WWE Sign Major Indy Stars | Original Plans For Sammy Guevara In IMPACT Wrestling Revealed

There’s been even more major new WWE signings rumoured following a recent spree of new talent joining the company. Original plans for Sammy Guevara’s IMPACT Wrestling appearance have been revealed. Plus we have an update on WWE's new social media policy.
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  1. Jon Turvey

    Jon Turvey2 days ago

    Sammy going to Impact to get away from the Inner Circle would've been fantastic! Yes, win the X-Division Title! Yes, go back to AEW with the Belt, I'm sure MJF could talk sh*t about it being lesser or something but then have Sammy beat him OR an established X-Division Wrestler take offence to MJF's sh*t talking & head over to Dynamite to kick his arse! Then however! Sammy should absolutely lose the Belt in a match! They could still hold that Tournament!! You could have AEW Guys saying well I can do that better than any of the Impact guys! The whole X-Division has no limits? Put say Wardlow in there! Could be part of MJF's "Revenge Plan" have Wardlow win the Tournament & beat Sammy be his plan that doesn't happen when the eventual ultra super babyface winner beats him on his way to a match against Sammy for said Title. There's SO MUCH that could go on within these companies but ego's need to be out aside for things to work out well for all involved.

  2. Reikmars

    Reikmars4 days ago

    Tom, just to let you know LinQ is pronounced Link not Lin Qu

  3. Mihai Nastasiu

    Mihai Nastasiu4 days ago

    This new signings from wwe are just a monopole scheme i am afraid...nothing about the talent

  4. Venci cekov

    Venci cekov4 days ago

    Bruh Adam really looked like Peter Avalon

  5. BCG Smooth

    BCG Smooth4 days ago

    Look I understand the uproar about this social media stuff of wwe but we have to be realistic without outselves, if anything happens with a talent what’s the first thing people have in their mouth “THE WWE should this” so I kinda get what they are doing plus it’s a mega sponsored heavy company now even though people don’t want to believe that but in Vince eyes this is protecting his company bag overall.. not the best business but I understand the business side of it.. plus they should just make an separate account and make it clear this is my private personal owned and then this is my business one (wwe controlled) and boom everyone should be good

  6. Joey L

    Joey L5 days ago

    Tom & Adam. Back. Together. Again. 👏🏼

  7. A7

    A75 days ago

    1:47 undenkbar

  8. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez5 days ago

    Tom enjoy your vacation time even with pandamic precautions it limited what you can do.

  9. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez5 days ago

    I wonder if DH Smith ask to finsh his obligations if true even ask his frist date starts after his obligations on his contract.

  10. Mikemcc19

    Mikemcc195 days ago

    Good for Guevara for not wanting to do that. It shows a lot of character that he wasn’t okay with it.

  11. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda5 days ago

    Davey Boy Smith jr vs WALTER! BOOK IT VINCE! BOOK IT NOW!

  12. Julian Warren

    Julian Warren5 days ago

    Adam without his Glasses is probably the best thing out of this year I have saw so far

  13. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith5 days ago

    Gonna miss ya Tom, hope you’re off on a fun vacation or something

  14. Roi pedhazur

    Roi pedhazur5 days ago

    Guevara could have been a surprise entrant in the Triangle Gauntlet match,defeat TJP for the title. Then maybe retaining it against someone like Trey Miguel, only to lose it to Josh Alexander

  15. Kahler Hahn

    Kahler Hahn5 days ago

    guevarra just can't stop falling over his own mouth...

  16. Simon Cowie

    Simon Cowie5 days ago

    This will be Dave Boy Smith Jr’s 2nd run with the WWE so it’s not the first time he worked for them it’s only his first time on NXT UK that’s all

  17. Peter PTChronic

    Peter PTChronic5 days ago

    One aspect of WWE limiting social media brand deals I haven't seen mentioned much is that a decent amount of the women's roster were doing branded content on Instagram. Given how absolutely poorly a lot of them are paid, even in comparison to some of the male mid card talent, it seems especially callous for WWE to demand a cut. Maybe if you paid them better, they wouldn't have to rely so much on branded content? Just a thought

  18. JDeppFan2272

    JDeppFan22726 days ago

    I still say what the WWE is doing with social media/youtube/twitch/whatever and their "independent contractors" is completely insane. At this point it should be considered impossible to claim they are still "independent" of WWE. The WWE just doesn't want to cover all of their expenses and medical insurance.

  19. Aaron Royal

    Aaron Royal6 days ago

    Davey Boy Jr vs Walter ? Yes, please.

  20. fifa doc

    fifa doc6 days ago

    I thought it was Adam's evil twin presenting this video

  21. Sofakingittt

    Sofakingittt6 days ago

    Adam looks like he drives a white van, is on a register and has to talk to his neighbors about a law he broke.

  22. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium6 days ago

    CANNOT WAIT to see Davey Boy vs WALTER!

  23. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins6 days ago

    I feel like WWE signs far too many new talents, only to have them sit on the sidelines shortly after signing. Their roster is huge, and the more talents they sign, the more names are added to the list of forgotten talents.

  24. Simon Cowie

    Simon Cowie5 days ago

    WWE has 4 rosters to full so they have to sign a lot of talent They don’t sit on the sidelines they work at the Performance Centre & sort their gimmick then appear on the show they want him to go to WWE has Raw NXT NXT UK & Smackdown rosters to full

  25. Tyler Watkins

    Tyler Watkins6 days ago

    To be fair 4 big NXTStars went to main roster


    BUTCHER PETE6 days ago

    why does adam look like peter avalon in the intro?

  27. Mister Blakk

    Mister Blakk6 days ago

    I am prepared to miss Tom too much

  28. Retro Mirzie

    Retro Mirzie6 days ago

    Basically they want impact to “eat their shit and call it caviar” 😂😂 savage

  29. Robert Hardy

    Robert Hardy6 days ago

    If DBS Jr. is back in WWE I hope he keeps that name and not back to DH Smith

  30. Heather Wright

    Heather Wright6 days ago

    But of course it's Loomis bc he never talks!

  31. Ben Hopkins

    Ben Hopkins6 days ago

    Adam lumis is brilliant

  32. negativ-dekadent

    negativ-dekadent6 days ago

    People always say, that private companies can decide for themselves who they hire, whenever someone gets ousted due to their non-mainstream beliefs/remarks. Strangely though, when a company wants some oversight over online activities that may reflect on their product, the company is evil... Fuck you hypocrites.

  33. wanderesq

    wanderesq6 days ago

    Ryker uses his social media to criticize human rights protestors, using his actual WWE catchphrase. WWE says "This is fine." Paige, Zelina Vega and others use their platforms as themselves: "Either let us take it over or you're fired."

  34. Kona Jyun

    Kona Jyun6 days ago

    Peter Avalon would be saying he found his long lost brother if he saw this. 😅

  35. CHAD

    CHAD6 days ago

    Adam makes me very uncomfortable looking like this

  36. David Garcia

    David Garcia6 days ago


  37. TheNath87

    TheNath876 days ago

    There will only ever be one leader of The Dark Order, The Exulated One Mr Brodie Lee.

  38. Chris

    Chris6 days ago

    Hope you enjoy your break, Tom.

  39. Great Sage Nexx

    Great Sage Nexx6 days ago

    Bloodsport 5 is tomorrow not at mania

  40. Judge Mental

    Judge Mental6 days ago

    If you’re Impact you should probably just say thanks for the spotlight and let them do what they want.

  41. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest6 days ago

    I wonder who these “stars” are

  42. XTesT15X

    XTesT15X6 days ago

    Shout out to Adam Maxtead! The guy's a G

  43. p2 k

    p2 k6 days ago

    Adam lumis

  44. Nazareth

    Nazareth6 days ago

    Like I said, Sammy really didn't deserve this bs, this was so childish from the higher ups.

  45. Trevor Sturman

    Trevor Sturman6 days ago

    One person from the UK I would like to get signed by a bigger promotion is Nathan Cruz

  46. Amaury Polanco

    Amaury Polanco6 days ago

    it's Peter Avalon dressed as Orange Cassidy

  47. Undrifted Pop

    Undrifted Pop6 days ago

    Adam lumis is back

  48. xyseal

    xyseal6 days ago

    2 email addresses: 1 personal, 1 work-related. Use them to create 2 Twitter accounts: 1 personal, 1 in-character...

  49. Yung Manong

    Yung Manong6 days ago

    I hope he debuts as Harry Smith instead of Bulldog Jr because even though he's same same; he's different. I also hope he's shown some love from NXT UK fans as he's reconnecting with his heritage. Better to be Harry Smith than British Bulldog 2 with Alberta accent.

  50. Haube85

    Haube856 days ago

    what the hell happened to Adams face o.O

  51. Aenashi

    Aenashi6 days ago


  52. Vyvyan The Great

    Vyvyan The Great6 days ago

    I've been a wrestling fan for 20 years. In one match, Maki Itoh has become my favorite wrestler of all time. No joke.

  53. Idiotic Panther

    Idiotic Panther6 days ago

    Have a nice vacation Tom. It won't be the same without you.

  54. BluSpykz

    BluSpykz6 days ago

    I don't know how true WWE's "3rd party clarity" branding is - but Asuka did her second "hair colouring video" this week, and blurred out the trademarks from her video. Something she didn't do in the first video,

  55. BluSpykz

    BluSpykz6 days ago

    Oh I pitched Maki to Dark Order last week :D ; They'd make the most ridiculously weird, funny (if done right) Maki Itoh respect army.

  56. Clarissa R.

    Clarissa R.6 days ago

    God, I was already thinking I didn't want to see Adam like this again. I'm terrified! LOL

  57. MutedMayday

    MutedMayday6 days ago

    I'm so glad Maki Itoh is getting noticed she's great

  58. Art Vasch

    Art Vasch6 days ago

    Have Sammy win it, have him face two guys to keep it, clean, but hard fought victories couldn't went any way. Have him be the "thought i needed a family in the inner circle but i already had one" point to the fans. Then Kenny talks a mean game about taking that back from him for TNA, can't do it in a bad ass ppv, do it on TNA ppv, give them the extra eyes for their roster. Tease the next big angle for Sammy to lose to, but lose in a way that isn't so hard fought, just had his number, putting the importance of that title over on both shows as well, having Sammy put down a couple of AEW's too. Even PAC. Not a fan of impact, but it's some bullshit that this went down this way (if true, when you're not inside the room, hard to tell what happened in it beyond word of mouth)

  59. Ryan Rich

    Ryan Rich6 days ago

    They’ve had Raju as X division champion for a majority of last year Sammy would be the best thing to happen to that title in years 😂

  60. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie3 days ago

    Rohit I mean

  61. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie3 days ago

    I feel hes came on leaps and bounds with this singles run

  62. Adam Stockton

    Adam Stockton6 days ago

    Intense moustache adam is a scary sight

  63. Tim Hill

    Tim Hill6 days ago

    If you like a jazzy mustache on your USlikes, join our cult!

  64. luke goozee

    luke goozee6 days ago

    Seen adam maxsted loads at butlins seen him like 8 times and hes really good and always gets audience to pop

  65. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart6 days ago

    Maki in aew please

  66. Barry Head

    Barry Head6 days ago

    WIll work If Vince And Bruce Keep there hands off and allow Triple H work with them...

  67. Ogmund prime

    Ogmund prime6 days ago

    So Guevara didn't want to do IMPACTS creative...which was to win a bunch of matches and win a title? Does anyone think this makes sense? Are dirtsheets just pulling shit out of their ass now?

  68. sergiodbd

    sergiodbd6 days ago

    Maki Ito is a sensation 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  69. bryce mcbride

    bryce mcbride6 days ago

    Bruh I just noticed that this was Adam in the fucking predictions video. I’m dumb as hell.

  70. Jonty Ross

    Jonty Ross6 days ago

    Nxt uk has always been my favourite wwe show. With these new wrestlers the show shall become greater than ever!

  71. Callum Beer

    Callum Beer6 days ago

    Adam was in ngw new generation wrestling

  72. Dave Plays

    Dave Plays6 days ago

    Adam looks a lot like a former Librarian...

  73. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta6 days ago

    Yes! The Dexter Lumis joke!

  74. Jonty Ross

    Jonty Ross6 days ago

    Can we please have Jacob fatu in wwe?

  75. Jonty Ross

    Jonty Ross6 days ago

    @Arthur Dsouza true. But still love to see him in nxt against guys like bronson reed

  76. Arthur Dsouza

    Arthur Dsouza6 days ago

    Yeah so that he can be in Catering or Running for the jobber title.

  77. Blak3 Nikos

    Blak3 Nikos6 days ago

    1. I hope AEW sign Maki and Veny 2. I really wish WWE were more specific on what’s ok and what’s not ok to do and say on social media. Also explaining why they froze paying their employees.

  78. Simon Cowie

    Simon Cowie5 days ago

    WWE did pay their employees the ones that where not paid where on furlough due to the COVID pandemic & they where getting paid the executives took pay cuts as well like a lot of big business did worldwide

  79. Yousuf Seedat

    Yousuf Seedat6 days ago

    Adam is dexter lumis this explains so much

  80. Georgeis Missin

    Georgeis Missin6 days ago

    When u buy a ziggy dice and peter avalon from wish

  81. WhiskeyBrewer

    WhiskeyBrewer6 days ago

    I thought that it was Guevara's idea to win the X Division Title and then vacate it, because he didn't like what Jericho and Callis had sorted out

  82. J Ginger

    J Ginger6 days ago

    Maki ito with John silva I'm totally up for that

  83. LuckyDT

    LuckyDT6 days ago

    Dexter Pacitti is terrifying.

  84. westnile21

    westnile216 days ago

    Pacitti looking like a cross between AEWs Peter Avalon and WWE 205 Lives Jack Gallagher.

  85. Jey Val

    Jey Val6 days ago

    What is up with Adam

  86. Natural Disaster

    Natural Disaster6 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Ricky Knight Jr (rkj) he is probably the best British wrestler at the moment

  87. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie3 days ago

    @Natural Disaster thanks I'll give him a look

  88. Natural Disaster

    Natural Disaster3 days ago

    @Blue Weegie yeah waw icw rev Pro and quite a few indie promotions

  89. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie3 days ago

    @Natural Disaster Is his stuff on USlikes?

  90. Natural Disaster

    Natural Disaster3 days ago

    @Blue Weegie nephew i think. He's extremely talented

  91. Blue Weegie

    Blue Weegie3 days ago

    Is that paige's brother?

  92. Naas Kaleem

    Naas Kaleem6 days ago

    NXTUK is must watch and I hope more people get into it!

  93. chicken nuggets

    chicken nuggets6 days ago

    We lose Medusa complex this hurts

  94. Oneforseven

    Oneforseven6 days ago

    Enjoy your break Tom! I know I will

  95. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell6 days ago

    Thanks mate. Keep up the brilliant banter whilst I’m gone! X

  96. reno2200

    reno22006 days ago

    I've said this before and I'll no doubt say it again Thanks, Tom

  97. jaryd12345

    jaryd123456 days ago

    I mean the idea of Impact and AEW being on an equal footing is ridiculous. Like... I'm sure this makes me sound like a dick but I just believe it to be true. AEW letting Impact be viewed on an equal footing to them is gunna drag the AEW brand down more than it raises Impact up. They're just completely different sizes and scopes of company

  98. The Fryminister

    The Fryminister6 days ago

    Agree with you there mate

  99. Dexx Baker

    Dexx Baker6 days ago

    Wait. What? I'm lost on the Sammy situation. Now this was Jericho's idea?

  100. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm6 days ago

    It's a case of throwing enough shit at the wall something will stick.

  101. getpumped87

    getpumped876 days ago

    It's almost like rumor mills gonna mill rumors

  102. Randy G

    Randy G6 days ago

    Gives WWE'S pension of signing any and every free agent with name recognition, then not doing anything with these stars after a two-to-three week push. I really don't like their chances 😕😐. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it 😒... good luck new signesses, ya'll are going to need it

  103. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm6 days ago

    I don't want to be that guy, but pension made me laugh my ass off so I feel like I have to point out its penchant

  104. Zen Master

    Zen Master6 days ago

    So boring UK wrestlers lol yeah

  105. TylerCain2012

    TylerCain20126 days ago

    I hope Davey Boy Smith still does Bloodsport :(

  106. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi6 days ago

    God Adam is good as Dexter Lumis.

  107. Oggie Krstic

    Oggie Krstic6 days ago

    Davey deserves another chance. He made a mistake in getting suspended right after his debut. There's nothing worse than a hyped up star getting future endeavored less than a year after their debut. I just hope he can tag with Kidd for one final time.

  108. Goat_ Filipino

    Goat_ Filipino6 days ago

    No lie Adam looked like Peter Avalon for a second 😂

  109. Tim Green

    Tim Green23 hours ago

    We need a walk off

  110. Glorious7777

    Glorious77775 days ago

    I cannot unsee that

  111. seymourglass26

    seymourglass266 days ago

    Agreed. Came here to comment, and saw you doing the good work.

  112. Josh Heuckendorf

    Josh Heuckendorf6 days ago


  113. Judge Mental

    Judge Mental6 days ago

    That’s not a look you’d want to go for m8.

  114. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro6 days ago


  115. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro5 days ago

    @getpumped87 No.. to aew. Considering the news article was talking about her match with aew?

  116. getpumped87

    getpumped876 days ago

    To Cultaholic?

  117. Vincent D’arcapellygo

    Vincent D’arcapellygo6 days ago

    Adams new style makes him look 30 pounds heavier

  118. Josh Starks

    Josh Starks6 days ago

    Sammy won’t wrestle in purgatory? Dodged a bullet there - several!

  119. Drigger Lawrence

    Drigger Lawrence6 days ago

    Itoh and silver would be a mad duo and id love it

  120. Jared Stowe

    Jared Stowe6 days ago

    Tier list idea: current wwe roster themes

  121. Lucas Gustave

    Lucas Gustave6 days ago

    WWE please stop signing wrestler from my usual EWR save file starter kit, i need them to be available ! D:

  122. Combo Broker

    Combo Broker6 days ago

    Given the current stories about talent not being used... best of luck to the new signings.

  123. Luke Warm

    Luke Warm6 days ago

    If you're an indy wrestler that's struggling to find work in the current circumstances then signing that contract becomes a lot more appealing

  124. faeriegraver

    faeriegraver6 days ago

    @Randy G I agree they are hoarding talent. They don't have enough for the people they do have to do without hiring more people. However I can understand more why a wrestler would want to sign for them at the moment given the pandemic. At least by signing with NXT UK they get security when there isn't regular bookings to be had in UK indies at the moment.

  125. Randy G

    Randy G6 days ago

    Yeahhh the fear is A: they're going to lose everything that made them a star in the first place outside of dubya dubya E and B: after a mini push... they'll be lost in the shuffle and become a JAG- just another guy/girl. WWE'S hoarding of talent is getting out of hand 🙄😒

  126. Keshav Bhargav Bakshi

    Keshav Bhargav Bakshi6 days ago

    NXT UK is a good place to go to I believe.

  127. Emperor Ming

    Emperor Ming6 days ago

    This looks less like Dexter Lumis and more like Peter Avalon

  128. Erik Arteaga

    Erik Arteaga6 days ago

    Pacitti Avalon

  129. Toro NaidTo mex

    Toro NaidTo mex6 days ago

    Pretty Adam Avlon

  130. getpumped87

    getpumped876 days ago

    Definitely thought it was a PPA filter at first

  131. Matt Buswell

    Matt Buswell6 days ago

    This looks as if zoom existed in 1973