Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast #162: What Will Be The Best Match At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021?

Maffew, Ross and Jack are here with this week's Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast including their reviews of NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day, Raw, SmackDown, AEW Dynamite and NXT TV!
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  1. supernaturalterror 420

    supernaturalterror 42011 hours ago

    Jack the Jobber is a pole smoker.

  2. Derek Williams

    Derek WilliamsDay ago

    If momma botch wins can we get a speech from her next podcast.

  3. CookiesX4

    CookiesX42 days ago

    Yes Puppet Jack :)

  4. Cirrus5005

    Cirrus50052 days ago

    Just confirming I do, *indeed,* tune in for this in-depth analysis.

  5. terraneaux

    terraneaux2 days ago

    In California, all our kids are blazed and understand stoner humor.

  6. Trey Thomas

    Trey Thomas3 days ago

    So the Young Bucks dad is an Old Buck

  7. Craig Warke

    Craig Warke3 days ago

    You need buttermilk pancakes lads, not sure if its one of those random things we get in Northern Ireland that doesnt cross over to England, they dont suck and go really well with fry up

  8. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez3 days ago

    Would it be possible in the future to split the timeline by segments like I've seen on other YT videos? Have a segment for the intro, HOF, TWIW, etc so I can skip around if I'd like? Just a suggestion.

  9. Blackcrame

    Blackcrame3 days ago

    I'm sorry but Colin Jost sounds nothing like Cody.

  10. Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records3 days ago

    was that Ross mentioning record breakers?! 👀

  11. DAVO

    DAVO3 days ago

    what're you doing here Guinness? lol

  12. Cake El Jaffa

    Cake El Jaffa4 days ago

    Jack trying to climb inside his hat as the Mama Botch email gets more and more awkward is incredibly on brand for him.

  13. armstrong500

    armstrong5004 days ago

    How can you not want or have any ideas for Brock 😂 bring him back ASAP 🤦🏼‍♂️

  14. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire4 days ago

    1:56:08 How does this show manage to hit literally all of my interests?

  15. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire4 days ago

    1:50:50 I wasn't even watching wrestling then, but I laughed my ass off. Well done.

  16. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire4 days ago

    1:49:44 That's just standard reality TV practice. It's one of the things that makes those shows unwatchable to me.

  17. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire4 days ago

    1:49:00 Change it to "Let your son go down on me".

  18. DangerOne

    DangerOne4 days ago

    Holy fuck, thanks Jack, ever since I lost my job i keep forgetting about the SD and Raw retro reviews! I've got a lot to catch up on

  19. r2deetox

    r2deetox4 days ago

    Yay soccer...not really

  20. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke4 days ago

    I just do not get why AEW is having a death match for they already have far too many hardcore stipulation matches as it is. That type of wrestling is just becoming the norm now and it is being diluted, no offence to Omega but I do not want to be seeing him in hardcore matches as it is the one type of match he cannot do very well at all. Plus why is Moxley just doing mostly hardcore stipulation match, he can wrestle I have seen him wrestle his GL Climax Run was amazing and he was great and none of the matches were hardcore or no DQ matches, his later matches the Texas death match was not great, I want to like and enjoy AEW, they have some great talent there if you want hardcore matches then do not have more then 2 over a 3 month period otherwise people will get bored of it.

  21. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke4 days ago

    a couple of things guys first Becky Lynch was the first pregnant world champion so it could not be Evans, and second a pentagram's originally use is to protect someone against evil not to summon evil so WWE botch that up.

  22. facejobby

    facejobby4 days ago

    Jeeeezus Jack is sensitive

  23. Out Of Comfort Zone Waffler

    Out Of Comfort Zone Waffler4 days ago

    Your bet would return £50 if it came off Jack, nice little £30 profit but nothing to shout about.

  24. CompactZ13

    CompactZ134 days ago

    Thanks Maffew for featuring my dogs on what a great podcast. No relation between my Penny and Ross's lady friend

  25. Manny Jhutty

    Manny Jhutty4 days ago

    The NBA All Star game takes place on March 7th. Shaq will be needed on NBA on TNT to cover the event

  26. Mike

    Mike4 days ago

    Maffew looking like the 4th Bee Gee and I’m here for it.

  27. MrSamwellPeeps

    MrSamwellPeeps4 days ago

    It's amazing how the stuff riddle is doing on raw is not too different in concept to when he was in the broserweights in NXT but the difference in quality is night and day.

  28. Karri

    Karri4 days ago


  29. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor4 days ago

    Perfect thing to start my isolation before my op, cheers lads

  30. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor2 days ago

    @A L Cheers pal!

  31. A L

    A L3 days ago

    Good luck, hope everything goes well for you!

  32. Eric DefconPrime DeRiggi

    Eric DefconPrime DeRiggi4 days ago

    Why am I the only one that sees that Ms winning elimination chamber and having money in the bank could have been a really good angle. Think about it he could cash in immediately after losing to Drew McIntyre. It would protect McIntyre and it makes him his look strong. And you can make MacIntyre a three-time champion when the crowds come back at wrestlemania

  33. AdamGalloper

    AdamGalloper4 days ago

    I fully expected Maki Itoh to lose in the first round. Her career narrative is ALWAYS being knocked down and fighting to make it to the top.

  34. austin adams

    austin adams4 days ago

    The barstool guy is Brandon Fuckin Walker of Rasslin Fame

  35. foxrenard

    foxrenard5 days ago


  36. Zubr Hero

    Zubr Hero5 days ago

    17:45 Getting ready in 2000 at 17 years old. Sat in front of my mirror in my baggiest of baggy baggy pants, twisting my dreadlocks up, wallet attached to my belt-loop by a BMX chain, getting ready to go out moshing and headbanging at the metal clubs. *Outkast - B.O.B* playing on my beige tower through Winamp. Still sounds so fresh, so clean, 21 years later. What a tune!!! I feel ya Jack, a song can take your mind back to the 'good ol' days'. (oh and... still using Winamp 21+ years later.)

  37. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire5 days ago

    4:45 Football is my first love so I love when you guys do this.

  38. Ace Trainer Liam

    Ace Trainer Liam5 days ago

    I’m a simple man. I see a new Cultaholic podcast, I click. I see it’s almost three hours long. Today is going to be a good day.

  39. Mr Knuxer

    Mr Knuxer5 days ago

    I think Maki Itoh lost because they plan on having her on as a regular. I don't see them passing up on someone as popular as her and it seems she really wants to be in AEW.

  40. JoelL-S

    JoelL-S5 days ago

    what would be jokes is if next week you all picked your mums for the hall of fame, then we can find out who is the official mother of the podcast.

  41. wolvie667

    wolvie6675 days ago

    I wanna see Reigns vs Doink the clown

  42. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19895 days ago

    2:41:48 *the distant chants of "Leader! Leader! Leader!" kick off and get louder and louder!

  43. James Calder Allen

    James Calder Allen5 days ago

    You anglophile Jack bacon cannot be wrong!!!

  44. Rufus Rogers

    Rufus Rogers5 days ago

    Let's be honest here, if Raw was to put on the exact show that AEW did this week they would have been crucified. Aew keeps getting the benefit of the doubt, but in all honesty it has been garbage for a while.

  45. James Calder Allen

    James Calder Allen5 days ago

    Just curious do all people in England whine and take the piss so much about people not wearing a mask. Love ya wankers keep up the great work. Welcome back King!!!!

  46. Redmond Survivor

    Redmond Survivor5 days ago

    On the Matt Hardy contract thing. Basically, I took it as, Matt had watched last week's Dynamite and seen the switcheroo. So he was just pretending to be surprised when Hangman brought out the new contract. When really his plan was to goad Hangman into also putting his earnings on the line and then beat him down afterwards, which is what we saw happen.

  47. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker5 days ago

    I love how every week they manage to squeeze something in about "Wrestlemania in LA next year", when it hasn't been the case for about 2 months now

  48. J-ROC

    J-ROC5 days ago

    The tension in the studio on the first podcast back in the office will be palpable! Sam may have to be the moderator/bouncer.

  49. J-ROC

    J-ROC5 days ago

    Jack being a hip-hop-hypocrite with the drinking offences on the podcast lol

  50. AwesomeToes

    AwesomeToes5 days ago

    1:56:14 Honestly, SummoningSalt's theme should be in the Hall of Fame; absolute tune

  51. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee5 days ago

    All rejoice the return of Puppet Jack.

  52. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith5 days ago

    We can have Brock Lesnar II, like Mr. Wrestling II

  53. MrGStone

    MrGStone5 days ago

    Lacey Evans first ever pregnant Woman’s champion? Forgetting about Becky Lynch defending the title while pregnant at Wrestlemania.

  54. rashad h

    rashad h5 days ago

    I can’t wait for Evan/Lacey flair to debut in about 20 years

  55. T

    T5 days ago

    I would love Maki Itoh to become the dark order's simp queen! Start a program between her and Anna Jay. Itoh manipulates all the guys in the dark order, Anna see's what she's doing and ends up batting her off.

  56. Z

    Z5 days ago

    I genuinely don’t understand the unnecessary hate towards many great things NXT do every single week. The NXT segment is the consistent low point of every podcast.

  57. nadir Jurgen klopp

    nadir Jurgen klopp5 days ago

    They enjoy women wrestling and adam cole heel turn and kyles now babyface NXT is getting intresting now

  58. Pizza Rat

    Pizza Rat5 days ago

    This is the 2nd time I'm asking this but.. is Jack ok?

  59. Rotten Works

    Rotten Works5 days ago

    Edge lost the chamber match at New Years revolution in 2005

  60. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith5 days ago

    Jack should’ve bet on Lacey Evans getting pregnant

  61. Michael Ross

    Michael Ross5 days ago

    Hypocrites, they loved the fiend and Alexa stuff but now it's bad? Lol K smarks

  62. Sam Boothman

    Sam Boothman5 days ago

    Maffew on NXT “a lot of these matches are the same.” Maffew on AEW “really good show” wtf

  63. Timeerased Games

    Timeerased Games5 days ago

    "So whats your pick this week Ross ?" "Your mum" That escalated quickly

  64. Chris Radcliffe

    Chris Radcliffe5 days ago

    Imagine doing a wrestling podcast and nominating the only Flo Rida song that wasn't a Wrestlemania theme. Come on, Jack, get your head in the game.

  65. Callum Adamson

    Callum Adamson5 days ago

    Jack gets so wound up over nothing 😂

  66. Nola Gale

    Nola Gale5 days ago

    Requisite "Fuck Barstool Sports" comment.

  67. the Fig game hunt

    the Fig game hunt5 days ago

    "Ahh..... What a great" way to start my Saturday

  68. Daniel Jackson

    Daniel Jackson5 days ago

    Jack moaning at Matthew for drinking when he does nothing but loudly rattle and squeeze a plastic water bottle into his microphone week in week out...

  69. J-ROC

    J-ROC5 days ago

    I know it's incredible isn't it, loudest type of drinks container possible haha

  70. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm5 days ago

    Sasha and Bianca winning those belts at EC and will appear on NXT instead of Shayna and Nia. Sasha beat Jericho in the ratings head to head last time she was there, so they'll 100% have her to counter programme Shaq.

  71. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born5 days ago

    I was pretty happy when Brandanowitz was cut out of Parks and Rec. Ron Swanson is my spirt animal.

  72. Jason Jimerson

    Jason Jimerson5 days ago

    The greatest return to the podcast has been confirmed! Welcome back, Puppet Jack!!! And... You too, Ross.

  73. Der Dude

    Der Dude5 days ago


  74. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium5 days ago

    Jack criticizing Maffew for taking a sip when a few weeks ago, Jack got up in the middle of the podcast to pour himself some juice lmaooo

  75. J-ROC

    J-ROC5 days ago

    I know, every podcast you can barely hear whats going on at points while he's slurping from his loud thin plastic bottle lol.

  76. Cats over brats

    Cats over brats5 days ago

    I'm different when it comes to pancakes and waffles. I don't want topping on them at all.

  77. Timothy Graham

    Timothy Graham5 days ago

    You missed a sitter there Jack. You could have said ours were crepe. The Triple Jump lads would have pounced on that!😂

  78. Allen Tansey

    Allen Tansey5 days ago

    Eli Drake was on a reality TV show with the rock before his 1st stint in nxt

  79. RC 005

    RC 0055 days ago

    Is it just me or is maffew starting to look like adam rose by way of the manson family

  80. RockMusicFan92

    RockMusicFan925 days ago

    WWE sign people shit ton of people world war 3 AEW: sign fucking shaq nothing said

  81. James Mundell

    James Mundell6 days ago

    5 stars in the Germany dome 😂😂😂

  82. Alfonso

    Alfonso6 days ago

    20:37 Is that a Fall Out Boy reference, Matthew?

  83. SevenFingerDiscount

    SevenFingerDiscount6 days ago

    I popped for Puppet Jack.

  84. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher6 days ago

    Maffew says if he complained about kickouts, he would always complain, which is true; kickouts are an essential part of wrestling. But he does bitch and moan when Johnny Gargano **checks notes** wins a match. Jesus Christ, Maffew. I’m starting to think Maffew just hates Johnny Gargano.

  85. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher4 days ago

    @DangerOne Maffew complained that Gargano won one match one time. Say what you want about the guy, but that’s not what Maffew is saying.

  86. DangerOne

    DangerOne4 days ago

    I like Gargano, but even I get worn down during his matches.

  87. Mark Flay

    Mark Flay5 days ago

    Wow maffew is my spirit animal

  88. Flawless P

    Flawless P6 days ago

    I keep hearing people slag off the fiend stuff but its been my favorite stuff on the show all this time. Alexa transforming mid match into her old self is really cool imo. I do think the pay off needs to come soon but the blood dripping from her mouth was also cool. Its all very refreshing to me. We've been missing spooky bollocks as semi routine on the show for a while before the fiend. Maybe I'm biased cuz the weird shit is my favorite going back to 91' as a little kid.

  89. NanenMauricio

    NanenMauricio6 days ago

    1:41:48 Big Jack! Man's not Hot

  90. Amitoj Brar

    Amitoj Brar6 days ago

    From last one month cultholic became a boring channel

  91. MrWarptime

    MrWarptime6 days ago

    Last week was great, but I'm SO glad to see the return to our screens of Puppet Jack. Ross is always great too.

  92. IDK what I'm doing

    IDK what I'm doing6 days ago

    There was no Tag Team Chamber match in 2017. It was a gauntlet match, so the quiz should have been a draw

  93. Jared Conatser

    Jared Conatser5 days ago

    I double checked after I saw your comment. Absolutely gutted. Wikipedia confused me with the match result layout. So many of my questions are altered now.

  94. thunder b4stard

    thunder b4stard6 days ago

    Mamma botch got my vote

  95. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins6 days ago

    If they give Cesaro the win inside the Chamber, and if they allow Cesaro to wrestle a solid 20 minute match for the Universal title, then not only do we have a match of the night, but potentially a match of the year contestant as well.

  96. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko5 days ago

    @WWLEE network It's Cesaro... Not that far fetched of an idea.

  97. WWLEE network

    WWLEE network6 days ago

    Match of the year 😂

  98. MrFullphat

    MrFullphat6 days ago

    Hope so.

  99. Slagomancer

    Slagomancer6 days ago

    Maki Itoh losing is in character, but I hope hope HOPE it means they'll have her back around for REDEMPTION

  100. GSP Video

    GSP Video6 days ago

    Jack just going off on Maffew and Tom not listening to him xD

  101. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez6 days ago

    The new series about the GOAT is very good. Like a bio vid for only the most excellent wrestlers

  102. Bubba Fontleroy

    Bubba Fontleroy6 days ago

    Isn’t part of Maki Itoh’s shtick that she always loses and gets the shit kicked out of her ? I doubt this is the end of her working with AEW either way.

  103. Ben Balgie

    Ben Balgie6 days ago

    Ross dead pan saying Your mom. Moment of the year lads.

  104. Moose Bolton

    Moose Bolton6 days ago

    AJ Hazzard & Paccitti Dust are in WorldWideFriendoWrestling. WWFW Main Event on Fri. WWFW Velocity on Mon.

  105. Damhnait Cockburn

    Damhnait Cockburn6 days ago

    PUPPET JACK!!! Missed the little guy. Great show as always, guys.

  106. Kush Money

    Kush Money6 days ago

    The NBA All-Star game is the same day as Revolution, so Shaq will be in Atlanta that day

  107. Rotten Works

    Rotten Works5 days ago

    Mmm it’s on dynamite not revolution lol

  108. Andrew Koh

    Andrew Koh5 days ago

    Would love to see Cody do an angle during the dunk contest 👏🏼

  109. King Penguin

    King Penguin6 days ago

    If Maki Itoh is like Gazza, does that mean she's gonna turn up with a bucket of chicken and a fishing rod?

  110. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire4 days ago

    No it means we have to watch someone we love destroy themselves and be unable to do anything about it.

  111. ryan jones

    ryan jones6 days ago

    Also Lana wasn’t thrust into wrestling, she trained and was asking creative every week to wrestle, it just makes the whimpering even more annoying, knowing that she wants to wrestle but isn’t being allowed to do anything but cry and run away.

  112. Eric Robertson

    Eric Robertson6 days ago

    MACE/Brennan Williams/Great Black Otaku is now a vtuber. I'd imagine that's how he's getting around the streaming ban. Either that or Retribution is so low on the totem pole no one cares.

  113. Spider-Dan

    Spider-Dan6 days ago

    Matthew missing out on good wrestling :(

  114. Theo Mason-Thompson

    Theo Mason-Thompson6 days ago

    I know Linford Christie and his family personally☺️

  115. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez6 days ago

    I hope Xia Li is the one to eventually end the already legendary reign of Io Sharai

  116. ryan jones

    ryan jones6 days ago

    Maffew’s take on Gargano doesn’t make sense. Gargano doesn’t need the way to win, look at his career and his record at take over.

  117. john asshat

    john asshat6 days ago

    Maffew: “Lashley locks Riddle in the Hurt Lock...where he belongs.” Absolutely killed me.