9 Pitches For WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Ross, Jack and Andrew make their 9 Pitches For WWE Elimination Chamber 2021.
Elimination Chamber 2021 Matches/Match Card:
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (Elimination Chamber Match)
Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens vs. King Corbin vs. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan (Elimination Chamber Number 1 Contenders Match)
Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. SmackDown Elimination Chamber match winner
United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Keith Lee vs. Riddle (Triple Threat Match)
Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Lacey Evans
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  1. dbgrfdg

    dbgrfdg4 days ago

    Please no more Andrew :(

  2. Brady Ferguson

    Brady Ferguson4 days ago

    How could you miss out WrestleXavier

  3. yuh yuh

    yuh yuh4 days ago

    This video was a yes from me until they said no to the Woodstock idea. Even though I love Ali and the story makes sense... I love Xavier Woods and I just wanna see him get a shot at a singles run just once at least.

  4. D Bone

    D Bone4 days ago

    Wait. Woods was a World Champion?

  5. D Bone

    D Bone4 days ago

    1] No. I am tired of seeing champions challenging people to challenge them. 2] Only if it is a surprise roll up and not a tap out. 3] Meh. Don't hate it. Don't love it. 4] No. You can't stand to see him lose to Roman any more, so you're going to have him lose to Big-E? 5] Yes please. Hook that shiz into my veins. 6] It's just as "meh" as 3. But at least there would be a cool pirate ship spot... Months later. 7] Rollins is a knob on social media and his matches are boring. Wasn't watching NXT when Bo was there. Though I liked him in the B Team. Black was good to great in NXT... So why not? 9] Elimination Bay-Bay. Since everyone else wants Kofi to get attacked... I would be fine with it being Big Baldy Bastard Baron Corbin... But... Anyone gets attacked by the UE. Adam Cole enters.

  6. wrld_of_o06

    wrld_of_o064 days ago

    What about to Cesaro versus Drew McIntyre

  7. Rufus Rogers

    Rufus Rogers4 days ago

    Jesus christ Andrew again? I have watched every Catholic video since the naked beach bon fire promo videos, but this is the first time i have to turn them off. I can not stand the little twats voice, or pandering attitude.

  8. The Duggs

    The Duggs4 days ago

    Cesaro wins chamber. Edge costs Roman the title. Cesaro wins belt. Edge picks Cesaro Roman kills everyone for two months inserting himself in the main event or wins the belt back at next ppv. Either edge vs Cesaro vs Roman. Or Roman vs edge at wrestlemania.

  9. The Duggs

    The Duggs4 days ago

    Can change Cesaro for Owens or DB.

  10. Christian Highland

    Christian Highland4 days ago

    Now I just really want to see Roman with big gold and a trio of Rollins black and bo dallas. 2 things that have less than 0 chance of happening

  11. Joe Comerford

    Joe Comerford4 days ago

    I had no idea Ellis platten was a wrestling fan

  12. crabbytomb97

    crabbytomb974 days ago

    The Owens heel turn is maybe the only way we'll get to see the Package Piledriver on WWE so for that reason alone, he has to be a heel. Loses to Reigns, or loses the Chamber, and just completely loses it, people trying to cheer him up just get absolutely destroyed because no one understands how much winning would have meant to him

  13. Lazy Paladin

    Lazy Paladin4 days ago

    Final note: Andrew - "I wanna see Spooky sh*t in the mens chamber match" Me: Hes the very heart and soul of Wrestling, *Make this guy a recurring guest/regular!*

  14. BCG Smooth

    BCG Smooth4 days ago

    Pitch 1) I’m all in just I can hear the moans of people saying WWE letting the old guy win again blah blah blah but I love it.. as long as Roman gets the win back.. Pitch2) I heard distraction finish and was like Nah it’s a no for me just cause of that.. WWE and distraction finishes have been high this year as is .. just clean finishes please. 3)pitch 3 💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥

  15. Lazy Paladin

    Lazy Paladin4 days ago

    Just to give people a smile and help algorithms: Rhea Ripley if she was British "This is my Brew-Tetly Tea"

  16. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc194 days ago

    Last time he was a heel was in 2019 with Kofi Kingston. That was over a full year after his feud with Bryan and Shane lol

  17. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc194 days ago

    There are so many amazing matches we could get with smackdown. The fact that they have Gable, Cesaro, Bryan, Murphy, Rollins, Crews, Nakamura, Owens, and all these other guys they could put in the Universal and Intercontinental championship pictures is awesome. Honestly imagine Gable vs Reigns or Gable vs Bryan or even Crews vs Cesaro in a championship match.

  18. The Last Dodo

    The Last Dodo4 days ago

    My pitch : Cesaro wins the chamber, faces Roman, only to get screwed by Seth Rollins during his match against Roman when he's very close to win ! Leading to a Cesarollins match at mania, which Cesaro wins of course

  19. X

    X4 days ago

    Stotties are from up here Ross lol

  20. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith4 days ago

    I thought you were gonna say he wanted to rule the WWE Galaxy now!!! Steal Thanos’s Big Chair, and float around thru the Galaxy finding new table to head.

  21. Steph Webster

    Steph Webster4 days ago

    Ross' first pitch is actually brilliant, and makes so much sense, and now I'm going to be extremely disappointed when it doesn't happen. Also, it was nice to see Andrew in this video - I like the positive, happy energy he brings to videos.

  22. destiny freeman

    destiny freeman4 days ago

    Roman should dump his belt for the gold Whc belt that edge never lost.

  23. Alan Woller

    Alan Woller4 days ago

    Ross's third pitch is absolute gold and I want it to be real now

  24. Dylan Meacham-Wedge

    Dylan Meacham-Wedge4 days ago

    i like the ali angle except instead of woods its punk

  25. cregyn

    cregyn4 days ago

    Re: the pirate spot, are we completely writing off the return of weeks original pirate...Paul burchill? 😂

  26. Thomas Garbutt

    Thomas Garbutt5 days ago

    God bless Andrew, what a guy!

  27. Matthew Fanning

    Matthew Fanning5 days ago

    Talking about tentacle p*rn and looking behind ross gave me a good laugh

  28. Matthew Fanning

    Matthew Fanning5 days ago

    Holy Crap that first pitch was wow "chef kiss" perfect

  29. Dragos Parpalea

    Dragos Parpalea5 days ago

    After just talking about tentacle porn...with an octopus behind him...Ross saying Aleister Black will do naughty things to Bo Dallas just sound so wrong lol

  30. Jose Palomares

    Jose Palomares5 days ago

    Clarence has been a true MVP lately👏👏👏

  31. wickidpissah

    wickidpissah5 days ago

    Ross' pitch for Rollins to be the figure with the devil Aleister Black on one shoulder and the angel Bo Dallas on the other shoulder honestly sounds like it could be a lot of fun. They could get some serious mileage out of a scenario like that.

  32. D Bone

    D Bone5 days ago

    Wait. Is there one without Matthew? For the first time in what feels like a year, I can watch a 9 pitches video.

  33. AquaPhoenixVGC

    AquaPhoenixVGC5 days ago

    unpopular opinion: I actually like the Universal title, I feel like it has lot of legitimacy. Maybe because it hasn't flip flop to John Cena every time you turn around. Plus Brock Lesnar's name being on there for the most held and longest held.

  34. Jacob Stephens1738

    Jacob Stephens17385 days ago

    It be cool if Orton or hardy won the chamber and faced edge at mania

  35. Marlo Aleman

    Marlo Aleman5 days ago

    I was at the Auska was a beautiful little Japanese woman

  36. DangerOne

    DangerOne5 days ago

    He's just so happy to be there Jack! If I had a sister I'd gladly enjoy her dating Andrew, but I don't, so if he wants, he can take my dog for a walk in the park.

  37. boredgeek

    boredgeek5 days ago

    It also feels like Andrew is the happy wrestling fan that enjoys things for what they are, and Ross and Jack are the old fogies being all harrumph about things :P

  38. boredgeek

    boredgeek5 days ago

    I liked Andrew's last two pitches. "Spooky bollocks" are a good change from the bland regular stuff that permeates most of WWE story telling, and I am 100% behind Woods getting more due time in a singles capacity. The end result of that though needs to be him winning King of the Ring, cause it is his dream goal.

  39. Steven Russell Haime

    Steven Russell Haime5 days ago

    Brock Lesnar returns to win the Chamber for the WWE Championship even though he isn’t in it

  40. eric stoepker

    eric stoepker5 days ago

    Owens needs to go back to being the Kevin Stein heel in ROH

  41. Justin Chaplin

    Justin Chaplin5 days ago

    Please keep Andrew on!

  42. Robin0928

    Robin09285 days ago

    I'm kinda meh on the idea of bringing the World Heavyweight belt back. I'd honestly rather see a full redesign of the Universal Title that has some elements of the WHC and the current IC Title design. Just bringing that older design back would clash so much with all the current belt designs. Also Name plates

  43. Rathgor

    Rathgor5 days ago

    This new guy is ace

  44. VorpalBender

    VorpalBender5 days ago

    Andrew is king!

  45. Jay Barker

    Jay Barker5 days ago

    What a treat to have Andrew, Ross and Jack together - so glad see Andrew's lovely face back again!

  46. LegoLich

    LegoLich5 days ago

    Cracking debut from Andrew

  47. Campbell Tansley

    Campbell Tansley5 days ago

    "Clarence has taken a topè suicida!" Lmao

  48. Mike Fartini

    Mike Fartini5 days ago

    Mcaffee takes out kofi backstage and wins the wwe championship elimination chamber

  49. Emma Bonn

    Emma Bonn5 days ago

    Maybe not the best pitch after a cart out angle But here’s my IC title pitch Triple threat elimination (keep it on brand) Big E Shinsuke Apollo First Apollo pins Big E Then Shinsuke pins Apollo Big E celebrates with Shinsuke Apollo loses it on Big E At mania Big E vs Apollo Loser leaves Smackdown Apollo feels that big E is holding him down Big E thinks Apollo needs to respect the order of contenders It kinda works For Shinsuke he can take the belt Fastlane Daniel Bryan vs Shinsuke Nakamura He wins there Wrestlemania Sami Zayn vs Nakamura Give me the “hate me now” hype package for Sami Zayn’s conspiracy documentary

  50. Emma Bonn

    Emma Bonn5 days ago

    I want Sami Zayn and KO to be the starters for the chamber and I want the eternal hockey fight from wrestlemania 32 to go through the whole match I wanna see them fight like the nordiques and the Canadiens I want them to fight like the other one has different opinions on Quebecois nationalism.

  51. Emma Bonn

    Emma Bonn5 days ago

    A pitch I made Randy is in his pod Lights go around It lands on Randy’s pod Maybe Second to last Giant burst of flame in the pod When the flame dies down Randy is gone And the fiend is there

  52. Logan Narayanasamy

    Logan Narayanasamy5 days ago

    My pitch for Asuka's title defence will be Becky to return and win back the championship. Help out with the ratings for Raw till Mania. And drop it at Mania, to whomever (Charlotte most prob cause duh WWE). Becky did relinquish the title to Asuka because of pregnancy. And right now it is also a pregnancy storyline so it may tie up well. But I am sure its not gonna happen. But its what I wanttttt to happen.

  53. Curb 21

    Curb 215 days ago

    Andrew just seems like a genuinely kind person.

  54. palak Savla

    palak Savla5 days ago

    Wish Finn balor would have been a deamon yet....what an entrance he would have...😍😍😍 Pirate deamon

  55. Jamie Bullen

    Jamie Bullen6 days ago

    That Andrew man, can’t stand him what a horrible bastard! I kid of course he’s a lovely lad, just trying to make Jack feel a bit better about himself

  56. David Rothenberger

    David Rothenberger6 days ago

    Has anyone seen Charlette flair with the big gold belt on Instagram today??? Ironic that these two things where in the same relative time

  57. Grant Robertson

    Grant Robertson6 days ago

    Jack's final pitch was class

  58. Bill Brasky

    Bill Brasky6 days ago

    The main reason i havent pointed out that videos with andrew suck is cuz i used to point out that any content with maffew was the worst content on the channel, then his appearances doubled, and when i pointed out tom was unwatchable he took over the news grading, so now i cant watch those videos

  59. Willie Goshh

    Willie Goshh6 days ago

    Andrew been watching Gore & Perkins with that 2nd pitch.

  60. Luc Tempest

    Luc Tempest6 days ago

    Andrew is adorable.

  61. SpartanIsland99

    SpartanIsland996 days ago

    People need to get over the big gold belt. Yes it was a great title but it’s long gone and the current belts are the current belts and WWE are never bringing it back. Honestly it’s the same thing as CM Punk return rumours.

  62. Dean Timson

    Dean Timson6 days ago

    Didn't edge take out Kofi when he hijacked the other chamber match? What if edge does the same again, wins, shock beats reigns and then defends at mania? Then losing to reigns to kick off Summer run as heel.

  63. Adam Brotherton

    Adam Brotherton6 days ago

    Look at Cultaholic pretending Andrew isn't Adam Pacitti with a bald cap and beard dye

  64. Dean Timson

    Dean Timson6 days ago

    32:49 Ross on the dark fruits again

  65. Lewis Black

    Lewis Black6 days ago

    Andrew do be looking like a bald 15 year old though, but you can't hate him he's such a natural babyface

  66. JWAB9

    JWAB96 days ago

    My idea for the Fiend: The chamber match starts off normally, Orton is the person to enter the match from the pods. At this point no one has been eliminated. Orton enters and RKOs AJ then Kofi, Hardy, Sheamus and finally McIntyre. Orton goes over and starts to pin Drew, as the ref is just about to count the pin, the lights go off. They come back on darkened, Orton is still in pinning position on Drew, Alexa is sat, legs crossed right up to Orton face. He slowly gets up and backs away, Alexa mimics him and the same time. Drew rolls out of the ring almost unnoticed. Alexa then starts talking in almost a ritual type language. The 3 pods that held the other wrestlers then light up and the Fiend is in all 3, Alexa continues the ritual and says the word 'Burned' all 3 pods are engulfed in fire with the 3 Fiends inside. The fire then goes out and the Fiend mask is in one pod, his gloves in another and his shirt and trousers in the third. Alexa continues the ritual and walks inside Ortons pod, she then smiles and the black blood drips out of her mouth. Ortons attention is fixed on Alexa, she says 'Let Him In' the pod is engulfed in flames with Alexa inside, we hear Alexa screaming, similarly to sister Abigail when Orton burned down the Wyatt compound. As the flame is stopped the Fiend is now standing where Alexa was and the mask, gloves and attire in the other 3 pods has disappeared. It seems as if Alexa has conducted a ritual sacrificing herself to resurrect the Fiend. Orton is terrified of what he is seeing and the Fiend is just laughing inside the pod. The lights are still dimmned then we see AJ hit the phenomenal forearm from the ropes near the Fiend, Orton just didn't see him coming. The Fiend continues laughing, AJ pins Orton and on the 3rd count the Fiend stops laughing. AJ gets up and stares at the Fiend. The lights go down Fiend style and when they come back on, he is gone. The match continues with the other 5 guys. I put in the AJ& Fiend withstare with Orton elimination due to AJ losing his WWE Title to the Fiend in Chamber in 2017 because of Orton and the Wyatt Family. Thought it was a little throwback/nod

  67. Kevin Lashlee

    Kevin Lashlee6 days ago

    every single segment involving edges return after the first pop from the first rumble has done absolute crap in the ratings and even the supposed best matches ever have been received about as well as a fart in an elevator. and you guys want to put another belt on him.... He's had more than enough career for several people and at this point he should only be there to enhance other talents moving forward

  68. Ash Hollingsworth

    Ash Hollingsworth6 days ago

    I want the Raw Elimination Chamber to just go as per the norm, RKO is the last one in the Pod and when the spotlight lights up his pod, all the lights turn off, and then Randys pod sets on fire with him in, fire goes out the whole arena is dark and then a red spotlight and The Fiend is in the pod, and then more fire and he’s gone

  69. Đuki Đuki

    Đuki Đuki6 days ago

    Btw I posted the bayblade thing on twiter

  70. Guillermo Villarreal

    Guillermo Villarreal6 days ago

    I think the last pitch could work if Kevin Owens gets eliminated 1st via roll up by jey uso he gets upset, storms off backstage and ones the raw elimination starts he gets angry attacks kofi joins the elimination chanber and goes on last and eliminates drew at the end

  71. John Munoz-Crabb

    John Munoz-Crabb6 days ago

    Owens was a heel in 2019, he challenged Kofi for the world title

  72. David Garcia

    David Garcia6 days ago


  73. KyrianXVII

    KyrianXVII6 days ago

    I want Andrew's spooky shenanigans pitch. I know Ross hates this spooky stuff, but I dig it and what its done, specifically for Alexa Bliss. Give me more.

  74. Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC6 days ago

    Been rewatching some OSW today and when Andrew mentions Adam Pearce it reminded me that he was one of the masked wrestlers in the "Wrestlings secrets exposed" thing... Little tid bit for ya :)

  75. Mike Fox

    Mike Fox6 days ago

    Bo Dallas' last single victory: WWE Monday Night Raw Jul 9th 2018 Bo Dallas pinned Matt Hardy

  76. Colin powers

    Colin powers6 days ago

    We love you Andrew we do! We love you Andrew we do! We love you Andrew we do! Oh Andrew we love you you you!!!!

  77. patrick kelly

    patrick kelly6 days ago

    15:00 r truth?

  78. Adrian M-D

    Adrian M-D6 days ago

    I like Andrew on pitches-he’s not taking the piss on every single pitch which is refreshing lol

  79. Robert Tonkinson

    Robert Tonkinson6 days ago

    For an Owens heel turn, have Cesaro score a desperate roll-up on him and Owens be livid he didn’t win and start causing a bit of a scene. Cesaro is then just holding his own against Roman and mounting an unlikely comeback where it looks as though he’s about to win and then Owens comes back out and lays out Cesaro to allow Roman to retain. Owens justifies it that he’s so determined to beat Roman that he doesn’t want anyone else to steal his glory and that sets up a feud between Owens & Cesaro for Mania.

  80. Robert Stephens

    Robert Stephens6 days ago

    Andrew is such nice refreshing personality for the channel. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the crew. Glad people aren’t being nasty to him.

  81. NanenMauricio

    NanenMauricio6 days ago

    Andrew is so adorable always lol

  82. Timeerased Games

    Timeerased Games6 days ago

    Andrew's pitch was good until he decided Rhea was the dumb small attention span wrestler who loses to a rollup. No Andrew, Rhea beats Asuka, THEN you make it a triple threat with Charlotte gettin the usual free challenger spot, and Asuka gettin her (officially not free) rematch. Thats how you do it. Rhea wins at mania against Asuka and Charlotte. There, fixed it

  83. Koibito The Scrublord

    Koibito The Scrublord6 days ago

    Nah. You made it worse. Thank God you're not on this show.

  84. Paul Walmsley

    Paul Walmsley6 days ago

    Jack I really do have to agree with you when you said you've improved as a presenter during your time with Cultaholic. Genuinely feels like you're more comfortable and natural on all the videos you guys put out these days. Great to see. :)

  85. Desmond Davies

    Desmond Davies6 days ago

    the last time Kevin Owens was heel was in 2019 during his rivalry with Kofi Kingston over the WWE Championship

  86. Shaun Fletcher

    Shaun Fletcher6 days ago

    Andrew is just really likeable - he comes across as a lovely guy. That and he's got an ''innocent'' accent aha.

  87. Jamie Dawson

    Jamie Dawson6 days ago

    so much better than that spacey eyed personality sponge owen

  88. John trainfan101

    John trainfan1016 days ago

    Kairi Sane wasn't wasted on the main roster.

  89. Tom Jarvis

    Tom Jarvis6 days ago

    The last time Owens was a heel was when he feuded with Kofi & new day then he turned face and feuded with ziggler and then Shane McMahon again

  90. Totally Not Skeletor

    Totally Not Skeletor6 days ago

    when they said golden rule i hoped they start to sing it

  91. David Handley

    David Handley6 days ago

    Fully on board with Ross trying to make Andrew's gimmick 'sex pervert Andrew'

  92. AwesomeToes

    AwesomeToes6 days ago

    Loving the octopus in Ross' background

  93. Thomas

    Thomas6 days ago

    Ross predicts Owens beats up a Make A Wish kid?

  94. Ratchet

    Ratchet6 days ago

    ross is looking trim and good man

  95. Thomas

    Thomas6 days ago

    Zayn wins the chamber, Roman comes out for the title match, Zayn gets a cheeky roll up and wins the title.

  96. Thomas

    Thomas6 days ago

    Rhea vs Asuka, Charlotte comes out, they both get chairs and beat 7 shades of crap out of Charlotte. Kill off the God Charlotte and then have a banging match.

  97. Hawkesey11

    Hawkesey116 days ago

    “Big Rhea is here” why did that make me laugh so much

  98. Preston Cooper

    Preston Cooper5 days ago

    "big ol' asuka" made me chuckle too

  99. Thomas

    Thomas6 days ago

    Damnit Andrew, I've crapped all over you from day 1, and here I am starting you really like you. Damn you and your charm Andrew.

  100. Matt Ruck

    Matt Ruck6 days ago

    As a Drag Queen .... RU Paul is a dick lol

  101. Romeo Valentine

    Romeo Valentine6 days ago

    I call cesaro to win and lose do to interferance..id like for them to test the waters with Cesaro like they did with Kofi ..prove he has what it takes to be chaml but rob him of it

  102. Romeo Valentine

    Romeo Valentine6 days ago

    Drew will retain but will favour the ribs .. And then be attacked by sheamus after the match .. The next nite on raw ultimate oportunist chooses the injured drew , if he some how beats drew .. He will instantly be cashed on by Miz

  103. Aayushman Singh Chandel

    Aayushman Singh Chandel6 days ago

    They'll have to redesign the WWE title as it already has" World Heavyweight Champion" written under that gigantic WWE logo.......They should rename it the "WWE Undisputed Championship"

  104. Jason Varwig

    Jason Varwig6 days ago

    Steve and Larson are one of the best broadcasters, and definitely deserve more respect than they get.

  105. Jason Varwig

    Jason Varwig6 days ago

    What a shout out from Jack