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  1. Vaughn Hunkele

    Vaughn HunkeleMinute ago

    Can Paul Wight use the name “ The Giant “ ?

  2. Cithr

    Cithr8 minutes ago

    completely forgot pat won the 24/7 title lol, RIP <3

  3. Nytro 92

    Nytro 9225 minutes ago

    Doubt it would ever happen as I'm pretty sure he's done with wrestling, but it'd be pretty cool if Grimes keeps doing the million dollar man stuff till he's confronted by Ted Jr.

  4. Dragon R3born

    Dragon R3born30 minutes ago

    I like the picture that Andrew has painted for this episode of NXT.

  5. Mciran DV8

    Mciran DV833 minutes ago

    Tushy lmmfao

  6. Brandon Prisciak

    Brandon Prisciak34 minutes ago

    Britt Baker should have won

  7. Bruno Diaz

    Bruno Diaz35 minutes ago

    he sound like an upgraded jack the jobber to me!!

  8. Panama Red

    Panama Red42 minutes ago

    Please make more of this. I didn't understand the hate or love for Roman Reigns until this current run. He seemed so boring to me, but people talked him up all the time.

  9. Paiten Riser

    Paiten Riser46 minutes ago

    Best substitute teacher ever! So happy to see Andrew this week

  10. Panama Red

    Panama Red48 minutes ago

    I loved the eco warrior persona. Easy to hate and I couldn't help but laugh at some of his lines. Reminded me of Jericho from back in the day.

  11. Thomas Garbutt

    Thomas Garbutt51 minute ago


  12. akshat khara

    akshat kharaHour ago

    We want tom

  13. The Lone Sigma Lion

    The Lone Sigma LionHour ago

    Horrified that a short person lol classic

  14. Craig Lovelace

    Craig LovelaceHour ago

    I disagree that the Bucks seemed off in that segment, it seemed to me like they were indicating “you put all that effort into us, and we made it.”

  15. BoneDragon

    BoneDragonHour ago

    Dude, that "Goldust" blanket is Crayzar from Ballmasterz: 9009!

  16. Steve Reaves

    Steve ReavesHour ago

    Sorry, but The Blue Bloods Sucked. Tex Slashinger, and Shanghai Pierce were WAAAY better. Hell, the team of Paul Ondorff and Paul Roma was better than The Blue Bloods.

  17. Johnny Gavin

    Johnny GavinHour ago

    I'm surprised Harley ended up working for him later on........Harley lost a lot of dough when McMahon started booking cards on the same nights as Harley was promoting his cards.......

  18. iLLBiLLsRoastBeats

    iLLBiLLsRoastBeatsHour ago

    Idc what anyone says, a wrestlemania in front of zero fans is not fun to watch

  19. Royce McWee III

    Royce McWee IIIHour ago

    While no one can replace Tom, I must say Andrew brings a certain charm.

  20. Alex Moden

    Alex Moden2 hours ago

    zoey stark vs. io wasnt a title match btw

  21. Lamar Floyd

    Lamar Floyd2 hours ago

    Next can we do NJPW TITLES

  22. Lamar Floyd

    Lamar Floyd2 hours ago

    Can yall do new japan titles

  23. Steve Reaves

    Steve Reaves2 hours ago

    0:33 Madeusa is legit hot 🔥🥵😍

  24. Roberta Bailey

    Roberta Bailey2 hours ago

    So excited to see you getting your own graded!

  25. 1pikapain

    1pikapain2 hours ago

    I think u r pretty good n you'll only get better

  26. Shamelesslilly

    Shamelesslilly2 hours ago

    One important thing to remember with Marty Scurll is that there has been no trial and no conviction. Right now everything is hearsay. Yes he admitted to an incident with her but he claims it was consensual. If this is not true then he is a garbage human being, but there is a chance that he is telling the truth. I think if he was convicted then NJPW would not hire him, but there is nothing wrong hiring someone who at this point may or may not have done something.

  27. ShowdeQuetzal

    ShowdeQuetzal2 hours ago

    The watchalong of these with Tom, Justin and Maffew were really fun

  28. Sosig Boi

    Sosig Boi2 hours ago

    I figure they’ll use the the exploding blah blah blah deathmatch to write Moxley off for awhile since he’s about to be a dad.

  29. Paul H

    Paul H3 hours ago

    Hogan screwed Hogan

  30. Victim of Circumstance

    Victim of Circumstance3 hours ago

    Come on now Ross we all know Kenny's little buddy RIHO will win the tournament.

  31. Ciaran Treacy

    Ciaran Treacy3 hours ago

    Quick question, why isn’t Jim Crockett in the HOF? Vince has put every other territory promoter into the HOF but not Jim? Any reason why?

  32. Ciaran Treacy

    Ciaran Treacy3 hours ago

    Quick question, why isn’t Jim Crockett in the HOF? Vince has put every other territory promoter into the HOF but not Jim? Any reason why?

  33. Van Craic

    Van Craic3 hours ago

    van qui qui

  34. Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips3 hours ago

    I genuinely think that Show will be used to put over Powerhouse Hobbs at some point in the near future

  35. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny Fletcher3 hours ago

    Micheal Bivens?

  36. Aaron Jumpp

    Aaron Jumpp3 hours ago

    LOVE the hat ross

  37. Mike Hassler

    Mike Hassler3 hours ago

    Shawn Stasiak running into Angle’s milk truck!!! That’s literally all I remember him for and that still pic w/ that face was priceless!!

  38. Shawn Davis

    Shawn Davis3 hours ago

    Rank WCW Halloween Havoc WCW The great American Bash WCW SuperBrawl and WCW Bash at the Beach

  39. Alex McDowell

    Alex McDowell3 hours ago


  40. dizzy1369

    dizzy13693 hours ago

    How about aew literally dragging one of their champions and title belts through the dirt?

  41. zanbenurthadar

    zanbenurthadar3 hours ago

    ross, for the love of all that is holy, BEND THE BEAK


    PHOTO FREE AMERICA3 hours ago

    I think you should wear the hat more often especially because it says King. All hail King Ross

  43. Ricardo Herrera

    Ricardo Herrera3 hours ago

    The young bucks are terrible actors! They really do like guys who are pretending to be wrestlers. It’s comedy.

  44. Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson3 hours ago

    When do we get the Cultaholic video of everyone comparing their sound effects for moves? Wapow

  45. Dragonforcerulz33

    Dragonforcerulz334 hours ago

    So the Big Show is now with AEW. And Shaq is in AEW. Doesn't take a genius to see where they are going with this

  46. edward clement

    edward clement4 hours ago

    Paul Wright played SCISA A basketball, and is from SC, he did well in WCW and WWE, should do the same in AEW.

  47. ATKL2k12

    ATKL2k124 hours ago

    How about when Tom comes back, Andrew does NXT UK and/or Impact Graded?

  48. Tony O

    Tony O4 hours ago

    Dude, I was looking forward to seeing the Question Mark again. He was the best with the Ka-ra-te. RIP sir.

  49. Van Craic

    Van Craic4 hours ago

    This man is quickly becoming the Mick Foley of Cultaholic. great personality

  50. MirkoBalda

    MirkoBalda4 hours ago

    The Spiffing Brit must be proud of your choice of tea

  51. TheNath87

    TheNath874 hours ago

    Paul Wight vs Murderhawk Monster

  52. Lunch at Marco's

    Lunch at Marco's4 hours ago

    Was Marty proven guilty? I’m not trying to defend just asking, also men are witch hunted in the cases (maybe not in Japan but surely you have to realise that men are easily accused of these kind of things) but if he’s guilty then some things need to be looked at by NJPW

  53. Tom Gilligan

    Tom Gilligan4 hours ago

    no Austin Vs Kane? Your nuts

  54. F. K.

    F. K.4 hours ago

    So can we talk about the fact that Big Show just threw away a 100 percent certain WWE Hall of fame spot?

  55. Steven Scodes

    Steven Scodes4 hours ago

    Andrew is the most wholesome guy ever. I love him. His work on this was excellent!

  56. s l

    s l4 hours ago

    talk over each other more plz and ty

  57. Darren Reid

    Darren Reid4 hours ago

    I hope they bring back Jeri show

  58. 5th generation Carny JY3

    5th generation Carny JY34 hours ago

    It's hard to like anyone in the Buck family considering they're all right wing religious nuts who didn't believe Barack Obama was born in the United States

  59. Smruti Ranjan Das

    Smruti Ranjan Das4 hours ago

    "kick names take ass" 😆

  60. Flying Toaster

    Flying Toaster5 hours ago

    Unrelated to the video but maybe someone can answer this for me: where is Adam Pacitti? I haven't seen him in forever.

  61. Nathan Metcalfe

    Nathan Metcalfe5 hours ago

    I enjoyed the detail Andrew gave in this Keep it up

  62. Kush Money

    Kush Money5 hours ago

    19:15 THERE HE ISSSSS!!!!!

  63. Kirk Lamplugh

    Kirk Lamplugh5 hours ago

    Cant beat a Yorkie Talkie.

  64. Gunar Liepins

    Gunar Liepins5 hours ago

    Channeling your inner Spiffing Brit with that cup of Yorkshire tea? :D Keep up the great work!

  65. Lewis Wilson

    Lewis Wilson5 hours ago

    Anybody know the name of the song in the Moxley Omega video package shown after Moxleys promo??

  66. Catflap

    Catflap5 hours ago

    I think it's unfair to watch sting through your fingers, Seth was the issue injuring people. If Edge can come back, and Daniel B, then no reason why Sting can't wrestle either.

  67. Danny Rocha Jr.

    Danny Rocha Jr.5 hours ago

    Don’t even watch NXT, but was curious to see Andrew. Loved how charming, dorky, and detailed he was. Stayed for the full 34 minutes.

  68. David Garcia

    David Garcia5 hours ago


  69. Shot Happens

    Shot Happens5 hours ago

    Tony calling Darby “the enigma”? Gimmick infringement!

  70. Dawn *aka smileygrl814*

    Dawn *aka smileygrl814*5 hours ago

    Great job Andrew!! You looked like a kid in a candy store! Looking forward to next week.

  71. kilala plush

    kilala plush5 hours ago


  72. Emanuel

    Emanuel5 hours ago

    Andrew with the Desk! Awesome.

  73. kilala plush

    kilala plush5 hours ago


  74. kingdom7777777

    kingdom77777775 hours ago

    I wanna see Miz with a medium length run. I really like him

  75. Jack Lyford

    Jack Lyford5 hours ago

    The match between zoey stark and shirai wasn’t a title match btw

  76. George Gurunian

    George Gurunian5 hours ago

    Dirt Road

  77. Logan Sines

    Logan Sines5 hours ago

    Andrew is the best

  78. Deirdre Quinn

    Deirdre Quinn5 hours ago


  79. LionelS

    LionelS5 hours ago

    Great video Andrew!

  80. john grant

    john grant5 hours ago

    Big show vs brain cage or lance archer would be two very interesting matches