WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Live Stream Reactions

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Adam Pacitti reacts to WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV
WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Matches/Match Card:
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (Elimination Chamber Match)
Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Jey Uso vs. Sami Zayn vs. King Corbin (Elimination Chamber Match to earn a Universal Title Match on the same night)
United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Keith Lee vs. Riddle (Triple Threat Match)
Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Lacey Evans
Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. SmackDown Elimination Chamber Winner
#EliminationChamber #WWE
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  1. Mia Khalifa

    Mia Khalifa3 days ago

    Do YOU love me

  2. Jesse Woodworth

    Jesse Woodworth3 days ago

    Time stamp for the Cesaro pull up?

  3. Shark Boy

    Shark Boy3 days ago

    Miz shoulda one it when he was having the matches of his career when he had the intercontinental championship, but happy for him tho

  4. The Heldert

    The HeldertDay ago


  5. Arctic Firefly

    Arctic Firefly3 days ago

    I'd like a fatal 4 way at Mania. Miz v McIntyre v Lashley v Sheamus.

  6. Arctic Firefly

    Arctic Firefly3 days ago

    @Dimitri Payet Yeah, sadly. Since Reigns and Edge will probably headline WM, I'd hope for a multi man world championship match alongside it.

  7. Dimitri Payet

    Dimitri Payet3 days ago

    Yes but it's not going to happen, we will have Lashley vs McIntyre at Fastlane and Miz vs McIntyre at Mania

  8. Shane Mcgivern

    Shane Mcgivern3 days ago

    I swear I must be the only one who’s happy Miz won the WWE title

  9. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin2 days ago

    He desveres it

  10. Matheus Cruz

    Matheus Cruz3 days ago

    Only hardcore marks are hating, and that's sad

  11. Alfie Kennedy

    Alfie Kennedy3 days ago

    he’s deserved it since 2016

  12. Joseph Ojo

    Joseph Ojo3 days ago

    I am over the moon man

  13. Andrew Metcalfe

    Andrew Metcalfe3 days ago

    I’m sooooo onboard with this!

  14. tom kenny

    tom kenny3 days ago

    Miz is champ! You love to see it! I predicted this for 2018 but better late then never!

  15. Robert Barrow

    Robert Barrow3 days ago

    I came for Jackie Chan

  16. Joseph Patti

    Joseph Patti3 days ago

    It makes sense since Miz took himself out of chamber strategy worked.

  17. Tom Williams Productions

    Tom Williams Productions3 days ago

    When i read "Miz 2 time WWE champion" i did a double take only 2 in these times of hot shot title flipping

  18. Aphrillis

    Aphrillis3 days ago

    Honestly I reckon if there we had crowds we'd have a similar thing to bryan's mania win against the authority with cesaro

  19. Darren Money

    Darren Money3 days ago

    Pleased for THE MIZ, its long overdue!!!!

  20. Cameron Doerksen

    Cameron Doerksen3 days ago

    on the surface, this was a great PPV raw women's championship match womens tag team title match a number 1 contenders match for the Universal title Universal title match United States title match elimination chamber match for the WWE title and a WWE title match/cache in

  21. Cameron Doerksen

    Cameron Doerksen3 days ago

    legit i predicted lashleys attack after i saw him lose the us title

  22. Retroactive Gamer

    Retroactive Gamer3 days ago

    Respect, you are the only one who wasn't shitting all over Miz. The dude may not be everyones favorite, but he's a HARD ass worker, and while I would have rather seen Cesaro, I am very stoked. And people are going to tune it. I bet Bad Bunny will cost Miz the Belt. Then Miz/Morisson vs BB and Damien

  23. CbabyDavy

    CbabyDavy3 days ago

    I was glad too when I saw Miz win it I was so happy cause he’s probably at least top 5 for my favorites in WWE rn and I’m glad he won it but man it was annoying seeing people say how it was a horrible decision and how he doesn’t deserve it. Some people need to watch 2016 Miz again lol.

  24. mauro pereira

    mauro pereira3 days ago

    Even if it's just for a day or a few weeks the man deserves it, that was long overdue

  25. Holtender 102

    Holtender 1024 days ago

    Someone just said to me on twitter miz is no good on the mic and he is only there because the USA network wants him there...

  26. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray4 days ago


  27. Alistair Rae

    Alistair Rae4 days ago

    I think it’s The Miz vs Drew vs Bobby at 37

  28. F. K.

    F. K.3 days ago

    What a step down for Drew

  29. Joseph LasCola

    Joseph LasCola4 days ago

    What happened we with asuka?

  30. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    @Joseph LasCola oh, I didn't even know about that. I didn't watch the preshow. Asuka's been really getting the short end of the stick lately

  31. Joseph LasCola

    Joseph LasCola3 days ago

    @Marcelo Saunders I know that but on the preshow they were talking about who was face asuka tonight. Then no match

  32. Marcelo Saunders

    Marcelo Saunders3 days ago

    Lacey is pregnant

  33. The Big man

    The Big man4 days ago

    3:35:10 for Miz cash in

  34. Will

    Will4 days ago

    2:03:59 for Edge spear

  35. JaeJIIn

    JaeJIIn4 days ago

    It's gonna be a triple treat at fastlane with Bobby get the pin on miz THEN drew retrieve the WWE title front of fan at mania. Bobby deserve a WWE title reign, and drew get his moment, and miz as a champion for 3 weeks is not THAT terrible.

  36. Robert Bradshaw

    Robert Bradshaw2 days ago

    Have lashley win dirty at mania then drew who belt back at ss

  37. Unbelievabro

    Unbelievabro3 days ago

    @JaeJIIn idk man, he's got great momentum right now, I feel like WWE doesnt strike when the iron is hot often enough and right now would be a great time for Lashley to go on a tear. But I agree, drew does deserve that moment.

  38. JaeJIIn

    JaeJIIn3 days ago

    @Unbelievabro yea me too, but wwe want a real wm moment for drew. Hope Bobby get a real championship reign at summerslam.

  39. Unbelievabro

    Unbelievabro3 days ago

    Meh...I'd rather see Miz or Bobby keep going....I like Drew and all but his run has been a bit lackluster for me.

  40. Masi ._. XD

    Masi ._. XD4 days ago

    1:55:20 cesaro eliminated

  41. Harry Tighe

    Harry Tighe4 days ago

    No woman’s elimination chamber match what happened there

  42. Sebin Mathew

    Sebin Mathew4 days ago

    New wwe champion 🔥The Miz And stil universanal champion 👑ROMAN REIGNS 🔥

  43. LEACH 96

    LEACH 964 days ago

    Good for the miz but surly you can’t be happy about this Adam

  44. Sammy Smartwizch

    Sammy Smartwizch3 days ago

    @LEACH 96 why build him up if he is a cowardly heel and has access to the cheesiest tool to win a title. He can lose all he wants with a MITB with him.

  45. LEACH 96

    LEACH 964 days ago

    Simply the way they booked the miz the past few weeks ridiculous

  46. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain4 days ago

    Why not

  47. Rnemdug

    Rnemdug4 days ago

    The Miz winning the WWE title was 4 YEARS OVERDUE

  48. Out Of Comfort Zone Waffler

    Out Of Comfort Zone Waffler4 days ago

    Bobby beats Miz at fastLane and we have Bobby and drew at mania. First 2 matches of PPV were really good fun but the rest was disappointing. Miz winning at the end leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Miz champ in 2021 is shit. Fuck vince and fuck this company! Miz has been treated like an utter chump for a long time now.

  49. wlrwilly

    wlrwilly4 days ago


  50. logan kerr

    logan kerr4 days ago

    Miz winning was the only highlight of the night. imo, the WWE chamber was boring

  51. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain4 days ago

    I disagree but ok

  52. Michael Lyden

    Michael Lyden4 days ago

    Here's you Winner, and the *NEW*..... WWE Champion!!!...... THE MIZ!!!!! Okay, but...... *why?*

  53. MandatoryMist77

    MandatoryMist773 days ago

    Cause he deserves it, plus it allows McIntyre to win it back at Mania, a nice face victory to close the show

  54. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain4 days ago

    He's a transitional champion

  55. Mark England

    Mark England4 days ago

    Great ppv

  56. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan4 days ago

    Bad Bunny will be the next WWE Champion at WM 37 😂😂😂😂

  57. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm4 days ago

    Delighted for the Miz, he'll hold it for about 3 weeks and will probably never get it again but he's do so much good work since his last reign I'm glad its been rewarded in the record books.

  58. Panama Red

    Panama Red4 days ago

    At least it wasn't Goldberg!

  59. Aaron Dale

    Aaron Dale4 days ago

    Can't wait for Bad Bunny to win the belt

  60. Samuel Morrison

    Samuel Morrison4 days ago

    So happy miz won. He deserves it so much

  61. Elian Williams

    Elian Williams4 days ago

    2:49:20 Adam talks about being pegged

  62. Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC3 days ago


  63. Lukas Schulte

    Lukas Schulte3 days ago

    I am glad you pinned it down. True hero

  64. -

    -3 days ago

    Lol wtf 😂

  65. Rugare Jeche

    Rugare Jeche4 days ago

    Just start watching from 3:32:00

  66. Keeperodd

    Keeperodd4 days ago

    Miz was my favorite in the 2016-2019 period so happy for him, even if it is a couple years late. Drew doesnt really do anything for me, he is good but not very interesting to me atm. (maybe taking a chance saying this on this channel since there seems to be a bit of Drew British bias ;) But i understand that, the closest i have had to be biased for as a Norwegian is Erick Rowan) But Lashley-Drew (+Miz) will probably be interesting.

  67. Matty Johnston

    Matty Johnston4 days ago

    3:35:50 miz wins

  68. Alan Gibbons

    Alan Gibbons4 days ago

    Great stream adama you are always amazing and decent show, i really liked the first two matches

  69. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin4 days ago

    Edge is confirmed to beat Roman at Mania, Miz and Morriston vs Bad Bunny and Damien Priest, Orton vs Bray Wyatt. Nothing is yet discussed for the WWE Title

  70. BjoernHL

    BjoernHL2 days ago

    @Aidan Boylin then you should know better my dude...nothing is 'confirmed'

  71. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin2 days ago

    @BjoernHL nope, I've been a fan of wrestling since 2006

  72. BjoernHL

    BjoernHL3 days ago

    @Aidan Boylin lol...you must be new at wrestling

  73. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin3 days ago

    No, it has actually been confirmed. Come back at this comment after Wrestlemania


    BRUCE BRADLEY4 days ago

    In your dreams edge fanboy

  75. Cameron Pye

    Cameron Pye4 days ago

    Lashley will beat miz for the title at fastlane. Then lashley will defend at Wrestlemania with Drew winning so he can reign with a crowd audience

  76. Roi pedhazur

    Roi pedhazur3 days ago

    Nope. They will do Drew vs Sheamus in a Street Fight as a Semi-Main event non title match. I hope.

  77. vipul negi

    vipul negi3 days ago


  78. MCH _

    MCH _3 days ago

    That is probably gonna happen yeah. Lashley deserves a long reign tho. So i hope Lashley wins it back at some point and Drew is just gonna win at Mania for the moment with the fans.

  79. Panama Red

    Panama Red4 days ago

    👍🏻 I like the way you think

  80. Gage Blackard

    Gage Blackard4 days ago

    That is a good idea. I was thinking Morrison vs Miz

  81. Crazy Ginger Jake holden

    Crazy Ginger Jake holden4 days ago

    Amazing stream Adam as always and good show. It was really fun but I got a hun and I like a bun. Adam is the goat but he ain't no boat and miz is awesome and I will have a great thr33s0me.

  82. there can only one Ray the comedian

    there can only one Ray the comedian4 days ago

    Baron corbin should be The Miz's stunt double Baron Corbiz and The Miz vs Damian Priest and Bad Bunny

  83. dysfynnction

    dysfynnction4 days ago

    Should be the main event of Wrestlemania, but what about Titus O'Miz?

  84. Generic _

    Generic _4 days ago

    lmao just waiting for time stamps

  85. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi3 days ago

    Haha same

  86. SHOCKEr 123

    SHOCKEr 1234 days ago

    Someone do timestamps thank you

  87. Panama Red

    Panama Red4 days ago

    You do it lazy boy.