Match Added To WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 | Multiple WrestleMania 37 Matches Reportedly Revealed

Multiple planned WWE WrestleMania 37 matches have reportedly been revealed, while we also take a look at a former champion in WWE who is looking to come out of retirement after seeing some goings on during last night's SmackDown. On top of that, we'll take a look at a potential heel turn that took place during last night's SmackDown, and a new match that was added to the Elimination Chamber 2021 card.
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  1. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  2. Mihai Nastasiu

    Mihai Nastasiu4 days ago

    AJ Styles vs Drew it will be very good

  3. Nacht Bogen

    Nacht Bogen4 days ago

    So naomi and Lana earned a title shot against the tag champs then on nxt the winners of the tourney earned a title shot sooooooooooo lets schedule a tag match with a third different women's tag team

  4. Shawn Acklin

    Shawn Acklin5 days ago

    Clarence is the Kyle O'Reiley to Ross's Adam Cole!

  5. Gene Quagmire

    Gene Quagmire5 days ago

    0:06 I was with you, Ross. I love that song. They did a great version in that HBO show "Vinyl". Recommended.

  6. INTRSEX Clothing

    INTRSEX Clothing5 days ago

    Drew and Sheamus at Fastlane but the mix cashes in and wins and we get Miz vs Drew at Wrestlemania with drew winning the title in front of a crowd

  7. Bill Brackett

    Bill Brackett5 days ago

    I'd love to see Bobby Lashley as WWE champ, MVP US champ, and keep the tag team titles on the other 2.

  8. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi5 days ago

    It looks like Asuka/Lacey was quietly pulled from the card yesterday, and since I haven’t seen any updated ones with “Asuka vs TBA” or “Raw women’s title open challenge” I suspect the tag title match was thrown together so there’d be at least one women’s championship being defended on the show. Even for WWE it doesn’t make sense to have Jax and Baszler still feuding with Naomi and Lana on Raw, showing up on NXT to hype a match with Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez in two weeks, then popping by Smackdown to start another program with Banks and Belair all within the five days before a PPV.

  9. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi5 days ago


  10. Flying Ferron

    Flying Ferron5 days ago

    Ross turned heel on Clarence

  11. Harry LFC5

    Harry LFC55 days ago

    Can’t wait for the Otis vs Gable dream match at Mania that we’ve been waiting for all this time

  12. kayleigh wilson

    kayleigh wilson5 days ago

    Ross heel turn on clarencen😎😀

  13. MrTacoCraver

    MrTacoCraver5 days ago

    Sam’s voice sounds deeper

  14. James Calder Allen

    James Calder Allen5 days ago

    Cena vs Drew confirmed for wrestlemania lol

  15. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin5 days ago

    Justice for Clarence. Ross, you dirty diddler (in the Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast sense)

  16. Marlo Aleman

    Marlo Aleman5 days ago

    It was a true shame when Paige had to retire due to neck injury that you suffered in the ring but prior to that she was a badass wrestler lady do her thing in the Matt when she was able to prior hand she still look gorgeous Little Women to me

  17. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19895 days ago

    SUPER KIIIIIIICK PAAAAAAAARTY!!! Lmao Ross that was great.

  18. Andy Joslyn

    Andy Joslyn5 days ago

    Ross mouthing the words “I love you” to Clarence pre sweet chin music

  19. Tom Nixon

    Tom Nixon5 days ago

    Ross super kicking Clarence is one of the funniest moments on cultaholic in years 😂

  20. BigDaddyEarl

    BigDaddyEarl5 days ago

    The Tweddell Kick. Sweet Calamari Music 🎶

  21. WaKoBe

    WaKoBe5 days ago

    ross just gave me cjills like the barber shop window

  22. NanenMauricio

    NanenMauricio5 days ago

    King Ross went full Barber Shop- Shawn Michaels on Clarence!

  23. Dominic White

    Dominic White5 days ago

    Sir David Bowie sang Life on Mars and that's where he is hiding now

  24. Arthur J. Downey Jr.

    Arthur J. Downey Jr.5 days ago

    Octopus abuse!!!!!!!

  25. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson5 days ago

    To get lashley in the title picture, have him drop the US title without getting pinned or submitted. Then on raw, have him jump drew to vent his anger setting up a non title match for the week after. Then regardless of how it is done Lashley has to beat Drew. That way he’s got a claim to the #1 contender. The build up could be Lashley goin on a tear beating up anyone and pissing off drew in the process

  26. liттlelosiто

    liттlelosiто5 days ago

    RIP Clarence

  27. JMC1396

    JMC13965 days ago

    Adam Cole with the most shocking superkick this year..... until Ross took that from him less than 1 week later

  28. J Sousaa

    J Sousaa5 days ago

    I have a feeling jinder may be in the title picture spontaneously, as he’s cleared to wrestle . I don’t think it’s a good idea though. Raw hasn’t really been building convincing title contenders

  29. Tony Thomas

    Tony Thomas5 days ago

    Ross just confirmed he's joining the Young Bucks.

  30. MrBanchini

    MrBanchini5 days ago

    Sorry... But i didn't realise PRIME SHAWN MICHAELS was doing the News!

  31. TheCanadianBroski

    TheCanadianBroski5 days ago

    Paige wasn't different at all, she's as plastic as the lot of them. That's not my opinion, that's a fact of life.

  32. James Morley

    James Morley5 days ago

    Ross, you nearly bloody killed me. I had just placed some Doritos in my mouth when you punted Clarence off the screen causing me to nearly choke on half muncher crisps

  33. Master Moose

    Master Moose5 days ago

    Bro what the fuck are you saying?

  34. IngasPingas

    IngasPingas5 days ago

    Otis obviously turned heel, not a doubt.

  35. d zl

    d zl5 days ago

    "life on mars" is a B A N G E R

  36. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc195 days ago

    I wanna see Kane come back and challenge McIntyre. Honestly I miss Kane.

  37. Alex Rossler

    Alex Rossler5 days ago

    I got to talk to Tom and brought up Don’t You Forget About Keith. Made me so happy to see him light up

  38. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda5 days ago

    If they actually signed Davey Boy Smith jr, then you bring him at Mania (since he already had to be there last year for the Hall of Fame) and have him challenge WALTER for the UK Title and win it. Imagine the banger those two could have. BOOK IT VINCE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GODDAMNIT!

  39. thunder b4stard

    thunder b4stard5 days ago


  40. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis5 days ago

    If Paige does get back in the ring, just don’t let her have matches with Sasha and nia

  41. Porter

    Porter5 days ago

    If Paige returns just don’t let her wrestle Nia just for the time being protect Paige from nia

  42. Robin0928

    Robin09285 days ago

    Ross honestly did a fantastic superkick.


    DJ HOWDNZ5 days ago

    Ross heel turn on Clarence | hope Paige does return even keep her safe in Absolution tag team & doesn’t get repackaged or wrestle Nia ‘Botch’ | Lashley could get momentum before WM, think of Kofi-Mania when he won the EC.

  44. Sky Barton

    Sky Barton5 days ago

    Keth lee

  45. xyseal

    xyseal5 days ago

    "I knew he was gonna do that"

  46. JM Dromanah 2.0

    JM Dromanah 2.05 days ago

    Poor Clarence

  47. David Burton

    David Burton5 days ago

    famous androginus pop star David Attenborough huh Ross :D

  48. theamazingcj27

    theamazingcj275 days ago

    They're only doing bianca and sasha vs. nia and shayna so they get one defense in before dropping them to Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

  49. 82gamerprincess

    82gamerprincess5 days ago


  50. Jordan Wicks

    Jordan Wicks5 days ago

    9:55 The Chad Gable Stable?

  51. Will Haight

    Will Haight5 days ago

    Ross to Clarence: “Sorry, I love you” 🦵👣🐙

  52. The Movie Apprentice

    The Movie Apprentice5 days ago

    Calling it now Clarence gets back at Ross and allows Pablo to cash in post money in the bank.

  53. Rachel Redhead

    Rachel Redhead5 days ago

    Paige as GM was fantastic, making her a manager less so, she's got the charisma to do the face GM role and make it fun without taking anything from the wrestlers in the matches

  54. thelinedrive

    thelinedrive5 days ago

    Her as a manager to me was fine, they just didn’t let her do anything with it

  55. facejobby

    facejobby5 days ago


  56. Keegan Baggins

    Keegan Baggins5 days ago

    Sweet king music.....bah gawd!!

  57. Shawn Kiriluk

    Shawn Kiriluk5 days ago

    Baw gawd! The catchphrase king COMMA Ross Twiddle just kicked Clarence's head clean off his shoulders!!

  58. Phenomenal 1

    Phenomenal 15 days ago

    5:27 "Im sorry..... I love you"

  59. gerald mcwhinney

    gerald mcwhinney5 days ago


  60. Dashie41

    Dashie415 days ago

    That was the weakest Smackdown it had good stuff however it was kinder boring.

  61. Cyberwaste

    Cyberwaste5 days ago

    HBWP, Ross Tweddell.

  62. James Roche

    James Roche5 days ago

    Will someone PLEASE remind these lads that we already had the Lashley McIntyre title programme this year because they seem to have totally forgotten it and they keep suggesting it for Mania

  63. Jamie Corson

    Jamie Corson5 days ago

    the women's tag title is a joke right now, you've got two teams that have legit won number 1 contenders matches, (lana & naomi, Dakota and Raquel) yet Bianca and Sasha jump ahead of both of them....just blows my mind how WWE are doing this. Yes i know the NXT match is set for 3rd March on NXT, but when is Lana and Naomi getting their title match and they were the first number 1 contenders out of the 3 so called number one contenders.....i get to it now and im like skip skip skip, also WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO CLARENCE!!!!!!!

  64. Oneforseven

    Oneforseven5 days ago

    Nice video keep up the good work!

  65. CPTpurrfect

    CPTpurrfect5 days ago

    I'm sorry I love you.

  66. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels5 days ago

    Apollo vs. Big E - Ambulance Match on a Stretcher on a Pole Match

  67. pig cat

    pig cat5 days ago

    Aren't Nia and Shayna taking the tag titles to nxt in a couple of weeks? Does ruin the suspense a bit.

  68. MutedMayday

    MutedMayday5 days ago


  69. Wobbly Pants

    Wobbly Pants5 days ago

    Poor Clarence

  70. Garre Tindall

    Garre Tindall5 days ago


  71. Matthew McFadyen

    Matthew McFadyen5 days ago

    Who did the better Superkick? Shawn Michaels on Ric Flair in Wrestlemania 24? Or Ross Tweddell to Clarence the Commemorative Cultaholic Wrestling Championship Octopus?

  72. goutham ks

    goutham ks5 days ago

    1)Ross twedel 2)HBK v shelton

  73. Barry McJerry

    Barry McJerry5 days ago

    Better superkick than even shawm micheals

  74. Larry

    Larry5 days ago

    Does Ross mean David Bowie?

  75. Colm Freeman Smyth

    Colm Freeman Smyth5 days ago

    Every news episode Ross should do a wrestling finisher to Clarence

  76. Colm Freeman Smyth

    Colm Freeman Smyth5 days ago

    @ShadyXRL road doggs pump handle slam for hump day

  77. ShadyXRL

    ShadyXRL5 days ago

    @Colm Freeman Smyth superkicks on Tuesday

  78. Colm Freeman Smyth

    Colm Freeman Smyth5 days ago

    @Vincent D’arcapellygo burning hammer on Mondays

  79. Vincent D’arcapellygo

    Vincent D’arcapellygo5 days ago

    Big boot today; shooting star press tomorrow

  80. Jack William Taylor

    Jack William Taylor5 days ago

    Sam’s laugh at that superkick brings me the absolute purest form of joy

  81. Thomas

    Thomas5 days ago

    Paige used to be different and unique. Now, she looks like all the other fake dolls on the roster.

  82. masonjones123

    masonjones1235 days ago

    Not one person has mentioned the idea of edge vs Walter technically he’s a champion so couldn’t he challenge? He won’t but just a thought

  83. Veninblazer

    Veninblazer4 days ago

    Edge himself teased that idea on his IG.

  84. thelinedrive

    thelinedrive5 days ago

    Have you seen the chops to the neck Walter did to Dragunov? Edge don’t want none of that.

  85. Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette5 days ago

    That would be an epic match

  86. Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette5 days ago

    @Rachel Redhead not at all it’s not a mid card belt....Walter is a headliner

  87. Austin Cline

    Austin Cline5 days ago

    @Rachel Redhead I mean technically it is because it's the main belt of the brand

  88. Claire Louise

    Claire Louise5 days ago

    Poor Clarence 😱

  89. Chris Napier

    Chris Napier5 days ago

    OMG he's thrown Clarence through the Barber Shop window!

  90. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin5 days ago

    Nah, Clarence threw himself through to escape Ross. Clarence is such a coward 😄

  91. D A N

    D A N5 days ago

    Ross' heel turn on Clarence 😱

  92. Jeffrey Pridemore

    Jeffrey Pridemore5 days ago

    Poor Clarence. HBK would be proud

  93. MikeGlasses

    MikeGlasses5 days ago

    Sasha Vs Bianca will only be the 2nd African American vs African American world championship match in WWE History.

  94. Preston Cooper

    Preston Cooper5 days ago

    @goutham ks I know, I said his dad was a black man born in Canada (specifically the east coast, Nova Scotia,) meaning he's half black. @MikeGlasses maybe notice people celebrating black heritage more during February because there's a focus on black history. Your take sounds purposefully obtuse, like The Rock himself forgets he's black 11 months out of the year. Ignorant...

  95. MikeGlasses

    MikeGlasses5 days ago

    @goutham ks the rock is black, white, samoan, asian, green, blue, and red. He’s whatever you need him to be for the occasion. Oh its February, time for him to be black again

  96. goutham ks

    goutham ks5 days ago

    @Preston Cooper His grandfather was irish and rocky's father was born in a canadian province.Dwayne's mom is samoan...So he's half black and half samoan

  97. Preston Cooper

    Preston Cooper5 days ago

    @goutham ks Rocky Johnson, a black American/Canadian, is The Rock's father.

  98. goutham ks

    goutham ks5 days ago

    @MikeGlasses The rock isn't an African american ...He's Samoan😁

  99. Russman For President

    Russman For President5 days ago

    i love Ross and Sam as a duo so much

  100. i am the drum and bass farmer

    i am the drum and bass farmer5 days ago

    Sam n Ross on the desk for Saturday morning news is a blessing quite honestly

  101. Bronze Squib

    Bronze Squib5 days ago

    Clarence bumps like a pro.

  102. Clarence Malone

    Clarence Malone5 days ago


  103. hushberger

    hushberger5 days ago

    I just noticed, are Lashley and Raquel doing the same type of spinebuster? Just throwing out something I want to happen(not think will happen), women in the Hurt Business? Dude, Kai and Gonzalez would be a cool interesting different type of fit. IMO. Also, feel free to tear me to shreds in the comments. I probably deserve it. LOL.

  104. Andrew Metcalfe

    Andrew Metcalfe5 days ago

    Wait!!!!! No one claimed to be first? Are the kids sleeping in these days??

  105. JM Dromanah 2.0

    JM Dromanah 2.05 days ago


  106. ArashiYT

    ArashiYT5 days ago

    Ross Heel Turn on Clarence 😱

  107. Cullen Reid Hoyle

    Cullen Reid Hoyle5 days ago

    That superkick was heartbreaking

  108. Jamie Holmes

    Jamie Holmes5 days ago

    Reginald beat Nia Jax . That’s the comment 😃😃😃

  109. Real Josh

    Real Josh5 days ago


  110. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan5 days ago

    Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will be awesome Women tag team Champions

  111. Cozy boi Jayy

    Cozy boi Jayy5 days ago

    I’m very early

  112. iammr24

    iammr245 days ago

    Last time I was this early I actually managed to see a tag title match on the kickoff show.