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  1. Waffle On With Wayne

    Waffle On With Wayne20 hours ago

    Morning all🙂

  2. Jason Jimerson

    Jason Jimerson20 hours ago

    Was he found not guilty?

  3. owl

    owl20 hours ago

    If he's innocent then I hope he comes back asap

  4. Channel Name

    Channel Name20 hours ago


  5. Ben Sims

    Ben Sims20 hours ago

    Omg, I literally forgot that he was a thing XD (dream not adam)

  6. *WOW*doge meme

    *WOW*doge meme20 hours ago


  7. Cody King

    Cody King20 hours ago

    So him saying it unprofessional to say yes or no to mary jane means someone does my guess is sam or jack

  8. Shmoozledorf

    Shmoozledorf20 hours ago

    Jack laughing his head off at the Free Masons bit has killed me, so funny

  9. LMK-Gaming

    LMK-Gaming20 hours ago

    WWE management are probably unhappy cos they know that more wrestlers now want to do the Blood & Guts-esc match's in WWE that ain't locked behind NXT War Games.

  10. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith21 hour ago

    You guys can’t say blood and guts because you might get demonetised. Talk about having a gun to your head

  11. 02Sideshow

    02Sideshow21 hour ago

    I hate Otis overhyped

  12. Andre Nicholas Han

    Andre Nicholas Han21 hour ago

    Jeff hardy never turn heel in wwe right?

  13. Brandon

    Brandon21 hour ago

    Honorable mention: Orton vs Rusev at Summerslam

  14. Chris Turner

    Chris Turner22 hours ago

    Would Dolph Zigglers appearance at 30 in the royal rumble count as a squash considering the length of time in the ring. I know its not a 1 on 1 match.

  15. Daniel Morrow

    Daniel Morrow22 hours ago

    I came back to wrestling in 2005, right around the time of the Royal Rumble and the lead up to Wrestlemania 21. I know I missed the best of The Attitude Era and early stages of Ruthless Aggression Era, but damn if I don't look back on that time with some incredibly fond memories.

  16. Thomas Kia

    Thomas Kia22 hours ago

    I didnt watched the video I would say: The Undertaker, The Rock, Batista, Kurt Anlge, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Tripple H, Brock Lesnar, Edge and Randy Orton

  17. Gamergal67

    Gamergal6722 hours ago

    The Camera crew should have used the downward shot and not shown a close up of the fake metal plates and the 3ft high foam and cloth. suspend disbelief.

  18. Neon& King Channel

    Neon& King Channel23 hours ago

    My first experience at a show ric flair was there and Tyler black aka Seth Rollins had a math plus got to see Daniel Bryan

  19. Brennan Ritchie

    Brennan Ritchie23 hours ago

    Did you guys ever put out that Heyman/Heenan video? Because....

  20. Darwin James

    Darwin James23 hours ago

    #1 - Ricochet was simply a warm body for Lesnar to steamroll, who happened to have enough credibility and name recognition to make it work. #2 - Goldberg is a FAR bigger name than Kevin Owens could ever be. The fact that he came back and generated a bigger buzz than Kevin Owens and his "whatever number" day reign as champion explains everything you need to know here. #3 - Rowan was simply a reason for fans inside the stadium to say they saw the Rock actually wrestle another match, albeit a squash match. I mean, come's the fucking Rock, dude. #4 - Gave both men a Mania payday and gave the fans a small break. #5 - It's Hulk Hogan. Dude was the biggest star ever and it made sense for Vince to go with him to try and help out their "shoddiest Wrestlemania ever" by delivering a last minute surprise. #6 - It put the women's title on the card, which everyone constantly bitches about nowadays, and switched the title over to Chyna in dominant fashion (which is how she SHOULD have won it). #7 - Bryan was a multiple-time world champion then and it was meant to get people talking, which it has clearly accomplished. Bryan wasn't hurt by it at all. #8 - Spectacle, plain and simple. #9 - Vince wanted to start on FOX with a bang and since everyone with a brain already knew Kofi wasn't anywhere near Brock's level, it was the right move and Kofi immediately went back to where he belonged afterwards...the midcard. #10 - Spectacle, once again. Warrior was a HUGE name and coming back with a dominant win was meant to get a running start for the guy's comeback.

  21. Maddogg 2K85

    Maddogg 2K8523 hours ago

    Send me my free T-shirt assholes....i've been a sub since [Name Redacted] chop chop haha <3

  22. MattAlbie

    MattAlbie23 hours ago

    The U in Lady D's name is silent. It's just tresk at the end.

  23. Paul Silva

    Paul Silva23 hours ago

    I was there for Kofi vs. Lesnar. I’m still pissed!!

  24. Devin Tingle

    Devin Tingle23 hours ago

    I don't think you will ever top Kofi's Wrestlemania moment

  25. Trippy7gaming

    Trippy7gaming23 hours ago

    Only a matter of time before we get every wwe match ever ranked

  26. xThe_noJx

    xThe_noJx23 hours ago

    No Foley or Taker? For Shame.

  27. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger23 hours ago

    Surprised Terri Runnels wasnt all. Cigar smoking and all.

  28. cfairfax85

    cfairfax85Day ago

    Not that was Terry's business..Vince was saying Terry IS business. As in he thinks it's just business. Shawn's promo the next night was pure gold lol.

  29. Doseofreality420 Marianetti

    Doseofreality420 MarianettiDay ago

    Dr Wagner was called Rey Wagner three years ago and hasn't used that name since. He was literally Rey Wagner for about two weeks and to this day as El Hijo de Wagner. As far as I am aware, his name is Wag like a dog's tail, not vag like a bag without the B but a V

  30. mcgikle

    mcgikleDay ago

    2 should have been 1.

  31. Michael Woods

    Michael WoodsDay ago

    Tony khan needs to sell some of the millions in collectables he obviously has and throw it at bryan asap.

  32. Amaya Lindsey

    Amaya LindseyDay ago

    Whattttttt the undertaker lives like an hour away from where I liveee

  33. Alexander Correll

    Alexander CorrellDay ago

    Hehe, Brock's number was 69... fonnay numbor

  34. Alexander Correll

    Alexander CorrellDay ago

    Imma be honest Scott Steiner's biceps just look disgusting. In a bad way. I mean, how is it comfortable to squeeze your hands and have a baseball push up on your skin?

  35. Phenomenal clasher

    Phenomenal clasherDay ago

    Brock squashing kofi made all sense. He was a boring midcarder who was a regular flavour of the smarks just like Nakamura. Brrrrocck Lllllesnnar squashing kofi was the greatest moment in 2019

  36. Nytro 92

    Nytro 92Day ago

    Setting the business back 30 years is the best thing that could ever happen to the business. Remember this is from the company that produces Monday night raw. I'm not big on aew but I'd rather watch dumb and entertaining then dumb and boring 🤷‍♂️

  37. Sks Nawaz

    Sks NawazDay ago

    Guys like Flair and Michaels oversold too often. The two greats in this business who always cared for themselves.

  38. Sks Nawaz

    Sks NawazDay ago

    This match was horrible because Shawn oversold it to an extent that he made Hogan look like a Hey-man in the ring.

  39. Sks Nawaz

    Sks NawazDay ago

    Hogan doesn't know anything about technical wrestling. He's just a phonie.

  40. Rhyleigh Mackenzie

    Rhyleigh MackenzieDay ago

    Should just be every Brock Lesnar march ..

  41. MattrickBT

    MattrickBTDay ago

    Raven took a Tombstone because of this list.

  42. HA21 Yang

    HA21 YangDay ago

    Glad Jeff is on the list also HBK should be on the list he was on another level in the 2000's. Rey and Big Show also deserve to be on the list.

  43. Jon Chambers

    Jon ChambersDay ago

    Katie Vick damn near killed wrestling

  44. Christian Kallio

    Christian KallioDay ago

    Brock should be on the list. He only wrestled 2 years but he was still the original face of WWE in the 2000s

  45. karikari's world

    karikari's worldDay ago

    Guerreros can't fight height has nothing to do with. Jericho held his own with brock. Eddie is a legend

  46. Kody Mullen

    Kody MullenDay ago

    I can’t speak for everyone but here in St. Louis which is in the states we do woo for sports teams because we have had athletes who have referenced it and it’s a pop culture thing here in the states since it’s been in rap songs and things

  47. Doc Martin

    Doc MartinDay ago

    1996 was the year I became a diehard wrestling fan lol

  48. Sheldon Minchin

    Sheldon MinchinDay ago

    Winged Eagle was gross and overrated the Spinner belt is way better

  49. Planet Verez

    Planet VerezDay ago

    Mongo... Mongo is the worst Horseman.

  50. Chamo Rosales

    Chamo RosalesDay ago

    I think it was'nt the same name, but WSX did once a piranha match

  51. Mr. 410 LJ bmore

    Mr. 410 LJ bmoreDay ago

    Because he was black that's all

  52. Duval County 103

    Duval County 103Day ago


  53. gaurav gandi

    gaurav gandiDay ago

    Not squashes technically, but Sting losing to HHH and Booker loosing to HHH were senseless decisions

  54. 02Sideshow

    02SideshowDay ago

    That match with Ambrose was all Brocks fault

  55. p

    pDay ago

    3 million views for the IC and 300k for the WWE title video. The IC belt is the people championship for sure.

  56. Striker92

    Striker92Day ago

    All those Knob references 😂🤣😂

  57. Elijah

    ElijahDay ago

    Rey Mysterio, Shaun Michaels, Booker t, or brock Lesnar?

  58. Robert Turner

    Robert TurnerDay ago

    Never saw Kelly Kelly play heel, also never really saw her close her mouth so...

  59. OneDays

    OneDaysDay ago

    WWE has the audacity to say that when they've done so much dumb nonsensical shit in the last two years alone.

  60. matthew mauran

    matthew mauranDay ago

    How can you not Friggin include Shawn Michael's?? That's a complete Joke and a slap in the Face to HBK!!! I CAN ELIMINATE wrestlers that didn't even remain with the company for most of the 2000 to 2010 ERA. I can take Eddie off, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. HBK should be in Top 5 easily if not Top 3. Undertaker belongs higher on the list!! Total Joke you Left HBK OFF. YOU must be biased against HBK!!

  61. BombyMK64

    BombyMK64Day ago

    I thought for sure Goldberg VS The Feind Would be number 1 here

  62. Fernando

    FernandoDay ago

    I stopped watching WWE when they took that championship off Kingston. I was done withe WWE after that.

  63. Casey-j-Neer CJN

    Casey-j-Neer CJNDay ago

    Vince screwed up by squashing Kofi. Kofi could have taken a win of any kind against Lesnar and people would have lost it......... Hindesight is 20/20 i guess

  64. Anthony Freeman

    Anthony FreemanDay ago

    "...and that has seen Joe become a featured competitor anywhere he wrestled" Unless that place is on the WWE main roster

  65. the best in the world

    the best in the worldDay ago

    If Rowan vs Rock had happened in Japan Meltzer would've gave the match 5 stars.

  66. Ty Thompson

    Ty ThompsonDay ago

    Guess what Jericho? You just made the list !

  67. g

    gDay ago

    I'm sorry to say this but Kofi Kingston was one of the worst WWE champions ever and I really like Kofi and I was glad to see him win but let's be honest the new day gimmick has been old from the start and it just did not work with the top title

  68. Rick James

    Rick JamesDay ago

    What do the Yankees have to do in relation to MSG???🤔

  69. Beardy Josh

    Beardy JoshDay ago

    Good lord the talent that passed through WCPW is mind boggling.

  70. Shriraam Sivakumar

    Shriraam SivakumarDay ago

    Wcw screwed bret not wwe

  71. Nate Pagano

    Nate PaganoDay ago

    Before I get to my unnecessarily nit picky comment 4 hours into a 5 hour video, unbelievable job guys, I can’t imagine the amount of effort this took. BUT, in regards to Lynch/Rousey/Flair, after the rumble the build was absolute dogshit for months until that parking lot brawl a week from mania

  72. The Microbats

    The MicrobatsDay ago

    WWE are the last people to talk when they legit have Lana and Asuka dancing on their supposedly "longest running TV show in history" 😂😂

  73. Jay Volk

    Jay VolkDay ago

    Goldberg shouldn't count. He was a heel in WCW.

  74. Ray Z

    Ray ZDay ago

    Monster truck match was the best

  75. derek snyder

    derek snyderDay ago

    The Kofi squash was absolutely fine. Kofi shouldn't have won the belt in the first place so him losing to Brock by a squash made complete sense. It's realistic for Brock to destroy him in seconds.

  76. Hi Lyk Space

    Hi Lyk SpaceDay ago

    What's that intro beat?

  77. Atroz7

    Atroz7Day ago

    I honestly don’t feel the Chyna one was a senseless squash match. It built up with Ivory getting heat mocking chyna for her injury and as an audience we all wanted Chyna to get healthy and get a hold of Ivory. We got that at Wrestlemania and it was satisfying to watch. Just because her contract expired it doesn’t take away from the story.

  78. Ahmedsami1995

    Ahmedsami1995Day ago

    Bra and panties match