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  1. Best Frank Forever

    Best Frank Forever8 hours ago

    Never missed a vid!! THANK YOU ROSS! 5 years is a GREAT RUN! Thank goodness for PPV WTF Moments. Excited for what's next because you'll have some time to think and create. It'll happen because you made room in your brain. You're the best and all the Cultaholic boys there are absolutely fantastic. Watching ya'll grow over the years is still super inspirational.

  2. Alex O'Brien

    Alex O'Brien8 hours ago

    No one will pass undertakers, that’s all I’m saying

  3. Derek Gabrys

    Derek Gabrys8 hours ago

    Didn't watch the vid yet but anyone other than the Nature Boy at #1 is sacrilegious. These guys are younger and tend to go with later era guys.

  4. Danny Smith

    Danny Smith9 hours ago

    so like, you going to update this every Wrestlemania?

  5. Glorious7777

    Glorious77779 hours ago

    Can this intro be the whole 15ish minute video one day. And just fake the whole time like theirs news, then actually do the news in a different video.

  6. Kameron_koala21 Kameron K.

    Kameron_koala21 Kameron K.9 hours ago


  7. P2DW

    P2DW9 hours ago

    Santina Marella > Nyla Rose

  8. LilSavage

    LilSavage9 hours ago

    Finn Balor should have been at least an honourable mention. He was legitimately the FIRST EVER universal champion.

  9. Alex Cadden

    Alex Cadden10 hours ago

    Ross man. Thank you for doing this show for that long. I don't even watch wrestling anymore but watching your show every week brought me happiness. Best of luck wherever your next journey is.

  10. James smith

    James smith10 hours ago

    Lesnar would kill Marco Stunt lol

  11. MrGore1976

    MrGore197610 hours ago

    Glaring omission - no Stalker Ichikawa??

  12. Duval County 103

    Duval County 10310 hours ago

    Love the Intro Music Sir

  13. county redneck

    county redneck10 hours ago

    What about the twin towers sid vicious and Dan spivy

  14. county redneck

    county redneck10 hours ago

    Y'all forgot to mention fire and ice and a few more teams like the wild animals rey mysterio and billy kidman and I'm sure there's a whole lot of other teams

  15. Thomas Deehr

    Thomas Deehr10 hours ago

    Cena vs Styles Not on this list.WHAT THS HELL!

  16. jimmmii ott

    jimmmii ott10 hours ago

    nahhh goldberg vs kevin owens fastlane for universall chanpionship

  17. Cody Martin

    Cody Martin10 hours ago

    Now I'm imagining one of Owens' rage filled tangents aimed at OC. lol. D-Bry and Rey are WWE lifers sadly. As well as AJ. Ibushi is going to show up, but it's doubtful he'll show up. They need to set up for Omega taking all the titles. Ibushi is a NJPW lifer.

  18. Wrestling Optimus

    Wrestling Optimus10 hours ago

    Can confirm, Brandon Thurston is awesome! I did a podcast with him a while back talking about the Peacock deal. Go support him (and subscribe to my channel 😉)

  19. Christian Highland

    Christian Highland10 hours ago

    Drake maverick was definitely a work

  20. Christian Highland

    Christian Highland11 hours ago

    I usually think Jack is sensitive about Mathew but jack telling Mathew to stop thinking about puns and engage was the most needed thing for this podcast. Mathew acts like he doesn't even want to review wrestling anymore and it kills the conversation

  21. Darryl Philbin

    Darryl Philbin11 hours ago

    If we see Kazuchika Okada in AEW I am going to flip

  22. aotphixion

    aotphixion11 hours ago

    so shitty you cant do videos :/

  23. Cj 54

    Cj 5411 hours ago

    Every John Cena vs Randy Orton match would be one I’d be very interested in having grown up with the rivalry👍🏻

  24. tristan sajovic

    tristan sajovic11 hours ago

    Samoa Joe, Kota Ibushi, Jacob Fatu, The Iconic Duo, MCMG, Kevin Owens, Andrade, Rush, Jeff Cobb, The Briscoes, AJ Styles, Prince Devitt, Jay White, Gresham, Lethal, Brody King, Marty Scrull

  25. Tahisha Arvo

    Tahisha Arvo11 hours ago

    Hollywood Hogan won the rematch and the title, thanks to the NWO

  26. TheNath87

    TheNath8711 hours ago

    I could see Chris Masters as WHC.

  27. Pulling Your Trigger

    Pulling Your Trigger12 hours ago

    224 matches better than Roman vs Brock at WM34? GTFO lmao

  28. Tony Medina

    Tony Medina12 hours ago

    What about disco inferno

  29. Moral Compass95

    Moral Compass9512 hours ago

    Wwe is 2 predictable now and days . Back in the days when a wrestler is a champ you wouldn’t know how long a wrestler championship reign will last

  30. Matt Eduardson

    Matt Eduardson12 hours ago

    Aleister Black's in ring and promo work is up there with anyone on this list and hasn't done shit since the draft in WWE. He'd be my first pick.

  31. Casey Snapper

    Casey Snapper12 hours ago

    Going through old Raw Graded and its crazy to think the final WWE product before the pandemic Era had Roman's spider being killed like it was normal times then it wasn't

  32. Amante

    Amante12 hours ago

    CM Punk puts over CM Punk; water is wet. More at 11.

  33. Holden Rudy

    Holden Rudy12 hours ago

    I was the 1,000 like

  34. Thomas Warfield

    Thomas Warfield12 hours ago

    ERIC YOUNG..that is all

  35. George Fernandes

    George Fernandes12 hours ago

    Bro I didn’t look at the title of the video and thought for half a second CM Punk was back in wrestling

  36. tim

    tim12 hours ago

    It definitely would've been a better idea to bring in Shane Douglas as The Franchise.

  37. spacefucker

    spacefucker12 hours ago

    Hey ok that thumbnail had me fucking going for a minute that's not ok

  38. Chernobyl Hobo

    Chernobyl Hobo12 hours ago

    I have to disagree with Brock Lesnar. Part of AEW's appeal is that it doesn't make the same mistakes WWE does with it's booking. Those 3 years between Wrestlemania 33 and 36 with Lesnar as the top guy was awful. He wrestled short, generic matches infrequently and took away the top spot from up and comers that could actually do something with that position. If AEW hired him it would just remind the audience that left WWE for AEW of that time period which was probably a big reason why they stopped watching (I cancelled my Network subscription after he won Money in the Bank). He is the antithesis to how AEW presents itself and whatever match he ends up having won't be worth the money they spend on it. The only way I feel fans would accept is if he did a one off with Moxley and actually put effort in like he did for Bryan and AJ at Survivor Series while putting Mox over in the end.

  39. Don

    Don12 hours ago

    I have to toss in honorable mentions to Damian Sandow and Joey Ryan.

  40. Rick McMahon

    Rick McMahon12 hours ago

    Jake The Snake was that good he didn't need a title

  41. Drive Home Reviews

    Drive Home Reviews12 hours ago

    Brining Brock into AEW would be a direct violation of everything AEW is supposed to stand for. Sure, he is legit and can have good matches, but he has made no secret of the fact he doesn't care about wrestling or the fans. I have no objection to someone making money, but AEW was supposed to be a place where people who loved wrestling went to shine. If Lesner was there, it would be the ultimate sign of selling out.

  42. Captain Groot

    Captain Groot13 hours ago

    Not one Woman nominee to help out that division?

  43. J. R. Magro

    J. R. Magro13 hours ago

    Kinda wish ibushi still had the belt so Kenny could of gone after him once he beats rich Swann for the impact title. Apparently Aldis (nwa champ) is next.. which is.. eh.

  44. P2DW

    P2DW13 hours ago

    CM Drunk sucks. Stop reporting about him.

  45. vids2002

    vids200213 hours ago

    Funny thing is if Bince dropped all these people that are under contract with him tomorrow, everyone would be bitching in videos. Instead of cheering for their freedom everyone is clamoring for. Hell, the bitching will happen if their contract ends and WWE lets them walk. The hate for WWE is that strong lol

  46. Gears Guire

    Gears Guire13 hours ago

    I desperately wish JoMo had gone the AEDubbs route

  47. ATKL2k12

    ATKL2k1213 hours ago

    The first few minutes were brilliant 🤣🤣🤣 the content I sub for

  48. Geoph C

    Geoph C13 hours ago

    If there had bought Yano's DVD they would see how wrong they are.

  49. Tony Slicer

    Tony Slicer13 hours ago

    Why every wrestling media so much think some these wrestlers going aew and how many stupid mention about punk the guy haven't wrestled like 10 years move on with him..but damn so much ass kissing with these channels

  50. Nathan Green

    Nathan Green13 hours ago

    I had no idea Rush was Dragon Lee's brother

  51. Broon Squad

    Broon Squad13 hours ago

    They only sign people that WWE don't want anymore

  52. P C

    P C13 hours ago

    Should have got the bee in for the intros.. “let’s get ready to bumble”

  53. Rob West

    Rob West13 hours ago

    Just delete this video. AEW needs none of these guys and these guys don’t care about “their legacy” enough to forego the wwe money and ambassador/hof spots to go to aew in their 40s

  54. Joshua Ryan

    Joshua Ryan13 hours ago

    And Lesnar gets u a thumbs down

  55. Tommy Player

    Tommy Player13 hours ago

    Baron corbin sign for to AEW grow his hair back long bring back lone wolf gimmick In AEW?

  56. Raul Hernandez

    Raul Hernandez13 hours ago

    Tessa Blanchard! Tessa Blanchard! Tessa Blanchard, Tessa Blancard!

  57. nejd

    nejd13 hours ago

    Honestly i think wrestling is better when it comes from the same place and has similar crowds every week going to other places as special occasions.

  58. Chi Hollywood

    Chi Hollywood13 hours ago

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 great video!!!!

  59. DickinaBox

    DickinaBox13 hours ago

    If grado ain’t here it’s a bad list

  60. turtlehead2

    turtlehead213 hours ago

    Put “Kevin Steen promo” in the USlikes search. Cool stuff happens

  61. Rodzila Gunz

    Rodzila Gunz13 hours ago

    a sellout is based on # of tickets sold not how many people show up

  62. L Anthony B

    L Anthony B14 hours ago

    Bet Test would have joined AEW roster :(

  63. Bobby Lucas

    Bobby Lucas14 hours ago

    Shinsuke Nakamura has been used poorly his entire WWE career, such a shame


    MADMARTIGAN!14 hours ago

    1. Vader turns face

  65. Evan Foulds

    Evan Foulds14 hours ago

    I see what you did there..... shoulder injury outta nowhere!

  66. Tony M

    Tony M14 hours ago

    I'd love to see KO in AEW but unless he and Triple H have a falling out or if he gets a contract they finds insulting I don't see him going anywhere.

  67. mr420

    mr42014 hours ago

    I lost all respect for CM punk after his ufc run. What a waste

  68. Jose Ruiz

    Jose Ruiz14 hours ago

    But I thought it was Vince who made the final decision of losing the streak to brock. I also heard that Brock was pissed that it was him who was breaking it. So Brock’s not a complete horrible person.

  69. wickideazy

    wickideazy14 hours ago

    ugh, that #1. they'd have to dump a cargo ship full of cash on him to even get him, never mind convince him to do more than 3 moves in the ring. and if they're gonna throw that much cash at someone, I'd rather it be CM Punk.

  70. M K

    M K14 hours ago

    No Adam Cole? Oh right, I forgot, he’s dead

  71. tmwfte81

    tmwfte8114 hours ago

    AEW should keep Giant scouting and hire The Great Khali, Giant Gonzalez, Andre the Giant, Nathan Jones, Big John Studd, Giant Silva, Sid Vicious, Kevin Nash, Big Cass, and Giant Haystacks.

  72. Jason King

    Jason King14 hours ago

    I still yell “MAY 19TH” to this day

  73. Ariurotl

    Ariurotl14 hours ago

    Bandido, man. Bandido.

  74. John Willis

    John Willis14 hours ago

    10:44 He might have meant five YOUNG TALENTS he would want to work with, Colt is so young anymore!

  75. Mic Amazin

    Mic Amazin14 hours ago

    Who all watched this. Know R-Truth would be number 1 cuz its R Fucking Truth.

  76. John Willis

    John Willis14 hours ago

    Balor YES, Leading a faction DEAR GOD NO!!! There are enough already! Let's all be honest it is getting a little out of hand, like mid-90s WWF.

  77. Tony Oakley

    Tony Oakley14 hours ago

    Just sign rush dragon Lee andrade and Thea Trinidad and put them together

  78. Lil' Jimmy

    Lil' Jimmy14 hours ago

    Marty? No?

  79. iIliterati

    iIliterati14 hours ago

    AEW really doesn't need to sign most of these people, because almost all the ones you named are in the mid to late 40s. That's the last thing any promotion needs. Let WWE be the fossil promotion they've become - they have refused to build real stars, and now all of their stars in their 40s. AEW meanwhile has a bunch of mid 20s and early 30s as most of their talent.

  80. hubertgreen

    hubertgreen14 hours ago

    Scott steiner was my favorite heel in wcw/nwo. To bad WWF dident push him more. I liked both of the steiner brothers, great team, two cool dudes.