What Happened At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021?!

Jack The Jobber is here to give his What Happened At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 review as he runs down every match from tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV.
WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Results/Highlights:
John Morrison def. Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Elias to qualify for the United States Championship Triple Threat Match
Daniel Bryan won the Elimination Chamber Match to earn a Universal Championship opportunity
Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan to retain the Universal Championship
Riddle def. Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to become the new United States Champion
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler def. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships
Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match; The Miz cashes in the Money in the Bank Contract to win the WWE Championship
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  1. Paid Hits

    Paid Hits3 days ago

    Soooo Lashely vs Mcintrye at Mania

  2. starr Ellington

    starr Ellington3 days ago

    Was there a women elimanation chamber match or just the tag team match?

  3. Nick Micro

    Nick Micro3 days ago

    Did we forget bobby is a MMA fighter as well?

  4. Bubba Fontleroy

    Bubba Fontleroy3 days ago

    It’s so fecking stupid that 3 ways are no disqualification.... anyone in a 3 way who doesn’t immediately go get a weapon just looks dumb. They should make DQs count, and just eliminate the person who gets DQ’d, turning the match into a 1 on 1.

  5. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  6. Rae09

    Rae093 days ago

    Why are people so keen on Lashley having a short reign so Drew can win the title in front of fans? How is that fair to Lashley? I love Drew but come on! Let Lashley have a good reign.

  7. Sherwin John

    Sherwin John3 days ago

    Great show

  8. john asshat

    john asshat3 days ago

    The Miz has been booked like an absolute loser for the last year. It instantly devalues the WWE title for him to be the champion. How do people not see this!

  9. john asshat

    john asshat3 days ago

    Keith Lee would 100% be the US champion right now if he was cleared. Instead that title which was elevated for month by Lashley is on a clown...

  10. Mia Khalifa

    Mia Khalifa3 days ago

    Do YOU love me

  11. Jovilla 21

    Jovilla 213 days ago

    Former MMA Fighter Riddle. True but let’s not forget Lashley was an MMA fighter as well. A successful record at that too.

  12. Zahair Sesay

    Zahair Sesay3 days ago

    There wasn’t even a women’s elimination chamber which makes me mad

  13. Herman Falck How

    Herman Falck How3 days ago

    The way Jack said "Slapjack" killed me.

  14. Leo S

    Leo S3 days ago

    Miz did deserve another world title reign but he should’ve won it in 2017 or 2018 when he was at his peak and I bet anyone complaining now would’ve wanted Miz to be WWE champion back then.

  15. corey walker

    corey walker3 days ago

    I enjoyed the pay-per-view from start to finish. I'm also looking forward to what happens next with The Miz, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, and The Hurt business because I knew something was going to happen once they showed the segment of M.V.P talking backstage with The Miz.

  16. James Bhol

    James Bhol3 days ago

    im so gassed with miz as champion, been waiting so long for it. hope its not a shitty reign though

  17. DangerOne

    DangerOne3 days ago

    I for sure thought bad bunny or priest was gonna screw it up for Miz, but damn, it was definitely a surprise like it or not

  18. reno2200

    reno22003 days ago

    Priest/Bunny is this year's Rawley/Gronk

  19. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan3 days ago

    Bad Bunny - Next WWE Champion

  20. kingdom7777777

    kingdom77777773 days ago

    There are WAAAAAAAAAY too many titles. They need to scrap the Womens tag titles.

  21. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer3 days ago

    Reginald Giveth. Reginald Taketh Away.

  22. Zachariah Morris

    Zachariah Morris3 days ago

    We dont care about your booking opinions. You are a mark. Tell us what happens at the shows and keep it moving.

  23. Joe R

    Joe R3 days ago

    I think Jack's hit it on the head here. Miz deserves it, of course he does, nobody works harder but it is just really weird booking and an odd time to do it.

  24. Heather Owens

    Heather Owens3 days ago

    They could have just sent Asuka out and issue an open challenge. Easiest way around it.

  25. Joe R

    Joe R3 days ago

    The Smackdown Elimination Chamber: What was the point?

  26. Just Another papaya

    Just Another papaya3 days ago

    I really liked this show. I know Adam pacitti seemed to really enjoy it as well. Surprised to see jack so negative.

  27. Graham Smith

    Graham Smith3 days ago

    Love the Roy Keane reference. GG

  28. TheJason145

    TheJason1453 days ago

    lashley is just graduated

  29. AwesomeToes

    AwesomeToes3 days ago

    This was probably the weakest show WWE has put out in a while tbh. The Chamber matches where the best (especially the SmackDown one; Sami was hilarious), and while the booking in the Raw Chamber was strange (Why was Randy eliminated with no fanfare/Fiend shenanigans as an example), I loved the mid air claymore finish to Styles. Now, I do think Miz should've one the WWE championship back in 2016/17 when he was the hottest heel in the company, as he's not clicking with me, but I'm super intrigued by the Miz/Hurt Business alliance. Lashley is looking really dominant rn, I think he's going into the main event scene after the closing angle. I'm willing to let this play out and see how the Miz's run goes this time.

  30. Robert Shay

    Robert Shay3 days ago

    It really is a shame that someone like Ali, who is so talented on both the mic and in the ring; is relegated to pretty much being the leader of a jobber faction.

  31. v b

    v b3 days ago

    He should be in 205, the fact that he is even given tv time on one of the main shows is stupid.

  32. jaryd12345

    jaryd123453 days ago

    I dunno why people are mad that Cesaro didn't win. He had an excellent showing in the match. And all that would have happened if he did win was him being squashed by Roman after a brief flurry.

  33. VaasRules

    VaasRules3 days ago

    imagine sitting down a wrestling fan that has not watched wwe for a while and show them every Riddle & Lashley match and segment from the last several weeks and then having to explain to them that Riddle is supposed to be the babyface.

  34. CptWhit3y

    CptWhit3y3 days ago

    no pictures...booooooooooo

  35. Jamie Corson

    Jamie Corson3 days ago

    Worse PPV ever by WWE even The Horror Show at Extreme Rules was better than this

  36. Cartman

    Cartman3 days ago

    A great PPV. Short and sweet.

  37. Timothy Celona

    Timothy Celona3 days ago

    No one realized that the back of the pod broke during both matches

  38. TheSionThomas

    TheSionThomas3 days ago

    From a story point of view; none of elimination chamber booking made any sense. Really disappointing ppv Is it me, or did Drew RKO Randy??? Best Match, US Championship

  39. Sundeep Kamath

    Sundeep Kamath3 days ago

    That's his job 😅🤣

  40. psrdirector

    psrdirector3 days ago

    doesnt Lashly have a better MMA record then Lesner? just saying

  41. Slyith444 !

    Slyith444 !3 days ago

    I'm only watching Jack because the other channels spoiled it for me but you suck

  42. Luís Dias

    Luís Dias3 days ago

    This is amazing!! The Miz will be our WWE champion for almost 1 day until wwe takes the belt from him and it is like this has never happened!

  43. Navy

    Navy3 days ago

    To be fair Lashley is legit in MMA too, he would batter Riddle

  44. Wrestling Newscast 411

    Wrestling Newscast 4113 days ago

    The most must-see WWE Champion

  45. Josh Schneider

    Josh Schneider3 days ago

    120 lb banks puts a submission hold on 280lb jax? Yeah definitely glad I get my wwe info from you Jack and not wwe itself. Just bs storytelling.

  46. LSC

    LSC3 days ago

    “Former MMA man Riddle runs away from * *fellow former MMA man* Lashley

  47. craig murray

    craig murray3 days ago

    One for the Roy Keane fans🤣🤣

  48. Josh Schneider

    Josh Schneider3 days ago

    I never stopped booing roman. That sort of garbage ass bs is why I don't watch that trash anymore.

  49. Sonicplys 64

    Sonicplys 643 days ago


  50. Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC3 days ago

    Surely Bobby has to beat Miz asap so Drew can win it back at mania from a "Credible" threat? Or is Miz's reality show big enough that WWE think it'll get a load more buys?

  51. Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC3 days ago

    @RAMMSTEIN are my fav band Very true and I'm a Miz fan, but for big daddy Drew's big audience win, it needs to be majorly against the odds imo anyway.

  52. RAMMSTEIN are my fav band

    RAMMSTEIN are my fav band3 days ago

    Miz is a credible sneaky heal

  53. Gearster

    Gearster3 days ago

    I kinda like miz being champ, he will hopefully do something for a short time with it and I'd honestly like it to lead to bobby getting the title down the line

  54. amrit

    amrit3 days ago

    Jack embracing the James and Flav for now podcast but thats his job

  55. Louie Scott

    Louie Scott3 days ago

    I loved the chamber with the exception of the woman’s tag. Everything else was brilliant. Cesaro looked class, Bryan was excellent and Roman looked like a monster. Lashely still looked utterly dominant in the triple threat and Riddle needed the tittle. Miz as champ will be fun and Lashely should be champ now

  56. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith3 days ago

    Now I know I’m gonna be in the minority here but I actually am really happy for miz. The guy really improved his wrestling and promos over the years and if it leads to Bobby getting the title next then drew v Bobby at mania then that’s actually perfect

  57. Ben Sheekey

    Ben Sheekey3 days ago

    Thats the second asuka match that was cancelled because her opponent was pregnant.

  58. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller3 days ago

    It's promotion for Miz and Mrs, WWE a business just makes sense. Just like Bad Bunny having the pointless 24/7 title and him showing off on other shows. Just business. This product is aimed at kids, just enjoying it if you want to or flip to AEW which is aimed at entertaining themselves and the internet smark fan

  59. Adam Legend

    Adam Legend3 days ago

    If they do have Bobby Lashley as WWE champion going into mania, I will be overjoyed!

  60. DylanJayFox

    DylanJayFox3 days ago

    Miz & Business

  61. PopularNobody

    PopularNobody3 days ago

    WWE continues to give 'meh' PPVs. Even their SURPRISING moments get eyerolls. Hard to watch WWE the past 6 months

  62. Prashant Kumar

    Prashant Kumar3 days ago

    I am disappointed that randy lost too early

  63. Prashant Kumar

    Prashant Kumar3 days ago

    Jason L that sucked bro

  64. Jason L

    Jason L3 days ago

    Lost with no shenanigans. Just a straight up roll up 😆

  65. connor kinsman

    connor kinsman3 days ago

    Former mma guy Matt Riddle runs away from much bigger also former MMA guy Bobby Lashley.

  66. Jon Prue

    Jon Prue3 days ago

    Thanks for the review Jack. I'd rather spend 3 hours sitting on my own Elimination Chamber, than have sat through it, but it's good to know what happened.

  67. Jason L

    Jason L3 days ago

    It was only about 2 hr 30 long. 2 hrs if you fast forward the women's tag and all the crap

  68. sXeAndriex

    sXeAndriex3 days ago

    I love the Miz. I don't care if it's weird and barely makes sense, Miz in the champion in 2021. May his reign never end. Literally. I want a Bruno Sanmartino length reign out of them. Miz forever.

  69. Taryn Estabon

    Taryn Estabon3 days ago

    I feel like they should of pulled the trigger on Mix becoming champion between 2016 and 2018 when he was white hot it feels a little underwhelming now but he deserves it.

  70. Jim Y

    Jim Y3 days ago

    I pretty much only follow wrestling through channels like this. though I dont know a lot of behind the scenes info, but everything I hear about Miz has been nothing but positive. he's busted his hump to prove himself. i'm guessing another reward for his loyalty and hard work. I dont know. I'm not even sure if wwe knows. this pandemic is killing more than just people. (sorry if that last bit was insensitive, but its true. its damn true.)

  71. Charlie Taylor

    Charlie Taylor3 days ago

    He’s only gone and brought back the Chambé. Yes Jack!

  72. Mridul Batra

    Mridul Batra3 days ago

    Loved the show absolutely. All of it.

  73. Ben Bowen

    Ben Bowen3 days ago

    Roy Keane Reference Slayed Me!

  74. Peter Öhlhorn Jr

    Peter Öhlhorn Jr3 days ago

    I sense a feel good Wrestlemania coming..

  75. Paul Weston

    Paul Weston3 days ago

    At Fastlane I hope they have a non title triple threat match between The Miz, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor with Edge as the referee. It's a fresh match and could lead to a number of scenarios for Wrestlemania.

  76. MJD

    MJD3 days ago

    noticing Jack the Jobbers references to JAFFN is goated. that’s his JAB

  77. Antonio Sison

    Antonio Sison3 days ago

    Broken Dreams theme song return for drew pls

  78. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst3 days ago

    I'm buzzing that The Miz is WWE Champion again tbh

  79. SharinganSakura

    SharinganSakura3 days ago

    Roman is entering GOAT heel levels. Never thought we'd see it.

  80. Zander cohen

    Zander cohen3 days ago

    Goat dude people are more hyped for the miz then they are Roman he is no way near a goat

  81. Chris Tomson

    Chris Tomson3 days ago

    The funniest thing about this event is that they wanted to change the SD Chamber to try and make it different to RAW’s... only to make the end results of each segment so similar to each other

  82. Pizza Rat

    Pizza Rat3 days ago

    Priest just being the friend of some non wrestler whom people that don't even care about wrestling tell us we have to like phisically hurts me. He's so much better than this sitcom shi.

  83. Roi pedhazur

    Roi pedhazur3 days ago

    What an incredible business decision WWE had to have this ending of the show. Miz deserves this title reign, and a match with him against Bad Bunny for the title - IS BUISNESSS I want Bunny to win it at Mania, getting into a feud with The Hurt Business with Lashley destroying him to win the title. Sadly this will probably not happen. Mcintyre is decent, but a year as champion is more than enough for now, he really became stale.

  84. Daniel Taylor

    Daniel Taylor3 days ago

    People like you are the reason David Arquette won the WCW World title

  85. Nunu Bomba

    Nunu Bomba3 days ago

    Let’s be fair, is there anyone in WWE that’s more actually threatening than Bobby Lashley? Booking aside, this is how he should be used.

  86. Theamazingspiderguy 99

    Theamazingspiderguy 993 days ago

    Lol brogue means a rough shoe if I remember correctly. So Sheamus performed a rough shoe knee strike. 😂 I think you meant a bicycle knee strike.

  87. wanderesq

    wanderesq3 days ago

    I'm more or less happy with the WWE Championship scene... only if it leads to Lashley becoming Champion. I'm a bit happy for Miz, though he and Kofi are no longer tied in championship wins. Come on Kofi, time to win more US and IC titles! Bianca should challenge Asuka, and Sasha should actually get a win against someone (Trish?), for her first Wrestlemania win. Remember when tag divisions used to be good? New Day, Usos, Bar, and of course, Bludgeon Brothers (r.i.p. Luke Harper)... Would anyone else want to see a Drew/Jinder/Sheamus/Cesaro fatal four way for a title? Seriously though, we could have Dominic Dijakovic and Keith Lee (when uninjured) tagging right now, but nooooooo...

  88. Jay Burgess

    Jay Burgess3 days ago

    I see it was a predictable show then........ 😑🤨

  89. Chris B.

    Chris B.3 days ago

    I've wondering this for a while but... is Asuka's yt channel violating wwe policies? I just find odd why Asuka is such an afterthought even when she is the champion... it almost looks like punishment rather than just bad booking.

  90. Funk it!

    Funk it!3 days ago

    I came to play!

  91. Jordan

    Jordan3 days ago

    Knew they'd do this!! Wwe always switch a top title near mania. Drew to win it back at mania in front of fans

  92. DJ Pichu

    DJ Pichu3 days ago

    Really loved the point of Styles pinning Sheamus before the Final 2 because it still means Sheamus could still have the rivalry with Mcintyre or prolong it and have a mini rivalry with Styles for Mania. Now we could basically have a 6 way of Lashley, Drew, Sheamus, AJ, Miz and Priest and have some sort of unpredictability.

  93. Christopher Alonzo

    Christopher Alonzo3 days ago

    When I saw Miz talking to MVP before the WWE Title match, I predicted in my head that the Lashley attack-Miz cash in was gonna happen. Logic for MVP is Miz is a weaker champion that Lashley can take on and then Miz will renege of their championship match deal against Lashley. Either way, it’s gonna be a Triple Threat match for the WWE Title at WrestleMania. The big three world championships for Mania are: Reigns vs Edge for the Universal Championship, Triple Threat Match Miz vs McIntyre vs Lashley for the WWE Championship, Fatal 4-Way Match Finn vs Cole vs Dune vs O’Reilly for the NXT Championship

  94. Aussie Riolu

    Aussie Riolu3 days ago

    Fastlane is probably going to be: The Miz vs Bobby Lashley (WWE Championship Match) Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus (Winner gets a WWE Title Match at WrestleMania)

  95. Tarik Fretes

    Tarik Fretes3 days ago

    The miz should have champ 4 years ago

  96. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19893 days ago

    Idk man... I'm not the biggest Drew fan, but I was on board and hoping for a Drew- Sheamus feud for Mania... Idk. Riddle is the US Champ... Miz is THE Champ... I'm glad I don't watch Raw.

  97. DylanJrDadra

    DylanJrDadra3 days ago

    I’ve been hating on WWE recently but the booking they done for the Miz makes sense! He’s our champ so let’s see what happens I’m excited! I don’t want him dropping the belt tomorrow hopefully he carries it for 3-4 weeks or even longer he deserves it man

  98. kilala plush

    kilala plush3 days ago

    I like cesaro performance was awesome

  99. Kirse

    Kirse3 days ago

    Bad Bunny is big. Makes sense to put the belt on Miz as most people are likely to watch their segments. Edit: Story has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the brand.

  100. thelordthatispablo

    thelordthatispablo3 days ago

    Yes Jack, former MMA guy runs away from another former MMA guy.

  101. Jake Missen

    Jake Missen3 days ago

    Cm Punk is returning

  102. Troy Jackson

    Troy Jackson3 days ago

    For all the trash people give roman for not having many moves, feels like 18 out 20 attacks by cesaro are just different variations of an uppercut.

  103. kilala plush

    kilala plush3 days ago

    wwe Elimination Chamber was ok

  104. Darren Lynch

    Darren Lynch3 days ago

    The predictable choice happens - "Hmm, not sure..." The unpredictable choice happens - "Hmm, not sure..."

  105. IveGotAMatch

    IveGotAMatch3 days ago

    Proof, as if it were needed, that playing it safe is no guarantee of satisfaction, and doing the unpredictable is no guarantee of quality. A lot of people were predicting Cesaro to win and then lose to Roman - you’d have heard no complaints if that bit of predictable booking happened. And Miz pinning Roman is unpredictable only because he has been booked to look like a lower mid-card guy and is currently in a feud with Bad Bunny - not exactly the best kind of ‘shocking’. And I like Miz quite a lot! I just don’t think they should have done this so close to Mania - he doesn’t feel like a main eventer right now.

  106. MadMongol Metalhead

    MadMongol Metalhead3 days ago

    Bobby is going to fucking maul Miz as soon as he’s guaranteed that title shot. It’s the Hurt *Business.* Miz hired Bobby like a wrestling hitman to take out Drew after EC on the promise that when Miz captures the title, Bobby gets his title shot. Whether Miz reneges on his deal and earns the ire of THB or goes through with it, Bobby’s walking out with a new title.

  107. Matty Burns

    Matty Burns3 days ago

    It only took 10 years but Miz won wwe championship

  108. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok3 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened to the woman’s elimination chamber I didn’t see it?

  109. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    @Tik Tok you're welcome.

  110. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok3 days ago

    @Marcelo Saunders oh ty for letting me know

  111. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    @Tik Tok I'm not sure. We just didn't have one this year. They usually do only two chamber matches at this ppc and the ones we got were the Universal title qualifying match and the wwe title one.

  112. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok3 days ago

    @Marcelo Saunders why?

  113. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    There was no women's chamber match this year

  114. TurdleyCorn

    TurdleyCorn3 days ago

    On Twitter, I saw a whole lot of tweets saying “People are mad that Miz won, but I’m happy for him” but I didn’t see any tweets from people that were actually angry about Miz winning. We got the best men’s cash-in since Ambrose in 2016, Miz got a second world title that he has more than earned over the last decade, and it will inevitably result in either Lashley joining the list of WWE Champions, or McIntyre becoming a 3-time champion. If you’re going to get mad at this show, get mad that the only women’s match on the entire show ended up being all about Reginald.

  115. Hrishik Sagar

    Hrishik Sagar3 days ago

    Now that you've said this, I realise I can't even remember the MITB winners after 2016 F. I can remember Corbin being one but that's all.