The Miz To Put Career On The Line Following Elimination Chamber 2021? | Paige Teases WWE Return

Following a social media post made in 2020 about headlining WrestleMania 37, will The Miz put his career on the line after the outcome of Elimination Chamber 2021? Retired superstar Paige has teased a WWE in-ring return. And Sasha Banks has revealed Vince McMahon's reaction when she said she wanted to leave WWE.
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  1. Tareca Librav

    Tareca Librav2 days ago

    Honestly... I can see this being the end for Miz. Dudes had a great run, a great time, and he's starting a family. This would be a good time for it.

  2. KenOD

    KenOD2 days ago

    I almost wish Chad Gable would go to NXT UK. Bit of a clashing style at first, but lot of opponents to pull off great matches there with

  3. johncio91

    johncio913 days ago

    All hail Pablo. King Pablo for president of the USA.

  4. sXeAndriex

    sXeAndriex3 days ago

    I know people are uncertain of the Miz as champ because of how he's been booked this year, but he's proven time and time again that if you just give him the mic he will win you over (into wanting him to be hit with a trash can.) He should retain at Wrestlemania and carry it all the way to Wrestlemania Hollywood being the arrogant, self-entitled prick heel he's so good at being.

  5. So Lame

    So Lame3 days ago

    Well guess he’s going to quit then because Roman vs Rock is the main event of Hollywood Mania

  6. Patrick aka Canrugger

    Patrick aka Canrugger3 days ago

    Paige cant come back and she has said this many times

  7. T W

    T W3 days ago

    Theres a million dumb things going around right now,, just enjoy WWE guys, Miz is FINALLY champ again, Miz and Edge on top, what is this 2010-2011? This is just great, even if he loses it at Mania,, its a great run. If he loses it at Fastlane people will be pissed but my guess is,,,, Lashley vs Drew at Fastlane for #1 contendor at Wrestlemania... and Miz vs Priest for the title at Fastlane. Then possibly a fatal 4 way at Mania after Miz wins dirty at Fastlane, and Drew vs Lashley is a no contest. By the way, I brought of the same post, and guys, he's not being literal, he was saying that Vince doesnt give him the title to do a main event for WM 37 he would quit, cause he's waited 10 years to do another main event quality match. Hes not literally saying hes gonna do a match to put his career on the line dummys!

  8. logan kerr

    logan kerr3 days ago

    also, that post was last year when mania 37 was supposed to be in Hollywood. now its been delayed for the next couple years. Miz will retire then

  9. Nicholas Pruner

    Nicholas Pruner3 days ago

    Are we actually gonna take this post from 53 weeks ago and analyze it now lol

  10. LOLMAN 9538

    LOLMAN 95383 days ago

    I'm thinking Miz is gonna hold it until WrestleMania, then lose it to Cena in a brilliant Title vs Career match.

  11. Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor3 days ago

    I think The Miz has been given some spare time, due to the Hollywood Wrestlemania being postponed until 2023.

  12. Justin DeSousa

    Justin DeSousa3 days ago

    Most cringe opening of all time

  13. Sean Slaughter

    Sean Slaughter3 days ago

    But I doubt he is gonna hold the belt till Mania and if he does he's not going to main event because it will be Edge and the Tribal Chief

  14. Kane Mulligan

    Kane Mulligan3 days ago

    Miz is aweeeessssoooommmmmeeee

  15. Wergoheb

    Wergoheb3 days ago

    Yeah, that Roll-Through into the Deadlift German Gable hit at the end of that Ziggler/Roode tag match the other week was EXCEPTIONAL

  16. B-man The Champ

    B-man The Champ3 days ago

    I can't say I'm all that upset with Miz being champ, McIntyre was really good but getting a little old, and I imagine he's getting it back sooner rather than later so I'm OK with this break. Besides, I had a feeling that The Miz was getting at least one more run with the belt at some point.

  17. DeJaguar

    DeJaguar3 days ago

    16:20 - that is a lot of employer's mindsets because they don't want to have to really deal with their employee's issues, they want them to get back to work as fast as possible. I had some time off due to mental health and stress issues and my boss at the time actually said "well, sick pay is at the line manager's discretion so you'll be paid this month but not next" ... which didn't really help my anxiety or stress at all, and I ended up quitting that job because of it. Giving someone that is depressed a deadline is like take a gun from a suicidal person but hanging it over their bed so that they can stare at it everynight.

  18. pig cat

    pig cat3 days ago

    I am happy Sasha did manage to take the time out and come back better than ever. She has had a great year and a bit.

  19. Jacob Navarro

    Jacob Navarro3 days ago

    The Jushin Liger mask looks like it has shrugging arms.

  20. A Bit of Everything

    A Bit of Everything3 days ago

    Miz was talking about main-eventing the Hollywood 'Mania, which has moved to WM39 (edited), so his statement will do likewise.

  21. Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor3 days ago

    Agree with this completely, but Hollywood is actually WM39. Dallas was snuck in as the host of WM38 for next year.

  22. Dervon Rodriguez

    Dervon Rodriguez3 days ago

    Don't care what anyone says Miz deserves this title run, the only thing sad about it is, he's probably not going to be booked seriously as a champion

  23. Austin Ewing

    Austin Ewing3 days ago

    I think the time to put the big strap on the Miz would’ve been his Miztourage days with Bo, Maryse and Curtis Axel but better late than never

  24. Heather Wright

    Heather Wright3 days ago

    Old Man Vince is a complete douche, I thought everyone knew that? We all know how he feels about any illness being a sign of weakness; so apparently he lumps in mental health in that as well and he only offers a her a MONTH?! So typical of Vince, only thinking of his wallet..

  25. DrLipkin

    DrLipkin3 days ago

    If Paige came back to active competition, she'd have to get rid of her twitch. That constitutes a massive pay cut.

  26. Terrence Bell

    Terrence Bell3 days ago

    Miz should definitely main event this years WM he definitely deserves it and I'm surely tired of Roman being the main event

  27. Aundre Banks

    Aundre Banks3 days ago

    I’ve seen so much more positive reactions than negative on the Miz’s cash in. I’m happy with it.

  28. Maada

    Maada3 days ago

    Anyone else think Andrew looks like The Dean from Community?

  29. Lovinlatex

    Lovinlatex3 days ago

    when that interview was made though "next year" at Wrestlemania was Hollywood so Miz was talking about that seemingly which was pushed to 2023 anyways.

  30. Maada

    Maada3 days ago

    If there's a time for Lashley to be World champ, it's NOW!

  31. Iguana The Conqueror

    Iguana The Conqueror3 days ago

    Miz should headline Wrestlemania.

  32. Johnathan Haynes

    Johnathan Haynes3 days ago

    This is also wrestlemania Hollywood which is next year

  33. Josh Heuckendorf

    Josh Heuckendorf3 days ago

    It doesn’t matter about this mania it’s the year mania goes to Hollywood he said this years isn’t in Hollywood

  34. cogitoergo

    cogitoergo3 days ago

    Ricochet is the biggest cringe merchant in AEW. 'Uh you just dont seem to understand im an ARTIST'. The business needs to die when it lets weaklings like this in.

  35. Chris

    Chris3 days ago

    Was one of Sasha's complaints really that she only gets 1-2 days off per week? You know, just like MOST people?

  36. Nicole Swanson

    Nicole Swanson8 hours ago

    You missed the whole point, 1-2 days off, being Mercedes, when she is Sasha Banks the other days. Most other people are themselves those non days off.

  37. Lindsey White

    Lindsey White3 days ago

    Andrew that Tshirt is fabulous!

  38. Caleb Mathis

    Caleb Mathis3 days ago

    I’m not mad at the Miz winning! It makes sense logically for him, the holder of MITB, to successfully cash it in after Drew just endured the chamber

  39. Caleb Mathis

    Caleb Mathis3 days ago

    I always know when Andrew is on one of these videos by how long the video is 😂

  40. John Clark

    John Clark3 days ago

    unless The Miz gets rid of Morrison and starts taking it seriously he might as well go home cause the crap he's doing now will not get him anywhere.

  41. JetShadow

    JetShadow3 days ago

    I waited for years for Miz to be champ again

  42. MutedMayday

    MutedMayday3 days ago

    I just hope Miz comes out with a fire promo tonight and not a comedy segment

  43. Fran

    Fran3 days ago

    I'm going to Miz him 😟

  44. Jason Bornot

    Jason Bornot3 days ago

    I'm really happy with the miz winning Awesome

  45. Jeff Carbone

    Jeff Carbone3 days ago

    1. Lol WWE 2. I think it was pretty obvious Miz wanted to main event WM Hollywood as opposed to just "this coming WM" because his whole gimmick is he's an a-list actor and y'all are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  46. Harms Way

    Harms Way3 days ago

    The way I'm thinking things could play out might go something like this. Miz & Morrison vs. Priest & Bunny at Fastlane along with McIntyre vs. Lashley for the #1 contender. Perhaps Miz would have Morrison do all the work and either tag himself in at the end to get the win or let an exhausted Morrison get pinned. Then later on, he interferes in the Lashley/McIntyre match and ends up having to face both of them at WM. At WM, Miz is just doing everything he can to not get hurt, but break up any pin or submission attempt. He ends up sacrificing Morrison to a big spot from either one of the others, but then gets caught by the remaining person and gets pinned. Miz would then put the blame on Morrison for what happened the next night on Raw before slapping him in the face. After that, Morrison finally snaps and attacks Miz, turning face in the process. We'd then finally get that Miz vs. Morrison feud that should've happened so many years ago. I think a face Morrison vs. a heel Miz would be a great program to watch. And we'd also get a McIntyre/Lashley program for the title.

  47. PurifiedMadness

    PurifiedMadness3 days ago

    He made an Instagram post a year ago, demanding that he main event a show that isn’t gonna happen... That isn’t actually a blood-oath contract, boys

  48. Callum Walker

    Callum Walker3 days ago

    I think Miz will main event and break Bryan’s record for quickest world title loss

  49. Brian Camp

    Brian Camp3 days ago

    The Miz as champion is simply AWESOME!

  50. Chris B.

    Chris B.3 days ago

    What a stupid way to handle Sasha's health, that's how you got your employees to suffer mental breakdowns, that's how you let them suicide, that's the kind of negligence that leads you to have another Benoit case, no matter how much you need a star, letting that star break is gonna be worse for everyone.

  51. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn3 days ago

    Sasha Banks also waived the green flag to begin the Daytona 500 too. She looked happy...

  52. Jeremy Jones

    Jeremy Jones3 days ago

    Good to see you on Andrew

  53. Dead Wafflez

    Dead Wafflez3 days ago

    Charlotte, what are you doing?

  54. Louie Panza

    Louie Panza3 days ago

    The Miz vs The Rock because 1. Wrestle mania is Hollywood 2. Rock took away the Miz’s Spotlight 10 years ago and 3.The rock made a tik tok with a soundbite from a wrestling promo he did

  55. Quiet Artist

    Quiet Artist3 days ago

    Im happy he is champion. He deserves it.

  56. Marco Schenk

    Marco Schenk3 days ago

    WWE pushed WM hollywood back too WM 39

  57. TheCanadianBroski

    TheCanadianBroski3 days ago

    Sasha leaving for 4 months in 2020? When was that? I think you meant 2019.

  58. TheCanadianBroski

    TheCanadianBroski3 days ago

    I'm so sick & tired of these "Paige returning" stories, to be frank she doesn't deserve to return, she was absolutely crap, so her returning would only bring down the entire roster (INCLUDING the bad ones like Lana), don't believe me? Look at Mandy, Sonya, Kairi & Asuka as examples they were complete afterthoughts with her & were given the spotlight after dumping her to the curb.

  59. ohb71303

    ohb713033 days ago

    Was thinking Miz Vs Morrison at Mania, but wouldn’t know how to put Bad Bunny in the situation. Could put a lot into Miz winning the belt and Morrison being pinned to make Riddle the US champ. With the Sasha situation, Vince also probably said no cause of the fear of her showing up on AEW. Especially since around this time AEW was still very new.

  60. kieron beattie

    kieron beattie3 days ago

    Game just like the show garbage

  61. Howard Sloan - Missionary at Large

    Howard Sloan - Missionary at Large3 days ago

    It's about time Miz got another run. Good for him.

  62. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  63. The Unknown Stuntman

    The Unknown Stuntman3 days ago

    Nice to hear Adam say he understands the mental health side even if he can't relate on a personal level, and prove it a while back letting Ross have time off to get himself right, Big up Pacitti good man

  64. James Bhol

    James Bhol3 days ago

    miz is one of the best in the company, id love to see him have a proper run with the title, he can bring a different aspect to mcintyre etc. hes better on the mic and more interesting. Each time hes had a title he makes it the most entertaining storyline to watch. he made the intercontinental title feel like a main event title


    HAWKAMANIA3113 days ago

    😂 Is Parmesan like this dude's Sugar Daddy or something?

  66. Marc Neilson

    Marc Neilson3 days ago

    He pays him so in way yes

  67. Grogu

    Grogu3 days ago

    Miz vs Bad bunny for the title is going to main event night 1 🤣

  68. ReaverPrime

    ReaverPrime3 days ago

    Never understood why people liked the Miz. He's never been an interesting character and his in-ring isn't exactly compelling. I don't get the same thing from his promo style that others do. I just don't get it. Regarding wrestling games, theming aside, two of the most fun wrestling (adjecent) games I've ever played were Def Jam Vendetta and Fight for New York.

  69. Simon

    Simon3 days ago

    Miz to lose to Dwayne at Hollywood ....

  70. Shawn Kiriluk

    Shawn Kiriluk3 days ago

    Am I the only one dreading that wwe is gonna book the miz vs bad bunny at mania with the miz dropping the title bunny?

  71. Callum Nicholls

    Callum Nicholls3 days ago

    I actually like miz as champ

  72. Jordan Stec

    Jordan Stec3 days ago

    The Miz as champ deflates the championship to levels of Jinder. Its clear they want to elevate the Universal belt above one with a storied history

  73. MoshMasterD

    MoshMasterD3 days ago

    More evident that WWE is most possibly going to make Miz the longest reigning WWE Champion in 33 years. WM Hollywood is within the range of their targeted 700 day reign for Miz.

  74. DW3010

    DW30103 days ago

    He said headline wrestlemania in Hollywood… Wrestlemania is not in Hollywood yet. They’re staying in Florida again this year. We all know why.

  75. Infected_Chris

    Infected_Chris3 days ago

    When does that Peacock deal kick in? Because, that next PPV could be the first one in that format. It might be to entice people to sign up on the 'Cock to see who heads to Mania as the champ.

  76. Infected_Chris

    Infected_Chris3 days ago

    @Scoot Bonds I just looked and that PPV is March 21st. I could be completely wrong but I thought of that last night as a reason. It sounds reasonable but then again, we are expecting WWE to be reasonable about something.

  77. Scoot Bonds

    Scoot Bonds3 days ago

    I feel like it was announced as March 18

  78. Orry Bagnall

    Orry Bagnall3 days ago

    Miz vs DB wrestlemania come on son get it booked

  79. Jason Hills

    Jason Hills3 days ago

    The Rock to come and steal Miz’s thunder again?! You must be mad!

  80. Nick C

    Nick C3 days ago

    Wrestlemania Hollywood has been pushed to 2023 so Miz has a few more years to headline


    BUTCHER PETE3 days ago

    Miz and JoMo was good for a while but was a bit stale lately for me. Maybe this is a fresh breath of air and the run will be good but I don't feel like it will be. I am underwhelmed as of now but I hope Miz will pull it off and have a good reign

  82. ESVLV97 Karins

    ESVLV97 Karins3 days ago

    Miz vs Morrison in WM 36... for title

  83. Bullions OnTwitch

    Bullions OnTwitch3 days ago


  84. the_big _akc

    the_big _akc3 days ago

    Well he did say Wrestlemania Hollywood to be fair

  85. Holtender 102

    Holtender 1023 days ago

    I just don't know why anyone is upset about Miz being champ. I can't see why.

  86. Jordon Cooper

    Jordon Cooper3 days ago

    Because he has been booked into the ground in the last year. lost to everyone, been in rubbish comedy feuds, his recent "comedy" segments are reliably a lowlight, he's in the celebrity comedy feud this year and won the title out of nowhere. miz was good as a top guy in 2016 and should have been champ then but his stock has dramatically fallen.

  87. Kenneth Middleton

    Kenneth Middleton3 days ago

    Atleast he's an active wrestler who can have fantastic matches and cut some of the best promos in the business. Thoroughly deserved.

  88. #MrFretz

    #MrFretz3 days ago

    I would rather have Goldberg as champ.

  89. Numor FutÎncă

    Numor FutÎncă3 days ago

    Adam predicted Miz will not main event Miz main event both night confirmed

  90. Jason Keith

    Jason Keith3 days ago

    Please put the world title on Damien priest at wrestlemania

  91. #MrFretz

    #MrFretz3 days ago

    Miz dropping it on raw tonight would rule!

  92. Dan Gagnon

    Dan Gagnon3 days ago

    We are not suppose to like the Miz as champion ya marks

  93. Adam

    Adam3 days ago

    Rather now then at mania that would be even worse

  94. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown3 days ago

    Yeah, Wrestlemania isn't going Hollywood now until next year, so maybe it could be a story they could do over the course of the next 12 months instead. I think that could be a great long term story.

  95. sergiodbd

    sergiodbd3 days ago

    I like The Miz as champion and if he’s paying for the services of The Hurt Business as heavies... could be good. Also I think the Bad Bunny slap and “I’m champion, what are you?” Spurred Miz’s decision to cash in like he did 🤷🏾‍♂️

  96. Vipercon_durotan

    Vipercon_durotan3 days ago

    It was Wrestlemania "goes Hollywood". The "Go Hollywood" part your missing. Even the picture shows Wrestlemania Hollywood. Everything your saying to complete waste of breath saying everything about this year's wrestlemania. We all know Wrestlemania Hollywood got moved back to 2022. So The Miz's career threat doesn't count.

  97. Joshua Manley

    Joshua Manley3 days ago

    I reckon Miz won't put his career on the line because this year isn't Wrestlemania Hollywood. It wasn't about not main eventing any Wrestlemania, it was specifically because it was in Hollywood.

  98. Uncle Cheif

    Uncle Cheif3 days ago

    These booking decisions is exactly why WWE is dying a slow death. The Miz is fucking terrible. I fully expect another record breaking low ratings for the foreseeable future

  99. Cm punk fan boi

    Cm punk fan boi3 days ago

    If bad bunny wins the wwe championship then I will quit watching wrestling

  100. Alex_27

    Alex_273 days ago

    Pablo vs Mr. Happy at mania. Book it Adam

  101. Dr170

    Dr1703 days ago

    Dreamies on a pole match

  102. Gordon Pollock

    Gordon Pollock3 days ago

    I feel sorry for Otis

  103. Jack Marks

    Jack Marks3 days ago

    He has to win underhanded but so glad to see the belt on him

  104. kd Davis

    kd Davis3 days ago

    I wish Miz would quit he's had two money in the banks.. WWE just stacking the deck to get him champ. So now we got two heels who are champs

  105. Blak3 Nikos

    Blak3 Nikos3 days ago

    So let me get this straight. Sasha Banks (one of Vince’s top main event female wrestlers.) Wanted to leave in order to take care of her mentality. But he says “nope just take 30 days off and then come right back.” I know this Vince were talking about here and it’s just another reason why he’s an absolute scumbag. But this has to be one of the worst things he’s ever done. It’s just downright unforgivable. I hope Sasha is doing well and I hope she leaves the company one day. She shouldn’t have to go through that type of ordeal all the time. The same could be said about anyone else in the company or anyone is that works in a similar environment that WWE has.

  106. Turtle_Dustin

    Turtle_Dustin3 days ago

    Well since Wrestlemania isn't in Hollywood this year than I would think the goal is still good till it is

  107. Sudeb Sarkar

    Sudeb Sarkar3 days ago

    What's up with all these wrestling websites talking about people not being happy? Most people online I've seen love that miz is champion. Apart from all these wrestling news websites.