AEW Heel GM Storyline Pitched | Backstage Reaction To Kyle O'Reilly NXT Injury Angle

A storyline introducing a new General Manager has been pitched in AEW. We have reports on the backstage reaction to Kyle O'Reilly's injury angle on WWE NXT this week. Plus we have a health update on wrestling legend Konnan.
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  1. Jamal Johnson

    Jamal Johnson5 days ago

    God damn it Vickie you are an amazing woman you aren’t letting eddies name die and I really want to say thank you he was and is my hero and it saddens me I’ll never meet him but I’m sure he would be so freaking proud of her

  2. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez5 days ago

    5:14 I didn't know Kyle O Reilly was diabetic

  3. Vincente M. Santiago

    Vincente M. Santiago5 days ago

    God please the only way AEW could be worse is a damn heel GM.

  4. Bill Stanford

    Bill Stanford5 days ago

    Can anyone else hear that picture of Vicki Gurrero?

  5. Shaun 3114

    Shaun 31145 days ago

    Tom don't get fired i need your twitch streams.

  6. Shaun Glover

    Shaun Glover5 days ago

    Adam and Tom-- double dry, for the discerning Cultaholic connoisseur.

  7. Balakeh

    Balakeh5 days ago

    Can someone please explain why Karrion Kross is in the cruiserweight picture, wasn't the point of Cruiserweights being 205 pounds or lighter, not being 265 pounds and n6ft 3?

  8. SirStrawhat

    SirStrawhat5 days ago


  9. ShinyHubCaps

    ShinyHubCaps6 days ago

    I don’t want any GM in AEW. I’ve even noticed that they mention Tony Khan by name too much, at least once per episode for several months. He’s already way too close to an authority figure, something he promised he would NOT do. They used to have a “Competition Committee.” What happened to that?

  10. Angel Canez

    Angel Canez6 days ago

    As an epileptic I was able to call work right away lol

  11. D. O. Brndo

    D. O. Brndo6 days ago

    if aew do a heel GM angle, I QUIT. besides, it sounds like Salina De La Renta on MLW.

  12. Black Chapters

    Black Chapters6 days ago

    one step closer to becoming TNA 2.0

  13. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago

    Yea and I thought this was supposed to be different then wwe??? Aew is literally wwe jr

  14. Idiotic Panther

    Idiotic Panther6 days ago

    Love to see the dream team back together!

  15. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins6 days ago

    AEW does need a GM figure. Storylines are always more interesting when an authority figure is on TV, booking matches.

  16. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins6 days ago

    Tom and Adam are the perfect duo.

  17. Derek Allyn

    Derek Allyn6 days ago

    To quote Randy Feltface... "Show us ya tits!"

  18. Aidan ODonnell

    Aidan ODonnell6 days ago

    it was great having Tom and Adam on the news again, their chemistry impeccable

  19. Pedro McCarthy

    Pedro McCarthy6 days ago

    I think Vicky is just pitching comedy skits

  20. Ron Hathorne

    Ron Hathorne6 days ago

    I think it’s inevitable that Tony Khan will eventually become an onscreen character on the show. Vince, Bischoff, Dixie,...they just can’t resist

  21. Michael Petroski

    Michael Petroski6 days ago

    You know who would be a great Gm/on screen matchmaker? Arn Anderson

  22. Darren

    Darren6 days ago

    AEW isn’t going to do an “authority figure”. How many times does Khan have to say this before it sinks in? He doesn’t like it.

  23. thelinedrive

    thelinedrive6 days ago

    I think we’re officially at the point where we should trust absolutely nothing coming out of Tony Khan’s mouth. “Sports-based presentation” “Women will be treated equally with the men” “Sting won’t wrestle or take a bump.” “We won’t do on-screen authority figures” Every single time him and his EVPs turn their word into lies. The only exception being is The Bucks and their promise of tag team wrestling.

  24. Martin Pineda

    Martin Pineda6 days ago

    Yay you know it will be great video with these two!

  25. Byron W

    Byron W6 days ago

    Build the company around Kyle? I like him but that’s just ridiculous

  26. SHAW

    SHAW6 days ago

    I'm gonna say Kyle 'o Reilly is gonna be NXT champion by the end of the year

  27. James West

    James West6 days ago

    The boyz are back in town

  28. Mr. Cup O' Noodles

    Mr. Cup O' Noodles6 days ago

    Please no, god no!

  29. Jon Leisher

    Jon Leisher6 days ago

    2019: No way AEW can fail! 2020: AEW still going strong, even during a global pandemic 2021: WTF is AEW doing?

  30. Đuki Đuki

    Đuki Đuki6 days ago

    What makes you think they are failing now?

  31. Drive Home Reviews

    Drive Home Reviews6 days ago

    I think the one thing AEW does NOT need is a heel authority figure. Or any on screen authority figure. It's an idea that worked for a brief point in the 90s but had been run into the ground ever sense. Wrestlers don't need an evil boss to fight, they are supposed to fight OTHER WRESTLERS, and I hate the by product of Heel GM's story lines where the talent no longer feel like they are in control of their own careers, but are just pawns in someone else game. This devalues any talent or title that happens to be drawn into it. If anything, I like the way Tony and Don are doing it, as they are being heel owners but on the OTHER guys show. That's a fresh take on the concept and it helps make both shows interesting. Doing it on your own is just the same old same old. AEW has been a breath of fresh air in an industry that badly need it. I feel they are experiencing a tiny bit of a sophomore slump, as they are no longer brand new but they are still delivering an overall enjoyable product. Please don't drag it down by pulling out a cliché this freaking old. AEW has done a pretty good job of listening to the fans, so listen to them them now and don't do this

  32. Spitfirethedragon

    Spitfirethedragon6 days ago

    I got a good idea for Vickie. Have her become an angry Karen trying to do what she suggested and when Tony said no? She become an angry Karen busted everything up.

  33. Dennis Trusty

    Dennis Trusty6 days ago

    Oh god no I dont think AEW needs that right now and I dont want to see that again not from her.

  34. blove88

    blove886 days ago

    NO. Do not go down this road AEW. The heel authority figure angle has been done to death (Mr. McMahon in the Attitude Era, Commissioner William Regal, Eric Bischoff both as head of WCW and GM of Raw, Johnny Ace vs CM Punk, Dixie Carter, The Authority, Constable Baron Corbin. Let it die. AEW is doing fine without it.

  35. fmdof

    fmdof6 days ago

    I had my big toe nail removed when I was 15 due to severe ingrown toenail infections. I dont miss it at all.

  36. David Garcia

    David Garcia6 days ago

    Thanks 👍

  37. SGGB

    SGGB6 days ago

    AEW Really doesn't need heel authority figures, they might not really bring it up too often but 3 out of the 4 EVPs are heels right now, and the face (Cody) is completely ignoring what the other 3 are doing.

  38. WLaw

    WLaw6 days ago

    Heel GM? It's been Agatha all along.

  39. Real Josh

    Real Josh6 days ago


  40. Drew

    Drew6 days ago

    Vickie wants an angle where she's TRYING to become GM, but gets shot down.

  41. sixfaced

    sixfaced6 days ago

    Standard Play and Long Play, Tom. Get yo acronyms right 😉 And it was SP that was the better quality of frame. Because the tape wasn't being fucked with to increase capacity, and thus wasn't decreasing in quality. The more you know 😝

  42. KatevonDick

    KatevonDick6 days ago

    Joke's on you Tom: I finished my breakfast before you started talking about your weird toenails!

  43. Sarmad Habib Khan

    Sarmad Habib Khan6 days ago

    People backstage at NXT are pissed cause Kyle o Riley can sell? Grow a fucking pair you wankers. Learn how to sell like that man.

  44. David Burton

    David Burton6 days ago

    Long Play was only for home recording, you never bought (prerecorded) tapes in long play. Indeed I am even older than Tom

  45. Dustrap Gaming

    Dustrap Gaming6 days ago

    Heel GM? And that's supposed tobe different from WWE how?

  46. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago

    Aew is literally wwe jr.

  47. Amitoj Brar

    Amitoj Brar6 days ago

    From last one month cultholic became a boring channel

  48. wilfrid chartrand

    wilfrid chartrand6 days ago

    No one has a seizure like D-von Dudley. He had "seizure"s all the time.

  49. Reeeb

    Reeeb6 days ago

    What Vickie was saying was that she pitched the idea of segments where Vickie is trying to convince Tony to make her GM of AEW, trying to seduce him but just making him uncomfortable.

  50. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown6 days ago

    AEW does not need any failed WWE story lines!!!! Aew needs to make their own story lines!!!! don't need to steal from a failing promotion!!!!

  51. Jason Woot

    Jason Woot6 days ago

    How’s AEW sports based product and an alternative to WWE going? The NBA fans said it best, “what’s this bootleg of WWE”

  52. Mike Drayton

    Mike Drayton6 days ago


  53. Matthew Bahnsen

    Matthew Bahnsen6 days ago

    Finished my bagel just before the toe talk.

  54. Kemuel Perez

    Kemuel Perez6 days ago

    We had long play feature films? I always thought they were Slow Play. I only did super long play for recording cartoon episodes off tv and have 6 hours of goodness in bad quality 😂

  55. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm6 days ago

    They were pitches of comedy skits about her trying to get her way into being a figure of authority without ever succeeding. It's not difficult to grasp but the comments have gone off on Tony for it, for some reason.

  56. sergiodbd

    sergiodbd6 days ago

    I don’t think she actually wants to be a GM, but she wants to be a character that is trying to weasel her way into being one, and failing..? Maybe 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ “the segments would be uncomfortable for Tony” maybe she just wants to comedy flirt on tv again 😂😂

  57. Cryin Kanye

    Cryin Kanye6 days ago

    Nah I like how Khan is doing it now....maybe once in a blue moon for a special occasion but I don't think we need a weekly authority figure on the show

  58. Jaime Osorio

    Jaime Osorio6 days ago

    videos like this are the reasons I love cultaholic

  59. Regie Ferrer

    Regie Ferrer6 days ago

    No ...she just wants more tv time

  60. Andrew Boyles

    Andrew Boyles6 days ago

    Wrestling's so far gone that they can't even run with an angle that people acctually might believe. They immediately make sure no body thinks it could be real.

  61. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago

    Yes wrestling blows

  62. Dead Wafflez

    Dead Wafflez6 days ago

    Nothing like the Cultaholic lads to brighten up your morning!

  63. Mark Flay

    Mark Flay6 days ago

    I'd rather not have a general manager in aew. Overplayed trope at this point. Only reason i like adam pearce is because he doesn't take away from the show

  64. LadyCerberusRC

    LadyCerberusRC6 days ago


  65. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels6 days ago

    I would love one of the EVPs not named Omega to just go power hungry realizing they can do whatever because they have the power.

  66. Panama Red

    Panama Red6 days ago

    I thought his name was Kylo Riley until I saw it spelled out today. Clearly I don't follow NXT, but I'm glad he's OK.

  67. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago

    It was a work haha

  68. Atomic Cody

    Atomic Cody6 days ago

    Please, no more heel authority figures. That gimmick has been beaten, battered, and bruised to the point of death.

  69. Dashie41

    Dashie416 days ago

    A heel GM actually sounds good we dont get that much anymore like in WWE

  70. Richard Luck

    Richard Luck6 days ago

    Nice to have The Hair Bear Bunch back together.

  71. Vesperitis

    Vesperitis6 days ago

    On one hand, having a strong storyline for the Women's division is good, but on the other hand, there are way too many heels in AEW already, and Tony Khan is already a heel authority figure on Impact...

  72. wstine79

    wstine796 days ago

    AEW having a Heel GM? Would that same GM be sweaty and call himself The Best Professional Wrestler in the World?

  73. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan6 days ago

    Hope AEW should not have heel authority figure

  74. Jrh2005

    Jrh20056 days ago

    If anything AEW needs a William Regal or a President Jack Tunney someone whose not involved hardly at all expect to Come out and sanction a match or whatever else every now and again... but please god no on the heel authority figure

  75. Jesse Dahl

    Jesse Dahl6 days ago

    One of the best things was hiring Tom.

  76. Keaun Thomas

    Keaun Thomas6 days ago

    I thought they didnt want to be WWE

  77. Jayzgame

    Jayzgame6 days ago

    Please god no

  78. Michael-paul drew

    Michael-paul drew6 days ago

    Aew is terrible

  79. Jason Woot

    Jason Woot6 days ago

    @Dashie41 c-

  80. Dashie41

    Dashie416 days ago

    AEW is not terrible

  81. LarvicarioZ

    LarvicarioZ6 days ago

    It sounds like Vickie is pitching a storyline where she tries to make Tony khan let her be GM, but she never actually will be GM

  82. MrRonald2796

    MrRonald27966 days ago

    It's kind of funny and sad at the same time that All Tag Team Wrestling has been slowly copying all of the bad stuff from WWE/WCW.

  83. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm6 days ago

    Jesus lads, pack it in

  84. President Garrison

    President Garrison6 days ago

    @Toro NaidTo mex Chief Excuse Maker Meltzer and his deputy Alvarez

  85. Toro NaidTo mex

    Toro NaidTo mex6 days ago

    President Garrison Except Meltzer won’t say anything bad about AEW. He is on their payroll after all

  86. President Garrison

    President Garrison6 days ago

    They're turning into what Meltzer and Alvarez always likes to call WWE, WCW 2000

  87. Carl Whitwell

    Carl Whitwell6 days ago

    I had my toenail burned away too. Still feels horrible 13 years later

  88. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams6 days ago

    We better not get a full frontal of Vickie

  89. Cullen Reid Hoyle

    Cullen Reid Hoyle6 days ago

    YES!!! The boys are back together

  90. Dies Unus

    Dies Unus6 days ago

    Look out earth the slime's coming home!

  91. kujo62

    kujo626 days ago

    There's heel authority in real sports. People hate the refs, the coaches, the front office and the commissioner if they're doing their job badly. Or if they're a jerk, or even if you just don't like their face. There's definitely a way to pull that off in wrestling. Much better than what they have been doing anyway.

  92. facejobby

    facejobby6 days ago

    Also, I was in Adam Cole's twitch yesterday and he was playing Resident Evil Code Veronica so I don't think he CAN be a bad guy

  93. Krabbymcnabby

    Krabbymcnabby6 days ago

    I think Vicky's pitch was her attempting to seduce Tony Kahn into being a GM, and him not wanted a (heel) GM. That's what the last comment suggests anyway

  94. Tobias de wit

    Tobias de wit5 days ago


  95. Clockwork

    Clockwork6 days ago

    Honestly that sounds kind of entertaining.

  96. facejobby

    facejobby6 days ago

    It was only gonna take so long. Agree with a comment down below that praises Adam Pierce's character for being different.

  97. Zero

    Zero6 days ago


  98. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith6 days ago

    Fuck me wrestlers grow up. It was a work and it was amazing

  99. IAN95

    IAN956 days ago

    You guys together is just magic 😂 love you two

  100. Ouroborousftw

    Ouroborousftw6 days ago

    They really make everything better

  101. Sean Slaughter

    Sean Slaughter6 days ago

    Please no more heel GM it's played out AEW doesn't need this the whole thing is tired and old

  102. 308328928

    3083289286 days ago

    All this storytelling is played out too. Now people are talking about stuff that used to be behind the scenes before it even happens. What the hell? The same thing with movies

  103. psrdirector

    psrdirector6 days ago

    I actually like the idea of a story of someone trying to become GM and it never happening

  104. Elliot Herman

    Elliot Herman4 days ago

    ok that would be great, but her actually being the gm would be awful

  105. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago


  106. Mason Rollyson

    Mason Rollyson6 days ago

    I'd be fine as long as it's not Tony Khan

  107. DAVO

    DAVO6 days ago

    failed attempts at becoming a GM in a meta way would be hilarious

  108. Jordan

    Jordan6 days ago

    Had a thought watching the pitches video that WWE will have Drew drop the title before mania. It's It's becoming really obvious that if Drew and Roman are in title matches, they will win because they are so high on those two and they are great at the minute. First mania on peacock, first event back with a few fans potentially? I don't think they'll want both title matches being very predictable.

  109. connor kinsman

    connor kinsman6 days ago

    I'm so tired of heel authority too, but at least if it's Vickie it's gonna be entertaining

  110. Edward Blangsted

    Edward Blangsted6 days ago

    Terrible idea, alot of people are sick of heel authority figures in wrestling, its been done to death

  111. Komischer Typ

    Komischer Typ6 days ago

    I like AEW without a GM and I hope it stays that way for the next couple of years or so but I wouldn't mind them adding one at some point.

  112. Galart Henry

    Galart Henry6 days ago


  113. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie Edwards6 days ago

    So having listened to AEW Unrestricted what Vikki was pitching was a series of skits in which she tries to get the GM job by seducing TK but he just gets made super uncomfortable by it. Which is actually pretty funny.

  114. Malik Evans

    Malik Evans6 days ago

    It would've been awkward with TK vickie probably would've been alright if anybody but TK ran it he's awkward to me and not in the "haha" way

  115. Mohawk Bandito

    Mohawk Bandito6 days ago

    Yeah, no idea how this wasn't clear even from the quote they used. Don't know where the confusion came from. Skits about her trying to seduce her way into being a heel GM, but never succeeding would have been funny.

  116. Kush Money

    Kush Money6 days ago

    I never want a true authority figure in AEW. I enjoy having matches just signed off on by Tony Khan and thats as much as he gets involved.

  117. Kevin Prendergast

    Kevin Prendergast6 days ago

    Almost like a Jack Tunney figure

  118. Sean Slaughter

    Sean Slaughter6 days ago

    He basically said that he doesn't want to be on screen if I remember right he said he wasn't comfortable at first doing those spots with Impact.

  119. Andrew Gutierrez

    Andrew Gutierrez6 days ago

    Yay! Another heel authority figure storyline in Wrestling 🙄

  120. 黒雪

    黒雪6 days ago

    No thanks. WWE, AEW, NJPW, etc. doesn't really matter which company. The 'heel authority figure' role can fuck right off.

  121. EDH

    EDH6 days ago

    You know that a wrestler is that damn good at his job when they garner a widespread reaction like this. It’s very rare for that to happen nowadays. I’m glad Kyle is ok though.

  122. B0DY4DAYZ

    B0DY4DAYZ6 days ago

    Nooooo I’m so tired of authority roles 😭

  123. jaryd12345

    jaryd123456 days ago

    I'm really done with heel authority figures. The best thing for me these days is what Adam Pearce is doing. Just a slightly baby face matchmaker to make the logic flow and not someone to take over the show.

  124. Brad Dorcas

    Brad Dorcas6 days ago

    Yeah heel gm's often end up just becoming too prominent on the show, and get over exposed. Maybe AEW can do it different. But WWE sure knows how to drive the concept into the dirt.

  125. Abhishek Acharjee

    Abhishek Acharjee6 days ago

    William Regal is my favorite, liked Paige as a GM too

  126. James West

    James West6 days ago

    But they don't need a GM

  127. James West

    James West6 days ago

    Yeah I like Adam Pearce

  128. thejordanbrooks

    thejordanbrooks6 days ago

    @Toro NaidTo mex how many original wrestling tropes are there wise mr. toro? don't be so dense.

  129. Favaro Leone

    Favaro Leone6 days ago

    a Heel Tony Khan with a Heel Cody Rhodes would be amazing!

  130. Ranuyasha

    Ranuyasha6 days ago

    WCW all over