AEW Dynamite: GRADED (17 Feb) | Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch Set For Revolution 2021 PPV!

Join Jack The Jobber for our AEW Dynamite review as he grades every match and segment from last night's AEW Dynamite on the 17th February 2021.
AEW Dynamite Results/Highlights:
Hangman Adam Page and Matt Hardy def. TH2
Riho def. Serena Deeb (AEW Women’s Title Elimination Tournament)
Orange Cassidy def. Luther
The Young Bucks def. Santana and Ortiz to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships
FTR def. Matt and Mike Sydal
Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix and Lance Archer def. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade; Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch is set for AEW Revolution 2021
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  1. Cassidy Dankochik

    Cassidy Dankochik5 hours ago

    Baffled by the focus on JR's gaffe from Jack here.

  2. Andrew O'Grady

    Andrew O'Grady4 days ago

    I felt bad for Serena it looked like she was wrestling a child especially cause she is the NWA women’s champ

  3. the life and times of Moses

    the life and times of Moses5 days ago

    Dynamite. A- more Like B+

  4. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro5 days ago

    I didn't even notice that JR called it the WWE title.. so its really not that big of a deal bud.

  5. James O'Neill

    James O'Neill6 days ago

    The Deeb Riho match was outstanding, I was kinda spent after. I enjoyed the FTR tag match better than the YB one. The roll up finish for Young Bucks was weak and they don't allow the match to breathe, it's all action all the time. I really wanted Santana and Ortiz to win.

  6. Lovie Pittsburgh

    Lovie Pittsburgh6 days ago

    I could care less if JR messed up and called Kenny the WWE champ. An honest mistake and did nothing to ruin anything. Also, the Kenny Omega segment was hilarious. As for The Bunny, she's been doing this on Dark the past few shows. She's got this hilarious Hyena laugh she's been using now. I guess you either find it funny or annoying. To each their own.

  7. David Garcia

    David Garcia6 days ago


  8. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun6 days ago

    An AEW Women's match recieving an A Grade makes my heart melt. Serena Deeb and Riho went out there and put on a near classic showcase, I was proud of both women. Their match really reminded me not to give up on the AEW Women's Division and that it will indeed get better!!

  9. d4rksol123

    d4rksol1236 days ago

    For me the Riho - Deeb match was probably THE best women's wrestling match I have ever seen on TV .. probably a top contender for all matches on a major promotion (including PPVs). The match was almost perfect .. no 'massive' spots, no 'massive' twists or surprises .. mostly just pure wrestling .. holds, counters, psychology .. perfect length as well. Surprised to see others are not seeing it as being that great.

  10. Michael Moran

    Michael Moran6 days ago

    I just came from pitches... I want to kick JTJ's butt. for being mean to Andrew

  11. Aubery Bloom

    Aubery Bloom6 days ago

    The Kenny segment was the best part of the show! D grade lol

  12. Level1Celt

    Level1Celt6 days ago

    I'm weirdly disinterested by the notion of an exploding barbed wire death match, like I'll give it a chance and all, don't want to come across like a Cornette but right now I feel like the more absurd pro wrestling gets, the harder it is to suspend disbelief and at that point, what's the point of putting on absurdly violent matches when the very match is reminding you that it's scripted.

  13. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire7 days ago

    2:00 Imagine if contract law worked this way.

  14. SledgeHammer [SSS SSquad]

    SledgeHammer [SSS SSquad]7 days ago

    I love Jack but he's so neurotic haha "That joke would have been funny if JR hadn't called Omega the WWE champion 20 minutes ago" Who thinks like this???? xD

  15. Tyler Poplow

    Tyler Poplow7 days ago

    I think Eddie's "mysterious table" was him knocking it over in anger as prior to that Archer slapped him

  16. Dan-Mihai Bradu

    Dan-Mihai Bradu7 days ago

    Honestly this gig they invented with YA BOI Alex Marvez showing up everywhere is what makes interviews more appealing in aew, “tHe LiTtlE tHiNgs” as AJ Styles would say

  17. Bubba Fontleroy

    Bubba Fontleroy7 days ago

    Pretty sure the “botched table spot” in the main event was never meant to be a table spot. Iirc, Kingston lost an exchange in the ring, went outside, and threw a tantrum at ringside, wrecking the table and throwing it around.

  18. Mishk97

    Mishk977 days ago

    Alex Marvez "The Batman of Journalism" get that on a T-shirt ASAP!

  19. Patrick Stone

    Patrick Stone7 days ago

    Gotta disagree with your grading of the school segment. I thought it worked really well. Also, you're being really harsh on JR man, let him live

  20. Maccy

    Maccy7 days ago

    Jack’s passionate defence of the correct way to say Jaguars. Noble

  21. John Doe

    John Doe7 days ago

    The $3,700 bit I think is a nod to Sammy's Vlog where Matt said that was about the amount Sammy owed Matt every week. And I disagree, the Omega/Kids segment was great.

  22. TheReal434

    TheReal4347 days ago

    Yes why did Riho shove Yuka? Still a bitter pill when watching Riho I must say.

  23. kilala plush

    kilala plush7 days ago


  24. James Richardson

    James Richardson7 days ago

    Jack love you bro but the segment at the school was funny. It was to show how delusional kenny omega has become. The WWE thing from ross wasnt as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. It was a good episode of dynamite. Really liked the closing segment with Moxley and Omega. The womens match was damn good. The tag title match was great.

  25. cld

    cld5 days ago

    Omega even referenced the problem the front cover.

  26. Martin Sturn

    Martin Sturn7 days ago

    Is there anyone Serena Deeb could not have an amazing match with?

  27. Sid

    Sid6 days ago

    Nia Jax

  28. No one in particular

    No one in particular7 days ago

    This would be more intriguing to me if they hadn't already had multiple hardcore matches together already and Moxley himself hadn't been pretty much exclusively working hardcore matches almost every week anyway. I just don't know how many more times I can watch them batter each other to death with furniture and kick out at 2 and still be interested. I doubt setting off pyro whenever they touch the ropes, or however they work this, will revitalize my interest. AEW feels more and more like alternative WWE, not an alternative to WWE to me.

  29. Andre van Niekerk

    Andre van Niekerk7 days ago

    I really love Luther man, in a "it's do bad it's good" kind of way; a true Japanese legend up there with guys like Tanahashi

  30. Angel Canez

    Angel Canez7 days ago

    Luther's the real 1 in a century Talent lol

  31. Mr Hanktastic

    Mr Hanktastic7 days ago

    I hade to look up what swings and roundabouts was

  32. Alesio De Nardi

    Alesio De Nardi7 days ago

    Dynamite sucked this week

  33. Alesio De Nardi

    Alesio De Nardi7 days ago

    @Dashie41 Pnp lost by a fucking roll up after dominating the match makes no sense to me

  34. Dashie41

    Dashie417 days ago

    Hahahahahaha no it was great you fake wrestling fan go watch trash aka RAW

  35. Timothy Mallard

    Timothy Mallard7 days ago

    Jack his name is Jackson DeVille

  36. M Spacely

    M Spacely7 days ago

    Jericho vs Poppa Buck is more like it, let Chris work with someone in the same physical shape as him.

  37. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm7 days ago

    Jericho is in better shape than us let's be honest here

  38. Jordan Henderson

    Jordan Henderson7 days ago

    Ortiz had him in the Koji Clutch

  39. DIY Writes

    DIY Writes7 days ago

    That Kenny Omega segment should probably have gotten an F ... not only for the things that you had said ... but Kenny leaves the AEW belt like he doesn't care about it and forgot it on the chair. Bad form. It's the little things like that that make the belt look bad.

  40. N K

    N K7 days ago

    Here is what needs to happen at some point... Orange Cassidy VS Isiah Kassidy and the Loser loses his last name.

  41. Dervon Rodriguez

    Dervon Rodriguez7 days ago

    Are we getting down on Friday tomorrow lad?

  42. Brocki Kaiser

    Brocki Kaiser7 days ago

    Man everybody makes mistakes where humans I don't know what is the big deal about JR mistake It was funny but everybody makes mistakes

  43. justjoe1811

    justjoe18117 days ago

    Wait? Did Jack just mentioned What Culture? Did he just opened the hidden gate? 😳

  44. Brendan Flaherty

    Brendan Flaherty7 days ago

    Riho is the biggest heel in jacks eyes and its wonderful

  45. N H

    N H7 days ago

    There is no commentator for any sport league - pro or college - that could keep their job making the amount of mistakes and sounding as disinterested as JR does on a weekly basis. I still believe JR is the goat, but at this point he is bringing the product down. Then again - Excalibur has never been more than a B list commentator. AEW needs to give JR the flak he has more than earned.

  46. Lee Clarke2

    Lee Clarke27 days ago

    Nobody cares about Aew

  47. Dashie41

    Dashie417 days ago

    Fortnite is dead

  48. Andre van Niekerk

    Andre van Niekerk7 days ago

    This pathetic Lee Clarke2 thing tries to bait people every week and every week it fails, I almost feel sorry for it at this stage as this F tier bait is probably the highlight of its week

  49. justjoe1811

    justjoe18117 days ago

    Yet youre here?

  50. Mr Paradise

    Mr Paradise7 days ago

    Go to bed Lee it's past your bed time son.

  51. cogitoergo

    cogitoergo7 days ago

    Luther and Orange cassidy dream match? You're just fucking with us now.

  52. Cold Snap

    Cold Snap7 days ago

    As a Texan, I get where you're coming from on the pronunciation of "jaguar." But how about this? Call them the Jacksonville JUGULARS. Like the artery.

  53. Bent Rackle

    Bent Rackle7 days ago

    Jack: "I'm still a child really, essentially..." Me: OMG IS HE STILL 5?

  54. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels7 days ago

    'Is it the first of it's kind in the western wrestling world?" I don't know.... but CZW might have something to say about that.

  55. Dean Curran

    Dean Curran7 days ago

    "Is it the first of its kind"

  56. Kiarash SJ

    Kiarash SJ7 days ago

    Fun fact: thegreatone is an idiot youtuber

  57. LukeShef

    LukeShef7 days ago

    This is one time when I will defend JR, I distinctly remember Nigel Mcguinness calling NXT Ring of Honor at least once, on live tv that kind of thing can happen

  58. txcforever

    txcforever6 days ago

    @Alex_27 Well unfortunately it's a fact that he barely seems to care most of the times and has trouble even at forming basic sentences about what is happening in front of him. I respect the man, but maybe it's time to give him backstage duties only and have Taz replace him (or Jericho when he retires from active wrestling).

  59. LukeShef

    LukeShef7 days ago

    @FadedFortunes I mean not me lol

  60. FadedFortunes

    FadedFortunes7 days ago

    Yeah but like who cares about R.O.H?

  61. Alex_27

    Alex_277 days ago

    It’s more the fact that it’s Jim Ross and he does stupid stuff all the time so he gets less breaks

  62. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels7 days ago

    The most important part of the omega school promo: Don and Kenny left the belt in the classroom. Did Nakazawa grab it after he got beat up?

  63. Zoe Priestley

    Zoe Priestley7 days ago

    Jack cracks me up, he notices every tiny mistake JR makes in commentary but it has taken him this long to notice Ali screaming like a banshee at ring side, even though she does literally everytime. 🤦‍♀️

  64. Zoe Priestley

    Zoe Priestley7 days ago

    @Dixie Pixie that's very true he does but he is a 70 yr old man so we gotta give him some leway. Ha I never noticed that I'm gonna have to look out for it next week.

  65. Dixie Pixie

    Dixie Pixie7 days ago

    @Zoe Priestley J.R. does make a lot of mistakes though. 😂 I like how he sounds uninterested when two wrestlers he's not quite familiar with are going at it. 😂

  66. Zoe Priestley

    Zoe Priestley7 days ago

    @Dixie Pixie honestly JR could sneeze in the wrong tone and Jack would be on it. 🤣

  67. Dixie Pixie

    Dixie Pixie7 days ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this! 😂

  68. Đuki Đuki

    Đuki Đuki7 days ago

    Nakazawa vs kids next week

  69. Adrian M-D

    Adrian M-D7 days ago

    Man, I forgot how good Riho is honestly. She can REALLY go-that match was great!

  70. txcforever

    txcforever6 days ago

    Yeah, she is so small but you forget that when she starts moving in the ring.

  71. Ryan Rich

    Ryan Rich7 days ago

    I’m so heated Tay, Nyla, Anna, and Britt are wrestling on USlikes like wtf are they doing

  72. Ryan Rich

    Ryan Rich6 days ago

    @wulpurgis we don’t have cable at my house just internet I’m saying for the public way more people will watch the dynamite show itself (cable, stream, etc.) than the USlikes matches

  73. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    @Ryan Rich y u pay for cable u no use?

  74. Ryan Rich

    Ryan Rich7 days ago

    @wulpurgis I only stream 😂 the issue isn’t seeing the match personally it’s the platform like they have the time on dynamite for the tournament especially one side of the bracket at least

  75. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    @José Marrero das some weird shit, you youngsters need to learn from us older millennials how internet = free stuff

  76. José Marrero

    José Marrero7 days ago

    @wulpurgis I'm 21 and paid cable it's just normal yes I don't use it all the time but a lot of people enjoy it still

  77. John Munoz-Crabb

    John Munoz-Crabb7 days ago

    I don't know if it means anything, but I thought it was interesting that the heels were cheering for Deeb during her match with Riho

  78. TheFightingScott

    TheFightingScott7 days ago

    The bunny has been doing lots of whooping and laughing when blade or butcher to big moves, Excalibur pointed it out on dark in their last match, bit a new heel tactic

  79. joe lewis

    joe lewis7 days ago

    7:32 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic ?

  80. wholetruthy

    wholetruthy7 days ago

    De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

  81. The Red Bat

    The Red Bat7 days ago

    That Kenny bit in the school was hilarious. 1. JR gets a pass. It's only a big deal if you're looking for things to hate. It is funny at worst. 2. Nakazawa got possum slapped. Watch the Goofy Movie. You'll know it when you see it.

  82. Lucas Hays

    Lucas Hays7 days ago

    I guess this is our new favorite day of the week

  83. talonthehand

    talonthehand7 days ago

    Was the mascot Kassidy when Jericho wrecked him at the Stadium Stampede? America deserves to know

  84. txcforever

    txcforever6 days ago

    That would be some Silmarillion level lore building if it was true

  85. Poisoned Bytoxic

    Poisoned Bytoxic7 days ago


  86. Shack 462

    Shack 4627 days ago


  87. PhantomFTW

    PhantomFTW7 days ago

    This AEW Dynamite 🧨 was INCREDIBLE Loving Hangman finding friends in The Dark Order, Deeb vs Riho was an absolute showcase, Didn't think we'd ever see Sting take a bump like that again. Only jim cornette could hate this Dynamite.

  88. Will Morrison

    Will Morrison7 days ago

    And you know he will...and I’m sure he’ll love the exploding barbed wire stipulation

  89. Jeff Carbone

    Jeff Carbone7 days ago

    I wonder if Evans was shaken up when he botched the Phoenix Splash: slightly before that spot there was a spot where Hangman powerbombed him onto Angelico that wasn't exactly clean and looked like Evans clipped his head/neck on Angelico's hip bone or something, and from that point on he kinda looked out of it/woozy, getting crossed up on a spot where he was supposed to come from behind Angelico while he was holding an oppenent, the botched Splash, and just kinda a dazed body language.

  90. Z-0 Productions

    Z-0 Productions7 days ago

    Yeah, I think Evans got dazed maybe even concussed. At the end Hangman ran over to Evans as if to stop him from breaking up the pin, but J.E. just laid there.

  91. Duckmeister

    Duckmeister7 days ago

    Which is more intimidating? Jag WAR Jag you are

  92. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    before i got all selfconscious about it, i think i was pronouncing "jayg u war", accentshowdotheyevenwork?

  93. Z-0 Productions

    Z-0 Productions7 days ago

    Never seen an "exploding barbed wire match". Really excited to experience one

  94. David Smith

    David Smith7 days ago

    USlikes Onita and enjoy.

  95. Dashie41

    Dashie417 days ago

    It's getting a A- another great episode from Jim Ross's botch on Kenny Omega the WWE Champion which means Drew McIntyre is the AEW Champion the highlight is the announcement of a death match at Revolution hopefully no SJW crybabies don't like violence go cry to your parents you bunch of Pussies.

  96. Hrishik Sagar

    Hrishik Sagar7 days ago

    Hi Cultaholic can I get a like on this comment

  97. SeanO

    SeanO7 days ago

    Matt Hardy said he was “aware” on Twitter earlier in the day. The WWE thing wasn’t that big of a deal. A lot of people missed it and the main reason it gain a lot of attention was from the meming.

  98. PHaRGoTH

    PHaRGoTH6 days ago

    true, if people haven't talked about the "wwe botch" since then i wouldn't know about it

  99. Guilty Universe

    Guilty Universe7 days ago

    Do you call it Goo-wock-a-mole-ee? No Jack. You saying Jag-you-are is wrong. ^_-

  100. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    ​@Guilty Universe 1. "Jaguar" entered into the English language via the local word "iaguara"; 2. So instead of Brits vs Yanks for who pronounces it right or wrong, both pronounce it wrong; 3. So huehuehue

  101. Guilty Universe

    Guilty Universe7 days ago

    @wulpurgis I'm sorry. In English this time? ^-^"

  102. wulpurgis

    wulpurgis7 days ago

    we are all mispronouncing the original "iaguara" so there guilty universe huehuehue

  103. Whiplasher monger

    Whiplasher monger7 days ago

    I love cultaholic they are the best

  104. MHF

    MHF7 days ago

    I'm first and i don't even know what to say

  105. multinez

    multinez7 days ago

    Great job

  106. George Hammond

    George Hammond7 days ago