Andrew Park4 days ago

    Netflix documentary upcoming pacciti the serial killer, chills

  22. Connar Vitnell

    Connar Vitnell4 days ago

    anyone know the name of the track used for Dexter Pacitti/Adam Lumis’ predictions? It’s been been stuck in my head all day and only getting a 10 second loop is driving me mental

  23. Trevor Hoffman

    Trevor Hoffman4 days ago

    I could honestly see WWE having Ric Flair beat Asuka, and then Charlotte faces her father at wrestlemania

  24. Tyreke

    Tyreke4 days ago

    Somethings telling me the fiend is gonna come back and replace kofi like edge did a decade ago

  25. NaZ KaPs

    NaZ KaPs4 days ago

    jack the jobber is the british jesse pinkman

  26. Steph Webster

    Steph Webster4 days ago

    Everyone thinks Drew is going to retain here, but like Jack and Adam/Lumis, I actually think Sheamus is going to win. If WWE is really going to have fans at Mania this year (which they seem to be doing), I think they might want to have Drew win the title back at Mania and get that big pop that he should've gotten last year. And, I also think Cesaro is winning the Chamber to face Roman...and then Seth will come out, just when it looks like Cesaro might beat Roman, and cost Cesaro the match. Because that would be heartbreaking and officially set up the Seth/Cesaro feud.

  27. Krandon Martin

    Krandon Martin4 days ago

    I'll be honest I really want Hardy to win

  28. Alan Woller

    Alan Woller4 days ago

    PLEEEEASE more Pablo🥺🥺🥺

  29. ministrychick77

    ministrychick774 days ago

    Totally wanna see Pablo on every video now. Also, just followed him on Twitter. He may need a TikTok also

  30. Rob Senzig

    Rob Senzig4 days ago

    I'm hoping that it's either Cesaro or Bryan will win in the Smackdown elimination match.

  31. Rob Senzig

    Rob Senzig4 days ago

    I'm thinking that Charlotte will interfere in the Asuka match in order for Asuka to retain.

  32. Rob Senzig

    Rob Senzig4 days ago

    I'm thinking that if they want to continue with the whole Sheamus/Drew feud moving forward that I think that Sheamus will win.

  33. Joey L

    Joey L4 days ago

    I agree with Pablo..... Riddle wins the strap

  34. Drum Monkey

    Drum Monkey4 days ago

    Pablo has a soothing voice. Which he uses to talk Clarence into teaming up after Ross superkicks Clarence again. They attack Ross and take off with the belt! In the end, Pablo turns on Clarence and eats the calamari because he's seafood! Pablo finishes by taking the belt to weird Adam Pacitti... And scene.

  35. Josh Brett

    Josh Brett5 days ago

    Ross you honestly brighten my day lol

  36. Manish Thapa

    Manish Thapa5 days ago

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions: Drew MIcyntre Kevin Owens Roman Reigns Asuka Bobby Lashley Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

  37. Justin Bottoms

    Justin Bottoms5 days ago

    The fuck is up with Pacitti

  38. Jay Griffiths

    Jay Griffiths5 days ago

    Dexter Lumis cosplay?

  39. TUFprofan

    TUFprofan5 days ago

    I think Cesaro might win the chamber match just for Seth Rollins to cost him the title match. Further that new feud. Maybe Rollins and Reigns back on the same page? At Fastlane Edge and Cesaro vs Rollins and Reigns.

  40. Eric Moore Jr backup account

    Eric Moore Jr backup account5 days ago

    Now with this match as much as I really wanna see Jeff hardy win the belt or kofi win the belt imagine how we'd lose our minds seeing them finally the wwe champion again until the miz outta nowhere cashes his mitb briefcase and win the belt because yeah even though he was originally on the match card think about it so if he won the belt without having to cash it in or lose the match and cash It in afterwards then that's how it would've went down or if that person prevent that from happening then miz won't have it again

  41. Melissa Grapengeter

    Melissa Grapengeter5 days ago

    Drew McIntyre will retain the title because he has worked so hard for the wwe championship it took 13 years to win championship and he is a fighting champion and he will walk of the elimination chamber with his title

  42. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire5 days ago

    4:30 Is he a Bombay?

  43. EggOnBeansOnToast

    EggOnBeansOnToast5 days ago

    00:00 - 00:19 Yes. Minus the mash potato bit.

  44. Cameron Briglin

    Cameron Briglin5 days ago

    My picks are Drew Mcintyre, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Lacey Evans, Keith Lee, and Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

  45. hUmZaH

    hUmZaH5 days ago

    my prediction : orton will win chamber match , cesaro will win chamber match but will lose to reigns. the fiend will come back to haunt orton and it will be orton vs fiend at mania . tht leaves it with edge vs reigns at mania. orton will retain at mania. and edge will win at mania and will bring back the OG world heavyweight champion. now onto fastlane, i think here miz will try cash in but he will fail or miz will succesfully cash in at mania on drew like how rollins did at mania 31. orton and drew will probs have a rematch for the title at fastlane and orton will retain.

  46. Mahesh Mashalkar

    Mahesh Mashalkar5 days ago

    Pablo FTW

  47. Nathan Buckley

    Nathan Buckley5 days ago

    17:24 Simon Miller isn’t in the elimination chamber match???

  48. EasyMurriSniper

    EasyMurriSniper5 days ago

    Can someone tell me wtf is up with Adam? 😂😂

  49. John G

    John G5 days ago

    Congrats on Lacey's pre-gananant!

  50. Geir Vestgård

    Geir Vestgård5 days ago

    Thank God Pacitti didn't speak here. Don't know why he is on this channel

  51. Shie 'Tar

    Shie 'Tar5 days ago

    Dexter Pacittis live reactions will just be him staring into the camera us for 3 hours straight, right? Can't wait.

  52. Adam Grylls

    Adam Grylls5 days ago

    I love Sam's Andy Warhol dye job! Looks great!

  53. Tombo Slice

    Tombo Slice5 days ago

    Will there be any notable changes to the WWE Network with this move to Peacock?

  54. Luke Forbes

    Luke Forbes5 days ago

    “Riddle as long as he doesn’t have too much of human catnip, meow” 😂 😂 😂

  55. Sdpresco

    Sdpresco5 days ago

    Nobody to suggest that Alexa Bliss to challenge Auska? I mean she had her beat before getting rko'd

  56. BAHH the second glory 2

    BAHH the second glory 25 days ago

    It’s either drew or sheamus

  57. Darren Thorpe

    Darren Thorpe5 days ago

    Is Asuka's new gimmick that she just wins/retains the championship because of pregnancy? First Becky now Lexy. My wife and I are trying to get pregnant, maybe I should try book her in for a match against Askusa, increase our chances.

  58. Marco Schenk

    Marco Schenk5 days ago

    I feel like Retribution is going to get involved in the Raw Elimination Chamber. Take out Kofi before the match. Ali takes his place. Ali survives for a while by himself but ultimately the rest of retribution makes it into the chamber and help Ali win.

  59. Cetshwayo Moyo

    Cetshwayo Moyo5 days ago

    Pacitti pulling a Dexter Lumis. I love it.🤣🤣🤣

  60. Deano

    Deano5 days ago

    I love Tom, I mean Pablo, on these videos, you never know what he’s going to do 🤣

  61. Yorkshire Pudding

    Yorkshire Pudding5 days ago


  62. Marlon Miranda

    Marlon Miranda5 days ago

    Miz cash in during smackdown

  63. Alex Walker

    Alex Walker5 days ago

    This man really drew a sun on Roman's shoulder lmao

  64. Gene Baranowski

    Gene Baranowski5 days ago

    Think shamus win title..miz cash in..triple threat at mania drew regains title Bookit

  65. Puff Paff

    Puff Paff5 days ago

    When he said shimaus, i felt that 😔

  66. AK Ray

    AK Ray5 days ago

    Adam picked Andrew to win the SmackDown elimination chamber😂😂😂

  67. Curb 21

    Curb 215 days ago

    Which hairy chested bearded man did Adam pick for the EC smackdown match? haha

  68. Personal Email

    Personal Email5 days ago

    Not to much, but a little human catnip before the match is alright, right?

  69. Personal Email

    Personal Email5 days ago

    I think both AJ and Orton are more likely than Sheamus.

  70. Logan Gibson

    Logan Gibson5 days ago

    Wrestlemania 37 Edge vs Roman Reigns in a Tlc Match

  71. smkfet

    smkfet6 days ago

    This reminds me of Whatculture after everyone left and they brought in like 20 people to try to cover

  72. logan kerr

    logan kerr6 days ago

    Pacitti's got a new look! cool

  73. logan kerr

    logan kerr6 days ago

    Adam, Jackie&Mash is the greatest trio in History!

  74. logan kerr

    logan kerr6 days ago

    and his keys too

  75. Sam J

    Sam J6 days ago

    Only reason I can see Andrew having a hat on is because USlikes think his bold head is too sexy and is demonetising the videos

  76. Ryan Perry

    Ryan Perry6 days ago

    Adam looks like dexter lumis

  77. Timothy Graham

    Timothy Graham6 days ago

    When God closes a door, he opens a window. Adam lost his voice, but at least he doesn't need glasses anymore!😂

  78. Whiteboard Poetry

    Whiteboard Poetry6 days ago

    "I've got some squid." This has become my new motto

  79. Dennis Trusty

    Dennis Trusty6 days ago

    Idk whats more scary Adam Pacitti or the talking cat.

  80. Josh Goates

    Josh Goates6 days ago

    I have a feeling Charlotte will replace Lacey in the Raw Womens title match and win, then after the match Rhea comes out and faces off with her and sets the motions for Mania

  81. rick storch

    rick storch6 days ago

    Uso wins chamber and just lies down for the head of the table

  82. Feña Fernández

    Feña Fernández6 days ago

    soooo, the cat can be champion ?

  83. Art Stone

    Art Stone6 days ago

    Io Shirai will face Asuka

  84. marcus mclean

    marcus mclean6 days ago

    What happened to Paccitti 😂

  85. Shaun 3114

    Shaun 31146 days ago

    King Ross and Prince Clarence. 👑

  86. Dave Stewart

    Dave Stewart6 days ago

    Why didn’t Tom make any predictions?

  87. Alesana

    Alesana6 days ago

    Love Clarence and pablo, they have such lovely personalities. Miau miau

  88. MewCast !

    MewCast !6 days ago

    My picks: Drew, Booby, Becky comes back and beat Aska, Jay then jay just lay down for roman,

  89. OfficiallyKevin

    OfficiallyKevin6 days ago

    I Have AJ winning championship Orton vs fiend at WM shamus vs Drew Roman vs Edge

  90. Aaron Royal

    Aaron Royal6 days ago

    Drew retains. Sheamus costs Drew against Lashley at Fast Lane. Mania has Drew vs Sheamus no title. Lesnar shows up to face Lashley at Mania.

  91. Michael Richardson

    Michael Richardson6 days ago

    I feel like I know that octopus lol ... watching kids programmes

  92. A D All Day

    A D All Day6 days ago

    Owen in that Nightman Cometh shirt!!!

  93. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog6 days ago

    I didn't even recognize Adam at first. I need more Dexter Patchtti going forward.

  94. Bowat for England

    Bowat for England6 days ago

    I’m glad Ross kept Clarence with the belt.

  95. A G

    A G6 days ago

    The drawing of Cesaro was hilarious

  96. Justin Bonn

    Justin Bonn6 days ago

    any one else get really unconfortable when adam came on 😂😂😂

  97. A G

    A G6 days ago


  98. Karri

    Karri6 days ago

    Owen with an amazing t-shirt.

  99. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium6 days ago

    Can't believe Adam picked Goldberg...

  100. Freakk47

    Freakk476 days ago

    Ok what's Adam's deal? 😅

  101. Rachel Redhead

    Rachel Redhead6 days ago

    My predictions: Drew Bobby Daniel Roman

  102. Ben Hopkins

    Ben Hopkins6 days ago

    I want Pablo or Adam lumis for cultaholic champion. Sorry Ross and clarence