WWE RAW: GRADED (15 Feb) | Lacey Evans Announces Pregnancy, Elimination Chamber 2021 Go-Home Show!

Join Tom Campbell for our WWE Raw review as he grades every match and segment from last night's WWE Raw on the 15th of February 2021.
WWE Raw Results/Highlights:
Riddle & Lucha House Party def. The Hurt Business
Bad Bunny wins the 24/7 Title
Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce by disqualification
Kofi Kingston def. The Miz to earn place in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Shayna Baszler def. Lana
Gauntlet Match - Winner earns final entry in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston
Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles
Drew McIntyre def. Jeff Hardy
Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton by count-out
Sheamus def. Drew McIntyre
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  1. Heartshapedbox81

    Heartshapedbox817 days ago

    Okay I'm going to say it... The Maria stuff was more entertaining minus the castrating her husband thing

  2. GreenMantaray

    GreenMantaray8 days ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Vince Russo left scars on this medium that may never heal...

  3. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton9 days ago

    It's a good match for Tom doing RAW cause he's so nice with his grades. It gives RAW a fighting chance for C-grade averages.

  4. Matt Ellenberger

    Matt Ellenberger9 days ago

    I think cultaholic should cover more AEW. WWE is retread boring garbage

  5. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    We do Graded, Predictions, Live Reactions and WTF Moments for AEW shows. No doubt when the company gets older we'll do more list videos devoted to them too.

  6. masonjones123

    masonjones1239 days ago

    Is Alexa Randy’s version of the warrior in the mirror

  7. Alex Healy

    Alex Healy9 days ago

    Surely Lacey is faking the pregnancy to manipulate Rick and get out of fighting Charlotte? Surely that's the twist here... Right? Oh dear god what if that *isn't* the twist

  8. s p

    s p9 days ago

    Where has Ross been?

  9. F. K.

    F. K.9 days ago

    He's taking a little break. Said so at the end of the wtf video for smackdown.

  10. kilala plush

    kilala plush9 days ago

    Raw was Boring

  11. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  12. wickidpissah

    wickidpissah9 days ago

    Gee, whyever would they make president jokes...on President's Day...makes no sense at all.

  13. Bulleht

    Bulleht9 days ago

    I swear. If Lacy is pregnant with Rice Flairs child. I'm gonna hit someone.

  14. Mason Rollyson

    Mason Rollyson9 days ago


  15. John Clark

    John Clark9 days ago

    that was not a pentagram, she was sitting in a Pentacle. Pentacles are for protection in Witchcraft. Do a little research.

  16. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    @John Clark All good.

  17. John Clark

    John Clark8 days ago

    @Tom Campbell Sorry Tom I did not mean it in a bad way . But everyone was calling it a pentagram but if there is a circle around it , it is a Pentacle for protection. Sorry again.

  18. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell8 days ago

    I apologise for not having full-knowledge of Wiccan ceremonies whilst covering 17 hours of wrestling a week. That's on me. I should know all things at all times. You're absolutely right. Maybe I should just quit my job since I can't even be bothered to do the research! Cheers for the feedback, John.

  19. haydenkicksass

    haydenkicksass9 days ago

    Lacey Evans is really bad on the mic, nothing she does or says is believable, her storyline needs to end and get her out in the next mass releases, woman's Division has improved too much to have her, even in the Attitude Era when it was all about looks, she would still be one of the worst

  20. dxrebel

    dxrebel9 days ago

    The women's division is essentially Banks and Belair. Everything else is crap. Alexa is great but not really involved with the other women. I'm hoping for pushes for Liv and Peyton and better use of Bayley. I am worried though. Take Asuka. She is amazing. What the hell are they doing with her?

  21. Sage_ Justice138

    Sage_ Justice1389 days ago

    Why do I feel like there is gonna be something like her demanding Asuka “gift” her the title because she is having a baby, thinking Becky was foolish to give it up. Could Becky come back this Sunday and claim the title shot against Asuka?

  22. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst9 days ago

    Jeez, it's really hard to believe that Raw is produced by the same company as Smackdown and NXT these days...

  23. Fitri Faris

    Fitri Faris9 days ago

    The only way to save Charlotte vs Lacey storyline is having Ric Flair vs Lacey's husband in ladder match for the claim of baby father

  24. Heather Wright

    Heather Wright9 days ago

    If Bray Wyatt comes back in a goat mask, I'm out... do your homework, WWE!

  25. Phillip Brown

    Phillip Brown9 days ago

    I wouldn't be pleased surprised Heather if he come back with a Goat mask this company is like WCW 2000.

  26. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller9 days ago

    B-? Really? You grading on a curve here?

  27. pimpdaddy820

    pimpdaddy8209 days ago

    So did Lacey just get Pregnant last week? Wasn’t she in the rumble? And just wrestle last week?

  28. KeefKoala

    KeefKoala9 days ago

    Dear God don't make it a into a fake miscarriage

  29. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain9 days ago

    She's pregatne in real life

  30. Ammar Salahuddin

    Ammar Salahuddin9 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail and cringed bad

  31. Justin Erickson

    Justin Erickson9 days ago

    Appreciated so much all of the pregananant references, Tom

  32. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew Thornton9 days ago

    I’m here from that other lot.......sick of the 5 ‘jokes’ of doom and the need to be ‘crazy’ just for crazy sake........

  33. Frayhua

    Frayhua9 days ago

    First Becky Lynch was pregnant and had a baby with Seth Rollins who's the real father now Lacey Evans is pregnant but Ric Flair is not the father it's a storyline but she really is it a pandemic baby boom in the wrestling world.

  34. XFL

    XFL9 days ago

    The rocket ship still flys to space mountain wooooo

  35. Benjamin

    Benjamin9 days ago

    Looks like even Ric Flair was surprised that Space Mountain was still open

  36. Theo Dious

    Theo Dious9 days ago

    Listening to Tom talking I'm not sure if the British viewing public is aware that there were US presidents named Harrison and Hayes.

  37. Theo Dious

    Theo Dious9 days ago

    @Manuel O'Donnell Most people at least know William Henry Harrison died after a month in office.

  38. Manuel O'Donnell

    Manuel O'Donnell9 days ago

    Truthfully, I'm not aware of how many of the American viewing public knows about Hayes or either of the Harrisons. Heck, at this point, I don't have a good guess as to what percentage of RAW viewers understood the Fabulous Freebirds reference.

  39. Nate Blakely

    Nate Blakely9 days ago

    The Denver Broncos...

  40. Trey Griggs

    Trey Griggs9 days ago

    Poor Charlotte is just sad ric brought in another stranger


    HAKAI GONZALEZ9 days ago

    I thought it was utterly stupid that Charlotte played it like she believed her.

  42. Dominic McDowell

    Dominic McDowell9 days ago

    Mikey in the chamber!

  43. Alec Culver

    Alec Culver9 days ago

    Here is how they should book the Raw Women's championship heading into WrestleMania in the way that will make the most sense in my eyes. Asuka does an open challenge on Sunday, answered by Charlotte (of course) and Rhea Ripley, Charlotte pins Asuka to win the championship (I know Charlotte wins another championship but it fits better for the storyline) and then Asuka and Charlotte can have a 1 on 1 match at Fastlane while Ripley wins a number 1 contenders match for WrestleMania at some point, and then it is Ripley vs Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship 2.0 at WrestleMania where Ripley will get her payback and beat Charlotte to win the Raw Women's Championship....but knowing WWE that probably won't happen at all, minus Charlotte becoming champion, that will always happen in WWE's eyes

  44. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke9 days ago

    You were very kind on the whole Evans/Flair angle I would be giving that at most an E-.

  45. F. K.

    F. K.9 days ago

    Yeah it's the kind of stuff that makes you feel ashamed to be a wrestling fan if anyone sees this stuff with you and they will look at you like: dude, wtf are u watching?


    ADAM MOORE9 days ago

    bobby's geting boring get rid of him now


    ADAM MOORE9 days ago

    is laceys pregency part of the storyline

  48. The Reign of Horror

    The Reign of Horror9 days ago

    Yes and no. The pregnancy is real, but WWE seems to have made it part of the storyline.

  49. P DD

    P DD9 days ago

    Warning: Please do not ride Space Mountain if pregnant

  50. Zachery Goldstein

    Zachery Goldstein9 days ago

    The women’s division on raw is so bad they are making Lacey Evan’s pregnant

  51. LMK-Gaming

    LMK-Gaming9 days ago

    That ECW champion moment was just absolute class from Tom!

  52. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain9 days ago


  53. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer9 days ago

    Charlotte’s in-ring work has regressed a lot since she’s come back. She’s slower and more sloppy in the ring, and her selling has been really bad as well. The fact that Asuka has been totally made into the “sidekick” to her despite being the champion, really doesn’t help.

  54. Travis Bunch

    Travis Bunch9 days ago

    Left out Rob Van Dam🤣

  55. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain9 days ago

    Rob was WWE champion btw...

  56. Destiny Joseph

    Destiny Joseph9 days ago

    Wwe has gone full South Park with Raw.

  57. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?9 days ago

    Wtf is the Charlotte,lacey storyline???? This is wrong in so many levels

  58. Paul Hibbard

    Paul Hibbard9 days ago

    Great job Ric. You let them turn you into Al Wilson, Charlotte is now Torrie and unfortunately, Samoa Joe is Taz.

  59. smilywhat

    smilywhat9 days ago

    I believe miz will cash in on the Money in the bank show. That would be something historical. Scene. Who ever wins the contract that day. Will cash in and win the title. Miz comes out to cash out. Wins the title.2 tittle changes never before done. Historical

  60. smilywhat

    smilywhat9 days ago

    @Zjarcal well it says 1 year but the day of the money in the bank would b consider in that 1 year. So idk. It can happen. Never has happened so WWE may try it. Lately they have done some historical stuff. Wouldn't b surprised this time around

  61. Zjarcal

    Zjarcal9 days ago

    Technically miz's briefcase would expire the second a new one is won, but then again logic doesn't apply to wwe...

  62. Macephtophelesッ

    Macephtophelesッ9 days ago

    16:22 "Jeff tries to start a "Hardy" chant in a room full of TV monitors..." Maybe they need to do a more legitimate piss test on him and not that bollocks storyline one with Sheamus... 🤔

  63. Thomas Paolucci

    Thomas Paolucci9 days ago

    I know you meant "Drink in every single day" at the end, but I heard "Drinking every single day" and I respect you too much not to follow that advice.

  64. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel9 days ago

    Happy that someone squashed drew after sooo long time

  65. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel9 days ago

    We want sheamus old theme

  66. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel9 days ago

    Why is Randy scared of stupid alexa I was laughing so hard 😂 why can't randy😂

  67. Theo Dious

    Theo Dious9 days ago

    She burned his face off man.

  68. Heather the Librarian

    Heather the Librarian9 days ago

    "Look, I know how babies are made" Tom is so wholesome.

  69. IngasPingas

    IngasPingas9 days ago

    Until someone is being bullied online to the point that they need to delete their Twitter account. Then his opinions take precedence over ethics.

  70. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez9 days ago


  71. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel9 days ago

    Jeff Hardy finally had an amazing match he has been on a very long losing streak tho he may shock the world only for miz to cash in

  72. suskdn djdhs

    suskdn djdhs9 days ago

    women's wrestling is the weak link on RAW, sad considering the fact that 2 years ago, they were on the road to main eventing WM, the Becky and Ronda feud was so hot at the time

  73. Kristian Hatton

    Kristian Hatton9 days ago

    NXT is still the best womens wrestling

  74. thelinedrive

    thelinedrive9 days ago

    And it’s no fault of the talent and entirely to do with the creative.

  75. Lightening Leke

    Lightening Leke9 days ago

    Also said to consider that when 2 of the best women's wrestler's in WWE in Baszer and Kana as raw women's champion who is also the best women's wrestler in the world and has been for the last 5-6 year since surpassing Mako Satumura with Io Shari, Mayu Iwatanai and Momo Watanabi close behind. and to be far on smackdown you only have Sasha, Bayley and now Bicanca that are treated like big deal's at the moment, were as on Raw the only person treated as a big deal is Rick Flair's daughter and she has been awful and sloppy in ring since returning she deffo needs the house show's back to get some rep's in.

  76. Kalhar Patel

    Kalhar Patel9 days ago

    Kofi sucks also everyone should thank miz for putting over everyone like Daniel Bryan

  77. arin leoczko

    arin leoczko9 days ago

    Warning for phone watchers: if you turn your brightness up too high, Tom becomes luminescent.

  78. Abhimanyu jain

    Abhimanyu jain9 days ago


  79. Rhys Bithell

    Rhys Bithell9 days ago

    Vince McMahon is a former WWE Champion so he would already qualify for the elimination chamber match

  80. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin8 days ago

    And Eddie Guerrero

  81. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer9 days ago

    First of all, congrats to Lacey and her husband if she is indeed pregnant for real. Second, hopefully Asuka gets a good replacement opponent for the PPV coughRheaRipleycough.

  82. Jesse Woodworth

    Jesse Woodworth9 days ago


  83. Henry P. Kinnel

    Henry P. Kinnel9 days ago

    So sad Drew didn't adress Miz by "Micky" in response, would have loved that.

  84. The Dragon of Mankind

    The Dragon of Mankind9 days ago

    This Lacey and Charlotte storyline is just a new age version of the Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie storyline.

  85. Fitri Faris

    Fitri Faris9 days ago

    Both are distasteful to me but I prefer Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie story, since that one doesn't have the women's champion as a backdrop

  86. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin9 days ago

    Armageddon 2002 is my favourite PPV for that reason

  87. lostpunkrock

    lostpunkrock9 days ago

    "There's something about Charlotte" Yeah she is basically the Roman of the female roster who gets over exposed and over booked and tbh people getting tired of her.

  88. Liverbird 18

    Liverbird 189 days ago

    @lostpunkrock that ain't her fault tho. Some people are just born to be either a face or heel. Like Brock Lesnsr as heel and rey mysterio as a face

  89. lostpunkrock

    lostpunkrock9 days ago

    @Liverbird 18 Thats my issue as well I dont think she is that great. I think she is as good as her opponent. Ppl like sasha and bayley and becky elevate the weaker talents. Charlotte operates at their lvl. Also Charlotte seems a selfish worker like she always makes sure her spots are amazing but her opponents spots always look meh. Also the other 3 horse women work great as heels and faces flair is a one dimension char who legit fails as face.

  90. Liverbird 18

    Liverbird 189 days ago

    I also think they give Charlotte title after title cos they can depend on her and her in ring ability. Cos let’s be honest there isn’t many women better than Charlotte in the ring 🤷🏼‍♂️

  91. lostpunkrock

    lostpunkrock9 days ago

    @Liverbird 18 yeah i should o clarified tired of roman before this recent heel turn. A better connection would o been hhh during his heyday when he had to be part of EVERYTHING.

  92. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin9 days ago

    I've hated her since she won the NXT Womens title at Mania 36

  93. Kenas Lalson

    Kenas Lalson9 days ago

    Just imagine how insane it would've been if Miz had cashed in his contract after the gaunlet match. I mean....... that would've been an amazing move and the lost aura of the MITB briefcase would've been restored. I mean, then what would happen at Elimination Chamber. WWE would probably have to announce it on social media or something. I'm really sad this didn't happen, would've been a game changer.

  94. Kris Miller

    Kris Miller9 days ago

    Miz didn't blink, it was creepy

  95. Riser

    Riser9 days ago

    This lacey and charlotte storyline just got weirder and weirder

  96. WORD!exclaimed

    WORD!exclaimed9 days ago

    Until you find out she’s legit pregnant. Trust I thought it was kind of wild for her to announce it and thought that Ric was the Nature Daddy but yeah congrats to Lacey and bring on Charlotte vs Asuka... you all know it’s coming.

  97. F. K.

    F. K.9 days ago

    When you say weirder, u mean more crappy?

  98. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm9 days ago

    It was the wrestling highlight of the year for me, the discord chat peaked last night during this.

  99. ChimpFan42

    ChimpFan429 days ago

    @V3RT1G0 I just want to know why Ric wants to pay more child support

  100. V3RT1G0

    V3RT1G09 days ago

    Maybe we will see birth of a second hand, can't wait to see that one... Lacey has a daughter and is a former Marine, I had no problem Ric managing her, but him fucking her as well? c'mon, that's just to much.(I mean not really fucking, just story wise, like how the hell she got pregnant and he is a dad otherwise)

  101. ciaran

    ciaran9 days ago

    glesga kiss no glasgee

  102. Cj Wilson

    Cj Wilson9 days ago

    Abe Lincoln vampire hunter is a great movie

  103. Michael-paul drew

    Michael-paul drew9 days ago

    Ric flair the old dog

  104. Dashie41

    Dashie419 days ago

    D- terrible creative rubbish it reminds me of a crappy episode of Russo's WCW

  105. K Ram

    K Ram9 days ago

    @Aidan Boylin bro

  106. Aidan Boylin

    Aidan Boylin9 days ago

    Russo is the best writer WCW ever had, and you know it

  107. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc199 days ago

    The video still won’t load for me:(

  108. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan9 days ago

    Hope Lacey Evans should not get Maria Kanellis type treatment this time especially when she is a real life pregnent by making segments on RAW

  109. wstine79

    wstine799 days ago

    So does this mean Lacey Evans is Charlotte's new Stepmother? With Peyton Royce as her step sister?

  110. Ghost That Walks

    Ghost That Walks9 days ago

    First!!!!! And Where are all the WTF's???? C'mon Ross

  111. fishbowl

    fishbowl9 days ago

    He was off last week might be back today might not

  112. A Bit of Everything

    A Bit of Everything9 days ago

    RAW is BORE

  113. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?9 days ago

    Actually this raw is surprisingly intresting just remove that uncomfortable story line with sugar daddy and evans

  114. Christopher Mikrowelle

    Christopher Mikrowelle9 days ago

    I can’t believe Lancey is Charlottes new Step Mom.

  115. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?9 days ago

    @5530, RAIYAD SADMAN MAHBUB i was expecting you

  116. fishbowl

    fishbowl9 days ago

    @5530, RAIYAD SADMAN MAHBUB your point almost all entertainment is fake so why do you feel like pointing out the obvious.

  117. reno2200

    reno22009 days ago

    @5530, RAIYAD SADMAN MAHBUB pre-determined


    5530, RAIYAD SADMAN MAHBUB9 days ago

    @Tito 1234 its all fake

  119. Tito 1234

    Tito 12349 days ago

    no, it's not Lacey is Charlotte's new stepmom. meaning that Ric Flair is still a prime-time player. Lol kayfabe joke