What Happened At WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day?!

Jack The Jobber is here to give his What Happened At WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day review as he runs down every match from tonight's WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day PPV.
WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Results/Highlights:
Raquel González & Dakota Kai def. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)
Johnny Gargano def. Kushida to retain the NXT North American Championship
MSK def. Grizzled Young Veterans (Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)
Io Shirai def. Mercedes Martinez & Toni Storm to retain the NXT Women's Championship
Finn Bálor def. Pete Dunne to retain the NXT Championship
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  1. Leighton Pearson

    Leighton Pearson7 days ago

    Let’s just say I am hearing bubbling that the UE is not finished, but Cole is leaving for the main roster.

  2. David Garcia

    David Garcia9 days ago


  3. Simon nerry

    Simon nerry9 days ago


  4. Life Of Brandon

    Life Of Brandon9 days ago

    I love dusty but this should absolutely be name the Teddy Long Tag Team Classic

  5. Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy10 days ago

    I Am Totally Satisfied With This Takeover. Totally 🔥🔥🔥🔥 But I Never Wanted UE To Break Up.

  6. Smoshbrp43

    Smoshbrp4310 days ago

    Feels like a lot of the stories are lacking, fantastic wrestling, but stories have been much better

  7. Suellen

    Suellen10 days ago

    PAC is absolutely raging!!!

  8. john asshat

    john asshat10 days ago

    Not only did some one from England hold the NXT title before, somebody from literally where you live Jack has held the title. Remember Neville?!

  9. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    Glad Eli Drake is on NXT rather than the main roster, but wth is that new Name

  10. wordlifeecw

    wordlifeecw10 days ago

    "even though all three women get their PERIODS of dominance..." You couldn't have found ANY other way to word that??

  11. Dennis Winship

    Dennis Winship10 days ago

    Finn balor is still champion. Dennis Winship Lynn massachusetts

  12. ohb71303

    ohb7130310 days ago

    Everyone talking about Neville being nXt champion and I'm over here thinking Balor won with 1916 not the Cu degra....

  13. John Munoz-Crabb

    John Munoz-Crabb10 days ago

    This was a great show, I think the weakest match was the women's tag match, and if that's the weakest match on the card, that's a pretty damn good card.

  14. sergiocm2k

    sergiocm2k10 days ago

    "We've never held a NXT championship" send for the Pac

  15. IveGotAMatch

    IveGotAMatch10 days ago

    For the sake of great storytelling, I really hope that Bobby Fish is fit to return soon. I can see a UE Civil War tag match (Fish and O'Reilly surely stick together after all their history), and then a Cole vs O'Reilly singles match. As sad as I am about the potential end of the UE, I think there could still be some greatness to come. And who knows! Maybe it will just be the end of THIS incarnation of the UE - maybe Cole and Strong can recruit another 1 or 2 guys and we get UE v2.0?

  16. Andrew Harrington

    Andrew Harrington10 days ago

    One could clearly see that it was Dexter Loomis that 'abducted' Austin Theory.

  17. King Kaito

    King Kaito10 days ago

    What do you all think was the match of the night? I can’t decide yet because Balor vs Dunne was excellent but then again the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Classic finals was phenomenal too. *ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!*

  18. J J

    J J10 days ago

    I wanted Grizzled Young Vets to win the Dusty Cup honestly, I just wanted them to win something for once

  19. AwesomeToes

    AwesomeToes10 days ago

    Really solid show all round. MSK/GYV was one of the best tag team matches I've seen in a while, Gargano/Kushida was great and Balor/Dunne is an early contender for MOTY, with the UE breakup being the cliff-hanger to end all cliff-hangers; can't wait to see the fallout this Wednesday! Also, the announce table wasn't ready for Toni Time lol

  20. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    Great Takeover as usual. Gargano vs Kushida stole the show imo.

  21. Dixie Pixie

    Dixie Pixie10 days ago

    England have never won an NXT championship? Pac says: "What about me Billy Big Bollocks?!" Paige says: "Paige here!"

  22. callum

    callum10 days ago

    Man, the NXT crew are lazy buggers. They left those X’s up from the set of takeover 30 for months and they still haven’t taken down the support poles for the Wargames structure. THIS is why I watch AEW!!!

  23. callum

    callum10 days ago

    @Ricky Bobby Roode It was a joke boss

  24. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    And AEW haven’t taken down their 70 year old announcers and performers. That’s why I watch NXT.

  25. 1 Survivor

    1 Survivor10 days ago

    Push Dunne damn it. Dude is really good. And he's one of the few wrestlers under 30 on NXT. Cole and Balor have no need to hold NXT gold.

  26. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis10 days ago

    Well I think kross is gonna win the nxt title and he won’t lose for a while, maybe dunne gets involved in the UE feud with lorcan and mcaffe and all them

  27. Natrius

    Natrius10 days ago

    The selling of the segment at the end of the night by Roddy was so great. He genuinely looks so torn and he can just see everything around him crumbling.

  28. Top

    Top10 days ago

    I guess Geordie Nev doesn't exist then JackKing

  29. Josh Spicer

    Josh Spicer10 days ago

    I wouldn't have debated over the Gargano vs. Kushida being *good* . I would've debated over the fact that Kushida should've *won* .

  30. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    IKR what are people watching? The match was great.

  31. Paul21

    Paul2110 days ago

    Best NXT show in a very long time

  32. White Glint Gaming

    White Glint Gaming10 days ago

    You can clearly see it was Lumis...you have tge beanie over your eyes?

  33. Ramon LeClerc

    Ramon LeClerc10 days ago

    Fuck love and happiness

  34. luke rogers

    luke rogers10 days ago

    15:50 Neville?????

  35. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst10 days ago

    ELI DRAKE?! Yeeeaaahhh! Oh, they changed his name? Damn.

  36. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago


  37. Graham Smith

    Graham Smith10 days ago

    “All three women get their periods... of dominance”

  38. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones3 days ago

    Not just me hearing that...

  39. Ri dan

    Ri dan10 days ago

    Unfortunate choice of words

  40. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith10 days ago

    Poor Jack, forgot about Newcastle’s own Neville/PAC holding the NXT Title. You better hope he doesn’t see you when he comes home eventually, he’s prolly gonna be an absolute bastard to you.

  41. mrrandomman_84

    mrrandomman_8410 days ago

    Well I'll give Paul his due. I haven't been this sad about my favorite group's breakup since H turned on DX. Well......... shit.

  42. Adam Byrne

    Adam Byrne10 days ago

    That hat must stink lol

  43. insertgenericusernamehere

    insertgenericusernamehere10 days ago

    Kushida hasn't done it for me since coming to nxt. Don't know if it's the character or what. But I just find his matches unintentionally boring.

  44. insertgenericusernamehere

    insertgenericusernamehere10 days ago

    @Mike Davis each to their own

  45. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis10 days ago

    His matches are great, he just has a really weird character

  46. genfranco72

    genfranco7210 days ago

    Neville (PAC) was NXT champion - he’s from Newcastle

  47. Michael Singer

    Michael Singer10 days ago

    The Women’s Tag Match was really fun. And damn are Shotzi and Dakota gonna be sore tomorrow after all the bumps they took here. The ending was a bit wonky with the ref completely ignoring the assisted pin, and I feel like Shotzi shouldn’t not have been the one taking the pin here. But still a ton of fun and I DESPERATELY hope Dakota and Raquel win the tag belts as well. Johnny vs. KUSHIDA was awesome. But I 100% think the latter should have won here. Now was the time to finally cement him. And IDK how they book Johnny as a chickenshit now. The guy was basically Superman tonight with how much punishment he took and still won clean. The Men’s tag match was great. And MSK have a rocked strapped to their backs now. The Women’s triple threat was, shorter than I was expecting. But still really good. And that finish leaves open the possibility of an Io vs. Toni singles match as well I hope. Finn vs. Dunne was fantastic. Reminded me of the Angle vs. Benoit matches and that’s a very good thing. NXT Finn is just a beast and Dunne HAS to be champion at some point imo. Really good show overall.

  48. PcWitness

    PcWitness10 days ago

    End of an Era...

  49. Rage Gamer

    Rage Gamer10 days ago

    See LA Knight doesn't bother me but you could also just call him Eli Knight if you wanted to change his name

  50. mistermalaprop

    mistermalaprop10 days ago

    "All three women get their periods of dominance" Dude, really?

  51. Zachary Lee

    Zachary Lee10 days ago

    A consistently really good show with its problems here and there. Over all very good Ppv.

  52. Rayven Skye

    Rayven Skye10 days ago

    NXT: Kickout Festival get your tickets for Wednesday night

  53. yhunata

    yhunata10 days ago

    My guess is they wanted the UE break-up to happen in front of crowds, so they've been delaying it all this time but time finally ran out today. If they didn't do it now, they wouldn't have the time needed to build up to the match at Wrestlemania weekend is my guess. A shame, because imagine the crowd reaction.

  54. Tyrique Klassen

    Tyrique Klassen10 days ago

    This show was F'ING FANTASTIC!

  55. Niall Campbell

    Niall Campbell10 days ago

    Shock the system

  56. insertgenericusernamehere

    insertgenericusernamehere10 days ago

    I won't lie in my 4 am haze when I first saw the picture I thought Edge had attacked balor and got so excited.

  57. abraham Arias

    abraham Arias10 days ago

    Gargano and kushida really delivered tonight match of the night and maybe match of the year contender

  58. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    Totally agree with you.

  59. 82gamerprincess

    82gamerprincess10 days ago

    English NXT champions... Neville Danny Burch (tag) Mustache Mountain (tag) More if you count the cruiserweight title.

  60. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer10 days ago

    Paige First NXT Women's Champion lol

  61. Karthik Natarajan

    Karthik Natarajan10 days ago

    Now I want to see Cole vs O'Reilly vs Fish vs Strong for the Title!!!

  62. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    I also think we're getting that but replace Fish with Bálor.

  63. Dark Hawk

    Dark Hawk10 days ago

    Not one, but two technical classics, some fantastic tag-team psychology, and proper triple-threat chaos... all with a surprise ending with massive story implications... What more could you want out of a show?

  64. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    If there would have been a crowd this would have been my favourite Takeover of all time.

  65. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith10 days ago

    I thought this was a top 10 takeover. Every match was great to awesome

  66. BluSpykz

    BluSpykz10 days ago

    The ending. I guess it's now... The Disputed Era! Awful refereeing in the opening match. Just two spots off the top of my head. He didn't see Ember tag Shotzi, even though Kai was down and not moving. Pointless. He didn't count after the Eclipse to Gonzalez because Kai was in the ring in the corner BUT was more than happy to count when two bodies were covering one later in the match. And many, many other misdemeanors.

  67. Kenas Lalson

    Kenas Lalson10 days ago

    16:54 didn't Finn also hit a 1916 after the coup de gras

  68. Schwifty Wizard

    Schwifty Wizard10 days ago

    He did.

  69. Roi pedhazur

    Roi pedhazur10 days ago

    Next Takeover Predictions: Karrion Kross wins the NXT Championship from Finn Balor Io Shirai retains the NXT Women's Championship against Toni Storm MSK win the NXT Tag Team Championships from Lorcan and Burch Kyle O'Rilley defeats adam Cole Johnny Gargano retains the NXT North american Championship against Dexter Lumis Nia and Shayna retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships against Kai and Gonsales

  70. Kenas Lalson

    Kenas Lalson10 days ago

    When everyone said that UE were gonna spilt up and Cole and o' Reilly would be face and Fish and Strong as heels, I'd admit I felt kinda sad. It seemed like everyone just wanted to cheer on the most popular members and all. I'm very happy(and sad ofc) with the ending and am very excited for the future. NXT needed some kinda revitalization, the men's divison was kinda getting stale and this could just be the solution.

  71. Diljaan's vlog

    Diljaan's vlog10 days ago

    Best match happend for northamerican title

  72. Austin Ewing

    Austin Ewing10 days ago

    Pat McAfee said it best...he was right all along!

  73. wstine79

    wstine7910 days ago

    Kushida didn't win the North American Championship? GREAT SCOTT!

  74. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    He didn’t reach the required number of gigawatts to win.

  75. Dave Stewart

    Dave Stewart10 days ago

    Show of the year? Man Jack, I totally disagree. I thought this was the weakest Takeover card ever heading into it. The Kushida/Gargano match was the only one I had any interest in. All the finishes were extremely predictable tonight. Not a single upset or surprise win. I thought the Rascals had god awful wwe style names, but poor Eli Drake. His is the stupidest since they forced Rowe and Hanson to go through all of those terrible name changes.

  76. NotBladefn

    NotBladefn10 days ago

    Adam Cole and Kyle o Riley will have a fued before elimation chamber,fastlane or mania and Kyle wins Adam is off TV boom after mania he goes to smackdown I feel like Cole will go to main roster because he's done everything in nxt and Kyle has only had a chance to hold the tag team championship and unfortunately I feel like Roderick strong will be the Sarah logan in the fued like when Ruby and liv fueded.

  77. Phillip Casey

    Phillip Casey10 days ago

    You didn’t say what you thought of the excellent main event lol

  78. Josh Littke

    Josh Littke10 days ago

    Lmao anyone else catch when jack says “even though all three women get their periods” 12:27

  79. beesly01

    beesly0110 days ago

    I turned into Archer :PHRASING!"

  80. Max Okoro

    Max Okoro10 days ago

    Not on Valentine’s day Jack

  81. Max Okoro

    Max Okoro10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 Crying

  82. Owen Dom Jarrett

    Owen Dom Jarrett10 days ago

    Poor PAC. The NXT Reign that cultaholic forgot 😂😂😂😂

  83. shaded Bear

    shaded Bear10 days ago

    All 3 women have dominant periods....

  84. GreenMantaray

    GreenMantaray10 days ago

    I know you're a Sunderland fan, Jack, but how can you forget Neville as NXT champion?!?

  85. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    @DevinV.Dahl Also the man that Cultaholic forgot

  86. Brandon Talks Football

    Brandon Talks Football10 days ago

    he's a wha-...................

  87. DevinV.Dahl

    DevinV.Dahl10 days ago

    Cause he's the man that gravity forgot....

  88. Chuba Kichu

    Chuba Kichu10 days ago

    Heart break on valentine's day

  89. jdwatts6

    jdwatts610 days ago

    I was surprised with how short the Women's Championship match was in comparison to the rest of the matches, it was like 13 minutes max.

  90. Schwifty Wizard

    Schwifty Wizard10 days ago

    How ironic that the worst match of the night was the shortest as well.

  91. Dan Torkel

    Dan Torkel10 days ago

    My problem with Kushida/Johnny was Johnny hanging in a cross armbar for 2-minutes at the end. I don’t DEMAND realism but c’mon. A top rope flipping arm breaker after a match of dominating the arm... a move that ends a real UFC fight in a second... and Johnny holding on for SO long killed it for me. It was still a 4-star match for me, but it was 4.5 or higher until the ending

  92. Dan Torkel

    Dan Torkel10 days ago

    @Ricky Bobby Roode but he’s a heel now. And a cowardly one at that. Stone Cold tapped out when he turned heel. Kushida feels like a lost cause now

  93. Ricky Bobby Roode

    Ricky Bobby Roode10 days ago

    To be fair the announcers were putting over how Johnny reaches another level during Takeovers. His whole Takeover gimmick is that he won’t go down.

  94. Lindsay Nash

    Lindsay Nash10 days ago

    Bobby Fish on a pole match for the custody or Roderick Strong incoming

  95. greg draper

    greg draper10 days ago

    End of an era?

  96. Aaron Lee620

    Aaron Lee62010 days ago

    Too soon Greg

  97. turtlehead2

    turtlehead210 days ago

    Has there ever been a Balor/Bryan match?

  98. Kenas Lalson

    Kenas Lalson10 days ago

    ya in the indies. They should do one in WWE tho lol

  99. Kenni Inzane

    Kenni Inzane10 days ago

    Every fan of the Undisputed Era - Why Cole Why ? Me - Yes Cole Yes.

  100. HonkedOffJohn

    HonkedOffJohn10 days ago

    When your watching the ending of Vengeance Day and then you remember the Undisputed Era Theme is a CFO$ Theme :(

  101. Kyran Bush

    Kyran Bush10 days ago

    It really doesn’t matter. Seth got his CFO$ theme back. It was just time for the UE civil war.

  102. TheRandom ?

    TheRandom ?10 days ago

    WHY COLE.goddamit i just bought an undisputed era T shirt

  103. Brandon Talks Football

    Brandon Talks Football10 days ago


  104. DevinV.Dahl

    DevinV.Dahl10 days ago

    Lol...it'll be on sale in a few hours

  105. Jason Capp

    Jason Capp10 days ago

    I wouldn't call the Undisputed breakup "exciting". This is more of the typical WWE "Let's break up this group because it is time to" instead of building towards a sensible and meaningful breakup. Sure, Adam Cole will explain himself on the next episode, but this is still what they do. It's like WWE decides on the breakup before they plan the story. AEW just played this card recently with Sammy G and the Inner Circle, but with that story, we saw the seeds being planted for months, so it was a matter of "when" as opposed to "will it happen". WWE can really learn from this type of storytelling, but let's be honest. WWE doesn't care about long-term storytelling. Vince and company only care about the moments, just like this Adam Cole situation.

  106. Deyvion Nichols

    Deyvion Nichols10 days ago

    @RosheEntertains i gotta agree, i’ve completely lost interest in the group which is sad because i really do think Sammy, Santana & Ortiz deserve better

  107. Chance Harrington

    Chance Harrington10 days ago

    Obviously you haven't watched because there has been little seeds planted for months

  108. RosheEntertains

    RosheEntertains10 days ago

    I thought Cole's betrayal was better than anything in the Inner Circle storyline, which quite frankly has failed to deliver since the initial MJF and Jericho segments.

  109. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones10 days ago

    It was planted months ago but most people thought it would be Roderick and Fish would turn on Cole and O Riley

  110. Deyvion Nichols

    Deyvion Nichols10 days ago

    Well WWE has done this before, Sasha and Bayley’s rivalry last year was probably the biggest example of that. The UE break-up i’d argue didn’t need that kind of build, building up to it would’ve made this less of a surprise so i think this was a nice way to surprise the fans like Gargano and Ciampa’s breakup.

  111. Scoot Bonds

    Scoot Bonds10 days ago

    All three women have their periods....of dominance. Eeeewwwww!

  112. turtlehead2

    turtlehead210 days ago

    I time stamped it

  113. turtlehead2

    turtlehead210 days ago

    12:27 - 12:29 😂😂

  114. The Brandolorian

    The Brandolorian10 days ago

    Was that the "all three girls have periods... of dominance"? Great line.

  115. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray10 days ago


  116. southnewton1

    southnewton110 days ago

    Wait, people didn’t like KUSHIDA vs Gargano and were saying it was a bad match? What?

  117. Michael Andrews

    Michael Andrews10 days ago

    Yeah, the people saying that are typically those with issues with their eyes, don't worry man it's understandable

  118. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    Dude that was the match of the night for me. That was a CLASSIC.

  119. ScottyBoyRulez

    ScottyBoyRulez10 days ago

    Jack, you're forgetting about Neville. He was NXT Champion and last time I checked he was british

  120. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst10 days ago

    @Jazzy Bongo If so then my bad, he's a Sunderland supporter for sure

  121. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie10 days ago

    he said english not british but he was still wrong. n if he had said british and pac hadnt won there still would have been drew

  122. Jazzy Bongo

    Jazzy Bongo10 days ago

    @Aaron Hurst he's from Jarrow.

  123. Aaron Hurst

    Aaron Hurst10 days ago

    @Jazzy Bongo Think he's from Sunderland, not Newcastle, so would be a Mackem not a Geordie

  124. Jazzy Bongo

    Jazzy Bongo10 days ago

    Be extra embarrassing if he was a Geordie wouldn't it.

  125. Nathan Feist

    Nathan Feist10 days ago

    Yep. Pac never held the NXT championship.

  126. WukisGGK

    WukisGGK10 days ago

    Thus begins The Undisputed Era civil war. I’m so excited for this

  127. Dale Creasey

    Dale Creasey10 days ago

    They are done everything in NXT is to do so why not do a program with each other

  128. linkinparkdj14

    linkinparkdj1410 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this angle for soooo long. Let’s go!

  129. Cullen Reid Hoyle

    Cullen Reid Hoyle10 days ago

    This Takeover shocked the system...

  130. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago

    These puns are making me sad as hell 😭

  131. Matt

    Matt10 days ago

    is jack not doing wrestlers of the week anymore?

  132. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born10 days ago

    I wonder if Cole had a loaded boot like ELP

  133. Helicard

    Helicard10 days ago

    The Dusty Lady Cup is prestigious

  134. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born10 days ago


  135. Wilson Chad Benitez

    Wilson Chad Benitez10 days ago

    The women's tag finals was so exciting! Dakota and Raquel are hopefully going to become the first NXT team to win the tag titles

  136. kilala plush

    kilala plush10 days ago

    Good nxt show

  137. Jaime Garcia

    Jaime Garcia10 days ago

    My favorite part from this PPV was the ending. Didn't expect that. Interesting decision from the WWE to go with the heel vs heel matchup for the Women's tag team titles. Baszler is probably going to make either Kai or Gonzalez tap out.

  138. Unstable Brother

    Unstable Brother10 days ago

    How ironic is it that Adam Cole turned on Undisputed Era on Valentine's Day

  139. The greatest show On earth

    The greatest show On earth10 days ago

    Rodrick Strong The end of heartache

  140. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born10 days ago

    Gargano matches are like riding the bus to Jack.

  141. EDO ODE

    EDO ODE10 days ago

    Lol he said “on the hole”. Nia Mark!

  142. Pug Josh

    Pug Josh10 days ago

    I stood in shock for a good 5 minutes at the ending

  143. Sam Riddell

    Sam Riddell10 days ago

    What isn't the question, it's why?

  144. corey walker

    corey walker10 days ago

    I enjoyed the pay-per-view from start to finish, I wasn't expecting UE to break up tonight but I knew that sooner or later it was gonna happen. I'm interested to see where things go from here in regards to the UE.

  145. Matthew McFadyen

    Matthew McFadyen10 days ago

    The end of an Era.

  146. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi10 days ago


  147. getpumped87

    getpumped8710 days ago

    I know that I'm a huge pessimist when it comes to WWE's product.....but is Cole attacking Finn just WWE trying to jump on the Bullet Club train?

  148. brad carver

    brad carver10 days ago

    Wow I can’t believe Hulk Hogan came out and won the NXT title after Pat Mcafee threw the sumo salt in Balors eyes. Balor and Dunne deserved better.

  149. Jack Mehoff

    Jack Mehoff9 days ago

    @Baconofthe Ark your shit post sounds like something that happened on Nitro many times

  150. Baconofthe Ark

    Baconofthe Ark9 days ago

    @Jack Mehoff Mate. I was barely born when WCW was hot. I didn't comprehend old wrastling until 2008. I'm shit posting bb. Chill.

  151. Jack Mehoff

    Jack Mehoff9 days ago

    @Baconofthe Ark you watched too much WCW Nitro

  152. The Brandolorian

    The Brandolorian10 days ago

    I thought I was the only one who caught that.

  153. Baconofthe Ark

    Baconofthe Ark10 days ago

    Hogan won the title and claimed, "NXT title is worth nothing." Proclaims WWE Championship is the Championship of the world. Renting NXT with WWE Championship as one xD. Balor hits the Bloody Sunday and Two Sweets Hogan. 😂