Edge Reveals WWE Wrestlemania 37 Opponent? | Backstage News On Latest NXT Call-Up

Has Edge revealed his WWE Wrestlemania 37 opponent already? We have backstage details on the latest call up from NXT. Plus Carlito has updated us on his status with WWE following his surprise appearance at Royal Rumble 2021.
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  1. Johnny 3 tears

    Johnny 3 tears7 days ago

    Its gonna be roman then roman loses the title

  2. john hotchkiss

    john hotchkiss7 days ago

    Well when you think about it makes sense. A couple of years ago everybody wanted Reigns to face Goldberg because they both use the Spear sometimes as a finisher or to set up their finisher. Edge uses the Spear as his finisher. So they could label it the Spear v Spear match.

  3. 1 Survivor

    1 Survivor7 days ago

    Every time there is an NXT call up we here that WWE is very high on them and almost every time it goes nowhere lol. Not news.

  4. Schu1tzey the Yeet King

    Schu1tzey the Yeet King7 days ago

    I'm going to be that guy and just say it: Abu Dhabi is in the UAE, NOT SAUDI ARABIA.

  5. #MrFretz

    #MrFretz7 days ago

    Steve Dangle podcast was a great shout

  6. Andrew Herzog

    Andrew Herzog7 days ago

    Edge also mentioned often on the E & C Pod of Awesomeness how badly he wanted to wrestle Drew. So I wouldn't read too much into the Roman comments.

  7. TheNath87

    TheNath878 days ago

    Im glad im not the only one who get a Baron Corbin vibe from Damien Priest.

  8. Theresa White

    Theresa White8 days ago

    Carlito w/ Sammy and Fuego

  9. Matt Ellenberger

    Matt Ellenberger8 days ago

    Do we really have to do this bad bunny bullshit?

  10. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair8 days ago

    He should show up on uk show too

  11. Rick Searles

    Rick Searles8 days ago

    too much banter and speculation.

  12. Evan Turnmaine

    Evan Turnmaine8 days ago

    mayu and io would be great but WWE is shit when its working with others its not win win its always wwe win only

  13. Benjamin Bruce

    Benjamin Bruce8 days ago

    Carlito and Pineapple Pete

  14. Ryan Gorman

    Ryan Gorman8 days ago


  15. combatinfantry008

    combatinfantry0088 days ago

    Edge is definitely challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW title now.

  16. Stu Graves

    Stu Graves8 days ago

    Jacks spot on. What's Priest done? Besides be tall.

  17. Bill Corey

    Bill Corey8 days ago

    Carlito paired with Aaron Solow would be excellent heels if done right, Solow could be AEW's answer to Damien Priest.

  18. Brandon Prisciak

    Brandon Prisciak8 days ago

    News from Dangle's pod my USlikes world's are mixing woaaaahhhhh

  19. Lyndax

    Lyndax8 days ago

    Need Priest to go to the moon

  20. Jeff Carbone

    Jeff Carbone8 days ago

    I get what Jack's saying about Priest, cause it's like: WWE: *Puts Priest into position to succeed* Priest: *succeeds* WWE: "We're impressed by Damian Priest." WWE: *Gives Alister Black nothing to work with* Black: *Struggles to impress* Vince: "I don't see anything special." Of course you're going to think the car you just got detailed looks better than the one that you've left out in the snow for six months.

  21. FoxeyeValkyrie

    FoxeyeValkyrie8 days ago

    Carlito will go to NXT and pair up with Cameron Grimes and they will start an business involving apples.

  22. Heather Wright

    Heather Wright8 days ago

    Jack I think what you are trying to say is that other NXT guys like Andrade and Black are gathering dust right now..

  23. justjoe1811

    justjoe18118 days ago

    What happened to the other call up, Rhea Ripley?

  24. Bryant Guzman

    Bryant Guzman8 days ago

    I...it's Christian. (i kid Todd)

  25. Akuza Star

    Akuza Star8 days ago

    "They sey e is a legnd" 😂

  26. Steven Jan Cadena

    Steven Jan Cadena8 days ago

    I love Edge, and while I really think the story he's trying to tell is great (it would've been so much better had they given us recovery reports throughout the past 8-9 months to build anticipation for him coming for what he never lost), but I have no interest seeing him vs Roman at all. He feels shoehorned in. The way it is playing out on TV Roman should've had the Mania match with Bryan or Cesaro while Drew should have a one on one with Sheamus.

  27. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn8 days ago

    I still don't know what a Bad Bunny is. Sure it's a dude, but... 🙄

  28. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn8 days ago

    @Tom Campbell I know he's a celebrity. A rapper or DJ or something. That's about it.

  29. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    If you’ve watched wrestling featuring Bad Bunny for multiple weeks, heard many outlets discussing him, ignored when we’ve discussed him and chose not to even Google his name...that’s kinda on you Derek.

  30. Dr170

    Dr1708 days ago

    He's just an overgrown Make a Wish kid living his dream, pal

  31. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn8 days ago

    @The Genius Huh????

  32. The Genius

    The Genius8 days ago

    Stop making fun of him because he isn't white

  33. Chris K

    Chris K8 days ago

    It's already been said here in the comments but it was my first thought as well. Pair Carlito with Sammy Guevara.

  34. Dallas Sylvestre

    Dallas Sylvestre8 days ago

    Edge has to be dominated by reigns at mania no title for edge

  35. August

    August8 days ago

    Newly Face Sammy and Carlito would be good

  36. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel8 days ago

    I don't want edge vs roman...edge would lose to roman so also balor vs edge is the best wrestling match they can have roman surely is good character but not as good wrestler as balor

  37. Mark Michel

    Mark Michel8 days ago

    Edge is going over Roman

  38. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro8 days ago

    Let's be real.. carlito was never going to make it. Hes clearly on the juice and wwe tests heavy for it.

  39. J Ginger

    J Ginger8 days ago

    Heels are beating down bad bunny and daimian priest lights go out then out walks booker t dressed as gi bro and fuck sake I every one up the simple things lol

  40. TomboBreaker

    TomboBreaker8 days ago

    My boys at the Steve Dangle Podcast made wrestling news, holy shit. (It's a hockey podcast for those wondering wtf the Steve Dangle Podcast is)

  41. tdjohnson666

    tdjohnson6668 days ago

    welp another skipped video....

  42. Antonio Figueroa

    Antonio Figueroa8 days ago

    Edge needs to win, regardless of whether he goes after McIntyre or Reigns. If Edge his loses, this entire journey of his epic comeback after almost a decade was wasted.

  43. Antonio Figueroa

    Antonio Figueroa8 days ago

    @RustioUK They've been endlessly pushing Reigns as a god for six years. A loss won't hurt him at all, but a loss for Edge invalidates his entire career.

  44. RustioUK

    RustioUK8 days ago

    For me that's why Reigns has to beat him, especially if Edge is part time (wrestling), the heat will be tremendous building to someone beating Roman.

  45. Wubs

    Wubs8 days ago

    Roman looks like the Dark Side version of Edge wtf

  46. Melissa Roszkowski

    Melissa Roszkowski8 days ago

    Carleton with Sammy!

  47. Aidan ODonnell

    Aidan ODonnell8 days ago

    Pair up Carlito and Sammy Guevara, i think their characters would allow for a lot of great moments

  48. WL21

    WL218 days ago

    It worries me knowing they're gonna fuck Priest up by Summerslam and be put in a pointless Tag Team or not be on tv at all

  49. Garth Bowers

    Garth Bowers8 days ago

    Eh Steve dangle podcast nice

  50. masonjones123

    masonjones1238 days ago

    Edge vs walter for 🇬🇧 title

  51. WorldMind

    WorldMind8 days ago

    Carlito + Orange Cassidy. Apples & Oranges. The comedy writes its self.

  52. Randy Siplon

    Randy Siplon5 days ago

    Underrated comment right here

  53. R Atreides

    R Atreides8 days ago

    Dark Order trying to learn how to be cool from Carlito might be funny.

  54. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke8 days ago

    If I was edge and I had any say in who I were to face at mania it would not be the weakest champion inside the ring and the weakest performer overall in Reigns. If they wanted me on Smackdown then I would just say ok but then put that belt on an actual decent performer and someone that is intimidating and not unskilled compared to the like's of other champions such as Big E, Lashley, Drew, Prince Devitt, Walter or even Gargano who would not be aloud to talk at all. If it was me then I would be handing them a list of possible Heel opponent's, and Corbin would be higher on that list as would Becky Lynches other half Tyler Black, but for me it would have to be someone like a Claudio Castognoli, Sammy Zyan, Tommy End, Tyler Black, Corbin. and on the face side someone like Danielson, Nakamura, Gable, Big E or Steen, I can't understand what people see in the Reigns guy even more so since coming back, he is plodding, slow and is knackered after wrestling in his new plodding slow style for more then 2-3 minutes. Well P.E's HGH will do that to you, Also Jack is Right about Tommy End not being used unless he himself has told WWE to shove it were the sun does not shine, and I would not blame him myself.

  55. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    For somebody who insists on people using their original, real names why is your user name “Lightening Leke” ?

  56. George White

    George White8 days ago

    Jack shoots hard on Damian priest in this video 😭

  57. Randy G

    Randy G8 days ago

    I mean he isn't wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

  58. Nerd Smoothie

    Nerd Smoothie8 days ago

    Ricky starks and Carlito sounds amazing

  59. souledge37

    souledge378 days ago

    I really loved Punishment Martinez. And ive been sad ever since he signed with wwe. He IS a better baron corbin. Hes a better worker AND hes better looking. Also the voice? Also i still think Punishment Martinez is a better name.

  60. The Genius

    The Genius8 days ago

    @souledge37 it just a whatever name

  61. souledge37

    souledge378 days ago

    @The Genius so you think Damien Priest isnt?

  62. The Genius

    The Genius8 days ago

    Punishment Martinez is Corny

  63. Elementalforce 42

    Elementalforce 428 days ago

    Vince only likes priest because he is big it’s vinces things like come on once this storyline finishes what’s next for him I’m worried it’s gonna be another failed call up

  64. BusterBarnes

    BusterBarnes8 days ago

    Shame if Carlito is done with WWE. Was good to see him back though even if it was a one off.

  65. Drigger Lawrence

    Drigger Lawrence8 days ago

    Carlito and Miro would be boss

  66. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda8 days ago

    AEW hiring Carlito only depends on if Carlito is friend with someone there.

  67. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda8 days ago

    @getpumped87 that's not pessimism, it's sarcasm

  68. getpumped87

    getpumped878 days ago

    I think your pessimism is blinding you from the fact that a lot of wrestlers across many promotions are friends as well as this could create a relationship with WWC (Carlito's dad is one of the owners)

  69. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst8 days ago

    Carlito and QT Marshall would fit as a tag team if Marshall wasn't already paired with Goldust. They both like apples for a start...

  70. lostpunkrock

    lostpunkrock8 days ago

    Priest is legit just repeating his role with ruff on bad bunny.

  71. David Garcia

    David Garcia8 days ago

    Thanks 👍

  72. Tony Slicer

    Tony Slicer8 days ago

    Edge vs Balor would been perfect match but since they doing bad in raitings they think be waste to have it on Nxt

  73. GURVIR SINGH 4200

    GURVIR SINGH 42008 days ago

    Also they did charlotte v ripley at mania

  74. GURVIR SINGH 4200

    GURVIR SINGH 42008 days ago

    They could do it at mania, they did have cole v dunne at survivor series

  75. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin8 days ago

    Balor is planned to defend the NXT Title at Mania. So I think it's against Edge

  76. The Genius

    The Genius8 days ago


  77. Vladimir Kozlov

    Vladimir Kozlov8 days ago


  78. Chad Chicken Nugget

    Chad Chicken Nugget8 days ago

    hey think about this randy wins the elimanation chamber match and edge faces him for the wwe championship at wrestlemania

  79. Flying Toaster

    Flying Toaster8 days ago

    Steve Dangle fans represent!

  80. Mohamed Al-Turk

    Mohamed Al-Turk6 days ago

    @Punksarepunk Loool I thought I'm the only one. Guess not

  81. Punksarepunk

    Punksarepunk8 days ago

    honestly Cultaholic referencing Steve is a weirder crossover than Edge being on the podcast considering how 98% of my internet time is on each of their channels LMAO

  82. Garth Bowers

    Garth Bowers8 days ago

    Dangle navy

  83. Derek Williams

    Derek Williams8 days ago

    Might be a very unpopular opinion but.... hear me out, priest and bad bunny are giving very very strong Enzo and Cass vides. I wouldn’t put it past Vince and wwe to make then Enzo and Cass 2.0.

  84. Jo Morris

    Jo Morris8 days ago

    I'll be interested to see how priest does once bad bunny goes on his merry way.

  85. AnarchyRipper

    AnarchyRipper8 days ago

    I get what Jack is saying. I like Priest but what has he actually done to get that level of praise? It really seems like its just cause he's with the celeb.

  86. Ebk Foe

    Ebk Foe8 days ago

    Fuck Smackdown He Should Win The Nxt / Uk Championship

  87. Sofa Sproke

    Sofa Sproke8 days ago

    *Carlito should team up with Angel Garza*

  88. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode8 days ago

    “AEW doesn’t tend to sign people just because they appeared in WWE” wtf is Jack drinking? That is literally what they do. That’s like more than half their roster.

  89. Redmond Survivor

    Redmond Survivor8 days ago

    It's really not though. If they hired people just because they appeared in WWE then why didn't they sign up the 20+ people that were released during the pandemic releases last year. Where is Curtis Axel? Or AOP? Or Curt Hawkins? Of all those people they only officially signed Tay, Serena, and Miro. All the others are talent who chose to leave WWE to join AEW. There are about 84 people on the official AEW roster, about 15 of them ex-WWE (and that's if you include people like Sting who were in WWE for a cup of coffee). Unless you want to start counting people like Trent or Lance Archer, who were in WWE years ago. But certainly didn't get signed off the back of "they appeared in WWE."

  90. Scoot Bonds

    Scoot Bonds8 days ago

    Not sure why, but I'd love to see either carlito teaming with or feuding with Ricky starks. I just feel like there would be some great chemistry there

  91. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke8 days ago

    That is not a bad shot it would be a fun little match I think but Starks would have to go over in the end of the feud, I was thinking if Sammy G does become a babyface then Carlito and Sammy G would be interesting as tag partners or manager/wrestlering role for Carlito like MVP has.

  92. tmwfte81

    tmwfte818 days ago

    Edge confounds everyone and challenges R-Truth for the 24/7 championship.

  93. TomboBreaker

    TomboBreaker8 days ago

    I want R-Truth to win Money in the Bank this year and use it to cash in on the 24/7 title

  94. Tyler on mars

    Tyler on mars8 days ago

    That would be awesome they would have a good match rtruth is actually a great wrestler

  95. Waseem Rind

    Waseem Rind8 days ago

    😂😂😂 lol

  96. JohnsView TV

    JohnsView TV8 days ago


  97. LMK-Gaming

    LMK-Gaming8 days ago

    We've only got one heel world champ atm so having Edge v Roman feels right for Wrestlemania

  98. insertgenericusernamehere

    insertgenericusernamehere8 days ago

    @LMK-Gaming they classify it as the United Kingdom world championship. (shit name I know)

  99. LMK-Gaming

    LMK-Gaming8 days ago

    @insertgenericusernamehere the UK championship isn't a world title

  100. insertgenericusernamehere

    insertgenericusernamehere8 days ago


  101. Andrew Harrington

    Andrew Harrington8 days ago

    Drew vs Sheamus. Edge vs Roman. Balor vs Kross. Those'll be the men's world championship matches at Wrestlemania.

  102. James Hatton

    James Hatton8 days ago

    It was wonderful seeing Carlito - but its for the best. WWE is such a mix of 'Young talent we don't know what to do with' / 'Older talent we don't know what to do with' / 'Ten people we care about' ..that he would have been completely wasted.

  103. Beng Shwallocks

    Beng Shwallocks8 days ago

    What happened to reigns vs goldberg for mania?

  104. Tyrannosavage Rekt

    Tyrannosavage Rekt8 days ago

    My biggest problem with the comments about Priest is that I remember hearing the same things about plenty other people on the roster who ended up having piss all done for them by creative.

  105. Steven Jan Cadena

    Steven Jan Cadena8 days ago

    Lemme give you a list haha. Rusev, Ricochet, Alestair Black, Elias, Harper (RIP), Rowan, Fandango, Ali, the rest of Retribution, Otis, Shayna, Buddy Murphy, Andrade, Angel Garza, Neville, Enzo and Cass, and probably so much more. I think 70% of the NXT callups since 2014 except for Bray and The Shield boys were at times the "flavor of the month" even the four horsewomen got sour months.

  106. Timeerased Games

    Timeerased Games8 days ago

    I gotta say the Jack/Tom transition/segway game is gettin stronger by the day.

  107. Kyle Benson

    Kyle Benson8 days ago

    I've been vibing with DP so I'm happy everyone is enjoying DP.

  108. Randy G

    Randy G8 days ago

    😂😂😂 I just watched a girl enjoying DP on PH yesterday 🤣🤣🤣

  109. K Ram

    K Ram8 days ago

    You like dp?

  110. Elijah Robinson

    Elijah Robinson8 days ago

    Pair Carlito with Sammy and make them the Cool Spanish gods.

  111. getpumped87

    getpumped878 days ago

    I spit in the face of people who don't gimme the views

  112. Alex Craske

    Alex Craske8 days ago

    Now that's cool.

  113. talatos

    talatos8 days ago

    sammy guevara and carlito vs MJF and chris jericho

  114. Hamza Hashmi

    Hamza Hashmi8 days ago

    The wwe plane is flying to abu dhabi not saudia Arabia just right?

  115. Karim Hanafi

    Karim Hanafi8 days ago

    Abu Dhabi isn't in Saudi Arabia...

  116. Karim Hanafi

    Karim Hanafi8 days ago

    @franklingoodwin Yeah you're right that's probably what they meant. It's just that Saudi has such and rep that the UAE doesn't have

  117. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin8 days ago

    Yep. Was gonna say that. But the UAE is next to Saudi Arabia to be fair. So maybe that's what they meant

  118. alfierodds

    alfierodds8 days ago

    Take Priest with a pinch of salt people,I’m glad he’s doing well. But many wrestlers called up have been given the run by backstage or Vince just to change his mind as he doesn’t fully understand them.For all we know,he could be in the gutter next year like Aleister,Andrade,and Bo Dallas is right now.

  119. Andrew Boyles

    Andrew Boyles8 days ago

    Next month: Vince McMahon done with Damien Priest.

  120. that guy

    that guy8 days ago

    @CHAD damien darko

  121. CHAD

    CHAD8 days ago

    Damien is done for as soon as the bunny dude is gone. Super sad he got introduced to the main roster relying on the bunny dude

  122. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke8 days ago

    probably when he finds out he is almost 40 years old just like he did with Baszler

  123. Mean Durphy

    Mean Durphy8 days ago

    @Sammy Smartwizch Then, now, forever: Have a nice day!

  124. Sammy Smartwizch

    Sammy Smartwizch8 days ago

    @Mean Durphy DX: SUCK IT

  125. boundsy88

    boundsy888 days ago

    Edge is very realistic. He keeps up with what fans speculate and everyone knows its gonna be Roman.

  126. Tyler on mars

    Tyler on mars8 days ago

    Nah its gonna be r truth

  127. KyrianXVII

    KyrianXVII8 days ago

    If Carlito were to sign with AEW, he needs to be with Sammy Guevara, naturally. With Sammy breaking off from the Circle and Jericho, he gets a new mentor who can teach him to be cool. And they would work as faces or heels. And then if Guevara turned on Carlito, they can actually work a solid match together.

  128. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun8 days ago

    Omg yes, Carlos & Sammy would be the perfect duo!!

  129. K Ram

    K Ram8 days ago

    That is not COOL

  130. Colm Freeman Smyth

    Colm Freeman Smyth8 days ago

    Book it, Tony or Kenny or The Bucks or Cody!

  131. Dashie41

    Dashie418 days ago

    Good thing it's not Edge vs Randy Orton rematch i remember that boring long ass last man standing match at Wrestlemania 36

  132. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan8 days ago

    Edge needs to choose either Drew or Roman for his WM 37 match ASAP

  133. The Genius

    The Genius8 days ago

    @Gage Blackard Lol

  134. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard8 days ago

    What about Balor.

  135. Cody Vascherault

    Cody Vascherault8 days ago

    If he wins against roman, bring back the world heavyweight championship. The true championship he never truly lost

  136. Zawodowy Ścinacz Głów

    Zawodowy Ścinacz Głów8 days ago

    Sad Vince doesnt give a single fuck that fans and maybe even Edge would like to bring back the Big Gold Belt..

  137. ACE TV

    ACE TV8 days ago

    I’m going to say this one time that Seth Rollins will be the one to take the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns

  138. alfierodds

    alfierodds8 days ago

    @Kas58223 I totally agree.Or at least something similar.

  139. Kas58223

    Kas582238 days ago

    @alfierodds to be honest they should bring that undisputed title design or even that attitude era wwf championship belt design always loved those were my best and than that eagle design one too

  140. samshun

    samshun8 days ago

    im will get goosebumps!!!!!!!!

  141. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor8 days ago

    Soon as you see a ? At the end of the title you know not going find out everything ... "Heres some news .... There is no news" click bait video .. yous are getting worse for it

  142. Thomas Bevan

    Thomas Bevan8 days ago

    You must be real fun at a party lol

  143. reno2200

    reno22008 days ago

    Betteridge's law of headlines - "any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."

  144. Happykid31

    Happykid318 days ago

    Aight heck ye.

  145. Jim Faust

    Jim Faust8 days ago

    Awesome. It's gonna be a great mania

  146. Dunyea Brown

    Dunyea Brown8 days ago


  147. Christopher Mikrowelle

    Christopher Mikrowelle8 days ago

    It’s already obvious that it’s Reigns.

  148. C T

    C T8 days ago

    @Jamie Lambert just can’t see it happening with edge going over randy 2-1 if you include the rumble. He needs to lose to reigns at mania, spit on the mic that he’s retiring for good, Christian pops out and they have tag team run. They’ve got plenty of up coming potential if they don’t ruin anyone and they don’t even have a tag division! But I can’t see any of this happening

  149. Jamie Lambert

    Jamie Lambert8 days ago

    @Theo Dious Just saying my thoughts jeez, Vince wanted a third match between the pair with an I quit stipulation, so it would make sense to do it at Mania since Edge has a title shot, personally I only want to see it if it isn't for the title but I can just see WWE doing that

  150. Theo Dious

    Theo Dious8 days ago

    @Jamie Lambert No. No. No. Edge/Orton is over. Don't wanna see any more of it. It may have only been a few matches but it's been a year now.

  151. Jamie Lambert

    Jamie Lambert8 days ago

    @C T I don't mind seeing them again in an I quit match but I just don't want it to be for a title

  152. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard8 days ago

    @Jamie Lambert that is not a bad idea but orton already has a feud with the fiend for a hell in a cell match or some other extreme match at wrestlemania

  153. Bernard R

    Bernard R8 days ago

    Maybe first but idc

  154. Bernard R

    Bernard R8 days ago

    @Michael Ferry but I'm always first until I refresh my screen

  155. Michael Ferry

    Michael Ferry8 days ago

    @Bernard R ye ino that's why I said close

  156. Bernard R

    Bernard R8 days ago

    @Michael Ferry second

  157. Michael Ferry

    Michael Ferry8 days ago


  158. Jaime Osorio

    Jaime Osorio8 days ago