TWO Former IMPACT Champions Join WWE | NXT Star Deletes Twitter Following Fan Backlash

An NXT Star has deleted their social media account following backlash by WWE fans. WWE has signed two former IMPACT Champions and one of them made their debut at NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day. Plus we could be getting a big title change on AEW Dynamite this week!
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  1. Shonen Jump Magneto

    Shonen Jump Magneto6 days ago

    Antimaskers are idiotic. Is she one? Not necessarily.

  2. Dan blakeslee

    Dan blakeslee8 days ago

    "Legally, Kasey catanzaro didn't break any rules. Ethically, I think there is a concern here." Nope. There's not. Don't be butthurt that your location has more draconian laws. Be happy for that she can enjoy herself. People in general will be happier when they stop comparing their lives with the lives of others.

  3. AndYes

    AndYes9 days ago

    Oh Kacie. Come on.

  4. Mickey S.

    Mickey S.9 days ago

    If you can go to Walmart you can go see your family. The masks don't work. The virus is forever.

  5. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  6. El Neco

    El Neco9 days ago

    As someone who didn't know much about Impact in the last few years, weren't Santana and Ortiz with Hernandez, who recently had a match in Impact? Maybe they get to reunite.


    MIKELIN89 days ago

    It must break your hearts that Taya and Eli joined WWE instead of AEW.

  8. Norm Bell

    Norm Bell9 days ago

    Look I love cultaholic and 99 percent of there people but this Andrew guy needs to not be on my screen ever again I'm sure he's a great guy but there's something about him I just can't stand!!!! LoL

  9. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards9 days ago

    Who cares about y'all's keyboard Warriors complaints good job Casey you do you don't worry about what these losers have to say look at these two nerds I bet you we got two virgins here

  10. Jenn Lyons

    Jenn Lyons9 days ago

    Good. She's a terrible person. Most American restaurants aren't even open and only serving takeout. Florida is that pos state that denies covid so not surprising you can just run wild down there.

  11. Nintendo Nation

    Nintendo Nation9 days ago

    Did they just condone her getting harassed off Twitter? What the hell?

  12. ultimakewl

    ultimakewl9 days ago

    the kacy catanzaro thing is a lot more than 'oh she was eating in a restaurant with no mask' she was with a large group of people in a crowded restaurant and this video was one of many instances of her and ricochet having unnecessary group gatherings w/o masks or social distancing and all of this is made worse by another video she put out recently where she tells everyone to follow cdc guidelines the cdc recommended guidelines are far stricter than a lot of states' (but especially florida's) rules concerning the pandemic the 'backlash' might be directed at this one video but its about a whole pattern, and inflamed by the blatant hypocrisy does she deserve ridicule for that? absolutely does she deserve a level of harassment that would cause her to delete her social media? probably not

  13. Aaron Carr

    Aaron Carr9 days ago

    So people are basically all jealous that Kacey can eat at a restaurant and they can’t? ....This whole thing has gotten way out of hand. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m starting to think a lot of these people are bots.

  14. DDDofTTTontheYT

    DDDofTTTontheYT9 days ago

    Good thing big name wrestlers are pretty much not from iowa. All restrictions lifted there (i live next state over but on the direct iowa border)

  15. Danny Urena

    Danny Urena9 days ago

    I Believe ProFessional Wrestling Turned For The Worse.Worst. I Miss The 80's. I Miss The 90's

  16. Trevor Kenny

    Trevor Kenny9 days ago

    I loved that Eli just got Sam out of there right away.

  17. J

    J9 days ago

    If you’re going to bash Florida and what we do in our state I would keep it in your side of the pound. We have a great governor and we’re doing fine. I’m still seeing family and friends and if you guys want to live in a shell and be pansies go by it. I find it piss poor how y’all can’t even make a video together when you know everyone in the business is healthy. You guys are going overboard and just live a little. Excuse me while I go to the beach and have fun ✌🏻✊🏻🇺🇸

  18. Drum Monkey

    Drum Monkey10 days ago

    Main roster is just gonna job out Taya. At least she'd have some killer matches on NXT.

  19. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen10 days ago

    Toms talking bollocks here . If the rules are you don't have to wear your mask its your prerogative . When lockdown lifted here last summer, there wasnt one single person wearing a mask at the spoons on the quayside and it was PACKED . We're a simple species ... if we're told something is okay to do (or not to do) we're going to do what best suits us. This is from a mask wearer btw. . I just think the poor girl shouldn't be judged at all.

  20. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    @Paul Allen You too.

  21. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen8 days ago

    ​@Tom Campbell Oh you heartbreaker lol . You're relatively bollocks free in your talk. I just think influencers such as your good self, should tread more carefully in criticisms on a topic that has a lot of grey areas. None of us know the mental state of the poor girl. Anyway this is me talking bollocks. Take care fella.

  22. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    @Paul Allen Nah, you're good. I'll probably just annoy you because of all the bollocks I talk.

  23. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen8 days ago

    @Tom Campbell You're okay Tom , I'll let you buy me a beer in toon as payment x

  24. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    Appreciate the feedback, Paul.

  25. PC BBall

    PC BBall10 days ago

    Ethics has nothing to do with wearing a mask.

  26. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda10 days ago

    So the Inner Circle had a three way tag match to determine who's the official tag team in the stable. Jericho and MJF won the match. But now Pride and Powerful has a title shot. Talk about consistency in the booking

  27. Bill Corey

    Bill Corey10 days ago

    Pleeeeeeease put the belts on Proud & Powerful!

  28. Bcddp

    Bcddp10 days ago

    I actually don’t mind la knight at least his name isn’t slapjack

  29. John Anderson

    John Anderson10 days ago

    Get over her not wearing a mask. Seriously.

  30. getty27

    getty2710 days ago

    Kacy don’t have to explain shit to anyone... Twitter is bs... u do u Kacy ... ur opinions r crap... let people live... mind ur own damn businesses

  31. solo asa

    solo asa10 days ago

    LA Knight debuts right when Bow Wow says hes wants to join WWE, how ironic... [Like Mike... LA Knights.. if youre not sure, google it]

  32. James R

    James R10 days ago

    cant wait to see "L" on the main roster, or even worse... "knight"...

  33. John Willis

    John Willis10 days ago

    Firstly, did Mr Drake not learn from watching what WWE did with EY, or what they didn't do rather. Secondly, shouldn't the SHITTY NAME THEY GAVE HIM BE ANOTHER SIGN IT'S NOT GONNA GO WELL???? Maybe he will be a FOREVER NXT guy, he should be ok then I think!

  34. Sherwin John

    Sherwin John10 days ago

    I'm completely fine with Kacy, in the US we can go to restaurants. We just need a mask going in and anytime you are not at your table. Once you're at your table you are allowed to take off your mask since you need to eat and drink. That's the protocol in place and she's following it. Everyday people are doing this and she shouldn't be getting backlash because she's well known. Hopefully she's doing okay and not taking anything hard because some fans are straight up dumb. If she wasn't following protocol there would be an issue but she was.

  35. kevin t

    kevin t10 days ago

    Kacy is fine. She did everything she was supposed to, tearing down because you don’t agree with someone is not okay. Isn’t that something y’all make fun of WWE for?

  36. seymourglass26

    seymourglass2610 days ago

    No. She could have easily gotten her food to go and not taken the risk. Just because Florida authorities don't care about their residents (many of whom are very old and at serious risk), doesn't mean she gets a pass, because she wanted a little luxury. Not saying she really needs to be punished, but she should learn to do better than the absolute minimum required. We all should.

  37. Ye

    Ye10 days ago

    She opened the door herself for hate she was preaching about not going out and then she post videos of her going out her fault for being hypocritical

  38. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi10 days ago

    Wonder if they’ll make Taya Valkyrie change her name since they already have Aofie Valkyrie in NXT UK. Maybe they’ll do what they did with Scarlett Bordeaux and just drop her last name.

  39. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    As long as they let Eli have free reign on his promos, it'll be Gold.

  40. Landon Barb

    Landon Barb10 days ago

    Kacy was just eating lunch/dinner grow up people

  41. Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin10 days ago

    Casey was definitely bullshitting. She id still risking spreading Covid to herself and others. And with the outrageous amount of cases in FL, saying a mask is not required is a bullshit excuse.

  42. Callum Walker

    Callum Walker10 days ago

    Raws women’s devision feels dead

  43. John Hammel

    John Hammel10 days ago

    Great! Two more wrestlers that WWE creative will absolutely no clue of how to use. I understand the money piece of this, but I would avoid WWE if I was in their shoes.

  44. Matt Shearer

    Matt Shearer10 days ago

    I don’t think it matters what Eli Drake is named he’s too good not to get himself over. He could be called Fuckhead McGee for all I care. He’s still too good

  45. Matt

    Matt10 days ago

    If I reached any level of fame, I’d immediately delete ALL social media. Most people are needy morons just looking for attention at someone else’s expense

  46. Randy G

    Randy G10 days ago

    I have to disagree with you Tom... if Kacy is wearing a mask 😷 inside the restaurant that's fine, but once she's at her table, she can take it off so she can eat or drink. As long as the restaurants are adhering to the social distancing guidelines whenever they can, and the talent is following CDC procedures it's fine. This is a situation where it got blown out of proportion before knowing the reasons behind it and that's gotta stop

  47. Nick C

    Nick C10 days ago

    Glad to see so much support for Kacy here. She's a sweetheart and we don't need another Hana Kamura incident on our hands.

  48. Nick C

    Nick C9 days ago

    @seymourglass26 okay so comparing Kacy Catanzaro to Hana Kamura was inaccurate but the point is people just need to back off and find real problems to be upset about. By the way, Florida doesn't even rank in the top 20 when it comes to covid cases. Look at New York and New Jersey, completely shut down yet they have the highest covid death toll in America...and they just happened to be governed by democrats. Those are the facts.

  49. Timothy Graham

    Timothy Graham9 days ago

    @seymourglass26 Hana's treatment was worse, that's true. Nick said we don't want a repeat of that treatment. We can stop piling on now, she got the message. It wouldn't be any more justified if Kacy felt like ending her life if people kept going after her, because the trolls in her case felt right, rather than just being mean and terrible for no reason.

  50. seymourglass26

    seymourglass2610 days ago

    Hana's treatment was far worse, and she couldn't have just ordered takeout to negate the issues of toxic assholes. On the other hand Kacy had full control over her situation and got a little lazy for a minor comfort she could have had at home. I'm not saying Kacy needs to be punished, but she could take a pandemic more seriously than the local Florida authorities who've shown they don't give two shits about their (largely elderly) population.

  51. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn10 days ago

    My god people are judgmental. Jeez, leave Casey alone.

  52. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn9 days ago

    @Joe Higashi I'm not that old. And what does race have anything to do with it? Stop being part of the problem.

  53. Sylvain Lafreniere

    Sylvain Lafreniere10 days ago

    She did like all North America in restaurants if they have the right to serve meals. The distancing between tables is supposedly right.

  54. Montana McCarthy

    Montana McCarthy10 days ago

    We are getting closer to Eli Drake vs Miz and I couldn't be happier about that. The promos would be incredible.

  55. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart10 days ago

    Sad thing is most of the US has same regulations as Florida. Up in PA we have dine in open. Americans dont care about this pandemic and I'm ashamed of us

  56. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart10 days ago

    @Firemonkey 02 theres a difference between going to work and not taking a pandemic seriously. Restaurants shouldn't be dine in. Casinos shouldn't be open, 25k people shouldn't be at the superbowl etc. I'm the only person at my job who wears a mask, so dont tell me people dont take it seriously.

  57. Firemonkey 02

    Firemonkey 0210 days ago

    It’s not that we don’t care. We just understand that staying home all day doesn’t do anything. Lockdown have been proven to not work. People need to work so we’re going to work.

  58. Christian Cerna

    Christian Cerna10 days ago

    Santana & Ortiz?!?! LETS GO!

  59. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray10 days ago


  60. Caleb Mathis

    Caleb Mathis10 days ago

    You can go out to eat nearly everywhere in America

  61. IntentChief

    IntentChief10 days ago

    You can go out to a restaurant in almost every US state not just Florida

  62. 1taeok

    1taeok10 days ago

    Honestly...taya & drake big talents? That's definitely stretching the truth a bit. Especially if they're able to change drake's name. Vince is gonna treat them like durds for sure. They're idiots for signing to wwe! They made the list!

  63. ViridianStyles

    ViridianStyles10 days ago

    As someone living in a country that's actually handled covid properly....this is wild lol

  64. Terry Armbruster

    Terry Armbruster10 days ago

    Ethically? Lol how does one eat a meal with a mask on? Also ytf is she supposed to be a role model? Lol really now. I'll breathe on a bunch of ppl today just bc all this covid sensitivity bullchips. 😄😂

  65. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell10 days ago

    Big up to Cultaholic for taking covid seriously. I've known too many people who've died from this already and we're still in the middle of it. People should not be going out to eat, people should not be having parties or events, it's simple. Some humans, well, apparently a lot of humans are just selfish, impatient, lazy, ignorant and or uneducated. They want a "return to normalcy" because they can't stand being inconvenienced, because they can't imagine a world in which they are not waited upon by a poorly paid food service worker. By the way I bet most of the covid deniers in this comment section are the same type of folks who think 15$ is too high for a minimum wage. "YES SERVE ME, I DON'T CARE IF YOU DIE, AS LONG AS YOU DIE FOR ME AND YOU DIE POOR" is all I hear when taking an order from some yuppie or Karen or dumb old MAGA man.

  66. FadedFortunes

    FadedFortunes10 days ago

    @Chris Campbell Plenty of people I know caught it. Recovered just fine. Obviously I've missed work because at the start of all this nobody knew what the fuck Covid was. Now that time has passed, it's clear as day that most are living in fear and while they are stuck at home (or at least feel like they are) have given them time to harass anyone on the internet for being a normal human being. Both sides of the spectrum are fucking idiots. Anti maskers making comments on how it's a "violation of freedom" and "just like 1984" are tin foil eaters. But at the same time there are people calling for "Quadruple masking" and is wishing death on anyone who is seen even in their own damn car without a mask. They're both stupid. Only people with compromised immune systems are at risk here. People have died, sure. But it ain't for damn sure due to people miles away from them not wearing their mask when they are eating.

  67. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell10 days ago

    ​@FadedFortunes Kind of seems like you're the one with the agenda, calling it "flu 2.0" and all. How many people have you known who've died from it? How many weeks of work have you been forced to miss because of outbreaks and closures? Do you actually exist in the real world or are you just a "keyboard warrior" at the end of the day? If you think it's possible to separate politics from a global pandemic that literally affects every aspect of society and our (the human race) day to day lives and very existence - you are living in a bubble. Hope it's a well contained, safe bubble though.

  68. FadedFortunes

    FadedFortunes10 days ago

    Don't bring your politics into the fucking flu 2.0.

  69. Terry Armbruster

    Terry Armbruster10 days ago

    Drake is only 6 1 and 234. Farrrrrrr from Keith Lee size. Lol do your homework, guys.

  70. Chris Kimmel

    Chris Kimmel10 days ago

    She was wearing a mask but you can't wear a mask when you eat

  71. Art Vasch

    Art Vasch10 days ago

    eat at home, then. It's called takeout. I haven't seen one restaurant not offer it in this pandemic, even the ones who don't wear masks.

  72. S Melesio

    S Melesio10 days ago

    The state of Florida is the most careless state in the US in terms of covid. While other states have some sort of mandate, Florida is absolute trash and they really have no regard for people’s health. That being said it wasn’t wrong for her to choose to be at these events as I’m sure we all want to participate in some sort of social gathering. But because one can doesn’t mean one should. It’s still a pandemic. People are still getting sick and dying. Going to these super spreader events (especially around Super Bowl time where events and parties are held almost every day around the SB) is morally wrong. And to show it on social media just gives off the vibe that you don’t care about other people’s health and care more about having a good time.

  73. Shaun 3114

    Shaun 311410 days ago

    Eli drakes stuff is in 2k18 under generic superstar 5 for entrance.

  74. Shaun 3114

    Shaun 311410 days ago

    Why did Adam Cole do that at the end.

  75. jon zel

    jon zel10 days ago

    So Tom is practically condoning the disrespectful comments to Kacy for following the laws in her state? That's absolute bullshit, but go ahead and take it as "going off in the comments"...

  76. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    Didn’t and never have condoned hate comments.

  77. seymourglass26

    seymourglass2610 days ago

    So Florida lawmakers are the ultimate arbiters of right and wrong now? How would it have not been smarter to just get the food to go and not put the servers and other people potentially at risk? There's a huge difference between critiquing lazy, slightly-selfish behavior and seriously harassing or threatening the woman, but you seem to live in a binary world. She's an adult who should be more responsible for her behavior. I mean, it's legal to ride a bicycle without a helmet, but it's not very smart.

  78. Deader the Final survivor

    Deader the Final survivor10 days ago

    I mean... laws do not equate to morality. There are a _lot_ of laws that would be and are considered immoral. Especially regarding US conservative state's opinions on the pandemic. I'd say that risking other people, or allowing for the implication that risking other people is okay, is harmful to society as a whole.

  79. leejames929

    leejames92910 days ago

    I hate the name LA knight

  80. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc1910 days ago

    People need to chill out and leave her alone. We all gotta be kinder to others. If we make someone quit social media over bullying, how much better are we than those we speak out against?

  81. Cryin Kanye

    Cryin Kanye10 days ago

    proud n powerful should take the titles then the bucks can go after the good brothers in impact

  82. Feels Bad

    Feels Bad10 days ago

    well, your opinion is wrong Tom. She followed CDC guidelines and state recommendations. If everyone did what she did the pandemic would be over.

  83. Ken Bridge

    Ken Bridge10 days ago

    Eli drake and taya joing wwe sounds interesting. I just hope that they don't ruin them both, because we all know how Vince treats "foreign" talent.

  84. Furry Donkey

    Furry Donkey10 days ago

    Eli was a NWA Tag Team champion....😶

  85. David Hughes

    David Hughes10 days ago

    The no mask while seated and eating in a restaurant is the whole entire United States. Blaming her or giving her grief is really ignorant considering the entire country does the same or much worse than her.

  86. Charlie Newman

    Charlie Newman10 days ago

    imo LA Knight...stupid name...but the man's really good both in the ring and on the mic. Live by twitter, die by twitter. imo

  87. Sean Red

    Sean Red10 days ago

    Can idiots calm down and stop going immediately into angry mode? If Kacy Catanzaro is following the law, no one should be getting on her case. The pandemic is hard on EVERYONE, just put your sensible heads on and stop being dicks.

  88. Mark Halm

    Mark Halm10 days ago

    Eli Drake did the motion Capture for 2K, I remember an interview he did about HHH'S intro, I hope they let him get his stuff in.

  89. Drum Monkey

    Drum Monkey10 days ago

    I remembered that too. It was in his Chris Van Vliet interview he mentioned doing the motion capture.

  90. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers198910 days ago

    I don't agree at all on Kacy Kat thing. It's legal. It's not morally wrong. She is taking all the precautions and guidelines dictated by her local government...

  91. Firemonkey 02

    Firemonkey 0210 days ago

    Those guidelines are actually working better then the strict ones in places like New York.

  92. blademonkey29

    blademonkey2910 days ago

    Laws don't determine whats moral and ethical. Florida is stupid for not forcing stay at home, and Kacy and her friends are stupid for going out, as is EVERYONE ELSE who does so, regardless of the rules.

  93. Spanner1971B

    Spanner1971B10 days ago

    It's tricky. Its quite reasonable to criticse Floridian government for ignoring the general sense of precaution that most other states, and most other countries have. Without a doubt, the Florida rules are creating an environment of elevated risk compared to the more lock-down compliant states and countries. Nevertheless, what is a person to do? If your own state governent says it's fine, you *should* be able to trust them and go with it. And it's especially appealing to do so when what they say is ok is also what you want anyway. It takes a certain type of non-self-centreed critically examination of what the rulesmakers are saying to go "nope, that's really not worth the risk, thanks but no thanks". A smart social media player and role-model should be absolutely be aware that what may be legal may not be so in most other places, and risks painting oneself in a poor light. Effectively, Tom is kinda right. If you don't want to expose yourself to most of your audience being either jealous of, shocked by or critical of your (albeit legal) covid non-restrictions, you probably shouldn't rub those same peoples noses in it.

  94. kf6dbs

    kf6dbs10 days ago

    I have not seen Kacy’s video. This post is based on what was described in this video. Based on what was described here, I do not have any personal issue with what Kacy did. To the best of my knowledge, what Kacy did is legal where it happened and would also be legal where I live. If there are concerns regarding her going out to eat with others in combination with her NXT contract, I would suggest that those concerns should come from NXT and not from us. Having said that, any scenario where people are getting together right now will result in divided public opinion. I predict this will only intensify in the next few months as some will be vaccinated and others will not. So, on one hand, I see the benefit in not rushing to judgment simply based on a video that was posted online of people not social distancing. On the other hand, I see the benefit of considering how posting a video of you getting together with friends may be interpreted by others living under more stringent protocols.

  95. hello

    hello10 days ago

    One of the bucks have been injured since before the titles

  96. Chris Dawg

    Chris Dawg10 days ago

    It's folks like you, acting like everyone should stay in, that enables these mask Nazis to harass others.

  97. MF Doomtree

    MF Doomtree10 days ago

    All y’all defending Kacy are missing the forest for the trees on this.

  98. Frost

    Frost10 days ago

    Tired of ppl having to take down Twitter accounts or somehow be punished for the way they choose to live their life. Stop bashing ppl online for not having the same brain as you. Fascism is running rampant in the online community. Just cuz you don't agree with it, doesn't make it wrong. Gfy

  99. Elijah Robinson

    Elijah Robinson10 days ago

    Ethically wrong? Absolutely not. That’s not saying people in Colorado are ethically wrong for smoking marijuana because it’s illegal in Texas. The people being internet trolls and Keyboard Warriors are the people that are ethically fucked up.

  100. Elijah Robinson

    Elijah Robinson10 days ago

    @Casey Hastings Second hand smoke and cancer doesn’t exist now? Hmmm interesting. Last time I checked cancer killed more people than COVID.

  101. Casey Hastings

    Casey Hastings10 days ago

    False equivalence. Smoking marijuana doesn't generally harm other people or exacerbate a worldwide pandemic.

  102. SG98caws

    SG98caws10 days ago

    Didn’t think my opinion of Cultaholic could get lower. Imagine condoning the harassment of a person who was following all safety guidelines as if that weren’t enough. Instead of following guidelines set by experts I guess she should have listened to the “experts” on Twitter as well as Dipshit and Dumbass from Cultaholic

  103. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown10 days ago

    How long before they bury LA Knight( Eli Drake)????

  104. Aaron Isleman

    Aaron Isleman10 days ago

    I HAVE gone off in the comments, cuz it's rather rude and silly to insinuate someone's stupid and uncaring because they went out and ate. The silence on the harassment is deafening as well. This whole thing has driven people mad.

  105. SarASMR Rebecca

    SarASMR Rebecca10 days ago

    By that Logic, Kenny Omega is “definetly” coming to WWE too cause his taunts and entrance are in wwe 2k19/20

  106. MuthafuckaJones

    MuthafuckaJones10 days ago

    Serpentico's mask and attire is in WWE 2k20 too But that's because he did mocap for it apparently

  107. Chris

    Chris10 days ago

    I never played 2k19-20, but Kenny's taunts and moves are in 2k18 as well.

  108. Matthew Edginton

    Matthew Edginton10 days ago

    Not saying that means they're going to wwe just that they are on wwe's redar

  109. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm10 days ago

    Said if the other day and had a few Karens jump on me for it, but disappointed in your coverage of the Kacy stuff.

  110. Alex_27

    Alex_2710 days ago

    Catanzaro was following the laws of the state and people are still finding ways to hate. She followed laws and gets tests all the time. She isn’t stupid and knows how to stay safe people just live getting involved in others business

  111. Alex_27

    Alex_276 days ago

    @Chris Campbell actually yes, I work in food service where I see many people without masks so what’s your point

  112. DarkSun

    DarkSun9 days ago

    @Michael Perry You are comparing slavery and child labor to this? Talk about staw man arguments. This is about safety precautions during a pandemic given by the law. Should she have gone, probably not, but it is for 100% not for people like you to proclaim the moral highground here with people literally harassing her, period. Not to mention all the people whining for the waiters etc., think 2 steps further and realize that all of them would be without a job. And to your "role model" crap, all i can say is google up Charles Barkley "I'm not paid to be a role model". If you can't teach your kids who they should pick as a role model, it's not the person that is doing the wrongs fault, it's the parents.

  113. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen10 days ago

    @DarkSun Just thought i'd post my earlier comment in agreement with you. "Toms talking bollocks here . If the rules are you don't have to wear your mask its your prerogative . When lockdown lifted here last summer, there wasnt one single person wearing a mask at the spoons on the quayside and it was PACKED . We're a simple species ... if we're told something is okay to do (or not to do) we're going to do what best suits us. This is from a mask wearer btw. . I just think the poor girl shouldn't be judged at all" 1000% the cultaholic boys went to the pub after lockdown lifted last summer and no one wore masks. They're educated boys , anyone with half a brain could see there was going to be a second wave. When it's lifted again , it'll will be more stringent at first but for a long time we're going to be putting people at risk long after we stop wearing masks. This isn't going to be an exact science and demonising people is just adding to what is already a stressful time for them.

  114. seymourglass26

    seymourglass2610 days ago

    It's legal, but it still would have been safer, smarter, and a better example to just get the food to go...or not brag about being stupid on social media.

  115. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry10 days ago

    @DarkSun so legal makes it okay? Really? What about the places around the world where slavery is still legal? Or child labor? Things can be legal and wrong friend. It's about personal responsibility and doing what we can to stop this plague from spreading. And if you find yourself in a position of fame you have an extra amount of that responsibility especially when children look up to you as a role model.

  116. fishtripper

    fishtripper10 days ago

    Wow shitting on Kacy because you have no idea what the rules in the area or in the states at all, disappointed in you guys the uk and europe rule are not the same as the u.s.

  117. toxicozzy2k

    toxicozzy2k10 days ago

    Everyone from the uk I’ve seen on the internet is the absolute worst when it comes to Covid, masks & vaccine talk. Just a Horrible little country.

  118. pig cat

    pig cat10 days ago

    What are you on about?

  119. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell10 days ago

    Looking through the comments you’ve left on our channel: “Beta males” “bellends” “horrible” Dude, why the fuck do you watch our channel when you have nothing but vitriol for what we do? Get your wrestling news from elsewhere if you need to!

  120. ACE StormZ

    ACE StormZ10 days ago

    Okay some of us are horrible, but not all of us are :((

  121. Nick T

    Nick T10 days ago

    Who cares if someone is wearing a mask or not. The only pandemic in this world isn't an overhyped virus. The pandemic is lack of logic and knowledge. Plenty of independent polls and studies have shown that most of the people getting covid-19 are constant mask wearers 🤦‍♂it's called research

  122. Alex_27

    Alex_2710 days ago

    I can see Taya going straight to the main roster after mania

  123. Drum Monkey

    Drum Monkey10 days ago

    Lol she'll end up getting fed to flair or a returning Becky Lynch on the main roster.

  124. ReckoningV

    ReckoningV10 days ago

    @Chandler Kane Honestly She needs to go Raw since the division is bad smackdown is average for now

  125. Chandler Kane

    Chandler Kane10 days ago

    To do what? Who should she debut with?

  126. mike lee

    mike lee10 days ago

    You gotta defend the lockdowns in every video? Weak ass fem boys

  127. toxicozzy2k

    toxicozzy2k10 days ago

    Why are all the overly Pro mask folk absolute bellends? They’re just the worst kinda people.

  128. MultipleManArmy

    MultipleManArmy10 days ago

    As a central Floridian, can confirm that the restrictions here are SUPER relaxed. Our governor and the cops in general have no real interest in enacting or enforcing COVID restrictions. Some folks here just don't get it. And I'm shocked it's like that considering we have so many pockets of susceptible older folks here. But hey, the tourism must flow. At any cost.

  129. MultipleManArmy

    MultipleManArmy10 days ago

    @Spanner1971B Yeah. I see a lot of businesses stepping up and requiring patrons to do more than the law requires but I don't go to many bars or restaurants, at least not to eat in so I can imagine they're walking that fine balance of keeping people safe and not going out of business. Still, the sooner we get our numbers down and get people vaccinated (another failing of our state government, the communication has been non-existent), the sooner we can feel ok with packed restaurants and full bars. Here's hoping things get better.

  130. Spanner1971B

    Spanner1971B10 days ago

    Hard to take something serious, if your own (state) governement does not.

  131. Robbie Hyde

    Robbie Hyde10 days ago

    This is ridiculous. If Kacy wants to go out and do something, she has the right. Let’s be real. Those people complaining about her going out and living her life don’t actually have a life of their own, even if there wasn’t a pandemic.

  132. Brian Camp

    Brian Camp10 days ago

    I swear people online are the most toxic cowards...

  133. Kyle Collier

    Kyle Collier10 days ago

    She's literally following guidelines, get off those high horses

  134. DarkSun

    DarkSun9 days ago

    @jack manutd Please send a video how you eat through your mask. If you didn't get it yet, that's what this is about.

  135. jack manutd

    jack manutd9 days ago

    @DarkSun what? people are dying you fool you should be wearing am ask all the time

  136. DarkSun

    DarkSun10 days ago

    @jack manutd And that is up to the "expert" called jack manutd to decide if the guidelines are correct?

  137. Kyle Collier

    Kyle Collier10 days ago

    Not up to me to decide, they are following the protocols

  138. jack manutd

    jack manutd10 days ago

    doesn't make them guidelines correct does it

  139. Carlos Prieto

    Carlos Prieto10 days ago

    You guys are pussys for kacy thing. She didn't do anything wrong, get over it. Should people in New Zealand not go out cause you guys are scared? Lol

  140. Darklocks Jaw Ji

    Darklocks Jaw Ji10 days ago

    He should have gone straight to the main roster like AJ Styles, Morrison and Sting. Putting all these top talents into NXT means they are over exposed when they go to the main roster and they struggle to make the transition to the main roster. NXT should be used for developmental like OVW used to be. It would be amazing if they could get Jim Cornette back,

  141. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan10 days ago

    Anyone who has been badgering and harassing this NXT wrestler is in serious need of mental help. They are living in a seriously dangerous place in their head - a pseudo realism that is unhealthy and deranged. They will lose out in the long run and be left behind in every way imaginable. They should seriously reconsider their Fascistic obsession with policing others and get to grips with their own deep seated inner issues, of which are deeply embedded and destructive to a point of no return. Get help!

  142. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc1910 days ago


  143. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan10 days ago

    @SG98caws They're deeply sick.

  144. SG98caws

    SG98caws10 days ago

    They go on their little tangents about mental health in their videos and then turn around and and condone the harassment of someone who was literally doing nothing wrong, like the harassment won’t affect Kacy’s mental health

  145. Zero

    Zero10 days ago

    RIP to there career....for the next 3 or 5 year in the WWE 🙏.

  146. GRIIMM

    GRIIMM10 days ago

    The "outrage" over Kacy is bullshit...

  147. IngasPingas

    IngasPingas10 days ago

    Utterly disgusted that you condoned the harassment faced by Kacy, not once did you mention anything about the impact that this has on Kacy as a person, if she felt that she was hurt enough to leave social media I think ,to quote yourselves, you have an ethical responsibility to care more about the mental health of Kacy, which really is the focal point of the whole story, than your opinions on what she should or shouldn’t do with her life. She was 100% within her rights to do what she did and that’s final honestly.

  148. Patrick Stone

    Patrick Stone8 days ago

    @Tom Campbell please don’t take any of this as hate or as an attack. I love this channel, it’s by far my favourite on the website.

  149. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    @IngasPingas You too. x

  150. IngasPingas

    IngasPingas8 days ago

    @Tom Campbell I appreciate you addressing this, Tom. Much love ❤️

  151. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    @Patrick Stone Your opinion is heard. I apologise and will be better.

  152. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    I can see what I said was taken wildly out of context. I apologise for that. ❤️

  153. TVindustries5000

    TVindustries500010 days ago

    "Florida is more lax than anywhere else" uh.... nah. thats how it is in Tennessee too (no big surprise) yur supposed to have a mask until you're at your table, tables are also spaced out (some tables closed off) to abide by social distancing standards. Am I doing it? not really i still dont find it to be advisable but shes just following the rules and shes obviously shown she does take covid seriously i dont think its necessary to beat the poor lady down. I get it to a degree but people start to take things a lil farther than necessary. BTW Joey Janela has been doing the same thing and yall havent reported on that now have ya lol.

  154. FadedFortunes

    FadedFortunes10 days ago

    @SousedMonk They are scared to have a different opinion due to backlash from the hoards of Twitter twerps. They take the left side of the spectrum most of the time so they won't get canceled, which is some cowardly shit.

  155. Firemonkey 02

    Firemonkey 0210 days ago

    @SousedMonk if you look at Florida they’re doing much better then other states that did lockdown. Such as New York. New York is doing horrible despite being super strict.

  156. SousedMonk

    SousedMonk10 days ago

    I think these two are dancing around the surges Florida has had in their response. Like, they're focusing on how it's "morally" questionable because they think Florida's too lax, but they won't say it outright very often, so their comments sound judgemental in a weird way.

  157. Potheadjoe

    Potheadjoe10 days ago

    She was sitting at a restaurant without a mask, she can’t eat with mask on cmon guys get your head out of your asses