WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: GRADED | The Miz Cashes In To Become WWE Champion, Edge Picks Reigns!

Join Tom Campbell for our WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 review as he grades every match and segment from last night's WWE Elimination Chamber PPV on the 21st of February 2021.
WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Results/Highlights:
John Morrison def. Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Elias to qualify for the United States Championship Triple Threat Match
Daniel Bryan won the Elimination Chamber Match to earn a Universal Title opportunity
Universal Champion Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan
Riddle def. Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to become the new United States Champion
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler def. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre won the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match
The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and def. Drew McIntyre to become WWE Champion
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  1. Alex Waite

    Alex WaiteDay ago

    To be fair I barely watch WWE anymore apart from the odd PPV’s, but I honestly thought it was piss poor! I can’t get my head around why Roman Reigns wasn’t in the original chamber match? Also, elimination chambers in general compared to the one’s of old are very watered down now aren’t they?

  2. Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly2 days ago

    i dont agree with putting cesaro over there. he would have suffered from the quick loss and possibly then gone on to fastlane to lose to reigns. bryan in this role makes more sense. keep building cesaro up.

  3. TheCyanideSmoker

    TheCyanideSmoker2 days ago

    'Oh, you do not like it? It is a heel! Job done!' is covering for bad booking and bad writing! Like The Miz is going to retain for long? And no mention on how hard Hardy went for 3 minutes? Hell.... almost like this channel watches cliff notes of other wrestling channels, then makes videos.......

  4. postman pat

    postman pat2 days ago

    If you really thought DB was going to tap out roman for even a split second you know nothing about wrestling 🤣🤣

  5. pig cat

    pig cat2 days ago

    I don't understand why AJ wanted to enter the match early. Surely the longer your opponents have to wear each other down the better? Also I wish they had booked the women better, still not convinced by nia and shayna as a tag team, I think it just distracts from Shaynas talent as a singles competitor and Sasha doesn't need to be in the tag title scene. Poor Asuka deserves better booking as a champion as well.

  6. Zodiac244

    Zodiac2442 days ago

    Here’s hoping they will make a huge mania rivalry for drew so he can will it and get the mania pop he deserves with fans in attendance.

  7. Prince Aligorna

    Prince Aligorna2 days ago

    Not a bad event for the first one I've watched since August. It did have an ending crying out for Miz Girl though! :p

  8. Timothy Graham

    Timothy Graham2 days ago

    I think Daniel fell on the sword. We don't want to have Cesaro to win the chamber, just to be beaten. He does need to be in the picture, that's for certain.

  9. kf6dbs

    kf6dbs2 days ago

    Reigns got his match immediately after the Elimination Chamber match and won easily. Bryan got some offense in, but it was a token effort. I did not think for one second that Bryan stood any chance of winning. However, when it was over, I found myself thinking maybe this could roll into a story for an even keel rematch at WrestleMania. However, Edge’s appearance pretty much closes the loop on that story immediately. Literally anyone could have won, and the end result would have been the same. For me, this completely broke my enjoyment of the PPV because I thought the SmackDown Elimination Chamber was the best Elimination Chamber match I had ever seen and within minutes, the entire thing was fed to a WrestleMania match between two superstars who did not participate in the match. Not only that, I look at said Edge vs. Roman Reigns match and I don’t feel excited to see it at all. I do not really care much for Reginald. I tried to tolerate his involvement in all of Carmella’s matches. I feel that it is potentially a referendum on how WWE views Women’s Division matches when they must have male characters involved. I think WWE can give us at least one Women’s Division Match not involving either Male talent or a Title per PPV. They simply choose not to, and that makes me sad. The RAW Elimination Chamber match was a pale comparison to the SmackDown match. By this time, I was struggling to find the will to finish the PPV. I have zero problem with The Miz cashing in and winning. Compared to the earlier result, there is a door left open for McIntyre to get a rematch later, so that Elimination Chamber match is less in vain than the SmackDown one. Fair or not, the Reigns vs. Bryan match let me down to the extent that I could feel it making me more critical of subsequent matches than I should. I removed the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match from my scorecard since it was rendered moot. The Miz cashing in and winning gave me a boost for sticking with the PPV until the end and, as Tom said, it would make me interested to watch RAW if I still paid for cable. My grade for Elimination Chamber 2021 is a D+

  10. José Agostinho

    José Agostinho3 days ago

    Both EC winners got fucked in the end, making both matches absolutely redundant

  11. C C

    C C3 days ago

    I’m watching Raw for the first time in years because of The Miz winning. What a man.

  12. sonyfusion1994

    sonyfusion19943 days ago

    This is why cultaholic is my favorite wrestling channel. They actually make a lot of sense with their reviews and predictions. The people over there at WrerstleTalk are a bunch of whiners and really suck at their reviews.

  13. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins3 days ago

    I don't know why people are upset about The Miz cashing in. It was pretty much confirmed he would successfully cash in, the second they gave him the briefcase back. There was no better way to have The Miz cash in. McIntyre still looked strong in defeat, and his momentum is still overwhelmingly stable. I bet if The Miz wouldn't have successfully cashed in, the same people complaining would have been asking "What was the point of giving him the briefcase back?" It's a full circle with wrestling fans. There's no pleasing anyone. Also, it's been a decade and The Miz is one of the most hard working guys on the roster. He deserves it, and we all know his reign will be short lived, so let's not complain about it. Either Lashley is the next WWE Champion, or McIntyre is regaining his title at Fastlane or Wrestlemania. No need to be upset. It won't last long.

  14. Noah McClure

    Noah McClureDay ago

    Personally i just feel bad because the miz won't be able to hold on to the belt ffor very long. I feel like he deserves a little more, but hopefully he makes every minute holding the title counts.

  15. President Garrison

    President Garrison2 days ago

    For he IWC anything the WWE do is bad while everything AEW do is good

  16. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins3 days ago

    I was so confused with people on Twitter last night. "He cheated. He doesn't deserve it. He can't even win properly. Drew wasn't 100%." But isn't that the whole point of a MITB cash in?

  17. Sammy Smartwizch

    Sammy Smartwizch2 days ago

    @George Varughese that would have buried Roman, the best character in wrestling we have had in 5-6 years cant even beat a guy who has been through a 40 minute chamber match. Cmon man. Bryan knew the winner was gonna have to take the pin, so he booked himself to be the winner as he's all about pushing talents.

  18. George Varughese

    George Varughese3 days ago

    Yes it was. But your not upset that D Bryan lost his match?

  19. Elliot Addler

    Elliot Addler3 days ago

    I was more upset (though not surprised) by the result of the SD EC match and D Bry getting stomped by Roman afterwards. If anything I’m excited that Miz won with the assistance of Lashley, since they’ll likely double cross Miz and get the belt on Bobby in time for mania.

  20. Lorcan McGovern

    Lorcan McGovern3 days ago

    The Women's tag team title match was a C- at best, finish felt very tacky too.

  21. ThatOneGuy63

    ThatOneGuy633 days ago

    "Could've put Cesaro here" WWE puts Cesaro there. "Why did you have Roman squash Cesaro?" IWC is so weird.

  22. So Lame

    So LameDay ago

    Cesaro also beats Roman duh

  23. President Garrison

    President Garrison2 days ago

    For the IWC anything the WWE does is bad, while anything AEW does is good

  24. kilala plush

    kilala plush3 days ago

    Cesaro Cesaro Cesaro

  25. kilala plush

    kilala plush3 days ago

    wwe Elimination Chamber was Boring

  26. Cameron Briglin

    Cameron Briglin3 days ago


  27. GRIFF J

    GRIFF J3 days ago

    Anyone who thinks this was a bad PPV is wrong.

  28. Bucket Linderson

    Bucket Linderson3 days ago

    Cesaro being pinned by Roman only for edge to steal the heat at the end would've been bad Tom, Bryan needed to win the chamber and Cesaro still looks strong

  29. F. K.

    F. K.3 days ago

    When Tom talked about the superkick after superkick after superkick bit by Uzo, I once again realized how lame and transitional of a move this has become... everybody and their mother do it all the time. Basically it's like the Clothesline or the suplex by now.

  30. Knack’s knapsnack

    Knack’s knapsnack3 days ago

    Miz absolutely deserves to be champ now. I cannot for the life of me understand anyone that is not excited for him to be champ. Just look at how passionate he was as IC champ a few years back.

  31. The gaming Collins

    The gaming Collins3 days ago

    The elimination chamber in my opinion was a bad Paper view The matches were a waste of time for example daniel won the chamber but lost to head of the table reigns and drew won the match to but the worst wrestler but I like him is miz casing in it was terrible idea. Becuase miz can’t wrestler he alyways is terrible that’s why I don’t watch wwe but aew

  32. The gaming Collins

    The gaming Collins3 days ago

    I watch both

  33. sonyfusion1994

    sonyfusion19943 days ago

    then go watch aew then.

  34. Logan

    Logan3 days ago

    We couldn’t have Asuka have a good match. She is needed to be a side character in the best feud of all time. The Charlotte Flair vs Lacy Evans feud.....

  35. Hawlucha Lucha

    Hawlucha Lucha3 days ago

    I don't think Cesaro not winning is a big deal, especially since the outcome was getting murdered in a minute, if even that long. If they would of done a thing where Cesaro wins, and there is an extra, 10-15 mins of him and Roman then sure but to win a 45 min just to be pretty much being an afterthought for a bigger story I don't think would of been worth it. Bryan is the perfect person to just get battered by and move on.

  36. David Reed

    David Reed3 days ago

    Just glad Roman is finally in a feud he can believably lose since his return.

  37. Knack’s knapsnack

    Knack’s knapsnack3 days ago

    But will he? Seems like a lose lose feud to me. If he wins the fans will cry Roman wins lol; if he loses the fans will cry about a Legend beating youngsters.

  38. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  39. Balakeh

    Balakeh3 days ago

    God I hope this doesn’t mean Bobby Lashely vs Miz and WM

  40. Gnarly Pioneers Film Co.

    Gnarly Pioneers Film Co.3 days ago

    I think they’re protecting Cesaro for later. I feel a push for him coming after WrestleMania.

  41. Lindsey White

    Lindsey White3 days ago

    Have a good rest Tom, you stay safe too xx

  42. Robin0928

    Robin09283 days ago

    In an alternate universe where Ceasaro won the Elimination Chamber... "Why would you have Ceasaro win the chamber if you're just gonna squash him in 2 minutes so you can build Roman v. Edge? This should have been someone like Bryan who won't suffer a big loss."

  43. Zdravko Nedelchev

    Zdravko Nedelchev3 days ago

    Imo The Hurt business traded the beatdown by Bobby Lashley to a title match with The Miz later on. Lashley crushes The Miz and we have Lashley vs McIntyre @ Mania.

  44. Robin0928

    Robin09283 days ago

    Can't belive that Cultaholic put the championship on a part-timer CAT!!! I bet he isn't gonna show up on any graded videos. SMH Cultaholic, I'm canceling my subscription to the Cultaholic Network /s

  45. Rodzila Gunz

    Rodzila Gunz3 days ago

    Why have Cesaro eat the pin in a minute in his first title match. Bryan was the right guy for that.

  46. James Calder Allen

    James Calder Allen3 days ago

    If Cesaro wouldve been in that situation it would've ruined every bit of momentum he had with wwe booking let him get in the right way so people wonder wow could big dick Tony win this??

  47. Dhananjay Sharma

    Dhananjay Sharma3 days ago

    Cesaro not winning the chamber match might be a great way to continue the "I'll win the universal championship if given the chance" storyline

  48. Matt J

    Matt J3 days ago

    I'm fine with Cesaro losing for now. They've already set up Rollins vs Cesaro, so if Rollins puts him over at Mania that's going to permanently place Cesaro into the main event picture for the foreseeable future after Edge and Roman are finished.

  49. David Reed

    David Reed3 days ago

    Didnt Lacey just have a kid like half a year ago?

  50. reno2200

    reno22003 days ago

    She was already talking about having a young daughter back when she first joined NXT, so I think the kid is at least a few years old.

  51. Michael Suezo

    Michael Suezo3 days ago

    I'm hoping for a triple threat at mania. Bryan-reigns-edge

  52. ronan bennett

    ronan bennett3 days ago

    Were gonna get drew vs lashley vs sheamus with drew putting his rematch on the line at fast lane

  53. ronan bennett

    ronan bennett3 days ago

    Miz w/morrison vs priest w/bad bunny for the title at fast Lane with priest winning maybe?...priest w/bad bunny vs drew at mania maybe ? I'm afraid miz only cashed in to further that story with how mainstream bad bunny is to attract more eyes to wrestlemania

  54. Joe Stoker

    Joe Stoker3 days ago

    I bloody love Tom Campbell and every single person who works for Cultaholic

  55. Kata Mouse

    Kata Mouse3 days ago

    drew a boring champion

  56. Sid dog

    Sid dog3 days ago

    I don't mind Bryan winning but he's lost a few matches before. Literally lost to cesaro so it was kind of weird when he won🤷

  57. 716 Gaming

    716 Gaming3 days ago

    We need a custom miz belt with the upside logo

  58. The Man Jack 01

    The Man Jack 013 days ago

    The actual grade for the PPV is an F because of the Miz cashing in

  59. Aaron Desmond

    Aaron Desmond3 days ago

    I’m not sure why everyone seems to want to see Drew regain the championship.. He held it for most of the past year, and I feel like we have seen the best feuds available. I think the Miz holding until WM, then losing it to Lashley in a triple threat @WM would be the best way to go.

  60. Adam

    Adam3 days ago

    Bryan is on the writing team and has been heavily involved in cesaros push lately. Having him win only to be beaten by reigns in a couple of minutes wouldnt of did anything. If anything they're protecting cesaro

  61. George Philippakos

    George Philippakos3 days ago

    I'm a huge Asuka fan and they do need to do way more with her but I would rather have nothing on Elimination Chamber than something really rushed

  62. Chris Tomson

    Chris Tomson3 days ago

    Have a nice break, Tom. And congrats to Pablo for becoming Cultaholic Champion!

  63. George Philippakos

    George Philippakos3 days ago

    Loving how Lashley is being portrayed rn

  64. Kirk Lamplugh

    Kirk Lamplugh3 days ago

    That grade for the womens tag is very generous.

  65. Sammy Smartwizch

    Sammy Smartwizch2 days ago

    The match wasn't bad. Yes there was no need to make the match and the ending was crap but the match itself wasn't never gonna be had. Sasha, Bianca, and Shayna in a ring. How bad can that go?

  66. tenshikarajigoku

    tenshikarajigoku3 days ago

    I'm glad Drew has finally dropped the belt he was getting really stale it was time for a change

  67. anju zhang

    anju zhang3 days ago

    "The energy of Nexus but the momentum of Job Squad" absolutely brilliant line

  68. Elias Casaus

    Elias Casaus3 days ago

    Despite the honestly well done matches in this ppv I have to remove some points purely because Asuka was completely ignored and she deserves better than that. WWE has the most talented women in wrestling they surely could have found her a suitable opponent *cough Rhea cough*

  69. Jay Robinson

    Jay Robinson3 days ago

    I like how both Chamber matches used the opening of the chamber after an elimination for some creative spots.

  70. Arcane Pirate

    Arcane Pirate3 days ago

    Why Not?? I'm hoping it's there's one more ppv before Wrestlemania.... Bryan can't compete at Fastlane because his knee is to injured so suggests his new best mate Cesaro in his stead after his chamber performance.... Roman says that Jey pinned Cesaro so no dice... Adam Pearce then books a match between Cesaro and Jay - Cesaro wins he gets his shot at Fastlane, Jey wins and Roman doesn't have to defend it until Mania... despite the heels best efforts Cesaro wins - job done!

  71. Hong An

    Hong An3 days ago

    My problem with miz is that he's not interesting in the ring and his is a one note promo - he cuts a very good angry/mean promo but any time he tries to be funny or entertaining in any other way it's always cringe inducing

  72. Emmanuel Fatoki Fatoki

    Emmanuel Fatoki Fatoki3 days ago

    WWE elimination chamber had too many interference from other WWE wrestlers and was filled with too much interference

  73. Baioue

    Baioue3 days ago

    did anyone else not find it really silly that lashley decided to just get out the ring after being hit with the crutch

  74. J Last Name

    J Last Name3 days ago

    I can't wait for the winner takes all Miz vs Bad Bunny, champion vs champion match at WM

  75. Duckmeister

    Duckmeister3 days ago

    Yeah!!! Why NOT have Cesaro get annihilated by Roman Reigns in 90 seconds?

  76. pnepredictable

    pnepredictable3 days ago

    Please can we get rid of that little back ground jingle for these series? It’s not needed

  77. Zachery Goldstein

    Zachery Goldstein3 days ago

    Riddle vs Lee at mania from bros to foes

  78. Jake Driver

    Jake Driver3 days ago

    I’m not against Miz winning the title at all. Would love to see a story line involving Taya showing up and almost demanding Morrison goes after the title.

  79. Zachery Goldstein

    Zachery Goldstein3 days ago

    Cesaro vs Miz at mania

  80. CarrytheG Gilbert

    CarrytheG Gilbert3 days ago

    The Miz is the first ever 2 time Grand slam Champion 🏆🏆

  81. Black hearted White sheep

    Black hearted White sheep3 days ago

    Bobby lashley is an unstoppable maniac! When he’s done he will be the wwe and universal champ, United States champ, intercontinental champ, Raw and smack down tag champ, 24/7 champ, AEW champ, tnt champ, AEW tag champ, impact heavyweight champ, impact tag champ, IWBG champ, and the president of the United States after hurtlocking joe Biden and daring Kamala Harris to try and help!

  82. nii nii nii nii

    nii nii nii nii3 days ago

    Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens post mania Tag Team run?

  83. graeme brown

    graeme brown3 days ago

    Bryan could stand to lose to Roman pretty quicly, while Cesaro really couldn't. No way anyone is winning the belt from Roman until Edge at WM. This way Cesaro still looks strong, and then they can give him the MITB briefcase to use against whichever champ he wants at SummerSlam.

  84. Conor McCarthy

    Conor McCarthy3 days ago

    I don't see what everyone is so mad about. WWE has to move on from Drew at some point, if only for a while.

  85. Pers Ona

    Pers Ona3 days ago

    Didn't he just drop it to orton they moved on and came back. They really need to move on from roman but that's never gonna happen

  86. Heath

    Heath3 days ago

    Peyton being slotted into the match with Asuka would have been a great shout. Shame that they didn't bother.

  87. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    Honestly I would have taken literally anyone to face Asuka over Asuka being off the show entirely with no challenger. She's supposed to be the champion but she's really been getting the short end of the stick since her feud with Banks ended.

  88. brandyn kilpatrick

    brandyn kilpatrick3 days ago

    im honestly happy that the miz is champ, one of the hardest workers for the past years, love the man haha

  89. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton3 days ago

    So much for the womens evolution

  90. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher3 days ago

    Tom is starting to sound like Corbin with his X-Pac heat argument. We hate the Miz because for the past six months, nearly every segment he’s been in has been the worst of the night. And that’s on the worst show. The Miz isn’t doing his job, which is why we fucking hate this result.

  91. Andrew Shea

    Andrew Shea3 days ago

    Imagine Edge vs Miz at Mania is the story we go with. Those two retained world titles 10 years ago at Mania 27, and they’re still in main event matches.

  92. mmdd1996

    mmdd19963 days ago

    They just confirmed edge roman

  93. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton3 days ago

    Bryan winning over roman and having an iron man match with edge at mania would have been best.. or maybe edge, roman and bryan triple threat? It's hard to get excited about edge vs roman at mania tbh.

  94. Winney

    Winney3 days ago

    It doesn't affect Bryan losing quick against Roman. I know if it was Cesaro he can go down the line saying he wasn't fresh. But he wouldn't get that chance cos it's set Roman/edge up straight after.

  95. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke3 days ago

    My Grades for this piss poor show: Pre-show match: C This was OK I just find it offensive seeing Mustafa Ali, John Morrison and Ricochet were they are on the card as all 3 are 50-100 times better then both current world champions on Raw and Smackdown SD chamber: B Probably the best match overall all night and I enjoyed it. Roman bit: E- Just awful just awful nothing more needed to be said. US championship match: C+ I do not agree with Riddle being pushed this much as he was named in the speaking out movement and there is no clue as to his guilt or not it is the same reason I cannot watch Austin Theory or Darby Allin on AEW I just have no clue. Women’s tag match: C+ Sahsa, baszler and Bianca were great the match was ruined by Jax she is struggling to move for her own health WWE and the health of your own wrestler send her awayhor more training. Raw chamber: B- MITB Shenanigans: E- The first part was great seeing Lashley murder Drew if only Frog Face had just eaten a Claymore and lost then we got Lashley v Drew at FastLane for the title with Lashley winning and then Drew winning it back at mania Overall: C-

  96. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    In my honest opinion, I don't think it's fair to grade the US match based on things that are outside of the kayfaybe storyline or match quality. I think a match's grade should be limited to what happens in the match and how it works/fits in kayfaybe regarding the storyline and characters involved, not whatever scandals that have taken place outside of it. If you don't agree with Riddle being pushed due to what he's been accused of, then that's completely fine. But I don't think it should be a dictating factor to determine how the match itself should be graded since it doesn't really have an effect on the quality of it or the story being told with the characters being portrayed. It's kinda like if I were to give a student a poor grade or average grade on a test simply because they were accused of picking on another student, rather than because of their performance on said test.

  97. IngasPingas

    IngasPingas3 days ago

    If the match was so inconsequential then it’s good Cesaro didn’t win. If we want him to be pushed we want him to win consequential matches.

  98. dasallmaechtigeJ

    dasallmaechtigeJ3 days ago

    Hurt Business are essential thugs for hire, so whatever kind of deal Miz made, it surely involves a championship match for Lashley, who will obliterate him

  99. Michael Lyden

    Michael Lyden3 days ago

    So, right now the current WWE Champion (a title held by Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Daniel Bryan) is currently in a feud with the current 24/7 Champion (a title held by Marshmellow, Candice Michelle, The Gobbledy Gooker, Rob Gronkowski, and [currently] Bad Bunny). Let that sink in.

  100. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    @Leopold the Leo and held by Jinder Mahal

  101. Leopold the Leo

    Leopold the Leo3 days ago

    Or a title held by vince, against a title held by Brisco and Patterson

  102. Tanner Blakely

    Tanner Blakely3 days ago

    Bobby Lashleys performances last night turned me into a Bobby Lashley fan. That man is a terrifying monster.

  103. Josh Robb

    Josh Robb3 days ago

    Your so joyfully and happy I love it, I feel we could be bestist of friends if you lived near me in Central Canada (sk) love the videos keep it up my friend 😁

  104. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle3 days ago

    Sasha’s first match since doing the Daytona 500, and she is pinned because of Champagne!

  105. Glenn B

    Glenn B3 days ago

    I really hate Reginald. Not in a working me way. I just fucking hate how they can’t have Bianca and Sasha just feud

  106. jason666king

    jason666king3 days ago

    Put the belt on Lashley tonight!

  107. John Walker

    John Walker3 days ago

    Have a good vacation Tom, your cheerfulness is truly infectious and makes your videos a great way to start my day.

  108. Kira E

    Kira E3 days ago

    The most shocking title change in recent history: Pablo becoming cultaholic champion.

  109. Just Another papaya

    Just Another papaya3 days ago

    Why does everyone want cesaro to eat that quick loss to Roman? Makes no sense. This way protects him.

  110. John Clark

    John Clark3 days ago

    The Universal Chumps match was pure bullshit, I hate this Reigns Head of the table crap. Now Roman is just a chump and not a champ.

  111. Noah Turtle

    Noah Turtle3 days ago

    First match was fun, Cesaro probably should have won, but Bryan is a better underdog Triple threat was fun, and that’s about it Asuka should have been on the show Women’s tag was kinda boring with a stupid finish Main event was booked poorly, should have come down to Drew and Sheamus, cause that’d kinda the story Miz being champion actually isn’t terrible, but I have faith in WWE to ruin it immediately

  112. RR7

    RR73 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the recent support behind Cesaro? Like a lot of people were thinking he would win the rumble and now the chamber? What changed to make people think he’s going on some main event run or something?

  113. reno2200

    reno22003 days ago

    He got promo time on TV and the online-only stuff and has been presented as strong recently. Longer-term, he's solid af in the ring. He'a capable of being the centrepoint of a multi-man match (and has carried quite a few of them) and is very well-liked by his co-workers, sometimes being called, "your favourite wrestler's favourite wrestler." So you have a very capable guy, is likable in real life and has had strong (kayfabe) showings recently... that's why he had a 'sudden wave of support'

  114. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell3 days ago

    It sucks Cesaro signed a new contract, now we'll never see him reach his full potential/get the push and championships he deserves.

  115. Bong - Fashion

    Bong - Fashion3 days ago

    Miz ❤️ deserved and he got 🏆

  116. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin3 days ago

    "Is Lashley gonna get a title match on Monday night and just cream Miz?" 😂 Oooh matron

  117. George Varughese

    George Varughese3 days ago

    My thoughts exactly. Or a fast lane match.

  118. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin3 days ago

    Reginald done dirty. Reginald used for a cheap distraction finish does nothing good for anyone

  119. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    He's kinda like the modern Ellsworth. But more or less tolerable and with more skill.

  120. Glenn B

    Glenn B3 days ago

    He is ruining that storyline

  121. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin3 days ago

    I think Cesaro getting choked out by Roman Reigns wouldn't have done his push any favours unless WWE followed it up with a feud with Roman (which WWE won't do). Roman choking out Daniel Bryan makes sense because it doesn't hurt Daniel Bryan but would hurt Cesaro's push. Plus it makes Roman seem even more of a heel to choke out someone as beloved as Daniel Bryan (who is the ultimate babyface along with Ronald Mysterious)

  122. John Walton

    John Walton3 days ago

    Cesaro losing was the right call and here's why. If Cesaro won the Chamber and then gave Reigns a competitive match,then it makes Roman look weak heading into Wrestlemania. If Cesaro won and got squashed ,that could hurt his push. Daniel Bryan was the right choice to win the match and then get squashed without hurting his credibility. Cesaro will be fine.Although he got eliminated ,he looked like an absolute star and will challenge Reigns properly at some point for the title.

  123. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    Not to mention Cesaro's elimination was due to getting blindsided

  124. Cedric Giyo

    Cedric Giyo3 days ago

    Because they didn't put the women's title back on a card it was what 30 minutes shorter?