What Makes Daniel Bryan One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Ever?

What Makes Daniel Bryan One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Ever: Daniel Bryan is recognised as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but why is that? In WWE, ROH, and many other promotions he has proven himself to be a phenomenal part of wrestling history, over the course of a glittering career spanning two decades.
Jack the Jobber is here to take a look at just why Daniel Bryan is thought of as one of the greatest of all time.
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  1. Panama Red

    Panama Red2 minutes ago

    I loved the eco warrior persona. Easy to hate and I couldn't help but laugh at some of his lines. Reminded me of Jericho from back in the day.

  2. Miloš Bošnjaković

    Miloš Bošnjaković6 hours ago

    Sorry but you are wrong,he does not compare to stone cold,bret hart,the rock,mankind,him and cm punk killed wrestling.

  3. Craig Flebu-Swainson

    Craig Flebu-SwainsonDay ago

    When I saw the video listed I didn't realise this was Jack's new series. Glad I found out it was as I really enjoyed the video & the different feel to the other videos on the channel. Looking forward to see who else will be featured. Good work Jack.

  4. Andrew Briggs

    Andrew BriggsDay ago

    I really enjoyed this new series. I like the breakdown by using categories. I have an analytical mind, so I would love if there were ratings in these categories. For instance, D. Bryan technical ability is a 9/10 then you n take these ratings across and possibly have a measuring tool for rating all the wrestlers as a whole. Clearly that would be a disclaimer that these ratings are subjective - but we are fans of your opinions and appreciate your knowledge and expertise. (At least your real fans). Clearly there are haters out there that pretend to be even more knowledgeable and dispute anything you put out, but f*ck them! We (true fans) love Cultaholic and the amazing content. Thank you!!!

  5. Patrick.M

    Patrick.MDay ago

    This is really good, do Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho next.

  6. Артем Белогуров

    Артем БелогуровDay ago

    Thank u Jack. This was really interesting. As of next few episodes, would be interesting to listen your thoughts on CM Punk, Chris Jericho, as well as some Puroresu and Joshi legends like Tanahashi, Kobashi, Toyota, Okada etc

  7. Damien

    DamienDay ago

    Loving the new series lads. Can't wait to see who's next.

  8. JP 2002

    JP 2002Day ago

    I love this new segment. Actually I wholeheartedly agree to the category 5 which Daniel Bryan's relatability,for me he's playing a babyface role that doesn't cringe me he's actually a good role model but when he's heel he played it so well(mannn I miss those times when he's feuding with Kofi) he makes sense when he's face and he makes sense when he's heel Thanks for the new info I acquired, Daniel Bryan doesn't seem like he's technically sound because HE ALREADY A TECHNICAL CONNOSIEUR... being a technical wrestler of the year from 2005 to 2013 is an accomplishment beyond me

  9. Timmy Twinkle

    Timmy Twinkle2 days ago

    He wants the perfect match, yet can't wrestle okada or omega because he's in wwe. Shame

  10. Vince Basile

    Vince Basile2 days ago

    Are you sticking specifically towards technical greats or is this just any greats, because some names who I'm sure you have written down depending on which one you're focusing on could include Cena (my goat) Rock Austin Flair Taker Michaels Hogan Punk Orton Triple H Jericho Styles Lesnar Owens Cole Rollins Zayn Nakamura Gargano Ciampa Balor Dunne Omega Okada Tanahashi Macho Man Sorry for the super long list but this idea and you're knowledge and input has me excited for this series and it being one of the best you guys have ever done.

  11. Totally Not Skeletor

    Totally Not Skeletor2 days ago

    this new programme of jack works as well as it does because of his massive enthusiasm towards wrestling, but mate dont sell yourself short whenever you praise your presented wrestler in the future. you are amazing in ways you dont realise

  12. Yogen Xettri

    Yogen Xettri2 days ago

    I thik you missed one big and important category that is making money for the company

  13. Flowey the Funposter

    Flowey the Funposter2 days ago

    I'd like to see one with Bret Hart. People hold him in such high regards, but as someone who started watching wrestling in the mid-late 2000's he's always just been that guy from the Austin double-turn and The Screwjob to me. I feel like this series is perfect for showing people like me what they don't know about wrestlers like Bret.

  14. Mikey Mondavi

    Mikey Mondavi3 days ago

    Yeah, digging this as a series. Would love to see people like Muta, Chono, and other 80s legends included as well. Especially Muta.

  15. Ryan O' Donnell

    Ryan O' Donnell3 days ago

    Loving the idea for the new series! Also, when I was younger and Sky viewers used to get the wrestling channel for free I remember watching a tonne of Daniel Bryan stuff and never liking his matches to the point where I'd almost skip his matches, now I go back and watch them and just appreciate how great they actually were. In terms of suggestions; Aj Styles, Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Randy Savage, Mick Foley

  16. Josh Bennett

    Josh Bennett3 days ago

    This was great

  17. Theo Heal

    Theo Heal3 days ago

    Would love to see a video like this on the young bucks. I think they get too much hate for a team that has had 100 great tag team matches.

  18. thegreatkgatsby b

    thegreatkgatsby b3 days ago

    I would love to see videos on Shawn Michaels, Bret hart, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins/Tyler black, Shinsuke Nakamura, Okada

  19. Matt Weinberg

    Matt Weinberg3 days ago

    I feel that most people watching have a good idea of whom the "greats" are, so I'm not a huge fan of this concept. Unless you get into some more obscure names... I felt that the issue with Wrestlers of the Week was that at time it was hard to put 10 people into a week, and then to rank then. I was hoping for a new concept where all the major shows during a week were looked at, then all the "A" grade matches were looked at. Give all participants 1 point; rank the match as being good on technical merit, storyline progression, or just plain fun. At the end of a period (say a year) divide the point total by 4, and break the wrestlers into tiers based upon that. Ultimately saying "so-and-so was top tier, they were excellent at the graps this year!" But that's just my idea. Maybe this will be awesome, I'll still be watching.

  20. Eagle Eye Supply

    Eagle Eye Supply4 days ago

    Intro was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Tom Steele

    Tom Steele4 days ago

    I always felt that you guys introduced me to the wider world of wrestling, so maybe you could cover greats from further afield as well, japan, Mexico, indies? Great work as always tho! 👍

  22. Mihai Nastasiu

    Mihai Nastasiu4 days ago

    A video about who was better on the mic Rock or Austin whith Jack preseenting his arguments will be awesome

  23. Mihai Nastasiu

    Mihai Nastasiu4 days ago

    I wan t a video about what makes nia jax the most dangerous wrestler alive

  24. Jake SAFC

    Jake SAFC4 days ago

    Can’t wait for the rest of this series, from my fellow sunderland fan! Having read D-Brys book his career has been a huge rollercoaster, I would seriously recommend picking up his Yes! book.

  25. MrCharles661988

    MrCharles6619884 days ago

    Anyone else just really not like Daniel Bryan like me?! I just don't get the hype!

  26. luciid

    luciid4 days ago

    In my opinion, he's lowkey overrated, that's most likely just me

  27. Judson Mock

    Judson Mock4 days ago

    I love the idea for the series, and have a suggestion (it has likely been discussed already). Maybe scratch wrestler off the title from time to time for the likes of Bobby Heenan and others.

  28. Tapan Gupta

    Tapan Gupta4 days ago

    How about rile people up? Try one for Kenny Omega :)

  29. Nacht Bogen

    Nacht Bogen4 days ago

    I did enjoy the video but i felt like i had to force myself to listen to the whole thing. I wanna say it was the background music. It was just this monotonous club beat that i couldn't ignore and focus on jack.

  30. Lee Martin

    Lee Martin4 days ago

    Na, the guy is boring af and too small to be looked at as legit.....if I can kick your ass irl with little effort, you should not be a pro wrestler, period.

  31. packerpf

    packerpf5 days ago

    I like this new series, I hope you do some Indy workers who never went to wwe.

  32. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc195 days ago

    Love this already

  33. Harry Tinworth

    Harry Tinworth5 days ago

    Please do one on shibata!!

  34. Joey L

    Joey L5 days ago

    Love this series, Jack! Please do more :)

  35. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwin5 days ago

    Great video dedicated to one of the best wrestlers of all time, and if you disagree Jack is gonna have problems with you 😄

  36. Taylor Larsen

    Taylor Larsen5 days ago

    I think this series would benefit from greats that younger people may not know about, ones that haven't been featured on the perspective videos. But out of selfishness I'd love to see Minoru Suzuki haha

  37. cudderYouth

    cudderYouth5 days ago

    This video bangs, very good stuff Mr. Jobber

  38. Mauricio Cayetano

    Mauricio Cayetano5 days ago

    Tryna see a kurt angle video next🤧

  39. DW3010

    DW30105 days ago


  40. Leopold the Leo

    Leopold the Leo5 days ago

    Looking forward to how they frame the inevitable Hogan episode.

  41. Trần Huỳnh Tấn Tài

    Trần Huỳnh Tấn Tài5 days ago

    Can't wait for "Le Champion" Chris Jericho in this series

  42. DarkPredator79

    DarkPredator795 days ago

    Really enjoyed this video Jack can't wait to see more, my all time favourite is CM Punk so would love one of these done on him some time 👍🤞

  43. Jayden Reid

    Jayden Reid5 days ago

    If Undertaker isn't on this list at some point, I might just lose it

  44. Aiden F.

    Aiden F.5 days ago

    He played both sides of two of the best Wrestlemania moments in recent memory. Nearly every wrestler he's wrestled is better off in storyline and in the eyes of the fans having wrestled him. The man even made The Miz relevant when he wasn't even cleared to wrestle! He might actually be the GOAT.

  45. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda5 days ago

    Jack is definitely the Daniel Bryan of Cultaholic.

  46. Michael Bruner

    Michael Bruner5 days ago

    Awesome new series. . . Seems like the obvious next move, but, you guys should cover Bret.

  47. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith5 days ago

    Tear this up Jack! Like you do in of all your segments, it’s basketball season Jack🏀🏀🏀

  48. sXeAndriex

    sXeAndriex5 days ago

    Love this series, the energy, and the positivity. It's especially great with AEW, for example, bringing back legends in non-wrestling capacities. When one of my friends says "Ok, but who's Sting? Why do people care?" having a video to link is invaluable. The only thing I would change is maybe to focus on "what makes a wrestler great" rather than "what makes them one of the greatest ever". The former has a limit- you're going to see names everyone loves, a couple controversial ones (Cena, etc.), but for the most part a very predictable (but still great list). I would love to see wrestlers who, while maybe not on the list of best ever, were great at what they did. The example the comes to mind is William Regal. Is he the greatest ever? No. But he is unquestionably one of the greatest at the type of character, and wrestler, he portrays. Even more so, he's someone slightly newer fans will hear "Oh, Regal is great" but not know why or where to look to find out the details. If I want to know why CM Punk is great I won't have to work hard to find the summer of Punk or the pipe bomb or beating Cena or the... other, slightly less great summer of Punk. If I have heard Christian is great, it's much harder to know where to look to find out why. Maybe that's part of your plan all around, so this was pointless, but yes hit Taker and HBK and Okada, but I'm really excited for Atsushi Onita, Blue Demon, Kagetsu, and wrestlers I've heard of but don't know enough about to list here. Probably less views though, so maybe stick with your plan. Yeah, the algorithm will like that better. Nevermind.

  49. Sally Goldner

    Sally Goldner5 days ago

    great concept & well thought out re DB...yes. :)

  50. Hunter Thomas

    Hunter Thomas5 days ago

    Really excited for this new series! It's been really tough to get down on Fridays without one

  51. Jamey

    Jamey5 days ago

    Amazing series! I almost passed it by, glad I did not can't wait to see what is in store. Suggestions would be: Trish Stratus, Aj Styles, Ric Flair, Christopher Daniels

  52. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta5 days ago

    Looking forward to some researched breakdowns of Japanese legends. What a resource that would be to learn about wrestling.

  53. Jazzanaught

    Jazzanaught5 days ago

    One of the greatest overrated wrestlers of all time sure. He’s very good, but nowhere near the top 50 of all time.

  54. pig cat

    pig cat5 days ago

    I like the early 2000s music video dimension you are shooting this in.

  55. Winfield Mozlington

    Winfield Mozlington5 days ago

    Finally I know what direction to get on Friday. I've been so lost for so long

  56. Gordo Gabbles

    Gordo Gabbles5 days ago

    The Bryanmania story is so similar to the KofiMania story it's kind of amazing? Bryan managed to portray the ultimate underdog going into wrestlemania. And then a few years later played the villain in the exact same story. The character work alone to pull that off has to make him the best ever?

  57. Halo Gallagher

    Halo Gallagher5 days ago

    Love the series jack, would love to see an okada one next

  58. Jesse Dahl

    Jesse Dahl5 days ago

    FRIDAY JACK! Let’s see how this one works.

  59. Howard Horner

    Howard Horner5 days ago

    This is a great looking new series, hooray for Jack!

  60. Dark Hawk

    Dark Hawk5 days ago

    To show why he's one of the best ever, you really only need to look at Mania 30, and Mania 35. At 30, he was the underdog that gave us all that incredible moment of joy. At 35, he was the utterly detestable heel that we all cheered so loud to see Kofi take down. He's been both the underdog babyface AND the hated villain of two of the most emotional Mania title matches... I was very glad to hear Jack talking about the build with Kofi, because the two of them really made magic together.

  61. Dum LIT

    Dum LIT5 days ago

    Couple of weeks ago I was wondering where the Wrestler of the Week videos have been and the last released video was December 29. It might be a good idea to revisit that concept later on, when the fans start to come back to ringside anyway. It makes *everything* feel more impactful and makes good seem great, great seem amazing and amazing seem absolutely legendary. But I'm excited to see what this series comes to be! Not an entirely unique idea, but the prospect could be very entertaining! Lol

  62. Noah Lewis

    Noah Lewis5 days ago

    I really dig this new series idea, stoked to see more!

  63. Peter PTChronic

    Peter PTChronic5 days ago

    I really like this idea for a series, especially covering people's work before they were most well known, also potentially highlighting people who aren't very well known to casual wrestling audiences. I'd actually quite like a breakdown of Shinsuke Nakamura, Kota Ibushi or Kagetsu if that would at all be possible. Looking forward to the next episode at any rate.

  64. NoGuffGames

    NoGuffGames5 days ago

    Less Jack, More Ross and Tom

  65. MrThrowUps

    MrThrowUps5 days ago

    Miss the old show but it's a new year jack we're all here for this show. Allez

  66. Kristopher Brown

    Kristopher Brown5 days ago

    Before his debut I only really watched wwe and tna impact,but I always bought pwi and remember reading Bryan danielson winning the best technical wrestler award year after year and becoming curious about him, I even remember watching his nxt match against chris jericho in college,and after watching his full wwe career he did not disappoint.

  67. jvstice56

    jvstice565 days ago

    When he's heel, he plays the arrogant bastard well. When he's a face, he plays up he's the underdog very well. He's easily among the best of his generation hands down.

  68. Jack Bridge

    Jack Bridge6 days ago

    Lose the jobber title, your too good a presenter. And this IS real journalism (Referencing you sayin your nothin compared to steve n larson)

  69. Donnie

    Donnie6 days ago

    Really cool new series, I'll definitely be looking forward to this each week. I'm sure you'll get to some, but I would really enjoy seeing episodes about some great but less heralded wrestlers like Minoru Suzuki or Ricky Steamboat.

  70. Timothy Graham

    Timothy Graham6 days ago

    I mean, you probably could have started with Eddie, seeing as you mentioned him, but it's only downhill from there!

  71. Martinastro

    Martinastro6 days ago

    Please do one with Mitsuharu Misawa so more people get to know him

  72. Kelvyn .Viña

    Kelvyn .Viña6 days ago

    Love this new series! Keep it on Mr Jobber.

  73. Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC6 days ago

    Liking the new idea Jack mate!

  74. Jimbo_Ka-Blamo

    Jimbo_Ka-Blamo6 days ago

    So keen to see you do one about Chris Jericho!!

  75. Daniel Bennett

    Daniel Bennett6 days ago

    I think I'm going to love this series!!

  76. Dr Lee

    Dr Lee6 days ago

    ""If you disagree I'm gonna have problems with you" is now the catchphrase of this series!

  77. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins6 days ago

    A phenomenal in ring technician and one of the only few wrestlers who can lose, yet still make himself look like a million bucks whilst putting over his opponents. There's no losing momentum with this man. He's genuinely just that damn good.

  78. TheMikx29

    TheMikx296 days ago

    Already loving this series starting with one of my favorites!

  79. Jay Murphy

    Jay Murphy6 days ago

    Great Start to an almost-assuredly Great Series. Bringing up the Bryan/Kofi feud before their Title Match makes me think that later on down the line, there could be a "Greatest Tag-Team" or "Greatest Trio" w/ Kofi, Big-E and Woods mentioned. Or at the very least, how Kofi's one of the better stories leading up to his match w/ Bryan (and hopefully beyond.)

  80. Maxime de Belem

    Maxime de Belem6 days ago

    That series is a great idea! Gotta love the in-depth analysis of what really makes us like a wrestler. Keep it up, Jack!

  81. XeroWon

    XeroWon6 days ago

    I love this series. More please thank you Jack!

  82. Te Kaha Broadbent-King

    Te Kaha Broadbent-King6 days ago

    He Aj Styles and Cm Punk r my top 3 of all time

  83. Tara Caldwell

    Tara Caldwell6 days ago

    I am so excited to see more from this series!

  84. Hank Dunn

    Hank Dunn6 days ago

    Aw yeah Jack's back at it again on Friday can't wait for this series

  85. Harvey Hinkler

    Harvey Hinkler6 days ago

    Love this as a new series. Jack hitting it out of the park as usual. Ha'way Cultaholic!

  86. Calum Beattie

    Calum Beattie6 days ago

    Liked this. Really good video. For me though, part of what Bryan an all time great is attention to detail. Things like "My right arm has been worked this entire match, so it makes sense to strike with my left" is part of this, but the classic example for me is from a WWE Raw episode. It was when he and Kane were a tag team, and they were going to be with the Undertaker to take on The Shield in a six man tag. Backstage Bryan is talking to Kane and asking if he's seen the Undertaker. "Oh, he'll be there"- Bryan gestures with a piece of paper saying they need to talk to him and plan and that "I have diagrams". If you pause it at this point, and look really closely, Bryan's diagrams show the plan of "we start by waiting at the top of the ramp, then we rush the ring and throw the Shield out of it". Match starts, Bryan, Kane and the Undertaker kind of lurk at the top of the entrance ramp. They rush the ring and throw all three members of The Shield out of it. There was no need to draw that on the prop that was acting as the diagram, but Bryan's attention to detail elevated this entire exchance to something really cool. I couldn't tell you who won this match, but I remember this bit. Wrestling is story telling, and this attention to detail (which is all over his matches as well) is one of the main reasons why Bryan is so good at it.


    WHATFLOOR6 days ago

    He’s actually overrated.

  88. Brent Winkel

    Brent Winkel6 days ago

    It's people like Jack the Jobber that make you realize that the girl that made that Friday video wasn't just a spoiled rich kid but an actual genius as well. That shit came out like 15 years ago and Jobbers are still quoting it to this day.

  89. kilala plush

    kilala plush6 days ago

    Next Episode CM PUNK Please 😁

  90. Andrea White

    Andrea White6 days ago

    I can’t believe this seriously replaces Wrestlers of the Week.

  91. Bobby Stafford

    Bobby Stafford6 days ago

    Woul love to see one made on shawn michaels

  92. Jay Barker

    Jay Barker6 days ago

    YES Jack - damn good video, and I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of this series!

  93. Arthur J. Downey Jr.

    Arthur J. Downey Jr.6 days ago

    Great job, Jack! I can't wait for more.

  94. Mihir Arjun

    Mihir Arjun6 days ago

    Gotta drop a comment to say I was here when Jack started something new

  95. Abdul Paniagua

    Abdul Paniagua6 days ago

    Loved it, definitely want more. CM Punk, Stone Cold, Okada.

  96. adam webber

    adam webber6 days ago

    Met Daniel when I was working at the airport in Phoenix awesome dude, took pics with me and a few coworkers we hooked him up with a vegan breakfast burrito

  97. Caleb Davila

    Caleb Davila6 days ago

    ZSJ vs DB would be a technical master class.

  98. Jeff Carbone

    Jeff Carbone6 days ago

    Honestly, one of my favorite things in the world is to listen to people speak on something they're passionate about, and Jack's passion really shines through, especially towards the ending. I'm looking forward to episodes on Brett Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kenny Omega, The Undertaker, Okada...

  99. Dale Curtis

    Dale Curtis6 days ago

    Jack the Jobber is the ace of Cultaholic. Period.

  100. Ayanam Udoma

    Ayanam Udoma6 days ago

    This is brilliant...looking forward to the next episode