WWE SmackDown: GRADED (19 Feb) | Elimination Chamber 2021 Go-Home Show!

Join Sam Driver for our WWE SmackDown review as he grades every match and segment from last night's WWE SmackDown on 19th February 2021, the go-home show for WWE Elimination Chamber 2021!
WWE SmackDown Results/Highlights:
Edge came face-to-face with Roman Reigns
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Apollo Crews
Seth Rollins pledged to destroy anyone who stands in the way of his vision
Natalya & Tamina def. The Riott Squad
Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks & Reginald def. Bayley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio def. Otis & Chad Gable by disqualification
Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, & Cesaro def. Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, & King Corbin
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  1. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  2. Mihai Nastasiu

    Mihai Nastasiu4 days ago

    Reigns is on another level...Best wrestler in wwe since Bryan Wrestlemania 30 era

  3. Terrence Bell

    Terrence Bell4 days ago

    🎶🎶 oh Roman Reigns your our tribal chief

  4. Ben Bonczek

    Ben Bonczek4 days ago

    Best wrestling coverage out there!!

  5. Shannon Podmore

    Shannon Podmore4 days ago

    Calling it now. Seth beats the crap out of Cesaro before the elimination chamber and takes his place in the booth

  6. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels4 days ago

    About the Carmella throwing the wine into Reggie's face. With covid being a thing Carmella shouldn't have spit the wine back into the cup before tossing it in his face.

  7. Jayden Reid

    Jayden Reid4 days ago

    2021, the year of men and women being allowed to hit each other.

  8. Rob Senzig

    Rob Senzig4 days ago

    I'm somewhat mixed with the whole Otis heel move.

  9. MrTacoCraver

    MrTacoCraver5 days ago

    I just watched Camp WWE and when I saw the faces of the characters I immediately thought of Cultaholic’s graded stickers.

  10. THEDestendGem

    THEDestendGem5 days ago

    I think Roman is going to make an appearance on NXT. And Spear Beth Phoenix.

  11. kilala plush

    kilala plush5 days ago

    Smack Down was ok

  12. Cameron Briglin

    Cameron Briglin5 days ago


  13. Aidan ODonnell

    Aidan ODonnell5 days ago

    something tells me this “my hole” debacle with Nia Jax is gonna follow her for the rest of her career

  14. Sn Ded

    Sn Ded5 days ago

    Good as the Bailey heel presenter segments are, Supernova Sessions over in NXT UK are fabulous as you really want to punch Daar in the face - job done!

  15. thezenlu

    thezenlu5 days ago

    Sam's been watching a bit of Taskmaster with Greg Davies introducing little alex horne!

  16. Jamieb1994

    Jamieb19945 days ago

    Watching the news video before & Sam, I think you're might be onto something mate, like I don't know if Otis has actually turned heel since Gable has been manipulating Otis by telling him to do this & that for weeks now. If Otis has turned heel then this is different but I feel like this might be teasing something between Gable & Otis. Also with the Ding Dong Hello show by Bayley, is it based around a 80s/90s talk show because I'm getting that kinda vibe around it.

  17. Chase Follett

    Chase Follett5 days ago

    Billie and Peyton will reunite at Mania and it will be and ICONIC Mania moment.

  18. Blakiecakes

    Blakiecakes5 days ago

    If that happens I will almost forgive the random breakup to throw Peyton Royce in another wwe odd couple tag team....almost :P

  19. SevenFingerDiscount

    SevenFingerDiscount5 days ago

    Bayley has come into her heel persona so well. I was dying at the goddamn glasses she was wearing. And she’s playing it SO straight.

  20. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko5 days ago

    Vince: *laughs in the face of tag team wrestling* Also Vince: *prolapses at the thought of so many big sweaty men he could put in a six man tag*

  21. Black Boy Lost

    Black Boy Lost5 days ago

    WWE loves to break up a tag team to put someone into a tag team

  22. Lazy Paladin

    Lazy Paladin5 days ago

    I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say: Otis, *you were the chosen one! You were ment to bring balance to the WWE, not to leave it in darkness!*

  23. cheezeofages

    cheezeofages5 days ago

    The irony of Edge doing the equivalent of "Ok boomer." to Corbin.

  24. George Philippakos

    George Philippakos5 days ago

    I'd like Brian or Cesaro to win the chamber and lose but either before or after the loss to Reigns have Samoa Joe beat then down and become Reigns enforcer because I'm sick of him not wrestling

  25. George Philippakos

    George Philippakos5 days ago

    @YEetT Mf fair

  26. YEetT Mf

    YEetT Mf5 days ago

    But hes not sick of it leave joe alone

  27. Ragon411

    Ragon4115 days ago

    Where's Wrestlers of the Week been??

  28. Ragon411

    Ragon4115 days ago

    @Real Josh man that's so sad to hear, it was my favorite segment. Do we know why?

  29. Real Josh

    Real Josh5 days ago

    Sadly ended

  30. Ruben Correia Barbosa

    Ruben Correia Barbosa5 days ago

    Sasha is a heel to me that laugh that she does is SO SO ANNOYING

  31. Ruben Correia Barbosa

    Ruben Correia Barbosa5 days ago

    @Logan Sines I thought she was supposed to be a baby face

  32. Logan Sines

    Logan Sines5 days ago

    That’s the point lol

  33. Joey L

    Joey L5 days ago

    Love your videos, Sam! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  34. Benjamyn Allsopp

    Benjamyn Allsopp5 days ago

    Come on man, whether you like Nia or not the women's tag champs who are two potentially dominant superstars are a literal joke. It was an awful segment which build very little and was only saved by Bayley shouting at people to use the door.

  35. Wolvie_Zandalari

    Wolvie_Zandalari5 days ago

    I hate that they broke up Ottis as a tag team just to make him a tag team with a new random partner.

  36. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?5 days ago

    Look at the bright side he is heel now

  37. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    Blame Vince McMahon he loves to kill the divison

  38. Alex Healy

    Alex Healy5 days ago

    Welcome to WWE tag team logic

  39. Joshua Simko

    Joshua Simko5 days ago

    I've never been so pissed off to not see Tom Campbell.

  40. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer5 days ago

    The Riott Squad are booked SO TERRIBLY!! Jeez.

  41. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer5 days ago

    They look like idiots letting Billie distract them EVERY time. Losing to Tamina and Nattie is just embarrassing.

  42. Dakota Martin

    Dakota Martin5 days ago

    To be fair they never lose clean. It's always a distraction or cheating that beats them, booking is a little wonky but they always get a good showing. Hoping they win the tag belts soon, it's long overdue.

  43. Tom Peteux

    Tom Peteux5 days ago

    LOL@ BoatTrain.😂 nice one,Sam.

  44. بدر عماد

    بدر عماد5 days ago

    I bet Ross lost his mind when he saw that Tamina performance

  45. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez5 days ago

    Watch WTF Moments

  46. Vinnie Angelo

    Vinnie Angelo5 days ago

    That high-pitch intro tickled me.

  47. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez5 days ago

    BAYLEY was so funny on Ding Dong Hello, yelling at everybody to use the 🚪

  48. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez5 days ago

    @Heartshapedbox81 same

  49. Heartshapedbox81

    Heartshapedbox815 days ago

    And I couldn't help laughing at that glare on the ramp when they lost 😆

  50. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    Show was alright bit boring this week including the women's division it was the worst just like on RAW I'm sorry Smackdown gets a C- not a great week for the main roster NXT and All Elite Wrestling wins

  51. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    @YEetT Mf thank you someone agrees with me and the rest and yes the women's division RAW and Smackdown are trash

  52. Jason L

    Jason L5 days ago

    @Real Josh and every week sasha says the same thing to him, she doesn't care about him

  53. YEetT Mf

    YEetT Mf5 days ago

    @John trainfan101 wwe women division is shit

  54. Real Josh

    Real Josh5 days ago

    @Jason L If you’ve seen the past couple weeks of Smackdown you would know why Reginald is trying to be buddy buddy with Sasha

  55. Jason L

    Jason L5 days ago

    @John trainfan101 it was average. Why the hell is reginald all of a sudden sashas best friend? Dude should have been punched as soon as he entered the ring. Sami zayn had no reason to help his team after jey kicked him at the start of the show. Big e stuff was good, riott squad and Billie kay has been the same thing for about 6 weeks now. Seths promo was good. Otis match was just there.

  56. Jovon Jackson

    Jovon Jackson5 days ago

    Otis turned heel 👀

  57. Josh Santos

    Josh Santos5 days ago

    @kd Davis who's Tucker

  58. kd Davis

    kd Davis5 days ago

    Tuckers sitting at home saying. "It coulda been me" ohh wait. 🤔

  59. Josh Santos

    Josh Santos5 days ago

    He is a meaty puppet. Remember that show?

  60. Denny Park

    Denny Park5 days ago

    If Bryan Danielson ever get smart and moved to aew he'd be back in the world title picture but he's just coasting until retirement which will be soon and the money is good. Nakamura is the dummy still resigning with Vince, he'll never win the chip there

  61. YEetT Mf

    YEetT Mf5 days ago

    He want $$ to retire on

  62. Jon Roberts

    Jon Roberts5 days ago

    Nakamura doesn't care he's making good money and enjoying life by all accounts

  63. Vladimir Kozlov

    Vladimir Kozlov5 days ago

    @Nzuzo Vilakazi aew won’t last 5 years

  64. Nzuzo Vilakazi

    Nzuzo Vilakazi5 days ago

    Fuck AEW.

  65. Louie Scott

    Louie Scott5 days ago

    I really wanted edge balor

  66. Nzuzo Vilakazi

    Nzuzo Vilakazi5 days ago

    Screw that! I *need* Roman vs Edge!

  67. JAXWTF88 Nation

    JAXWTF88 Nation5 days ago

    can't sleep screw it watch Sam on cultaholic

  68. garrett1433

    garrett14335 days ago

    I feel like fast lane shoulda been this Sunday and have Elimination Chamber in March

  69. Cod-gameplays

    Cod-gameplays5 days ago

    @Dashie41 lol calling me a kid when your a kid, that’s why I said why don’t you like a suggestion

  70. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    @Cod-gameplays nothing to do with AEW kid

  71. Cod-gameplays

    Cod-gameplays5 days ago

    If you guys really hate fast lane then watch aew or something

  72. garrett1433

    garrett14335 days ago

    Ik it's bad I just think Elimination chamber should have more time for set up

  73. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    Who cares Fastlame is terrible than two Saudi PPV's


    XOLILE NTANDE5 days ago

    Hey Sam!