10 Most Unusual WWE Elimination Chamber Competitors

From Santino Marella and Hardcore Holly to Big Daddy V and Ted Dibiase Jr, these are the 10 Most Unusual WWE Elimination Chamber Competitors.
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  1. TheNath87

    TheNath875 hours ago

    Kevin Nash was there because of losing his hair to Jericho to furthur the fued.

  2. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith15 hours ago

    To he fair that line up for the ECW Title wasn't bad.. Lashley, Big Show, RVD, CM Punk, Sabu and Test wouldn't have been a terrble line up.. just booked wrong.. (i know hardcore took over from Sabu.. whoch wasn't ideal)

  3. michael williams

    michael williamsDay ago

    Mike Knox? Oh you mean a quatar past ten

  4. bobby long

    bobby longDay ago

    I can only imagine what sabu would have been doing in the chamber. It was a ripoff and the first nail in the ecw coffin ( bobby lasly as champion was for me the end as wce fan ....

  5. Shonen Jump Magneto

    Shonen Jump Magneto2 days ago

    My Top 3 EC Match Randoms (on the list & ever): *◾Kevin Nash* *◾Hardcore Holly* *◾M.V.P.*

  6. Vladimir Kozlov

    Vladimir Kozlov2 days ago

    8:15 HEY!!!

  7. Robin0928

    Robin09282 days ago

    It's worrying how much that stock lady looks like Pacitti

  8. J J

    J J3 days ago

    Hard-Bob-Spark-Core-Pluggy..... I think I peed a little

  9. Icarus Flight

    Icarus Flight3 days ago

    I actually liked Viscera. Dude was the only man to pull off wearing a shiny bin bag as ring gear.

  10. RcJ2

    RcJ23 days ago

    1:55 Am I losing my mind or did I see Don West, formerly of TNA, shown as Atlas Security when Sabu was walking to the ring?

  11. David Garcia

    David Garcia3 days ago


  12. Rhyleigh Mackenzie

    Rhyleigh Mackenzie3 days ago

    Nelson Frazier needed to drop some weight to actually be viable

  13. PUNGOOLIE 888

    PUNGOOLIE 8883 days ago

    as a kid (like 5-6) i was really scared of big daddy v lmao. and i even at one point thought he was mark henry's girlffriend when they were a tag team.

  14. Theamazingspiderguy 99

    Theamazingspiderguy 993 days ago

    I remember thinking “Oh Kozlov can’t be that bad” having never seen him wrestle to that point. Then I watched that chamber match and oh gosh he was green. He looked completely lost.

  15. Theamazingspiderguy 99

    Theamazingspiderguy 993 days ago

    @TysonHarper Yeah definitely.

  16. TysonHarper

    TysonHarper3 days ago

    he was pushed as soon as he arrived, he looks amazing now. but to bad he's an actor not a wrestler now

  17. DaveyionXProductions

    DaveyionXProductions3 days ago

    Tbh extreme elimination chamber would’ve worked if items are dangled on the chains rather than being inside the pods

  18. McJohnson

    McJohnson3 days ago

    10:37 - To be fair, Nash had been in a program with Triple H for the last 2 PPV shows RAW was at, Judgment Day and Bad Blood; granted it wasn't a great program, and it had been two months prior to SummerSlam, but still...

  19. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray3 days ago


  20. Daniel Jackson

    Daniel Jackson4 days ago

    1:31 well then I guess every week of television is pissing shambles because we only get two or three things announced for a three hour show

  21. Outlaw Rip-off artist

    Outlaw Rip-off artist4 days ago

    I might be missing something here but The Great Khali did win world world championship, and still is the biggest star to come out of Asia for WWE in history so why does he keep making these lists again, and yes I know Khali sucks, but still Khali shouldn’t be on these lists.

  22. Kyle Martin

    Kyle Martin4 days ago

    Marella deserved better

  23. joshmiguel Catangui

    joshmiguel Catangui4 days ago

    Elias you forgot his a noob bro

  24. jes mcCoy

    jes mcCoy4 days ago

    All i remember about mike knox was him losing to R truth randomly

  25. Martin Rubio

    Martin Rubio4 days ago

    Chris masters should got a push

  26. Martin Rubio

    Martin Rubio4 days ago

    I like santino in the chamber underdog story

  27. jes mcCoy

    jes mcCoy4 days ago

    I wish more matches would be done in elimination style, I'm not sure why but i have always loved matches like that

  28. TheGohanSkywalker

    TheGohanSkywalker4 days ago

    Santino had, I would argue, three great moments in his career: 1. His debut in Italy 2. Almost winning the 40-man Royal Rumble 3. Almost winning the *World Heavyweight Championship in the Elimination Chamber*

  29. Bunyan420

    Bunyan420Day ago

    What about his 1 second elimination out of the Royal Rumble

  30. Shonen Jump Magneto

    Shonen Jump Magneto2 days ago

    I liked how on The SD GAB they made a huge deal of him being US Champion. I think all 'Great American Bash' shows should've made bigger deals of The US Title. The SD year, is the only time I recall they even mentioned it's relevance. PS: Hell, The NXT GAB had The NXT NA Title in the main event! NA includes The US!

  31. Miggs

    Miggs4 days ago

    Follow @matthiggss on insta to see the future NXT UK champion. Let’s take over Brit’s 🇬🇧

  32. Crabman Gaming

    Crabman Gaming4 days ago

    How many people remember Sarah Logan's 2 Elimination Chamber appearances? 🦀

  33. Fred Bob

    Fred Bob4 days ago

    I loved big vis

  34. Grus Americana Raging

    Grus Americana Raging4 days ago

    Big Daddy V is a Legend

  35. Tony Roach

    Tony Roach3 days ago


  36. A G

    A G4 days ago

    2021: Kofi Kingston. Filler.

  37. Graham Jones

    Graham Jones4 days ago

    If i remember correctly the reason Nash was in the Chamber match was in the run up to Summerslam 2003 was they were building up to 3 separate matches at Summerslam- Triple H vs Goldberg Orton vs HBK Jericho vs Nash But then Triple H suffered a groin injury (his lovely bicycle shorts phase) and was doubted that he could pull off a singles match with Goldberg, but they wanted to keep the feud going, so they took the 3 Singles Matches and put all 6 of them in the chamber match. Im sure the Chamber match wasn't even advertised until about a week or 2 before Summerslam and was used to cover the injury to Triple H This is all from memory tho so some bits could be wrong.

  38. xxShrimpTacoxx

    xxShrimpTacoxx4 days ago

    That 2010-2012 period of wwe was just abysmal

  39. Crabman Gaming

    Crabman Gaming4 days ago

    2004 WWE says hello.

  40. ben tarbuck

    ben tarbuck4 days ago

    the elimination chamber match was on chris masters 23rd birthday. that always blows my mind

  41. kujo62

    kujo624 days ago

    2021: The entire field

  42. CPTpurrfect

    CPTpurrfect4 days ago

    No Kofi?

  43. Ceddy Lo Production

    Ceddy Lo Production4 days ago

    Did Kevin Nash feud with HHH couple months prior to chamber?

  44. Born Again Christian

    Born Again Christian4 days ago

    You’ve pacified your conscience by saying you would get right with God, your Creator, someday . . . If you’ve told one lie, stolen anything, or lusted (which is adultery of the heart), you’ll be found guilty on Judgment Day and end up in Hell. But there’s good news: Though we broke God’s Law, Jesus, the prophesied Messiah, perfectly kept the Law, fulfilling all righteousness. He paid the fine for sinners by suffering and dying on the cross-absorbing the wrath of God that they deserve. “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Then Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. Today, repent and trust Jesus; God will grant you forgiveness and the gift of eternal life.

  45. kujo62

    kujo624 days ago

    Cool story, bro.

  46. Gary Stewart

    Gary Stewart4 days ago

    I waited that whole list for R-Truth to come up. Where is he? Hes somehow been in what 4 chamber matches? And he was always just an extra body. He wasnt even in one as his awesome 2011 heel persona which actually made it to main events.

  47. JoePo

    JoePo4 days ago

    And he never lasts a particularly long time in chamber matches if I remember correctly.

  48. Mark Tremblay

    Mark Tremblay4 days ago

    "Just what the torn quad is he doing here" ?🤣😂🤣😂

  49. PeachTube

    PeachTube4 days ago

    Santino is an international treasure.

  50. Julian Warren

    Julian Warren4 days ago

    Big Daddy V, Great Khali was major headscratchers

  51. Jakob Wendt

    Jakob Wendt4 days ago

    Mine Knox lasted over 30 minutes in the 2009 Royal Rumble match. That doesn’t really sit right with me.

  52. Sidney Mosley

    Sidney Mosley4 days ago

    Honestly Ted Dibiase Jr should've had JBL's gimmick 🤷🏾‍♂️

  53. Dave Arse

    Dave Arse4 days ago

    He'd be better off with his talent

  54. James Duggan

    James Duggan4 days ago

    And Koslov these days looks like he's the antagonist in the next Far Cry game.

  55. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards4 days ago

    This list is stupid you going to put Ted DiBiase Jr but not Cody Rhodes you're a clown your whole group your whole list you are a clown

  56. slashandbones13

    slashandbones134 days ago

    To be fair, Santino was super over.

  57. Dave Arse

    Dave Arse4 days ago

    I think you'll find his name is a quarter past ten

  58. TysonHarper

    TysonHarper3 days ago

    meow meow moew

  59. DukesMusic

    DukesMusic4 days ago

    "WWE are nothing if not a company that NEVER LEARNS" Preach. How many times are they gonna insult our intelligence?

  60. dreadghoul23

    dreadghoul234 days ago

    unfortunately like most mainstream companies they most likely play role in the elite's plans to dumb down the masses and control them easily. Repeatedly shoving stupid stuff down our throats is just one example of that, another is mainstream music you cen hear on the radio every day

  61. Luke Riley

    Luke Riley4 days ago

    Why was Kozlov called the Moscow mauler when he's from Ukraine and not Russia

  62. Jay Cerrito

    Jay Cerrito4 days ago

    At least when Rusev was billed from Russia, he eventually was billed from his real homeland of Bulgaria

  63. Luke Riley

    Luke Riley4 days ago

    @Dave Johnson it just surprised me because Ukraine and Russia hate each other

  64. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson4 days ago

    Because most fans wouldn’t know the difference or care. I think he was billed from Russia.

  65. The Heldert

    The Heldert4 days ago

    yesterday ive watched the 2012 Elimination Chamber and seeing Santino in Chamber was the highlight of the night aswell as the segments and when he hit the Cobra the crowd give him their biggest pop

  66. Nova2512

    Nova25124 days ago

    *Yea so after spending 3 hours shoveling snow for all the senior citizens in my neighborhood (yea it was a nice thing to do but I also made $200 so don’t nominate me for sainthood just yet) I woke up the next day with severe pain all down my leg. Went to the ER yesterday and was told I have severe acute sciatica. I say this because when I heard Adam ask about Kevin Nash “What in the torn quad was he doing there?” made me laugh so hard I now have to take an extra pain pill*

  67. TysonHarper

    TysonHarper3 days ago

    what a comment sir

  68. E - Dub

    E - Dub4 days ago

    Hey quarter past 10 is great

  69. Old farmer

    Old farmer4 days ago


  70. JuzaShannon

    JuzaShannon4 days ago

    How could anybody forget about Quarter Past Mike Knox?

  71. Kyle Smedley

    Kyle Smedley4 days ago

    I knew before it started that Mike Knox would be #1

  72. H Jones

    H Jones4 days ago

    1:13 - anyone else have that Millionaire clip randomly pop up in their recommendations just before this video came out?

  73. TysonHarper

    TysonHarper3 days ago

    yeah, interesting i wonder how that works

  74. Lewis Jamieson

    Lewis Jamieson4 days ago

    No way me aha!

  75. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain4 days ago

    I still think adding pads was a bad idea...

  76. Jayden HD

    Jayden HD4 days ago


  77. RandoChris

    RandoChris4 days ago

    Shame on you, Adam, how could you forget? "Main Eventer" Bob Holly was obviously Brock Lesnar's most underrated rival during his time as WWE Champion.

  78. Nova2512

    Nova25124 days ago

    *When did kahli ever have a match that was more than a few min of action?*

  79. slashandbones13

    slashandbones134 days ago

    His decent(ish) WWE championship match against John Cena was around 12 minutes.

  80. Glenn B

    Glenn B4 days ago

    2007 rumble?

  81. Emma Bonn

    Emma Bonn4 days ago

    I remember watching elimination chamber 2012 with my friends And I got so hyped up with Santino doing his rocky parody stuff I rooted for Santino in that match Even though he didn’t win I had a great time

  82. Mortal 3887 Hype

    Mortal 3887 Hype4 days ago

    This is goooooooooooood Edit: great y’all are hilarious

  83. Nova2512

    Nova25124 days ago

    *Hardcore Holly was better than test*

  84. Nova2512

    Nova25124 days ago

    *I love that when Adam said “when wwe gets it right and has 6 top competitors in it” the pic had cesaro in it (not that he’s not good, but that wwe doesn’t see it)*

  85. Brad Heckman

    Brad Heckman4 days ago

    The chamber truly is one of the best matches in WWE. On top of this, it is one of the gimmick matches that make sense

  86. Jason Hills

    Jason Hills3 days ago

    @President Garrison Yeah to be fair, I’m not so stubborn that I’ll just slag them off, I enjoyed them too. So glad that there was no Fiend, worked out pretty good.

  87. President Garrison

    President Garrison3 days ago

    @Jason Hills anyway I liked both chambers from last night

  88. Jason Hills

    Jason Hills3 days ago

    @President Garrison not a bad idea! Once again it shouldn’t have to do that EVERY year, but it is a good example of a way that you can fit it on the road to Wrestlemania!

  89. peterpuetz

    peterpuetz3 days ago

    It WOULD be one of the best matches in WWE if they wouldn't make an whole PPV out of it. Same with HIAC and TLC. It's all like "Oh, yeah it is this time of the year...I hate you more an want you inside the cell." Bring back gimmick matches when they matter. And not as PPV...

  90. President Garrison

    President Garrison3 days ago

    @Jason Hills the Chamber for me should also be use to decide who challenges the other champ that the Rumble winner didn't pick

  91. OP WORLD

    OP WORLD4 days ago

    I often forgot December to Dismember PPV shame on me What an awesome PPV that was!!!

  92. Liam Hurdley

    Liam Hurdley4 days ago

    Ali should do what edge did to Kofi cuz it should of been him

  93. Kaitlyn Garner

    Kaitlyn Garner4 days ago

    Don't lie, you wanted Santino to win the WHC in that match in 2012

  94. Angel Matos

    Angel Matos4 days ago

    I did to

  95. J Last Name

    J Last Name4 days ago

    Just a reminder that during that match was the only time someone kicked out of the Cobra. That being Daniel Bryan.

  96. Kaitlyn Garner

    Kaitlyn Garner4 days ago

    I mean, they kind of did it with Kofi 2 years ago. Comedy midcarder in a tag team who went on to win the WWE championship and held it for half a year (though he should have been in the main event picture much more in the years prior to that)

  97. Kaitlyn Garner

    Kaitlyn Garner4 days ago

    @Luke Warm I honestly don't think so. If you treated it like it could not have happened and build him up as the unlikely babyface that should not have won but somehow did through sheer luck and determination (Like WWE should have done once they decided that Jinder needed to be WWE champion) then you could have gotten a really good story out of it. They did it in the chamber match and it was still super believable that Santino, despite all logic saying he can't do it, just wins. One day I just really want to see a comedic midcarder go the distance because they're over and talented. The underdog story doesn't have to net them the top championship for long but I think it would be really interesting

  98. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm4 days ago

    @Kaitlyn Garner it would've killed the royal rumble

  99. prathamesh satardekar

    prathamesh satardekar4 days ago


  100. prathamesh satardekar

    prathamesh satardekar4 days ago

    @Dave Johnson but if he still give a tough fight to Roman that would be Awesome

  101. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson4 days ago

    I think we all would love that, but the same ones clamoring for him to win will be so pissed when he gets squashed by a fresh Roman afterwards, then complain all over again about it. Most fans won’t just enjoy it for what it is.

  102. Steven Beadle

    Steven Beadle4 days ago

    You are just plain fanboys sorry but that isn't gonna happen

  103. The Heldert

    The Heldert4 days ago

    pray young man because i dont see it

  104. Domeiono Holmes

    Domeiono Holmes4 days ago

    I hope he does he deserve the chance to fight for the title

  105. George Hayward

    George Hayward4 days ago

    Bang bang boom boom

  106. jerran sperarman

    jerran sperarman4 days ago

    good video

  107. George Hayward

    George Hayward4 days ago

    Ostrichs are cool

  108. Michael Bruner

    Michael Bruner4 days ago


  109. TheFrost King

    TheFrost King4 days ago


  110. George Hayward

    George Hayward4 days ago

    I agree with this comment

  111. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19894 days ago


  112. romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy

    romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy4 days ago

    You are officially not first anymore I believe, but nice try

  113. Nbflowers1989

    Nbflowers19894 days ago

    @George Hayward saying "first!" is one of those annoying things that I myself, find silly, but can't help myself. Like t-bagging a fallen opponent. 🤷‍♂️

  114. George Hayward

    George Hayward4 days ago

    Yes you are